Dr. John Bergman issues warning to the public of ‘flu panic’. Dr. John Bergman says the flu vaccine is laced with cancer-causing ingredients. A top doctor has gone on the record to blow the whistle in a video statement and reveal that flu vaccines have been laced with “cancer-causing ingredients.”

Dr. John Bergman has revealed the influenza vaccinations being used to combat the latest H3N2 strain, are virtually ineffective and being forced onto the public through fear tactics to spread cancer.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the current flu strain is the most severe to date, and leads to more extreme, and often fatal, symptoms.

Tens of thousands of people have died so far during this flu season, and as the mortality rate rises, so does the fear, and citizens are queuing up for flu shots, all while Big Pharma is cashing in.

Now, according to Dr. Bergman, evidence has emerged that the vaccinations may be causing far more damage to people’s health than anyone could have previously anticipated. tens of thousands are dying from the flu this season.

According to Anna Treague, a health official for Public Health, the severity of H3N2 has been caused by mutations in the virus that triggered by influenza vaccinations. In a statement to ABC news,

Treague confirmed that this year’s flu strain, that has left thousands of citizens dead, was caused by the vaccines itself, saying: “I believe that the low effective rate of the vaccine this year is due to the mutations that the virus made in the processing of the vaccine itself.

“That is at LEAST part of the reason that influenza cases are so widespread this year.” Treague clearly states that the vaccination is at “LEAST” part of the problem, if not the WHOLE problem. anna treague says the virus has been mutated by flu vaccines.

Anna Treague says the virus has been mutated by flu vaccines Other health experts agree with Teague statement, including Dr. Mercola, who is one of the world’s leading authorities on the dangers of vaccines. Speaking about the mutations caused by the vaccines, Mercola says, “It’s no surprise at all.”

Dr. Mercola isn’t alone with his prognosis, as countless other medical professionals, MDs, and PhDs all agree. Demand for Vaccines is Increasing The problem is though, as more people get sick, more people are queuing up to get their flu shots, and the situation is snowballing from bad to worse.

According to Treague, the immune system is weaker at the beginning and at the end of a person’s life. This causes the body of a child or elderly to have to fight much harder to fend off viruses than a person in their 20s or 30s.

Even though the flu shot has only be found to be 10% effective against this year’s strain, the government still insists that it’s imperative that every citizen is vaccinated, despite the clear dangers.

How would the families of those already killed after receiving the shot respond to that news?

According to allopathic medicine, we should rush to see our doctor as soon as we experience so they can treat us with antiviral medication. The dangers of Tamiflu are no secret though and it can only shorten the duration by 12 hours. The recommended course of action is to stay home and not spread the virus.

Symptoms usually appear after 1-3 days of being infected and most people usually recover in under a week. Just don’t ignore your symptoms though, which include chills, fever, headache, dry cough and aching of joints and muscles.

Source: http://meddaily.org/2018/02/28/doctor-blows-whistle-on-flu-shot-its-designed-to-spread-cancer/


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  1. I have refused flu shots for decades. It’s a financial bonanza for vaccine manufacturing companies. The vaccines are often laced with toxic substances and are too ineffective.

  2. Ive gotten TWO flu shots my entire life. One at age 18–ended up in the hospital (apparenlty allergic reaction) and one at age 65 (allergic to ingredients: hospital trip again) I had FIVE children all thru the school system, and not a single one of my family needed a flu shot and guess what ?! We NEVER got the flu! So the conclusion for me : if the flu is going around STAY HOME! Wear little masks over your mouth and nose if u must go out! And WASH your hands ! May not work for health care professionals, but it certainly worked for me! Now all my children are grown and married and out of my house, and I still practice this. NO MORE FLU SHOTS EVER !

  3. My sister is a nurse and no way in hell will she take the flu shot, I notice that doctors always ask my husband to take it ! He says no! Drs don’t like it

  4. The Dr’s are in on it because they get paid a %of it and if they don’t push it pharma is on their ass, it’s not rite but it’s the situation they are in. I asked my dr how much schooling he got on vaccines and he said none, pretty sad!

  5. I can see the logic of the policies enforcing vaccines and promoting/supporting other health compromising practices and industries.
    Historically the common ways to deal with population control and over population are wars and disease. Wouldn’t be convenient to achieve the population control goals while making trillions of dollars out of it?
    It is no brainier. Why is anyone surprised or looking at it in disbelieve?

    Yes, it is unmoral and inhumane practice, but it is fully aligned with the reality we live in and the money driven decision making world.

    So what are our options here?

  6. What an insult to the millions of actual health care professionals who have dedicated their lives to the care and treatment of others. They are not part of some scary government conspiracy, nor are they stupid. Your internet “research” means exactly squat, and anyone who falls for these conspiracy theory lies should read some actual science for a change.

  7. Wanted: proofreaders, lol.
    Tens of thousands killed already this flu season? Bullhonkey. The arbitrary flu season includes ANY and all deaths with a respiratory component. Die from lung cancer? Flu death. Die from pneumonia? Flu death. Theory goes that perhaps the person could have survived but a flu MAY HAVE added to the immune system load and pushed them into death. The FLU pushed them. Not the cancer or the pneumonia, or COPD, or….

    Their death statistics are worthless. Totally and utterly worthless.

    And let’s not forget that the CDC is a for profit corporation, listed on Dun & Bradstreet, with at least 52 vaccine patents to earn money from, and bringing in an average of $4,600,000,000 per year. So they are not a neutral voice – you get that damb flu shot so they can pocket your $$$$ dammut!

  8. I’ve noticed that stores where I’m living have signs up outside advertising that you can go in and get a free flu shot and telling people to get them. I want to go vandalize some of them at night, write “POISON” across them for example.

  9. Two Ers have offered me flu shots recently, both Ers expected the reply which was obviously NO, they both told me many people they encounter are not willing to have a shot, but they ask everyone, I wonder of they get a kickback for each flu shot they do?. I know it is the case with Chemotherapy which also kills with a 97%fail rate!!. We are under attack from our governments/criminals.

  10. I am curious if anyone knows if there is a delay with getting Tamiflu after the flu shot. I had a family member get the shot in September and she didn’t get sick until January. Then my husband and I got it fast after we were near her!!!

  11. “The flu shot is only ten percent effective”….which means you are better off avoiding it because there is a 90% chance it might kill you instead! Everyone needs to read the book of Dr. K. Humphries. and realize that what we had been led to believe regarding the field of immunity may be chuck-full of lies. This is in the same order as our not really learning our true history, etc. If you do not read massively, and I mean, massively, you will fall easily for the mainstream lies/propaganda. Prior to my retiring, I made it my mission to alert our hospital’s infection control officer to the latest shenanigans of the SINISTER CDC. I also regularly called him out every time he posted that misleading CDC flu data year after year, scaring people into getting flu shots.


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