It has come to my attention that many public figures suspected of being Satanists are wearing red shoes.

So why are red shoes a big deal?

Because it is a Satanic symbol of child/human sacrifice. During the sacrificial rituals, the Satanists wear red shoes (claimed to be made of human leather) so when blood gets on the shoes, it does not show.

I’m not saying that all the celebrities that are wearing red shoes are part of this Satanic club. I’m sure that many don’t have a clue about the symbolism of the red shoes. This piece is not about them, and I am sure that if they would be aware, they would throw the shoes in the trash immediately.

This being said, let’s follow the evidence and make some connections.

Here’s Tony Podesta (known Spirit Cooker) and some of his powerful friends, all wearing red shoes, as well as some creepy paintings from his favorite “artist”, Biljana Djurdjevic:

In the following snapshot, we can see Alex Soros, the son of George Soros, wearing red shoes at a Spirit Cooking dinner — the description for the picture is “Devil’s Heaven #TonightWeDineInHell!”:

His father, the notorious George Soros, is also connected to the PizzaGate scandal. It has been discovered that Soros, an international multi-billionaire, was an important donor to a small pizza shop, the now infamous Comet Ping Pongwhich was at the center of the PizzaGate scandal.

Its owner, James Alefantis, (who was named by GQ as one of the 50 most powerful people in Washington — the virtually unknown owner of a small pizza shop, is one of the most powerful people in D.C.?) also received direct payments from American Bridge PAC, one of the groups heavily sponsored by George Soros.  

No wonder that George Soros has been identified as the force behind the social media censorship!

And the front man of this attack on free speech and democracy is none other than James Brock, a Clinton shill that was caught laundering money, and the former boyfriend of James “PizzaGate” Alefantis.

These are all shocking connections, if you ask me!

Another infamous public figure that wears red shoes (reportedly from the same brand as Tony Podesta, i.e. Prada) is none other that the former head of the Catholic Church, Pope Benedict (born Joseph Alois Ratzinger):

Pope Benedict’s brother, George Ratzinger, is at the epicenter of a huge pedophilia scandal. Up to 500 children have been abused at the Catholic Boys’ Choir run by Pope Benedict’s brother.

Now here’s something that many of us didn’t see it coming.

Tom Hanks has been recently accused of buying a girl from her father when she was just 13 years old and sexually abusing her. If this wasn’t enough, actor Isaac Kappy has also accused Hanks (and Steven Spielberg) of being a pedophile.

You can read more on the subject HERE.

Important to note before going any further is the fact that Tom Hanks’ Instagram account is filled with pictures of single shoes, socks or gloves.

And now the kicker: when Hanks was younger, he starred in a movie called “The Man With One Red Shoe“:

That’s pretty strange, if you ask me. We now understand the symbolism behind the red shoe, but I’m very curious to know what it is that makes Hanks obsessed with single shoes, socks or gloves.

Here is Bill Maher dressed as a wizard, also wearing red shoes:

And no, it wasn’t just once:

Now I’m going to present to you some very disturbing facts about Bill Maher.

His film production company is called “Kid Love Productions.” No, I’m not joking, that’s really what it’s called.

And during some of his shows, Maher had repeatedly defended pedophiles (quotes in the following image):

And that’s just the beginning…

In 1991 he made a film called “Pizza Man“, in which he starred. I remind you that “pizza”/”pizza party” is a pedophile code for “sex with children”.

Let that sink in!

Also interesting to note, the climax of the film is Bill Maher’s character killing Donald Trump.

This is very creepy stuff! 

Clearly, Donald Trump was never part of their Satanic cult and must have caused them some kind of troubles over the years.

I wish I knew the whole truth, because from the moment that he announced his intention to run for President, the whole hell broke loose. And when I say “hell”, I really mean “hell.” All these Hollywood pedo Satanists have started attacking Trump, mocking him, trying to impeach him, and even “joked” about harming or killing him.

When have jokes and statements about murdering a President became acceptable?

And guess who else stated that he would kill Trump? None other than celebrity cook Anthony Bourdain, who said “I’d cook hemlock for President Trump” (if given the opportunity to cook for him).

Hemlock is a poisonous plant that has been used as a method of execution. So what he really said is that he would kill President Trump if given the chance.

