Please know that this post is intended to reach out to all potential Humanitarian Projects Volunteers for  As we proceed on our paths, it is essential that we facilitate all positive movement to assist in The Event.  This certainly includes the absolute need to establish and develop processes to enable Humanitarian Projects to be initiated as soon as possible when the time is appropriate.

To this end we would like to hold a Zoom conference call for those interested in joining the Humanitarian Projects team as we develop our program into the next phase.  We are looking for volunteers in four areas:

1)      Volunteer Coordination
2)      IT
3)      Projects Liaison/PR Communicator
4)      Project Administrators

If you have any experience with non-profit groups or charitable organizations, your assistance would be greatly appreciated.  A Zoom call will be held on Sunday, November 11 at 10:30 am CDT USA.  The call would be initiated in the USA on CDT time (BST London time, AEST Australian time).  The call will be limited to less than an hour and will provide a short summary of the Humanitarian Projects and the types of volunteers that are needed.

We hope this step enables us to procure volunteers necessary to take our program to a new level.  Please be reminded that Prepare For Change and Humanitarian Projects is completely run with volunteers and that if you are considering becoming a volunteer, you need to know that it will take a level of commitment of your personal time.  Such commitment is hopefully incentive for all to manifest The Event!

Please watch this website for the announcement of the call and a link for participation.  It will be posted within 48 hours of the call.  If you cannot participate in the call on this date but would be interested in a future call, or if you have questions or an interest in volunteering, please feel free to contact us at [email protected].

Thanks so much and Victory of the Light!

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Disclaimer: We at Prepare for Change (PFC) bring you information that is not offered by the mainstream news, and therefore may seem controversial. The opinions, views, statements, and/or information we present are not necessarily promoted, endorsed, espoused, or agreed to by Prepare for Change, its leadership Council, members, those who work with PFC, or those who read its content. However, they are hopefully provocative. Please use discernment! Use logical thinking, your own intuition and your own connection with Source, Spirit and Natural Laws to help you determine what is true and what is not. By sharing information and seeding dialogue, it is our goal to raise consciousness and awareness of higher truths to free us from enslavement of the matrix in this material realm.


  1. Buena tarde.

    Hace unos pocos momentos recibí la información publicada en su pagina Web y estoy sumamente interesado en formar parte de su equipo de voluntariado para Proyectos Humanitarios, frente a El Evento que se avecina.

    Mi nombre es Carlos Herrera, un hombre de 47 años que reside en Medellin Colombia, vivo solo totalmente, trabajo para la Fiscalia General de mi país hace 24 años y desde hace algunos años, hace unos meses con mayor interés, vengo consultando temas que tienen que ver con el cambio dimensional que se avecina y el papel importante que los Seres de Luz tenemos para ayudar a la consecución del mismo.

    He fundado y dirigido fundaciones de ayuda a los más necesitados de mi país, en la medida que siento que tengo la misión de ayudarlos y he ayudado a algunos otros a quitarse el velo del engaño al que han sido sometidos por la religión y la política en el mundo e invitado a formar parte del cuerpo de seres de luz que el planeta necesita para su próximo cambio.

    Espero sea aceptada mi solicitud de formar parte de su equipo de voluntarios y me den la oportunidad de servir con ustedes en alguno de los Proyectos Humanitarios que tienen trazados ejecutar en estos últimos tiempos. Desde ya prometo dejarlo todo y dedicarme por completo a las tareas que se me designen por ustedes para coadyuvar las metas y objetivos que desde ya compartimos.

    Mi numero de contacto celular y whatsaap es +573003597186 por si consideran necesario y posible contactar telefonicamente conmigo en algun momento.

    Hasta entonces.

  2. 这个帖子是个连接希望,希望有更加详细的说明,特别是在联络往来方式,谢谢。
    我已准备参加这个Zoom电话会议,11月11日星期日上午10:30对应的中国北京时间是多少?我应该提前设定闹钟,另外,[email protected] 是邮箱还是网站网址?


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