Before, During and After the Event – QHHT Client Sessions

Allison Coe

I love this girl. I really really love this girl.  I do not need to ask readers to use discretion when listening because Alison herself does that job very well! 6 or 7 of her clients have had very clear experiences of The Event which she shares here: I have NO reservations about posting this video. If there is one little thing in the entire hour of info that I might not agree with it was a client that suggested not grounding – connecting to the Earth – to 3D now. I disagree with just this line as the Earth – is already in Nova Gaia – New Atlantis energy which is 5-6D. Being grounded is very good.

OH, my goodness you cannot tell me that you do not love this girl. I know what’s it like doing regression / hypnosis work and taking notes during several hours sessions. I did this for over ten years. Alison so lovingly freely shares this amazing info with us from her clients. Like she says you don’t have to believe everything you hear ~ she doesn’t ~ but by golly does this make a lot of sense. Maybe even some enemies of Cobra will wake up after hearing this and realising he might not be manipulating, misleading others etc. like some of them say.

I cried at least 10-15 minutes listening to this! Why because I KNOW IT’S THE TRUTH about what lies ahead. I’ve written as many of you know about the Emotional Day that The Event will be, on the very first page of Veritas Galactic Sweden and here we have so many repeating what it will be like when The Wave of LOVE hits us. This video cannot be missed by anyone who would like to understand what The Event is REALLY ABOUT.

Make it Viral!!

PS: Do not let THOSE who are attempting to censure everything of truth to prevent this in spreading – do whatever you can to spread it.

Therese Zumi

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  1. Thank You so much for sharing!
    It all resonate a lot. Have felt for quite sometime that it may be around march/april this year, but we will see……. Think it is not far away and very needed. Do not find much joy in daily life anymore and have not for several years. Have been locked in by a snowstorm in southern Sweden now for 4 days. Learn to go with the flow and try to relax and follow the guidiance. Cut off but it feels nice.

    Light Blessings to each!

    • Dear ‘Golden Girl’ this is Therese Zumi. I can resonate with your snowstrom etc as I am half way up the country {Sweden} and we have had minus 20 several mornings this week.This has been coldest winter in ages after the coldest summer in ages. We can all have hopes for a spring and summer like no other. Glad you enjoyed Alison. You will find joy – great joy – again – no worries! Take care and Namaste TZ

  2. Thank you for this video. So many people under hypnosis saying the same things is wonderful confirmation of what is about to happen. In 2010 in a dream i was standing at the top of a canyon with a few other people and we were watching a smokey rainbow wave roll in. That was the beginning of my awakening. I have tremendous nerve pain right now worse everyday, just giving into it. Has something to do with getting closer its my signal I think. Thank you so much for this information. Makes me want to cry with joy.

    • Thank you Lorene for sharing that beautiful dream ~ you saw the Wave coming in ~ beautiful! Lorene you can have immediate support and relief from your nerve pain from our Pleiadian family of Light who are connecting with peoples nervous systems from their ships. To access this info which is as simple as repeating a phrase aloud 3 times namely Command PB Stardust – just write those exact words into the search engine here on the front of PFC and ypou will find a list of articles where the subject is taken up. Cobra gave us this info before the end of last year. Among others you will find this link: “COMMAND PB STARDUST” – New Pleiadian Protocol to Ease Physical Pain & Drastically Reduce Suffering on This Planet.Many readers testimonies tell of immediate release of pain. Namaste and Love Therese Z

  3. THIS WAS GREAT!!!..I saved this to my computer, it was so GOOD!…It reminded me of what I read about in the book called “Ambassador from Venus” by Omnec Onec!
    In that book Omnec describes in great detail what life is like in the other dimensions and its wonderful reading if anyone hasn’t read it yet.
    I resonated quite deeply with a LOT of WHAT this woman was gathering from these folks revelations about WHAT will be happening to US…Especially about HOW the “Dark Ones” (Satanist) will handled when the MOMENT the Event arrives!
    Read Psalm 37: 10, 11 in the bible!
    I can FEEL in my Being that this will all happen THIS YEAR!

  4. All devellops now very fast.
    That makes me so happy!!!
    Thanks a lot to the Divine World!!!
    All good news!!!

    • This may satisfy a lot of curiosity & the message is welcome & highly desirable however hypnosis can be detrimental to the person as they are unconsciously being directed by another into situations whose basis may be in an earlier one which may be re-activated & of which they are unaware. Also, being in an unaware state, the hypnotist may enter statements & suggestions which act as commands altering their behavior, perception & thinking of which they are not aware. Read the Dianetic book by LRon Hubbard. More awareness, not less, is the road to higher consciousness.

  5. I Love Alison:)

    Bring it on Resistance Movement Team Galactic Earth is Ready:!!!

    Thank You Thor !!!

    Thank you Cobra !!!

    Let There Be Life

    Thank You Ashtar and Galactic Confederation of Stellar Nations !!!

    Visit the Galactic Confederation of Stellar Nations

    Victory of the Light IMMINENT!!!

  6. i don’t think there is a translation to French Natyim. you could copy the captions and then google translate it / Je ne pense pas qu’il y ait une traduction en français Natyim. vous pouvez copier les légendes, puis google le traduire

  7. Serait-il possible d’avoir une transcription de la vidéo, pour que les gens qui ne parlent pas anglais puissent traduire ?


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