If you want to see some really creepy pictures from the Instagram accounts of Anthony Bourdain and his then-girlfriend, Asia Argento, then follow THIS LINK. Their accounts are littered with Satanic symbolism, and not-so-subtle hints of cannibalism and pedophilia.

Asia Argento is a self-confessed witch and she was also recently accused of pedophilia. On her Instagram account, she posted a picture of her young daughter wearing red shoes, with the caption “red shoes”. This is what Anthony Bourdain decided to comment on her post: “And I won’t get any older now the angels want to wear my red shoes.”

If you are able to make further connections between red shoes and pedophilia / Satanism / child sacrifice, please post them as a response to this article on Facebook. 


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  2. Trump is one of them. All the negative attention he gets is by design. Every single President has always been selected not elected therefore he can’t be one of us. He signed Op Warp Speed and recently encouraged everyone to get jabbed. How people still make excesses for him is beyond me

      • Donald only went to the police because Epstein and him were in a property battle. Donald authorized the use of a bioweapon on the American people. I don't believe he is a pedo that doesn't mean he isn't playing a part in this whole thing. Trump will go to prison for his part in these war crimes. He knew exactly what he was doing. Ignorance does not excuse you from criminal charges.

    • Trump initiated warp speed to end the lockdowns that the globalist wanted to last 5 years to destroy everything as we know it. Remember we have been at war since Nov. 3 2020 when our elections were interfered with by foreign governments. The shots were a lesser of two evils kind of thing that happens during war. As with any war there will be casualties.

  3. All this talk about satanists not being satanists lmfao. Why did you even go along with using that term to describe your religion? Yeah, it’s another religion, something you supposedly don’t believe in. Call it atheism then, yeah? Really don’t care. It’s gd stupid to begin with.
    And the christians, you guys are literally referred to as ‘the flock’. As in, a flock of sheep being herded by your corrupted shepherd. And being called meek like it’s a good thing. How is any of all that compliments…? Being a sheep is completely unflattering lol. How can you defend yourself or do the right thing even, when you are held back by your leaders telling you to lay low and die. The pope and co are all pedophiles. the priests and bishops that touch kids are all pedos. Holy? yeah, no. Why would you support a religion when it’s a cover for these monsters. Think for yourself. On the other hand, why would you call yourself a satanist when its very fkn name is associated with demonic activities? Keep that denial up, it sure is helping ey!

    Luciferianism is the formal term for satanic ritual child abuse etc, whereas satanism is a kind of colloquialism that became some fkn pop culture buzzword to be edgy and cool. Fuck off with that shit, go be an athiest, no one cares, but don’t be surprised when you use the word satanist to describe yourself inevitably getting you associated with the true evil that is Luciferianism. I’m sick of the ignorant lame asses abusing images of 666 goat heads, pentagrams and jewish stars as some kind of label. Seriously, seriously cringe. People have no idea how dark this kind of stuff actually is, and using it as some kind of fashion label is downright face-palm. See the red shoe monsters? Do you see them flaunting in public 666 shit? They wear the robes and shit behind closed doors as they extract adrenochrome from their underage victims. So yeah! Not sure why anyone would want to align themselves with that insanity, unless you’re fkd in the head like them. Waiting the day they get obliterated : )

    And don’t get me started on witches. It’s not something anyone can just ‘do’. generational witches still need to be initiated and make pacts with spirits/deities. The cringy wannabes that play around with Ouiji (or however the f you spell that shit) end up getting cursed for life in extreme cases. Don’t use the term witch or satanist lightly because obviously there are connotations attached. And most likely, they’re gonna be bad.

    At the end of the day, people fighting and defending their religions are anyway brainwashed and being controlled to some degree. Identify what is moral and what is not and go from there.

  4. I’m not here to judge any of you. For me myself struggle from being a decent person and a good Christian man. Which is hard. But I just wanna say don’t believe anything you hear and half of what u see. Also I have love for all evil and all good. Even the red shoe people

  5. There are 2 children from Hampsted, England that were interviewed by a cop and you used to be able to watch it online. It has since been made hard to find, and what you find is a second interview where they are made to lie about the first interview. It is obvious which interview was the truth. In the truth one they said that thy sacrifice babies in their church and take the skin and they make red shoes with it. These people are Lucifarians. There is a difference. But the story of the red shoes is real!

