When Is The World Going to Tell This Man (Netanyahu) ‘Enough Is Enough’

Former Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney on how US politicians are constantly pressured to ‘sign the pledge’ of allegiance to support Israel right or wrong – and what happens if you don’t –


Congressman Gus Savage speech on the power and manipulation of the Israel lobby – look at how many members were watching –


3 thoughts on “When Is The World Going to Tell This Man (Netanyahu) ‘Enough Is Enough’”

  1. Bibi the butcher, he is god in his own head – a waste of oxygen to others. yet idiots in power give him arms as they did with other insane corrupt animals, history is full of it. your vote just decides which form of NWO you get,

  2. Just remind them that their DNA says their Khazars and the African DNA says only Africans can father many nationalities as only the real Hebrews can. And that will end the myth of the chosen people.

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