A law in Canada allows the government to remove children from their homes if the parents disagree with their child’s expressed gender identity.

Tanya Allen from Parents As First Educators told CBN News that parents who refuse to allow transgender children to pursue surgical intervention could be seen as doing emotional or physical harm to the child.

“I would argue, getting those surgical interventions and giving a child puberty blockers is actually harmful and not in the best interest of the child.” Allen said. “All the research states this.”

“But the state, in that case… have it within their law now that they could go in and take your child away because you are not supporting the best interests of your child.”


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  1. In response to Timm
    Where did you learn history?The church founded/started most democratic governments in the known world as well as the educational systems. The early church Christian missionaries influence on the rest of the worlds education system is very evident!
    FYI The law governing the separation of church and state was not to keep the church out of state business but to keep the state out of church business, look it up.
    As for the govt getting involved with reassigning gender on children or any body for that matter should be left until they are adults and they can make an educated decision.It should be carefully and thoroughly evaluated it can not be reversed if they after puberty want to become a mom or dad. I come from a very large family 20 aunts and uncles over 40 first cousins of which I am the oldest, raising 3 three of my own and now 8 grand children. Kids change there minds continually and are emotionally mentally unstable until post puberty. The parent/parents who brought the child into the world/adopted has the most insight /knowledge about the child not a teacher not a govt worker or a doctor! So the best interest of the child should be first and foremost in the hands of the parents! IMO

    As for the Jesus part……I think if Jesus is the son of God and God made us and it says he knew all of us before he created the universe and him being all knowing, in the womb if he creates a boy or a girl is it the right of us mere humans to change what he created ?I do not think he would be mad/angry/upset just heart broken.IMO

  2. In response to the title: Good for Canada. Parents do not own their children’s sexuality, and exerting any such notion would be child abuse.

    In response to the article, since the writer does not understand that T issues are one specific subset of the broader LGBTQ phenomenon (which is not an ideology):

    Research may very well state what is claimed. That’s still not the issue. If a child/person is not truly transsexual/transgender, then proper spiritual-mental healthcare needs to be provided first. But as we know in the Matrix, that doesn’t really exist. So the larger issue is a lack of spiritual awareness and integrity in the family and in the system.

    As for those who are legitamately transsexual, back to my response to the title: Good for Canada, because parents do not own their children’s sexuality.

    I didn’t get far in the video. I stopped after the lady insinuates sexual-related child abuse is “anti-family” and that sexual education is somehow wrong. Then I played a bit more, and it’s clear this is all just Christian-ego-Matrix mind programming. “Where’s the church in all of this?” Out of the government, where it belongs by design.

    Jesus would know how to handle a child who claims to be transsexual/transgender, whether they are or whether they’re just trying on words: unconditional love, because seeing the child for their wholeness will break away that which isn’t true and leave what is — even if it means the child is transsexual/transgender, even if it means they’re just playing with words. These self-important parents and “Christians” don’t get it, instead trying to fit children into boxes in order to deem them “right.”

    The Matrix cringes and is cringeworthy when people begin to learn about the full spectrum of their nature.

    • So let me get this straight. Parents don’t “own” their childs sexuality so they should allow a child to decide what gender they choose before their brain is even fully developed?Parents should allow young children to choose their sex before any sexual experience has even occurred? And if we dont we should allow the government to take them away.
      That is ludicrous.
      The problem we have now is the Gov has too much power over parents and their children.
      CPS comes and takes children away, only to end up in horrible situations, CPS is a criminal organization that Kidnaps children, not protects them.
      I feel sorry for you, that you have not yet woken up to this orchestrated LGBT agenda to confuse and divide this country further on sensitive issues such as this.
      There are only 2 genders, Male or Female.
      There are hermaphrodites but that is rare.
      This is a social agenda created to destroy the family unit and decrease the population by limiting births.
      I feel sorry for mentally confused, brainwashed, under educated millennials because the system has dumbed them down terribly with their technology, vaccines and chemical warfare on their body and brains.
      They dont know their countries history because it has been manipulated so badly its all falsities and lies.
      Some even assume everything they created for us to believe is actually facts but it is nothing more than a perverted bunch of lies.
      DETOX your body if you feel you are confused regarding your sexual orientation, and dont stop. They have filled your body with so many chemicals, it isnt a wonder you are confused.
      Think of all the Estrogen’s in the plastics, Duh.
      All that is passed to infants via the umbilical cord during pregnancy.
      If mom is a toxic mess, baby is a toxic mess.
      Its so obvious to so see how men are becoming feminized, Estrogen dominance.
      Bottled water has lots of estrogen.
      If you have a vagina you are a woman.
      If you have a penis you are a man.
      I personally do not see where all the confusion is.
      I mean whats next, gender confused pets, wildlife?
      Yeah its ridiculous huh?
      If transgenderism is Normal, why hasnt it been this prevalent in the past?
      Because it wasn’t accepted and people hid it? NO No No, it was created!!!!!
      I keep my kids as far away from public school because they brainwash kids into believing shit like this!!!! I also keep them away from mainstream stream doctors and plastics as humanely possible. I dont let them touch receipts, drink tap water or eat fast food or any food for that matter that isnt organic.
      I dont let them watch trash TV either, thats what parents do to protect their kids from brainwashing and a tyrannical government hell bent on controlling us.
      Its an agenda so wake up!
      The fact that people dont know this is lack of real research! FACT!
      The choice to know the truth is yours or you can choose to keep believing the BS fed to you by your criminal government.
      Best Wishes on your research to find the truth


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