    • I saw that video! It was shocking how the little girl spoke of having sex like it was a casual everyday practice to have sex with the adult visitors who came to watch babies being murdered in satanic rituals.

  6. Well I guess they chose the wrong name for what they believe cause what you think gonna happen when Jesus and Satan show they aren’t going to have much room to say well we didn’t really believe or worship Satan we just called ourselves that.

  7. Real satanists follow a philosophy which is most easily described as live and let live. Pedophiles can follow whatever religion they see fit so please dont just lump them all together and say they’re Satanists.

    • Are you actually asking us to distinguish between one anti-G-d cult and another? They’re all hell bound according to scripture so this question is severely invalid.

        • After watching a show I would have to say that I was totally disgusted I was absolutely positively surprised, and I wanted to find out more about the group and what they stood for because what they were going after and what they were exposing what needs to be done what I’ve learned so far is that everything seems to be on the up and up I am still praying and asking for guidance to make sure that I am not deceived because the Bible does tell us let no man be deceived but I also know that my father wants me to be totally aware of where I’m living and what is going on around me so it does not surprise me or have me react in the manner that I did after I watched this particular show. and I wanted to find out more about all of the red shoes and this is absolutely disgusting there is no other word that I can find that is etiquette enough to say about what I learned

    • One in the same. It’s all evil. Lucifer is satan. Don’t sit here trying to defend any of this shit. Just because satanist and the church of Satan like to say they’re good people ? hilarious.

      • Have you actually read the satanist bible? I grew up catholic and I’m actually not into believing religions but I like studying theology. If you read their bible it doesnt confine violence either. And satan himself isn’t aloud to do anything to you anyway. It literally believes in “live and let live”. To put your own biased opinions on such a touchy subject without doing any research is just ignorant on your part and kind of rude. Have a good day?

        • Well which satanic Bible did you read I’m guessing you’re talking about Anton lavve’ well that’s not the real satanic Bible and I’m guessing unless you can read Latin you haven’t read it either, groups that claim to be Satanist today are not the same as the original ones most of them don’t even worship Satan the real Satanist are most definitely evil

        • Lucufearin satanist how ever cute you want to wrap it up in your evil manipulative selfrightous ideology your denying the one true God his respect and worshiping self and satan. Hasatan is the father of lies evidently it tickles your ears and gives you just cause to avoid self evaluation “live an let live” ond in the same you worship satan as a minion or bow to his ideology of self worship your as guilty as them. What’s rude is no one judged you bug your self. So I am judging you! With the authority on me from on high who’s name is above All names jesus christ! You’d soul will join the dust as well satanist tg ed war is lost the light won! The lies are being exposed the secrets are no longer secret you are apart of them you will die like them your time is at hand. -Chrisper

      • I don’t think she was trying to defend any evil thing, but merely differentiate. They are different and, in some topics, the difference is relevant.

    • The gloves that Tom Hanks posts are symbolic, they mean that he is a p protected person of power who has evil intentions.

        • boy, you hit the nail on the head with that observation! between the clintons and obamas and their backer soros. an unimaginable amount of evil exists!!!!!

    • You are correct. I’m not supporting either group. I am a born again Christian. I did a research paper when I was in grad school about Satanist and Luciferians. Satanism is basically a “religion” where anything goes, meaning sexual, drugs, etc. They believe more in free will rather than worshipping Satan. Luciferians are a whole nother beast. They indeed believe in Lucifer and in human sacrifice (innocent children being the most prized).

    • Satan is just another name for Lucifer who was cast out of heaven when he wanted to take over. It is in the Bible but as satan is the father of lies he is not going to tell you is he.

  8. This has to be the most retarded conspiracy theory bullshit I’ve ever heard. Do people actually believe this stupid bullshit?

  9. Masonic Shoe – The Masonic shoe which is also called the Blue Slipper, is symbolic of a physical confirmation of a spoken deed. To unloose one’s shoe and give it to another person was the way of confirming a contract in ancient times.

