Although we have not reached the critical mass, important breakthroughs have been achieved. Full report will be posted next week.



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  1. I have a special material (ormus/magnesium phosphate, or OMP) which can be imprinted any information delivered by with subtle energy. I can then dowse the imprint. So, at 10:11 GMT on 11Aug, I put some freshly-prepared OMP on a large image of the world seen from space, and left it there for 1 hour. After that it dowsed very strongly. Moreover, this dowsability was abrogated with a piece of glass placed over. So it must be at the highest (spiritual) of the 4 levels I have identified. These are: 1. Only stopped by polystyrene (eg geometric figures, electromagnetic sources; 2. Stopped in addition by iron and steel ( e.g. images of some “good” people, such as Churchill, and some sacred images); 3. Stopped in addition by paper (e.g. a plasma therapy device, the CO2
    GANS of Mr Keshe, and certain art works); 4. Stopped in addition by glass (e.g. images of Dalai Lama, Sai Baba, and this global meditation.

  2. A feedback from a plyaidian young beautiful woman from the planet ERRA is providing key information about the ascension process to humanity.
    Amon so many interesting things she is communicating some basic ideas. Although the information is provided basically in Spanish, some videos have been translated into English. Look for “Agencia Cosmica” in youtube channel and search for videos from June 2018.

    1. The ascended Master DO NOT EXIST – Dark entities have place themselves in that position to suck human energy trough idolatry however there is a source of Divine Energy and infinite creation where we ALL connect. From there we can bring into our physical world any changes and improvements to our life in 3D even if we are encapsulated in this fake world ( our experiences are real). Everything that exists is part of the source as a whole huge container of whatever in the universe. Is like the source of every original pattern of existence. As our consciousness evolve we can understand more about the source and its patterns and how to use them. From a 3D we are very ignorant and babies to even understand certain concepts !!

    2. The whole universe was in 5D before we got encapsulated in 3D by the Playaidians but because the Playaidians lost the battle against the Reptilians, and they came to our planet, the Playaidians encapsulate the earth with humans and Reptilians in 3D. The Playaidians came to repair this issue after 12.500 years (Why so long after??). This is the main reason why they are so involved in bringing humanity out of the prison they left us. Besides that, the Reptilians hacked the 3D and used it in their favour to control and dominate us.

    3. Several groups came to assist the Playaidians however some of them IGNORE the real misery of our lives in this planet. The good-news is that WE ARE HELPED and that WE ARE NOT LONGER IN THE 3D as they are taking the veil of the 3D down progressively. We are NOW APPROACHING THE 4D but be prepare to see weird beings that are part of the 4D or the astral world. DON’T PANIC it will be just a stop on the way to the 5D.

    4. More about the ascension process – Will be given to ALL humanity but there will be an after evaluation to see who can handle it properly and who cannot and solutions will be taking based on each individual case. The Reptilians will not ascend, they are supposed to be “REGRESSIVE NEGATIVE” race and will need to cope with the arrangements reserved for them as the earth will NOT HAVE THE REPTILIANS IN PLACE any longer.

    5. What about the event? no dates, but it is near, very near and remember it may happen in between the 4D and the 5D so the universe is preparing its surprise.

    6. Which attitude should we adopt? Have fate and be convinced that the BEST IS TO COME however 5D has its own issues and responsibilities to assume. We will have to learn a LOT IN ORDER TO INTEGRATE the issues and facilities of this new density but among ALL, we will feel HAPPY! and I think the earth will have lots of groups of extraterrestrials. No ALL of them will be so good and kind as we think. I can see some aspects of separation in their approach and a certain arrogance so better have the head on top of your shoulder. Even more, those evolved races DO HAVE WARS and fight in between them. Probably not so wild and exaggerated as the REPTILIANS but they are not as sweet and nice as WE THINK they are – so be aware!!

    7. More about the 3D – The fact of being encapsulated was to restrain the REPTILIANS getting out of the earth. The encapsulation covers the earth into a 3D density which boundaries are set by the Van Allen belt. That means beyond that zone is impossible to go farther and logically we are not supposed to have been in the Moon or Mars as we have been told. The 5D density is burning for the Reptilian race not for humans but in order to get out of the earth we would need special space shuttles that could handle energy, electromagnetism and other aspects that are far too complicated and our space shuttle DO NOT HAVE THAT MECHANISM- Or did we get out of the earth through star gates? portals? This subject is being difficult to grasp for most of us following our “Swaruu” which is the name of one of the Playaidian women.

  3. I am really happy about this progress. I hope we are able to continue this meditation
    all together, in the meantime I will continue the same meditation by myself. It is time to free ourselves, being in slavery has lasted long enough.


    Peace and love to all of you.

  4. Though I am the only person in this family following ” Prepare for Change ” posts , we were three doing the meditation , even without the accompanying text .May be not counted ?

  5. Please, tell me more next week.

    I don’t want to do anything else expect from making this breakthroughs worth it. So human and earth can be free again. So, we can finally do what we wanted in this life!
    I have all hope on this.

    May the LOVE be with everyone always!


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