Pleiadians are beings of Love and Light. Most of the surface population is so enmeshed in the dysfunctional state of affairs on this planet that it is difficult for them to believe that beings that are full of Love and Light without an agenda really exist.

But they do. In fact, beings like that are the majority in this Galaxy. And Pleiadians are among them.

Pleiadians originate from angelic evolution that entered this dimensional universe by entering through the Galactic Central Sun portal.

They have then explored the Galaxy in their angelic Light bodies until they settled in the Pleiades star cluster which emerged from plasma into the physical plane about 18 million years ago.

They were consciously trying to densify one of their plasma home planets into the physical dense matter and the planet exploded.

Fragments of their exploded home world scattered throughout the Galaxy and some of them hit the Earth as Moldavites:

One big piece of Moldavite with 144,000 Light encodements of 144,000 volunteers for the Earth mission was later carved into a holy Grail.

Many hundreds of thousands of years ago, the Pleiadians have learned that violence does not solve problems and have decided not to partake in Galactic wars anymore, and turned their focus on building a peaceful culture that expanded on hundreds of planets in the Pleiades star cluster that make the Pleiadian confederation.

They believe in beauty and harmony and their lifestyle reflects this. They surround themselves with liquid light:

They surround themselves with beautiful art:

Opal Goddess Figure

And music:

They live in crystal cities that shine like tiny quartz crystals among greenery of nature:

Pleiadians Crystal Cities

Many of these cities are like crystal places underground and below oceans on planets in the Pleiades star cluster.

They do not need much sleep and sustain their physical bodies with a special elixir:

They understand the secrets of immortality, but rarely choose to keep the same physical body for more than 1000 years.

They are very positive, joyful and sensual.

Erotic love is one of the most important aspects of their lives and they know how to heal with that energy:

The Pleiadians have been contacting the surface population for millennia:

In order to break the Quarantine status of this planet, they have contacted the Vril girls (die Vrilerinnen) to start the German secret space program:

After the dark forces have hijacked the German secret space program, the Pleiadians have rescued the Vril girls from the surface of the planet in 1945 in a secret project codenamed “Niemand bleibt hier” (nobody stays here).

Veril Girls

The Pleiadians have contacted president Eisenhower in 1954, trying to prevent a nuclear war:

The Pleiadians have contacted me in 1977, trying to prevent a nuclear war:

The Pleiadians did manage to prevent a nuclear war, but were not able to prevent the Archon invasion in 1996:

The Archons were even able to invade the Pleiadian star cluster briefly between 1996 and 1999:

After the Pleiades star cluster was liberated in 1999 and the majority of Pleiadian hostages were liberated from military underground bases on Earth, the Pleiadians have contacted me in late 2001 and given me instructions to construct Tachyon healing chambers:

They were, however, not able to prevent the murder of my soulmate.

It is therefore beyond my understanding how certain people actually believe that this blog is some kind of elaborate scam and that I am manipulating people. These people have serious trust issues and would benefit from a therapy. Also, people posting banana or donkey comments on this blog will be forever banned from posting anything again. And if you do not know what a banana or a donkey comment is, think twice before posting and predict the consequences.

This is not a joke, this is a serious war in which I have given to a noble cause far more than most people have, and I have lost far more than most people have. Therefore I deserve respect.

The surface of this planet has far more darkness than me, the Resistance or the Pleiadians have ever expected. Clearing of this complex situation unavoidably creates delays. I do not like them. You do not like them. Nobody likes them. So stop being a beta, stop whining and complaining and DO something to make the surface of the planet more bearable. You can not afford private property to become part of the Contact Dish project, because “only the Cabal can afford to own property”?

Here is land for sale under $500 that is suitable for Contact Dish project which I found spending 20 seconds on google:

Someone has made a brilliant comment and put Contact Dish project very nicely in the context of the Event:

“So the key is to think about it in a multidimensional way… there is no one linear step by step path to the Event. There are many different timelines shifting in probability and alternate ways it can happen. By disclosing these projects they are co-created in the field created by the RM and all of us. This timeline stabilization then raises the overall vibration and quantum field which then supports all positive timelines. Including the one where the Event happens. “

What to expect now? I can promise you blood, sweat and tears:,_toil,_tears,_and_sweat

And then, I can promise you Victory of the Light.

When? Nobody knows. The Event will NOT happen until the vast majority of plasma toplet bombs are removed.

Until then, you are very welcome to join us in Budapest, Hungary on April 14th and 15th on the first Ascension conference in 2018:

Or you can join us in Taipei, Taiwan for the second conference on May 12th and 13th:

Victory of the Light!