  10. You find out alot when you break a name down. Or look at its meaning. For example, Tom HANKS. Surname would be ANKS. ANKI. ENKI. Happens to be the name of a FALLEN ANGEL Los Angeles. City of Angels. (Fallen Angels)
    Or take James Alefantis. J’aime Les Enfants. French for ” I like children ”
    FACT is, these people have no souls. Literally. They have no souls. They are all Masonic clones. Read Enoch 22. It explains where their souls are. Thats why their names are so linked into satanic themes. They actually chose tgem themselves. They actually serve and worship Lucifer. So wake up people. There’s a battle to be won.

    • please stop calling pedos satanists, satanists arent pedophiles. ( thats because real satanists are actually atheists) pedos are actually vile and evil where your friendly neighborhood satanists are not. You might want to stop that kind of thinking, and decide its MEN ( humans) that are evil potentially and its got nothing to do with any kind of deity.

      • Really??? I was under the impression they worshipped satan….you know like baphomet and saturn and many more.. ?? Which doesn’t qualify as atheist in my book. Maybe you should check your facts before preaching to others.

      • Satanists can’t be atheists; the very definition of an atheist is not believing in a higher power, which they clearly do. Satan would not exist unless you accepted the notion of God. You just went full retard, never go full retard.

        • Do some research you dumb shit. They do NOT believe in a higher power you stupid stupid ignorant asshole. They do not believe in God OR the devil, dumb bell. Here’s some of the stupid questions people like YOU ask: Why do Satanists worship The Devil?

          We don’t. Satanists are atheists. We see the universe as being indifferent to us, and so all morals and values are subjective human constructions.

          Our position is to be self-centered, with ourselves being the most important person (the “God”) of our subjective universe, so we are sometimes said to worship ourselves. Our current High Priest Gilmore calls this the step moving from being an atheist to being an “I-Theist.”

          Satan to us is a symbol of pride, liberty and individualism, and it serves as an external metaphorical projection of our highest personal potential. We do not believe in Satan as a being or person.
          Do Satanists perform sacrifices?

          No. We are atheists. The only people who perform sacrifices are those who believe in supernatural beings who would consider a sacrifice to be some form of payment for a request or form of worship. Since we do not believe in supernatural beings there is no reason for a Satanist to make a sacrifice of any sort.
          I heard that Satanism supports sex with children and other ways to harm them—how do you justify that?

          Satanism has strong rules prohibiting sexual activity with children and non-human animals. In fact, if a Church of Satan member abuses children sexually or otherwise, his membership is automatically terminated without possibility for re-instatement. The Church of Satan also does not accept anyone who is not legally adult as an Active Member. In Satanism, sexual activity is only advocated between consenting adults.
          Do Satanists ritually abuse people?

          No. Our ritual is basically a form of self-therapy and is most often done in private. The three basic rituals are presented in The Satanic Bible by Anton Szandor LaVey and these do not demonstrate any type of abusive behavior.

          • Yea, let’s take the word of a person that admits to being a satanist on what all the others do.
            Theres only one reason I could see for someone to support or defend the satanic religion…so your word is as useless as who ever you “quoted”.

          • I have read Anton LaVeys satanic bible. They worship themselves. It’s more like they are equals to Satan because they rebel against all religion. That’s what I got from it. Very interesting.

      • In the “11 Satanic Rules of the Earth” by Anton LaVey:
        5. Do not make sexual advances unless given the mating signal;
        9. Do not harm little children.

      • By being a Satanist, you reject Jesus Christ as your savior, and you choose Hell as your eternal destination. There is no moral compass within you. You walk in darkness and deception. Many Satanists are pedophiles, and many of them ritually sacrifice children.

        • I’m pretty sure theres a lot more Christian pedophiles. The satanists that are atheists are only called satanists because crazy bible thumpers call all non believers evil devil worshipers… so they kind of ran with the name for shock factor. This red shoe shit is not part of satanism!

        • Then why am I not on a registry? Why can I walk the streets and take my children to school? Why is it that when I was forced to go to church as a child I was touched by my “father Francis” but have never once had a my satanic clergymen try anything sexual? Oh yeah it’s because you aren’t educated on satanism and only believe what the news tells you. We have strict moral codes we must follow to be a member of the church and if you break even one you are excommunicated permanently.I know plenty of pedophiles in many churches that still go to the church with people that know what they are. Look up our morals and rules. It’s the 11 satanic rules of the earth.

