Bayer Stock Crashes After Monsanto Cancer Verdict Upheld By Judge; Analyst Estimates $800 Billion In Future Liability

48 thoughts on “Bayer Stock Crashes After Monsanto Cancer Verdict Upheld By Judge; Analyst Estimates $800 Billion In Future Liability”

  1. Too bad our US government is stacked with ex-Monsanto executives. The head of the FDA is one. The rabbit hole goes ever so much deeper but this is a start!!

  2. Why can’t you show an informative video like this and not put “scary” music to it? We can use our brains, thank you very much.

  3. Dont have to drink it as they claimed back in the day…it was safe enough to. Non hodgkin’s lymphoma is the cancer that is found in the human body. Monsanto knew years ago what was going and they did nothing! They should be held accountable for holding out info from Bayer..hope i get my money before Bayer gets their’s.

  4. Reminds me of how all the Big Tobacco Companies denied nicotine was addictive, (their own research showed it was, and they hid it) and that smoking did not cause lung cancer, Har bleeding har, as we say in the UK. Just as the manufacturers of asbestos denied the connection between mesotheliomal lung cancer and other lung diseases. Products that carry a risk of dangerous side effects are one thing, but hiding this fact to lessen future liability, and thus depriving users of the opportunity to understand the risk they are taking, is another.

  5. esto ya pasa de castaño oscuro Debemos pararlos ya! No hay mas tiempo que perder esto merece una apelación ante la corte de la Haya y la Comisión de derechos Humanos de la ONU no podemos seguir permitiendo que destruyan las bases de la vida con el glifosato y los transgenicos.
    Son 300 millones de Kg de glifosato los que se fumigan en el mundo parte de ellos se utilizan como desecantes de nuestros alimentos. Las cantidades de glifosato van a llegar a los oceanos y exterminaran a los productores primarios ( anulación de la ruta del acido shikimico por el glifosato) los océanos producen la mayor cantidad de oxígeno que respiramos son los pulmones de este mundo. Además las tierras cultivadas con transgenicos y glifosato despues de un tiempo quedan inútiles pues el glifosato acaba con las bacterias del suelo las lombrices y atrapa los nutrientes de la tierra pues es un quelante. No podemos permitir mas enfermos mas transgenicos mas uso de glifosato mas produccion y comercializacion de glifosato y otros agroquímicos que solo desestabilizan el equilibrio de las tierras aguas aires y en general el equilibrio dinamico de nuestros ecosistemas . Paremos esto ya antes de que sea demasiado tarde. Biologa Maria Aminta Henrich Nonone

  6. A smoking gun: In studies I completed in the early 1990s at The American Health Foundation, in Valhalla, NY, I discovered the potential photocarcinogenicity associated with the fluoroquinolone antibiotics. Cipro is one of them and is manufactured by Bayer. The data is published in peer reviewed journals and the FDA was made aware of the liability associated with these drugs. The FDA declined to investigate this serious side effect and the connection to the induction of squamous cell carcinomas in situ in patients exposed to UVA from sunlight while taking these drugs. The least that should have been done was to place a warning label on the drug…….to warn patients to protect against UVA exposure during the time one was taking the drug. The peer reviewed manuscripts are published and available to MDs and to the public. If FDA is not going to pursue this with protective language on a warning label…..well then Bayer should take the lead!

  7. Round up killed our dog it was sprayed ob footpaths to kill the weeds

  8. The original product of Bayer was a headache med with no side effects named heroin. They developed this great pain reliever and denied any side effects.!!!!

  9. Bayer, historically, hasn’t really cared for human life any way. At least back when it was I.G. Farben. I.G. Farben was big into Zyklon B

  10. Took long enough. Jeez! Stamets has a way better model for pesticides anyways. Roundup is old paradigm.
    Drink a glass of it? Nevermind…

  11. My guess is that the producers of this hand in hand with the people in Big they did when joining forces back in the 1920’ demonise the cannabis plant.
    What about the armaments producing countries…they don’t give a long as they continue to get filthy rich..and thus contain POWER..corrupting anything and anyone that stands in their way..
    In my opinion..BOYCOTT is not only the best tool..but also an obligation

  12. They will never own up to it. They have made trillions in profits from the use of their magic potions! Don’t be silly! They have fed poision to people for years just to prescribe another poison to counteract the first. Originally tested humans in death camps! And the globalist elite like George Soros continue their web of lies to eventually get humans in death camps for experiments once again! They own countries! Good luck.

  13. I fought a 20 year Federal Lawsuit against their chemical PCB that killed my parents, pets hurt my kids and destroyed my business. I never got a trial the defendant won a series of “Summary Judgements” after spending my house, assets, credit fighting them.