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  5. Blessings Cobra; my warm regards, respects & sympathies for your dearest Isis…
    Thank you for all you have done, are doing & will do….

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  9. I lost my children and my soul mate many years ago so I understand the huge hole left in you heart. Cobra, you are to be cherished as a loving crusader for humanity and I have extremely high regards for you and the beautiful work you do. I watch and look forward to each article you put out. Victory to light and love.

  10. I believe that the CURRENT “Pleidians” working with the SSP (SECRET Space Program) are NOT the REAL “Pleidians”, but are “Renegades” left down here from the Beginning for THEIR Erroneous behavior from the ancient PAST.
    They have been “Confined” Here on this “Prison-Planet” (FOR NOW!)…and about to be removed FOREVER along with their “Luciferian” coherts and the VATICAN.

  11. 3.23.218

    Even our Lightworker friends sometime forget. We are still wearing human suits.
    The loss of a lifemate, and particularly a spiritually-attuned mate hurts our humanity
    …even while our ever-present greater self understands.

    There is no 3D price we can pay for your committment and lifework. And even our quiet “Thank-You’s” is inadequate. Still, it comes from the True Heart. And is so it is offered.

  12. Cobra, with respect, my condolences on the loss of your soul mate…
    I do just want to say that for years now your posts have given hope. You’re one of the few sources I trust due to my own U.A,P. experiences and guidance received in finding your information. I am sending positive thoughts your way. Please stay strong, this world needs you. There are those of us, extremly grateful for your efforts, and of those, at PFC in bringing truth and light to the surface of Earth.
    I know that no words can assuage it but: May you find peace in your grief,
    & we all together;
    Victory of the Light

  13. Sashwat pranam dear Cobra, We all love you , love you so much and will be forever . As the time is close for the “Event ” , we will meet soon and hug you in extreme love that we all together can forget the pain forever , this is not even a civilization, we are in . We will experience the love and wisdom of a civilization after thousands of years because of the all loving higher beings of light like you and we are all our way to the Nova Earth. Pranam , love and love . So be it So it is . I AM. Victory to the light , now forever.

  14. Sorry but Its all hard to believe.. No aliens have the right to interfere with our situation. And what ? We should just wait to be saved ? Hope Its all gona be fine ? Horseshit!! Everyone needs to break the 9 veils and tame the dragon. COBRA did not putt any actual knowledge how should we deal with this process besides some useless news/stories etc.

    • Dan, Cobra did not provide any links in this message about how to deal with ? not sure what you mean. Anyhow I can guarantee you that he has provided ample information as regarding self help etc, regularly over the past 6 years. You need to go to the top of PFC here and press important Cobra articles list and read Galactic Codex and you will see why our (alien) galactic family can and will intervene on our behalf. We are millions of people who have given them permission to do this now on behalf of the billions of people suffering on this planet. We should NOT and are not waiting to be saved. You are correct. We are millions upon millions of people who are activiely working daily to save this planet. If you need some specific advice regrading some area of interest then let me know and I will do my best to find an answer for you Therese Z

  15. Thank you Cobra for your message to all of us. Has been a great pleasure for me to follow your work and updates. I do trust on your word’s and I do trust in your mission. Although I sadly regret what happen to your soul mate. But as you already mentioned she will come back after the event. I hope to make it to Taype this time to be part of your conference. Best wishes and see you very soon Susana Hancock.

  16. Dear Cobra: I was overwhelmed with grief & sorrow for you when your soulmate was taken & prayed for her safe transition & your recovery. Thank you for the sacrifices you make every day while the majority of people on this planet remain clueless. Whenever I get the opportunity, I do what I can to disseminate your efforts & website & hope I can think of many more ways to wake people up. Your news is good news because the balance has turned & can only end in victory for the light! Thank you so much for all you do Cobra.

  17. Dear Cobra, May source bless you in your endeavors to save our beautiful planet and my condolences in the loss of your beautiful Isis. Although I do not know either you or Isis I grieve at her loss because it is also our planets loss. It is wonderful to know she will be returned to you in the future. I have been working with the light for many years now and just keep on doing as you ask. I love the heart meditation you both made, very easy to work with. I know you are getting a lot of flak but when you see that know that you are over the target! Keep going we are with you 100 %. I understand when you say about the darkness of the planet, I was privy to it some 4 years ago and believe me it was a shock to see the counties surrounded in darkness, very unexpected. Much love to all those working in the light from Australia
    Katie Lee

  18. Hello Family of Light. I have started a fund raiser for Contact Dish. Please share if you feel guided;

    VOTL thank you!