        • Pagan Wiccan here (yep that’s right, a WiTcH) We don’t fucking believe in HELL. Satanists do not believe in Satan as a deity, therefore if there is no Satan … uhh yep that means there is no God either LOL. So they don’t believe in it or hell or whatever other construct you and your bible thumpers want to create to hold people back and make them conform. So no, the pedophiles are not Satanists. If they are performing rituals, they are NOT Satanic rituals. It’s an extreme form of twisting a religion – just like Jonestown or any other instance where sick fuckers had their way with people and brainwashed them. They are NOTHING but what they have constructed themselves. But instead of doing your research, keep on believing in the shit your church tells you. Yeah, that same church that has produced so many pedophiles that just preyed upon innocent children in the choirs and congregations. You are the one walking in the dark with no moral compass, because you are out there judging everyone who isn’t JUST like you. Instead of finding out about other religions and realizing that OMFG the bible isn’t real!!!! And I doubt you are even following any of it anyway! You are the ones walking in deception, you are the ones drinking that shit the church continues to serve up – to hate others and to treat them wrong. Would your mighty Jesus Christ love that you are hating other people for NO reason??? Hmmm, bet not because as a person who was raised a Christian that is not what I was taught. You hate on gay people, you hate on anyone who isn’t in your own religion, you hate on anyone who doesn’t believe in the same things you do. Sorry dude but you are going to have to do better than that! Educate yourself instead of following blindly, you might actually discover something. But ya all keep on allowing your pastors and your youth leaders and your Fathers to molest these kids and then try to say it’s okay because they took a vow of chastity and that is just too hard for people to deal with. Ummm no it’s not. If they have a penchant for young children there is something fucking wrong with them. And it’s not Satanism and it’s not Christianity. It’s the fact that they are SICK FUCKERS. So take your bible thumping and shove it where the sun doesn’t shine – Hades!!!!

          • Damn I thought you was gonna tell us about what you do, you know as a pagan witch? …… No disrespect in any way.

      • If satanists follow the live and let live philosophy, how can they possibly have issues with pedophiles? To a satanist who has made the phrase “do what thou wilt” their ideological mantra, pedophilia is just another choice that others make that would be perfectly acceptable.

        Lucifer and satan are two sides to the same coin. Mithraism and ALL the esoteric pagan sects divide their ideology into dark and light. The light side is the one they let outsiders see and the dark side is the one that only the initiated know about. Lucifer, the light, is for the masses, satan is his true form, the father of lies and darkness, is for the initiated.

    • I am going to have to agree with you sir or ma’am I believe the Lord let me see this show that I watched yesterday to wake me up to help me realize and truly see what is going on around me. Because we say it in church all the time that it’s a spiritual battle that we’re not fighting against flesh and blood but against principalities and powers of evil and I was definitely woken up and totally shocked and a little disgusted well okay a lot disgusted but sir you’re right I believe those of us that are actually being woke up and our spiritually enough aware of who our father is I think he’s getting a lot of us ready for what is to come

  11. 1666 Redemption Through Sin

    Very few have ever heard of Sabbatai Zevi, who declared himself the Messiah in 1666, proclaiming that redemption was available through acts of sin. Sabbateans encouraged and practiced sexual promiscuity, adultery, incest and religious orgies. After Sabbati Zevi’s death in 1676, his Kabbalist successor, Jacob Frank, expanded upon and continued his occult philosophy. Jacob Frank would eventually enter into an alliance formed by Adam Weishaupt and Meyer Amshel Rothschild called the Order of the Illuminati. The objectives of this organisation was to undermine the world’s religions and power structures, in an effort to usher in a utopian era of global communism, which they would covertly rule by their hidden hand: the New World Order. Using secret societies, such as the Freemasons, their agenda has played itself out over the centuries, staying true to the script. The Illuminati handle opposition by a near total control of the world’s media, academic opinion leaders, politicians and financiers. Read: 1666 Redemption Through Sin

    Read more

    • you are so right, but the masses refuse to explore why the media is trying to control them with the help of major moneymongers and celebrities.

  12. everything that is God Satan copies he is a copy cat does n`t he want to be God? so Red is the color of the Holy Spirit and Purple of Jesus our Lord. guess what? the devil use this colors also for his perverted things.

