Del Bigtree, founder of Informed Consent Action Network (ICAN), teamed up with Robert F. Kennedy Jr. to take on the U.S. government by filing suit against the Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) for vaccine safety violations — and they won. This is big news for all concerned with the topic of vaccine safety. It turns out the federal agency has been neglecting their vaccine safety obligations for over 30 years. The lawsuit brought by RFK Jr. is evidence that “vaccine safety” as we know it is nothing more than a sham.

Government agencies charged with protecting the public are not doing their part to ensure and improve the safety of immunizations, but will they be held accountable?

RFK Jr. and ICAN take on DHHS

As sources explain, a clause in the The National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act of 1986 (NVICA) compels DHHS to take responsibility for improving vaccine safety and efficacy, and charges the agency with constant monitoring and improving of adverse event reporting. The Mandate for Safer Childhood Vaccines clause also tasks DHHS with providing a report on improvements made in these areas to Congress every two years.

RKF Jr. and ICAN reportedly suspected that DHHS was failing to meet this responsibility, and filed a Freedom of Informtation Act request to obtain the records of these biennial reports. For eight months, DHHS tried to blockade their request and refused to provide information. Ultimately, a lawsuit had to be filed.

As a document from ICAN reads:

ICAN was therefore forced to file a lawsuit to force HHS to either provide copies of its biennial vaccine safety reports to Congress or admit it never filed these reports. The result of the lawsuit is that HHS had to finally and shockingly admit that it never, not even once, submitted a single biennial report to Congress detailing the improvements in vaccine safety. This speaks volumes to the seriousness by which vaccine safety is treated at HHS and heightens the concern that HHS doesn’t have a clue as to the actual safety profile of the now 29 doses, and growing, of vaccines given by one year of age.

Despite being charged with the responsibility of investigating and improving vaccine safety DHHS has apparently failed to meet even the most basic aspects of this duty by failing to file a single report for the past thirty years. Three decades have passed since NVICA was put into place, and DHHS has never so much as raised a finger towards vaccine safety — an issue which should be a top priority, especially given the fact that NVICA erases industry responsibility regarding vaccine injuries.

So not only is the government granting Big Pharma carte blanche on the matter of vaccine injury, yet another agency charged with protecting the public from vaccines has completely dropped the ball.

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ICAN reports further that DHHS hasn’t eschewed their vaccine responsibilities entirely: The organization has reportedly taken their obligation to promote vaccine uptake very seriously, spending billions and conducting regular reports on how to increase vaccination rates.

As ICAN states further:

Regrettably, HHS has chosen to focus on its obligation to increase vaccine uptake and defend against any claim vaccines cause harm in the National Injury Vaccine Compensation Program (aka, the Vaccine Court) to such a degree that it has abandoned its vaccine safety responsibilities. If HHS is not, as confirmed in Court this week, even fulfilling the simple task of filing a biennial report on vaccine safety improvements, there is little hope that HHS is actually tackling the much harder job of actually improving vaccine safety.

Will the DHHS finally be held accountable for their failure, or will the vaccine industry continue to spread its toxic injections without fear of government scrutiny? See more coverage of the atrocities behind inoculations at

Source: Natural News)

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  1. Is it possible to the document declaring the win of this lawsuit? There are many, many people searching for the absolute proof of what is stated above. We are in an info war for our very lives and legal documentation is going to be crucial in the near future. Already in Ohio as of 5-26-20 the governor and his medical team are running to all state nursing homes with the National Guard to test all residents and staff for the covid. They have heard that a great many people are searching for this court ruling. They couldn’t get out of the press conference fast enough to start their implementation. I fear that residents after being diagnosed positive will never be heard from again. Other states will soon be following suit.

  2. The struggle is real my friends, and while on the surface it seems like humans behaving badly, we must remember there is a spiritual element being so this James, the clock is ticking for the wicked…

    Hahahaha, they KNOW their days are numbered because GOD SAID SO…a long time ago. We wrestle not with first and blood but with wicked unseen angels and hidden forces, but overall IT’S ALL CONNECTED. The struggle in Palestine, the racial divide in America, the divisive dismissive politics all across the globe, chem trails, GMO poisons in our foods, is ALL CONNECTED. But have no fear,

    Don’t be like scotus n potus, and every armchair quarterback,
    be like @robertfkennedyjr, a man I met only once yet hisv humility and caring helped me across a chasm I won’t speak of here. There is a line in a favored song, “so where are the strong, and who are the trusted, where is the harmony?”

  3. Carla J hit the nail on the head for the people who are awake I understand most of the country ain’t and they just do whatever the doctors say but for people who are in this group if you get your kid vaccinated or you taking flu shots you got to be out of your freaking mind don’t mean to be negative but everything’s upside down now people

  4. Did anyone read the Discover magazine this month? It has a very dismissive article on vaccines. I am going to write to a letter to the editors.
    I am so disappointed in Discover for printing this article.
    There is not one mention of the movie Vaxxed! And any of the information from that movie.

  5. What I really want to see is for mandatory vaccines to be banned anywhere. It still boggles my mind that some people think vaccines work. If you can at least read one book, please read the book written by Dr. K. Humphries on vaccines. She used to roll her eyes when warned about writing such a book. After her brakes were cut, etc., she now carries a gun for protection. Mainstream education programmed us to believe in the efficacy of vaccines. It started out with lessons on passive and active immunity. The rest that followed were mostly contrived information courtesy of the genocidal Globalists. Wake up! Jon Rappoport of NOMOREFAKENEWS has documented every single scandal involving the sinister CDC.

  6. If one keeps in mind that the one percent at the top, better known as the cabal or global elites, wants to eliminate 90 percent of the “useless eaters” (the majority of the population of the earth) this makes sense. They control ALL of the major corporations like big pharma so imagine what crimes we have been subjected to by all of them. Yet people line up in droves to get their shots; perhaps that is why they call us the sheeple. We need to wake up and get the word out.


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