Israeli border policemen detain a foreign activist by the Israeli separation barrier, during a protest in the West Bank village of Bil’in, west of Ramallah, Friday, March 2, 2018. Palestinian protesters and foreign activists marched to commemorate the 13th anniversary of the ongoing weekly protests against the Israeli separation barrier and settlements in Bil’in. (AP Photo/Nasser Nasser)

Many in the community of Palestinian citizens would like to see themselves as an integral part of Israeli society that has its own Arab and Muslim culture and roots. The problem is that Israel has never seen them as such.

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  1. OK. I can take this or that stance but just to be provocative……
    Palestine is the ONLY place where the Muslims are kept at bay. Its the only place that they are not trying to take over another peoples nation. in fact its happening to them! SO what’s the issue. The Muslims call it a struggle..well struggle away! Don’t cry boo hoo when YOUR land, culture, children are wiped off the face of the earth but rejoice when it happens to Western nations. Why do Muslims ALWAYS cry victim? 1.2B Muslims are currently on track (with intent) to wipe out the entire Western civilisation and the rest of us should be worried about a few Muslims in Palestine.. Pulllsee! Do not buy into the BS emotional bribery.

    • Dear Nicholas, I used to think like you when I was a catholic, but then I woke up and started following the rabbit hole that led me to where I stand today; perhaps you should do the same instead of just believing the church, MSM or even the falsified information we are all though at school, if I may I am sharing here just one of many documents you will find around if you want to look beyond the lies we have been thought to believe. If you are a genuine truth seeker and you are willing to give yourself the time to look further I am sure the following doc. will prove why the article is true:

  2. Always the big, WHY, is Israel allowed to slowly slaughter the Palestinian people in front of God and the world, in their own country, while the silence from world leader’s is deafening??? Through history the Zionist arm of Israel have slaughtered Palestine’s before Israel became a state??? What is the percentage of the Israeli people go along with the slaughter of their neighbors??? Is it no wonder the Arab states in the MiddleEast want to blow Israel off the map with their harsh and genicidal behavior??? Why was Israel not stopped when the building of Israeli housing on Palestinian land began??? It’s no wonder Israel needs protection with American dollars, $billions, without our consent. When is this going to stop?! So many questions through the years while no answers are forth coming and still no answers as we watch, one by one, the Palestinian people are slaughtered while the world stays silent. One human beings observation that is horrifying to watch and have had enough!


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