  13. It may be true that satanists wear red shoes. I do not know. I have a nice pair of red shoes & I’ve never had anything to do with any satanist. And am certainly not a pedophile (that very thot sickens & enrages me)!
    Certain groups of people are trying to take the lovely colors in this world & claim to own them, thereby stealing beauty God gave to all.
    Perhaps they are the same individuals who are making black the only ‘color’ anyone is supposed to own. Darkness.
    “God is light, & in Him is no darkness at all.” (James, Holy Bible)
    I will wear colors to brighten my surroundings, my life & the lives of others. satan (doesn’t deserve a capital letter) has no right to interfere.

    • The red leather shoes ? spoken about are from sacrificed children and are made from their skin. The Pope’s wear them, as well as lots of other rivh celebrities. Look it up. It’s on line

  14. As shocking as this is to read and connect the dots…it’s ruffling a lot of feathers! Especially since Epstein’s ‘suicide’. Thanks for sharing this! I will pass it on.?❤??

  15. Have you actually researched it

  16. hi there.

    in the Netherlands there is a themepark for childrens it called De Efteling.
    themses of faritales.

    one of them is a glass cabin with, here it comes little red shoes.
    dansing and dansing.

    why speciffic red shoes?
    Why a orphan girl?

    • It’s the name of a Hans Christian Andersen fairy tale written in 1845. The story is quite applicable to our current events!

    • Popes have been wearing red shoes since before cameras. The Vatican is in Italy. The priestly Albas are often red, as are hats. Red signifies the Holy Spirit. It does not stand for pedophilia. Not all things red are satanic.
      Also, the painting in Epstein’s apartment, of Bill Clinton, wearing red shoes. Why has no one mentioned that?

        • Red has been traditionally used to represent the flames of the Holy Spirit from Pentecost. The church uses the liturgical color red to also represent the Passion of Christ before Easter. Easter itself being white for the pureness of Jesus resurrection.
          The red shoes popes have been wearing for centuries represent the blood of martyrs spilled before them. They must never forget the sacrifice they made in their love for Jesus who is the greatest of all. Bad people taking good symbols for themselves and their evil do not equate to the original symbol being evil too.

          • Roman Catholicism is Babylonian paganism dessed up with Christian terminology.

            See “THE TWO BABYLONS” by Alexander Hislop.

          • Already debunked book; connecting Babylon with Roman Catholicism is baseless. Think about where the cradle of civilization is (Fertile Crescent?). Prove in the history of the church(es) borrowed pagan concepts from other beliefs. I dare you.

          • you know besides all that i happen to just like the color red, ive had read shoes you can buy them anywhere. it doesnt mean anything .

          • The Catholic church is the Whore of Babylon that rides the Beast. Trying to use the RCC to justify anything to do with Jesus is Blasphemy. White is the color of the Holy Spirit. Red is Always evil.
            The RCC has fornicated with every king on earth. many popes were under 20 years old and some as young as 12 as they were bastards born to priests and nuns. There is all kinds of wicked things under the Vatican that few ever get to see. Even the obelisk in front of Peters church is from Egypt and devil worship. Look it up.

      • Isaiah 1:18 “’Come now, and let us reason together,’ says the Lord, ‘though your sins are like scarlet, they shall be as white as snow; though they are red like crimson, they shall be as wool.’”

      • You have NO IDEA what your talking about! Everything written in this article is true! Satanist/lucifarians/Ba’al and Moloch worshippers SACRAFICE children. They have been doing it since before and after the flood. The Canaanites are what brought it back to the planet after the flood! Have you done the research into the facts that are stated? No, you haven’t, but I have! I have listened to many survivors of satanic ritual abuse (SRA) and their stories match because satanist have certain days where they commit their evil rituals. You MUST UNDERSTAND EVIL BEFORE YOU WILL UNDERSTAND WHY THEY DO SUCH ATROCITIES TO BABIES AND SMALL CHILDREN. Find the interview of Macaulay Culkin in France where he talks about his encounter with a very wealthy old satanic pedophile man who was wearing red shoes. He even admits to Culkin (who was a terrified 10 yr old at the time) that the shoes are from the skin of Heather O’Rourkes, who starred in Poltergeist. He offered culkin a hit from his crack pipe before it all went down. The rich and powerful at the top are the main ones who wear these red shoes. Not everyone with red shoes is a pedophile, but if you see a rich and powerful public person you bet your ass they are apart of that evil circle! It has always been Good Vs. Evil since the very beginning of creation/life! TRUTH IS STANGER THAN FICTION!