  14. Glyphosate causes cancer..this ones going to be hard to swallow but EVERY SINGLE VACCINE has tested POSITIVE FOR GLYPHOSATE..not just a little..a the professor who conducted the tests at 5 independent labs and ran the tests many times..same results. 🎃👻🎃

  15. What about the dead and dying Veterans exposed to Agent Orange? My Beloved Husband died at age 67 from cancer. Is it just the price Heroes pay for their Service in Viet Nam? His Grandchildren are devastated. I am beyond devastation…God Damn the greedy, lying, murdering Military Industrial Complex and the chicken shit investors. Hell will be so full they’ll have to open Phase Two.

    • I hurt for you and your family, just wanted you to know that. I’m a vietnam era vet stationed in Seoul South korea, and DID NOT EXPERIENCE agent orange. However, approximately 9 years after my ETS from military duty, I developed a rare tumor in my knuckle of my right hand, and under went a bone marrow transplant from my hip. Drs. At U.C Davis didn’t know how or why, but just that it could kill me. I’m still a little scared when it starts hurting..people will never understand until it infiltrates their circle unfortunately. But they are falling down brick by brick, only to use the bricks for new ovens when they arrive in hell, and they will. Sorry I took your time, I just felt a connection. Love you and your precious family. DAN VERDUGO, TEHAMA CA.

  16. Shhhhh, listen carefully globalists, your evil empire is starting to crumble. Monsanto is only the beginning, one down, many to go………

  17. Weeds grow in unhealthy soil to restore balance or as invaders to cover newly cleared land.

    To grow crops where there are weeds indicates growing crops on poor soil producing an inferior product.

  18. What do i do with my three boxes of. Fiber one. And have been eating for years my wife, who also ate fiber one has just passed after 67 years of marriage from cancer. Please let me know if I have recourses.

  19. This could be the saddest day in the world for most people… If I was Monsanto I’d say, “Fuck you all… starve to death!” The two lawyers there made a huge contingency fee (probably around $25 million) and little wonder they are smiling.

  20. Monsanto has been working ever so hard to kill us off that they got a bit to big for their britches. About time they got a bit if their own poison

  21. My dog died from lymphoma due to my landlord infecting our yard to where everything is toxic with roundup. He laid in the grass, ate the grass, drank out of the mud puddles, loved rocks. By the time I found out he was in stage three and I had to lose him. He was my four legged child and I am sick over losing him, we were always together and I have lost and this is another law case to add to their payback!

  22. By the way the web site of this Sir, doesnt work?!?!?!? Strange….probaly works for DOW CHEMICAL. Cause they dont sold glifosat. ups they also do..

  23. Do you really think that BAYER will pay? they dont have the money, and they are Germans. You should ask for responsability to FDA, USDA, and EPA. Bayer could just close the company, and send thousands to unemployment… its easyer to lost $57bill then $800bill… stupid to think other way… sorry but is just the way world goes… And by the way, if we dont use this product, world starving whould break… its funny that people just dont think how their food gets to the table.. probally think that is produced by smartphones…

    • There is more than enough food produced to feed rge world. Bees and insects are dying from pesticides. This is what will cause starvation. No insects to pollinate our food.

    • Modern people don’t see reality connection anymore. Yes, their cell phone will provide the answer. It, flip a switch an some type of reaction roll fix the problem. The evil company behind the miraculous product(s) must pay for any bad side effects for my comfort. Evil profiteers!
      For the first time in world history we have a larger health problem of people having too many calories rather than mass starvation and malnourishment. Let’s destroy the evil profit incentives that have led to this terrible excess which has caused spikes in obesity health problems. Abundance and plenty must be contained!

    • So you think they are the only company that make this product trust me there’s others and with safer elements so you’re the one that don’t think smdh

    • You DO know that Monsanto is responsible for genetically modified seeds – the corn, wheat, grains – all GMO. Children have more allergies, are more prone to obesity, have more instances of autism. Monsanto produced Agent Orange, Agent White, Agent Pink, Agent Green and the Veterans Administration still refuses to treat or compensate military from Korea, Vietnam, Ft. McClellan, the AF planes that STILL have agent orange in the interiors of planes used to deliver Agent Orange to East Asia during the war – the PCBs and PCE’s and benzine in the water delivered by Monsanto to US Marine Bases causing holes in the back of hearts – VA still not treating or compensating – – – and then there is round up – a watered down version of Agent Orange. What price is your life worth when you have so many cancers and the least they should be forced to do it to pay for the hundreds of thousands of people who served, and the birth defects to children and grandchildren. The VA and Congress just tell us it is too costly to treat all of us.

  24. that happen when you are a greedy corporation and scrupulous to take over a criminal laboratory, you have to feel the consequence of it of not having more competence, just cutting your head off by greed.

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