I have harped (in my own opinion) on The Principle of Substitution a great deal, but apparently, it is still not enough.

Though I say that the Enemies of Mankind “pretend to be us” the message isn’t sinking in. I mean that literally and figuratively and in all ways.

There are two groups of humanoids on this planet— Mankind, who are the descendants of the Ancient Builder Race and there are Humans, who are descendants of genetically altered Mankind.

Hue-mans are “a color of Man” in the same exact way that these Vermin operate under “the color of law”— fake, foreign “men” and fake, foreign “law” substituted for what is supposed to be here.

This is Satan’s Principle of Substitution in action.

The so-called “Fallen Angels” are Trespassers, Pirates, and Outlaws cast out of their Home World in the Star System of Sirius B. Against the Galactic Law, they came here and interfered with us and our work — which was simply to develop and care-take this planet.

It would be like Pirates attacking a small and isolated contingent of the Army Corps of Engineers.

So they came here and they robbed resources from this planet and they caused pollution and they stole and defiled our DNA and our energetic templates to create “Hue-mans” and they set up their leader, Satan, to be King over the “World” that they created on Earth.

Are you beginning to get the gist of this?

They substituted “Jehovah” for “Yahavah”.
They substituted “the World” for “the Earth”.
They substituted “Humans” for “Mankind”.
They substituted “the US” for “The United States of America”.
They substituted “Sunday” for the “Sabbath”.
They substituted their idol, Semiramis, and passed her off as “The Statue of Liberty”.
They substituted their “Federal Reserve Notes” for our “United States Dollars”.
They substituted their (Territorial) United States Congress for our United States in Congress Assembled and our United States of America in Congress Assembled.
They substituted their (Municipal) US CONGRESS, for our Congresses, too.
They substituted “Catholic” for “catholic”.
They substituted Federal Agents for Patriots.
They substituted Democrats for Republicans.
They substituted Republicans for Democrats.
They substituted “Political Parties” and private corporate elections for the Public Offices and Public Elections we are owed.
They substituted “US Citizens” for “American State Citizens”.
They substituted corporations— “persons”— for living people.
They substituted Paul of Ephesus for Paul of Tarsus.
They substituted their Territorial “States of States” for our Federal “States of States”.
They substituted our States for their Territorial and Municipal States of States, too.
They substituted their Chair of the Estates for the English Throne.
They substituted their “UK” for “Great Britain”.
They substituted their Scottish corporation doing business as “The United States of America, Incorporated” and their Delaware corporation doing business as “the” United States of America, Incorporated, for our unincorporated business doing business as “The United States of America”.
They substituted “Jesus” and “Christ” for “Yeshuah” and “Messiah”.
They substituted “The Law of One” for “The Law of Moses”.
They substituted their “Annointed One” for the “Messiah”.
They substituted their “Statutory Law” for the “Public Law”.
They substituted “YOUR NAME” for you.
They substituted the triumph of the resurrection for the defeat of the cross.
They substituted a demented German princess for the Queen of England.
They substituted “voting” for “electing”.
They substituted “shareholders” for “landlords”.
They substituted private corporate offices for Public Offices.
They substituted political lobbyists for fiduciary deputies.
They substituted Executors of Trusts for the Beneficiaries of Trusts.
They substituted Public Trusts for Private Trusts.
They substituted Private Trusts for Public Trusts.
They substituted Public Servants for Public Tyrants.
They substituted the employees as if they were the employers.
They substituted “a” Republic for the “republican form” of government we are owed.
They substituted a “Bishop of Rome” — an office that Peter never occupied — for a “Pope” and a “Pontiff”, both.
They substituted “Freemasons” for “Masons”.
They substituted “Amorica” for “America”.
They substituted “a” Savior for Salvation.
They substituted the “Dutch East India Company” for the “British East India Company”.
They substituted the “US NAVY” for the United States Navy, after substituting the United States Navy for The United States Navy.
They substituted “law enforcement officers” for “peace officers”
They substituted “County Sheriffs” for “Sheriffs of Counties”.
They substituted “Attorneys at Law” for “Counselors in Law”.
They substituted the “Secretary of War” for the “Secretary of Defense”.
They substituted “Virginia” for the “Virginia State” and then substituted the “Virginia State” for “the State of Virginia” and then substituted “the State of Virginia” for the “STATE OF VIRGINIA” and now the crazy bastards are trying to substitute “VIRGINIA” for the “STATE OF VIRGINIA”.
Just like Bill Clinton substituted bars of gold-plated Tungsten for gold, and laughed when he was caught.

They “re-label” and “re-brand” and “re-name” and “re-define” things and then pretend that its all brand new, that something fundamental and real –usually ownership of property– has changed, that calling an apple an “orange” somehow changes its identity and nature, or as if calling “Gaul” by the name “France” magically alters and transforms the countryside and the people living there into another, different country.

These are pirates, outlaws, thieves, carnival actors, charlatans, phonies, racketeers, crooks and con artists, simply on a Galactic scale.

They deserve the names the Puritans and Pilgrims gave them — “Masters of Deceit” and “Masters of Confusion”.

Their entire stock-in-trade is to confuse you to the extent that you run into the arms of your own destruction, firmly convinced that you are embracing salvation instead. They actively seek to delude you into thinking that your enemies are your friends, and that their oppressions are intended for your safety instead of their own.