        • Red represents Christian bravery but Satanists are using to I’d each other. The kennites, not caananites were into child sacrifice,sex,baal worship, molechism. In ancient times and is still being secretly practiced by the rich,elite,rich and famous,biderbergs,illuminati,tri laterally and will set everybody straight read it

        • take your meds, go home get some sleep and NO, nothing in this article is true with the exception of there are terrible people in this world. if you actually believe things like this you probably had too much cheese before bed. get a life.

        • I think someone needs a stay at a mental institution … but yeah keep on drinking whatever your church gives you until you die from their poison. If your religion teaches you to hate, YOU ARE DOING IT WRONG.

  17. Great Article,I remember some reading while back and this current Pope is here making changes for the Pope that well be the antichrist, unfortunately many people well suffer at the doings of evil from around the world,I cannot understand how man can be so incredibly cruel to young Children,very sad

  18. This is so beyond Evil. It’s the only unforgivable sin. Blasphemy against the Holy Spirit. If you are familiar with Esoteric and Exoteric language. The pope says to the general public(Exoteric) “God I mean no disrespect in anyway by writing what I’m about to write” The red shoes represents The Holy Spirit when the truth of the matter (Esoteric) it represents child ritual sacrifice and cannibalism.

  19. In the Hollywood version of ‘Wizard Of Oz’ the original silver shoes that Dorothy wore to “follow the yellow brick road” were replaced with blood red ruby shoes and this was done for more than just a fashion statement.

    • Read and study bible.
      Not all this.
      Red is 1st color in rainbow. His promise not to flood earth. Next time BY FIRE. GET READY, SHOE COLOR DON’T MATTER! BE THANKFUL IF YOU HAVE SHOES. WON’T MATTER WHAT COLOR OF ANYTHING IS WHEN THE END COMES. GOD made some things red, some things blue. He made each snowflake different. GOD Loves differences. Read the word. Stop judging. What your heart tells you, is for you. Can’t judge everyone else. That’s ALMIGHTYS JOB. Let go , let God be God. You are not Him. Stop harassing people, you can burn forever for it.

  20. Remember, the satanic , new age and all witch craft has stoled what rightfully belong’s to the christians. Do your home work on your own and find out how true the stealing from these groups first belong to the Christian. I am talking about the Holiday’s , what the RED SHOES, the Rainbow mean to the Christian, not the Sick satanic , new age witchcraft believes . I just seen where they are talking about Men in red shoes . Well I haven’t noticed any Christian Men in Red Shoes…….

    • Double standard! The Romans made Jews a bad name, stole their stories and made a new one in their own image. Pagan thieves. Christians are still part of this pagan insult… by the way, how do you define “pagan”?

  21. I’m gonna start wearing red shows all the time…so maybe I can avoid a few of the Chem trail flat earth lizard shape shifter Qanon pizza gate lunatics. #mentalhealth.

  22. Linda where does it say anywhere that all who wear red shoes are satanic? ? It does NOT! A slight assumption of over reaction i think!

  23. Thanks for an insightful article! Some of us on a current events site are discussing this, just now & none of us where certain if it was a “real” deal, or just coincidences…or: ? Looks like this answers a lot of our questions!

  24. Not one comment mentioning the sick perversion and depravity of these celebrities.
    What is wring with you people? Its about the evil activities they engage with. And add ll you can think about us, “Can I still wear my read shoes?” Good grief!

  25. So does this mean that all people who wear red shoes are Satanists? I have a couple pairs I really like — they brighten up certain outfits — and I am so NOT a Satanist! I have had no negative association with any red shoes, until now. Is this the weaponization of color? (Hot pink is now an endorsement of the breast cancer industry?) I’ll probably continue to wear red shoes now & then anyway, just for how they look with certain outfits, and because I don’t even know any Satanists — and intend to keep it that way!


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