3 thoughts on “Israel Celebrates Birthday With Gaza Massacre –”

  1. Yes there are many Israelis that have no concept of empathy or unfettered love , But I assure you not all Israelis think or behave the way we saw on the day of the massacre.
    There is JVP , Jewish Voice For peace.
    The Israeli regime like all military machines are merely children in fear with a lot of guns and no concept of sharing
    Surely They don’t understand we are all created equal by the one divine intelligence, into this classroom of our life To destroy a body that is created by the divine is a crime to themselves ultimately. I would like to see sanctions placed upon the US and Israel , to show them that the rest of the world finds their actions totally unacceptable . this planet is now too small for mistakes with nuclear weapons and Israel has plenty.
    The US appears to have abandoned it’s people , it’s constitution and democracy .
    Over 6 million us citizens cannot vote due to a criminal conviction , as the black community is overly represented in the justice system they are effectively removed from having a voice.
    Also US Military and political personal are exempt from being tried in the International Criminal Court ( 6th May 2002 George Bush ) for war crimes . A law that further alienates the rest of the world from accepting and trusting the US.
    We will not survive as a species unless we first put morality before Profit and military might

  2. The only folks that might kill a bunch of people to celebrate something are satanists! That tells me that Israeli and USA leaders are satanists. How much more obvious can it get?

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