Gun control? RFID’s? Just say “No”. You would be surprised how effective the word “No” really is.

They use the same principles over and over and over — and people still aren’t grasping the fact that these are white collar criminals using trespass and fraud and identity theft and kidnapping and every other form of criminality there is to racketeer and extort unjust enrichment under color of law.

And when they got caught trespassing and called out on it, their answer was “Oh, we will clean up our mess, just kill off the “human” population and hit reset and all will be well.”

That would suit them very well — get rid of their Priority Creditors, destroy the evidence, and keep on skating. I had one of their leaders pretending to be the Archangel Michael come to me and explain the whole set up. He presumed I was one of the Fallen— and was in for a helluva surprise.

Our little contingent of the “Army Corps of Engineers” on this planet is part of a far, far greater reality. Our Mother Star is in the Andromeda Galaxy— they Bit the Big One when they attacked us. Now their time is short and they know it. Their “veil” of delusions and confusions has been torn asunder. Their temper tantrums and threats and deceits have not prevailed any more than the rants of a two year-old child, and all their names and labels and semantic deceits will not serve to protect them anymore.

They are going to be removed– permanently– from this planet and this solar system. Earth and its people will not be ruined— nor blamed— because of them. We have Witnessed their crimes from long ago until the present era, and they will not escape their own Chosen Fate, nor will the wheat suffer the tares any more. Every single one of them will be removed, and only those who love the Earth and love Mankind and who accept their roles as Caretakers, will remain.

This will be done very quickly and efficiently, as Yeshuah said, “in the twinkling of an eye”, and should be no cause for fear or lamentation — but only cause for great rejoicing. Your deliverance from this oppression is now very near, indeed, it is upon you. Search your minds and hearts and ask yourselves — what do you truly desire?

Envision what you desire and let that be your sign and emblem, your prayer uttered without words in the spirit. If you yearn for truth and peace and kindness, let that be manifest in you and in your mind and in your heart. You will be answered. You will receive what you ask for.

The Sword of Truth is even now smashing through their fortifications like a steel blade wiping away cobwebs. You shall see the restoration of Mankind and of this planet, and there will be no more weeping or deceit or crookedness or disease any more.

The Voice of the True God has spoken it, and it shall be.


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  1. Oh great, get rid of them and everything will be dandy. Just like government this entity is saying “Leave it to us, we’re here to help”. Yeah not falling for that one again. And if they are going to rid the world of people who don’t love Mother Nature then the same fate will befall them as who didn’t love god? So again, substitute one for the other. Doing the very same thing you accuse your adversaries of. Instead of finding another solution. And another solution is easy. It isn’t the ones you want to kill off – it’s the people who carry out their deeds. So whachya gonna do – let the ones who do the deeds off scott free? This is another case of misdirected chaotic thinking. There is a very simple solution to keeping them at bay. To threaten extermination is not soulful and as you say, walking right into their outstretched arms. I guess you don’t realize how they have also got you. They are THAT tricky. But it’s easy to tell – anyone who suggests killing of their own species, cannot be trusted. So don’t be one of them. They hide amongst us and use us as sanctuary because we allow this to continue, humans don’t stand up and say no as you said. They will take anything and these clowns will take everything till they’ve got humanity by the short and curlies. But do not fear for they are all puff and no substance. You have to know who you are and you have to know your adversaries.

  2. Does Anna substitute complete transparency for jargon ?
    Why does it seem that Anna supports the Vatican?

    WTF is the “True God”, according to Anna?

    MUST I bend knees at Annas “god” in order to be a “caretaker” of Terra?

    One day we will all live in peace and harmony, for sure.
    In my little life, there aint gonna be no fricken pope lucifer or satan Yawhau or “Annas personal diety/god” etc.

  3. “See this article and over 1400 others on Anna’s website here:”

    Where? I’m unable to see or click on anything related to it.

  4. Thank you. It´s not so very easy to put up with this madness on Gaia much longer.
    Let us go back to the plan for the planet and work and love.

  5. Mankind is like a rat in a maze, we arrive on this planet as a helpless blob with no road-map to guide us and no conscious memory of past lessons learnt. The great majority are lead by the blind (our parents, all in authority, society in general) until we become independent, whereupon some us start to question who are we, and why are we here. If answers are sought, the truth may be slowly revealed on a long journey of discovery with very few to help us on our way.
    Most never seem to question anything, perhaps preferring to remain ignorant, for knowing entails responsibility for our thoughts, attitudes and actions, for the course of our lives. This can be a frightening realisation for some, and an exciting, liberating possibility for others.
    This article is heavy and daunting, but a glimmer of light and hope shines through as the fighting spirit of Mankind seeks to survive, dominate and excel in this, his domain, as good wins over evil.

    It’s ironic, I’ve been doing battle against man’s inhumanity to animals, how animals are seen as commodities to be used and abused with no regard as to their essence as sentient creatures, each an individual who loves life, loves and cares for its progeny and fears pain and death, the same as man. Yet here is man being treated as a ‘commodity’ by a more advanced and knowledgeable alien species – some would call it poetic justice.
    It always seems to be the case that the strong dominate the weak … until enlightenment strikes and an appreciation of differences, uniqueness, and sameness, brings about a caring and fiduciary relationship instead. That is my desire for this world and this wonderfully amazing planet.


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