Cobra – Situation Update – 13th October 2018

Increased activity in the Galactic Center continues. Galactic Light Forces have removed last remnants of the quantum signature of a huge quantum fluctuation Dyson sphere, 4 light years in diameter, that was encircling our Solar System and was hindering the Ascension process of our Solar System.

Graphic of a dyson sphere

This quantum Dyson sphere was a very advanced quantum hyperdimensional portal that was created by the Chimera group in 1996 and is now completely gone forever.

As a result of this, our Sun has joined the Galactic network of Light as the last star to be joined in that network, and is now a fully functional Light portal.

Now all primary anomaly worth mentioning is concentrated inside primary anomaly well, less than one planetary diameter distant from the surface of planet Earth.

Galactic Forces fleet is present inside our Solar System, cloaked, but those sensitive to energies can definitely feel it.

Emblem of Ashtar Command

To avoid revealing the presence of those motherships to the surface population, NASA has arranged “blind eyes in the sky”:

All remaining plasma toplet bombs are now located within 30 meters from the planetary surface.

Plasma toplet bombs are connected to a network of plasma implants through plasma filaments called the Tunnels of Set.

Plasma implants are black holes, rotating in a strong electromagnetic field. That electromagnetic field serves the purpose of erasing our memories and disconnecting us from our Soul. The physical biochip (produced by Siemens) located next to the implant of every incarnated human sends a constant audio-video feed to the main Chimera control center, located on the surface of the planet:

Plasma implants and physical biochips are the seals that are covering up all layers of programming that the surface population has received:

During 1996-2001 timeframe, the vast majority of Lightworkers and Lightwarriors have been subjected to trauma-based mind programming in underground military bases. For many, memories of that programming will begin to surface as implants begin to lose their power.

Many of those Lightworkers and Lightwarriors have been mind programmed against Galactic Confederation Light Forces, and many have been programmed against me and some other key people involved in the planetary liberation process.

Light Forces are working full speed at resolving the deadlock that still holds the surface of the planet hostage to the dark forces.

The main remaining problem are still the plasma toplet bombs, and finally the mass media are slowly becoming aware of the danger of strangelets and toplets:

This is the main reason why the Light forces are still not intervening on the surface of the planet.

This is why the Resistance Movement can not rescue some exhausted Lightwarriors underground, this is why they can not bring you gold or cash, or call you on Skype.

Also, if a Resistance agent would contact a surface individual directly, the dark forces would kill that individual immediately.

Dark forces are using the same strategy for isolating me in order to prevent me from doing my mission. Certain key people who wanted to contact me, have received death threats if they would initiate contact.

Nevertheless, it is time to expand my team. This blog was not intended as a last hope resort for the most desperate, but a place where the most empowered people could turn the tide in the favor of planetary liberation.

For this reason, I am calling for new people to join my team. For joining the team, I am only interested in people who are mentally, emotionally, physically and financially stable, and who KNOW what is their mission. I am especially calling for representatives of positive Dragon, White Nobility, Secret Space Program, Mystery School, Intelligence or other similar positive groups that are working towards planetary liberation. I am also calling for people who can spread intel into the mass media, people who can finance large projects (1M and more) and women who are capable of anchoring Goddess energy in a pure and powerful way.

Ancient flower of life dipicted in pathment

New people who wish to contact me need to open their own encrypted email address at and then contact me from their tutanota email at [email protected] , stating who they are and how they can contribute to the projects.

People who are already involved in projects for the planetary liberation need to refrain from communication on Facebook because that platform have been heavily infiltrated. They need to use end-to-end encrypted email services such as Tutanota (excellent) or Protonmail (good) or encrypted phone apps such as Signal (excellent) or Whatsapp (good).

People also need to understand that Lightworker and Lightwarrior community has been heavily infiltrated and many people who have a Ligthwarrior or Lightworker front have a secret life at night as Cabal agents:

Many of those people are in the Cabal networks against their will, and would escape if they only could.

You can use the power of meditation and visualization to visualize all Lightwarriors and Lightworkers being purified with a Violet Flame, being surrounded by love of the pink Liquid Light of EELA (Sirian angel of Love) and being liberated from all programming, control or suppression with a White Fire of AN.

This nightmare will be over, soon. Justice is coming:

Victory of the Light!


4 thoughts on “Cobra – Situation Update – 13th October 2018

  1. With every fiber of my being I say;
    “May it be so”

    I can add: 2018 summer UAP photo/video capture season was the most amazing yet since I began capturing images of the craft overhead. I had over 700 pics 2013-2017 but, this year I added hundreds and hundreds more. I even have a video or two where they playfully perform, albeit high altitude, for the canera. They are indeed watching us all. The frames from videos I caught craft in, there are orbs, spheres (beyond count), chevron, triangular, huge cylinders, pointed triangular, saucers both tall and short and craft I cannot begin to describe the variety of, are indeed, up there, I ASSURE YOU ALL and O have pictorial evidence to back it up.
    They are here, in numbers I have never seen before, nor imagined possible. When one is running video and 1-3 craft show up per minute,, flying through the sky overhead, even in my remote location of northern Wisconsin US… They are indeed here, in vast numbers and often, I’ve caught others apparently cloaked, that the camera captures some piece of light reflected thereof, sees the movement, and these, are in such numbers, it truly boggles the mind, beyond comprehension.
    So when you step outside, do as I, give a wave and thoughts of gratitude for their presence, I think yes, the time draws near that the event, will occur. Blessed be the lightworkers / lightwarriors in this fight, we are indeed at war but, the cabal’s demise is already written in the heavens.
    Victory to the Light, Truth & Love,
    May the blessings be

  2. awesome post. interesting, now i know why i haven’t been called underground by RM. yearning to join Cobra’s team and quicken the ending of this nightmare

  3. Sashwat pranam, salaam, namastey, salute, So be it , So it is . From the core of my heart, Lots and lots of love to you shree shree Comander Ashtar, lots of love to you my dear Cobra . Always , forever. I AM . Victory of the light .

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