TZ here: I recommend all viewers to listen carefully to this message from Louisa.

If worse comes to worse – this censorship – embargo on truth – even opinions of truth – which is very drastic – will affect many truth blogs like the Goldfish report. Please help by taking the action here that Louisa suggests. Its time for everyone to be accountable and take responcibility for what goes on in this moment – if we truly want change.

None of the 199 Goldfish reports have ever felt in ANY way abusive or – “engaged in predatory behavior, stalked, harassed, bullied anyone , threatened or intimidated any person in our reports like Youtube claims.”

This is utter rubbish!

Therese Zumi

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  1. The censorship is coming from the owners influenced by the dark who are striking out in any way that they can, because it is soon coming to an end. Louisa does a wonderful job of researching and brings forth lots of good information. All can help by joining the daily 8000 meditation group guided by Jared Rand 3:pm eastern noon pacific 1-641715-0857
    Code 303 471 30 minutes

  2. Many times I tried to share truth-telling videos/articles, I am told I have no such account to make the access whereas I had no such prior problems. I wish Trump would start his own social media format.

  3. Wow. This is unacceptable. I have not been on Youboob much because of their oppressive discerning tactics. Now I see no reason to go there at all. This is an attack upon all independent thinking adults. Why don’t they go to their safe space for awhile. Take a time out, maybe they’ll feel better.

  4. Your expectation of a Business i.e. Youtube, Facebook etc. is misplaced and unfounded ~ these are ‘businesses’ not ‘public services’ try VT TV and Bit Chute.

  5. Something major happened yesterday (the full moon). YouTube deleted about 100 Truther Channels–many of my favorites. I have to log in every time I go to YouTube now. And any other site to comment (including this one). Unbelievable!


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