School Gives Satanic Temple Permission To Teach Children In After School Club

Children given opportunity to attend the Satanic club’s inaugural meeting. 

The Satanic Temple has been granted permission by a school in Portland, Oregon, to set up an after-school programme for young pupils.

The Sacramento Elementary School, which educates pupils between 5 and 10 years old, will be given the opportunity to attend the Satanic club’s inaugural meeting.

Finn Rezz, who is the main spokesperson for Satanic Temple, said that the club would focus on “on science and rational thinking,” whilst providing an alternative voice to Christianity and Bible-centred “Good News Club”.

According to the Satanic Temple’s ‘After School Satan Club’ website, it says it has launched after-school clubs to provide an alternative to evangelical Christian organizations focused on the teachings of Jesus.

“Currently, the number of After School Satan Clubs (ASSC) is limited, as the program is very new,” the Temple explains.

“However, ASSC has generated a massive wave of interest immediately upon being announced.

© pressAccording to The Telegraph: “Across the nation, parents are concerned about encroachments by proselytizing evangelicals in their public schools, and are eager to establish the presence of a contrasting voice that helps children to understand that one doesn’t need to submit to superstition in order to be a good person.

“Our goal, ultimately, is to place an ASSC in every school where the Good News Clubs, or other proselytizing religious groups, have established a presence.

”Sacramento Elementary is the second school in Oregon to get an After School Satan Club. The first, Nehalem Elementary School, was set up earlier this year.

“The NKN School District recognizes that questions of religious belief and discussion of religious organizations can create strong feelings, and it is important to note that our district does not promote any particular religion.

“In fact, our district policies explicitly state that the Board ‘recognizes that the public schools, as agents of the government, must remain neutral toward religion and must be careful not to prefer one religion above another.

‘“Students may not participate in after-school activities in district facilities or be released during school hours to participate in an outside club or organization without parental permission.”




6 thoughts on “School Gives Satanic Temple Permission To Teach Children In After School Club

  1. Satan is the worst form of a parasite.It is incapable of creating anything, anything at all. While the Supreme Creator’s building block is simply LOVE in creating the universe(s), the beast has failed to create anything tangible or genuine. It lurks in the dark side and use s deception, lies, and subterfuge to trap souls as a form of usable energy. I pity this putrid phenomenon and hold it at the lowest cast of the creation’s by-products. Way to go Oregon for giving it a legit platform in your so called “education system”!!!

  2. Is this some kind of joke? Organized religions may not have all the answers but embracing the Light is “where it’s at”! There is no dignity in the darkness. Love and kindness is always the answer. Satanic rituals are dangerous. If you want to have children learn something useful teach them about Guardian Angels! This program will result in giving these precious ones nightmares and frightening experiences. A form of child abuse! Children are coming in right now with strong sensitivities to spirits. This program is trouble! From one who acknowledges Jesus Christ as my Savior and Spiritual Guide for living a noble life. I’ll be praying for all of you!

  3. Just Google anything Satanic and one can readily discover that this is a dark, low-vibrational, “do what thou wilt” mindset that is all about “service-to-self” and brings harmful, evil consequences and bondage to its practitioners. Satanism is an extremely dangerous and soul-ensnarement. Run from anything Satanic at all costs!

  4. Yes let children learn darkness from soulless dark beings. My wish is they wholly will be dimmed by the light. The light is too great now to allow pockets of Satan (falsity) temples
    to smear minds with lies .I hope the demise of your efforts is painful.

  5. Submitting to superstition? And your going to compare that to logical thinking and science. There’s no logic or knowledge in anything but Christ.

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