  19. Dear Cobra, Please accept my condolences on the loss of your sweet soul mate.
    I think the public feels the names we see are not “real” somehow, or immune to hurt through accusation. Yes, we are impatient for the change. Yes, we have been led to expect change without having to undergo significant change ourselves. We have too many hero myths – someone will always ride up at the end of the show to take out the bad guys.
    It is not an excuse to say many are asleep – many are. But the awakening is happening; it is exciting & I am grateful to have participated in it in a small way with my own life. Here at the farther end of it, I have found joy, steadiness, humor & friendship.
    You are on the front lines & chosen to follow a different path. I thank you for all you have accomplished & for all you have shared with me to help me along to get to where I am today.
    May you find only support in the future & appreciation – you surely deserve these! Please continue in your sharing & your offering us your knowledge through your contacts. Because of you, we WILL continue to wake up to the potential of being star citizens. I have felt too, at times, so under-appreciated as to want to just give it up, take my own back & go home. But what we all must realize (make real) is that there is no such thing as “my own” anymore. There is only oneness to be achieved & individuality to be birthed in love.
    I will send love your way & remember you in my prayers. I appreciate all you offer. So many thanks for your service to humanity.
    With a blessing for you alone, Cobra,

  20. Cobra: I´m deeply heartfelt by the loss of your soulmate. Darkness is mean and somber…
    I am Brazilian and must say that YOU showed me the way that took me to the stars when I got a viral meditation to close a reptilian vortex in Congo in Feb 2017. I followed your name to know if our Meditation helped and my life changed.
    1st: Pleiadians are helping our young Brazilian Gabriel Raio Lunar anchoring important Magnetic Islands all over our country and protecting this young man from evil.
    2nd: I live in Atibaia, Sao Paulo, Brazil and we have here a huge landing field very close to my home used for hangliding and paragliding landings. Perfect to the arrival of the Pleiadians!! Pedra Grande is where they take off and the field is perfect for a small vessel (I guess… can´t imagine the size of the disk…). We had a vessel floating for 30 minutes right on top of Pedra Grande last x´mas, so, the site is known…
    3rd: please ignore the idiots that harass you…don´t waste your Light and energy with this kind of people.
    Be well!
    Connie Harrison

  21. I give thanks to you Cobra, for all the hard work that you are doing for the liberation of this planet. Much Love and Light to you.
    Victory of the Light.

  22. Hi Cobra,

    From Ontario, Canada…I have been following your posts for quite a while. I am not one who is active on social media on any platforms. Anyways, just wanted to say Thank you !! for all you do….and extend this Thank you ! to all Light Workers, working so hard to liberate the planet and bring victory to the Light. I can honestly say, that I for one, truly respect you. I know in my heart that all will be fine and the Light will win…Just a knowing without really knowing why I know …Anyways, I must say that I would love to make contact with the Pleidians…but I only own a condo, which is shared with another 69 condos…a pretty large parking, but unless the Pleindians could hind themselves somehow, I would truly welcome them….Sincerely, Cobra. Thank you again, and God bless….Merci !!

    Lynn 😉

  23. I work every night on transmuting toplet bombs during my meditation. First they are wrapped in pink light then covered in St. Germaine’s violet twin flames and poof off they go. Also have been working on the DEW’s in the same way. I have land in back for the Contact Dish.
    Thank you Cobra for all your sacrifices on many levels. The war is hard. You continue to spur us on by your example. Victory of the Light is now!

  24. Dear Cobra, I am deeply sorry that this whole thing went crazy and don’t understand quite why. You were very clear with the instructions…period. It should have ended there.
    Why are humans still attacking the messenger? Frankly, we all would be royally screwed without you, and you have paid dearly for your service.
    If I had suffered the loss of my partner, I would still be in shock and in isolation…but you never skipped a beat. For others to disregard your service and brutal sacrifices is highly disrespectful.
    For my part, I honor you and your service and will never forget the price you have paid to help ALL life on this Planet.
    sincerely, jeriAYA

  25. I’m truly sorry your soul mate was taken from you Cobra, after all you’ve given. People who detract from what you’re doing need to appreciate that patience is a virtue. If they can’t find it within themselves to allow events to take their natural course then they need to re-evaluate themselves – things aren’t going to happen any sooner just because they’re not prepared to wait any longer. The world doesn’t turn for any one of us…we’re none of us “special”. The Event will happen in its own sweet time. People need to be patient.


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