By Denise Ward,

Every day is a day of new revelations and epiphanies.  My consciousness journey is full of thrills and spills, just like Bill Hicks pointed out. I’ve come to the conclusion that life is only a game, a pastime that magnificent beings like us engage in. It would be something akin to going on an expedition.  But it’s our “higher selves” that are playing the game and this “meat suit” we’re in is actually our Avatar spacecraft – akin to pieces on a chessboard. The chessboard though is the universe.


So, nobody is actually going to die.


We’re here to amuse ourselves.  We’re here playing a game and everyone we know about is another Avatar like us.  This is a game which could very well be called “My Story/Our Story”. We’re here to write our story, personally and collectively. We of course could be doing it with more thrills rather than spills but something went awry – a very virulent consciousness virus has infiltrated the game. It got us to believe as soon as we were born, that we are “sinners”.  That means we can’t do anything right. And when you feel like that you don’t try too much – it debilitates our power. It makes us not realize we are the authors of our story. They know this. They got us to do what we’re told and to think we are faulty sinners but they know how powerful we really are. We’re so powerful that they cannot stop us from doing anything, if we are conscious of it. So they try to stop us unconsciously by debilitating our belief in ourselves.


They know they can influence us and even control us, but only if they operate on the sub-conscious level, below our awareness radar.  Once we become aware, they start going backward in the game, and we go forward by leaps. So much so that they could very simply be obliterated in one fell swoop, should enough people become aware, if enough people catch on to their true capacity to influence life, or in other words, if people believed in their power.  So deranged is this virus that it will liquidate itself as well as us if there is any chance in their mind that they will be obliterated by us. And our awareness will be obliteration for them.


We have to be mindful of what we are dealing with and not underestimate the craftiness of this virus. It has absolutely no heart and howls gleefully at our despair especially those we bring on ourselves. Those must be the juiciest to them. Our awareness needs to leave some space for the virus. The virus can change too. It can evolve in a positive way.


This virus operates on the opposite polarity to love.  The virus is in us, not outside of us. This mistake is often made but it’s not too hard to tell it is in us because we are the ones who do the deeds to each other.  The ones we point at only give the orders. But nothing will change if we change those we point at. The change has to come from inside each of us.


This system of hate and suffering is material as well as consciousness.  The mechanism called money is the paradigm, or hologram, that the virus thrives in.  It rewards greed, inequality, ill-health, destruction of habitat and inhabitants, self-loathing, uniformity, censorship, colorlessness, conformity,  order, control. This agenda can be achieved brilliantly with money. Money is a real bonanza for this virus.


What is their agenda? The agenda is akin to an anti-biotic – it goes against everything that is life and innocence.  It is imperative that we recognize that the dystopia we see in the world is a reflection of what is going on in our own hearts and minds. To think otherwise means we render ourselves incapable of changing our trajectory.  This is bringing us to a great gathering of our species into our higher consciousness where the lies will be spilled out and a realization of truths we couldn’t have comprehended come to our attention at last. This could be the greatest show on earth. Some say that even extra terrestrials are staying tuned.


This virus uses repeated techniques and devices that shows it’s only smart when all the advantages are in its favor. It cannot act out of equality. It withholds information because information is the leveler and this virus flourishes on supremacy.  It always has to have the conditions in its favor. Money is its most cherished device.


Money is the ph this virus thrives in. It absolves its users of morality allowing it to hide amongst the good ones who are the overwhelming majority but feel forced to use money. We have to understand that we make the conditions right for the virus every time we use money.  Even when money is being used for a perceived good, it is still furthering the agenda of the malcontents. Once we know this, we will want nothing to do with money. It’s nuts to try and do without it completely because this could bring on austerity, which is not the direction we want to go.  But we could imagine money as a representation of blood, suffering, plunder and degradation and we will want to taint ourselves with it as little as possible. We know we are trapped to a large degree, as money has its tentacles around everything, even the very ground we walk on. We cannot imagine doing without it entirely and continuing to live on the planet at this time. So we have to take that into consideration. But in many instances, other mechanisms could be used besides money.  Being aware of the real character of money, and discovering alternatives to its use is what will spark new ideas and creations within us for those alternatives. We could barter more and/or share. We could stop supporting new manufacturing. We could buy used things. We could start using and developing, systems that enable us to put these new ideas into a usable format to make our lives easier to match needs with wants. Many apps are already available. It’s only a matter of will that stops us from moving to a new way. We still have tried very little. We still haven’t given it our full commitment.


For a start we need to live a small carbon and water footprint. This is something you don’t need to belong to a group to do.  We should by now have systems in place to foster low footprint actions. We need software that matches our needs and wants and that is “smart” and easy to use. Once we have the will, we will make it happen. How much longer are you wanting to tolerate the tragedy of the way life is on earth these days? We can change that trajectory substantially if we started at least using another money system whenever we can. I make recommendations below.


Money is the motivator that has formed our civilization and has kept us down and enslaved. But money needn’t do so. Money could represent something beneficial to everyone. For example,  money could be based on appreciation. This would mean we would give rewards when we appreciated something that someone does for us. We’d get “points” for doing the right thing like keeping a low carbon/water footprint. Money is just an arbitrary game. We need to be talking about changing the game and working on a new model.


Believing that nobody is actually going to die allows me to play the game calmly. However I still can’t sit through the suffering of my fellow earthlings be they human or animal. I want to be fully present in their anguish in as much as anyone is able to feel another’s pain. I want to stop and put them in my mind, imagine what they must be going through, while I live in peace and tranquility, and imagine better times for them and put that image into the universe.  We who have peace need to be working to alleviate the suffering of those who don’t have what we do.


We need systems to get us off centralized money.  We need a money system that rewards right behaviors. We need a social system that allows us to carve out our own destinies.


Living on mother earth and making the lowest impact is the proper thing to start with. She is our life source.  This everyone can do and right away. No need to point fingers. Then we can learn what needs to be incorporated into a new money system. We could start with counting hours spent assembling such a system.  Everything we need is at our fingertips. We all have a camera and a computer. We all are connected. What we need is the will. The will starts with me, and with you. It starts inside us not outside of us. And it can start any time we decide.  

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