By Anna Von Reitz,

Your own aura is much stronger than their EM weapons.

Yes, for all of you worrying about microwave attacks and damage from 5G and being harassed by the numbnutz among us, be advised: (1) you already routinely sustain more microwave and plasma bombardment than any ambient level particle stream; (2) if you plug yourself and/or your car and/or your house into the Earth’s magnetic field you can deflect particle streams at will; (3) your own electrical field — your “aura”– is strong enough to deflect attacks, too, you simply have to become aware of your ability to close off your system and repulse or reflect back unwanted electromagnetic pollution.

We all live in a protective bubble of electromagnetic energy and we all have “energy bodies” that exist as organs within that bubble that coordinate the functioning of that protective energy field called our “aura”.

Witches and warlocks have been aware of the aura since ancient times and have used that knowledge both to attack and defend using electromagnetic forces.

You generate your aura like a power plant and you determine its field strength and reach and also its conductivity or lack of conductivity. Most people bumble around unaware that they have an aura, energy bodies, or any choice about incoming electromagnetic pulses, streams of ionized gas particles (plasma) and so on —- but you do in fact have built in sensors and can learn to operate your aura defensively. You can also learn how to strengthen it, direct it, and supplement it.

Simply becoming aware that it exists is the first and most important step.

Your individual energy field typically extends about six feet in all directions around you— up, down, and in all four cardinal directions. Some individuals have much larger and stronger auras that may extend twenty feet or more in all directions, and which may or may not “pulse” — that is, express in expanding wave forms, like what you see when you drop a rock into a pond.

The aura exists outside the normal visual range of living people so to most people, most of the time, it is invisible — but in fact, it has color, which depends upon the predominate frequency of energy being pumped into it.

My aura changes color like a chameleon, depending on what I am doing and what I am thinking about and for what purposes I am using my electrical field.
Most people who are less aware of their energetic environment leave their aura on “autopilot” and lapse into a habitual energetic state and their aura stays pretty much in one color range as a result.

The majority of people walking around thus project faint white light, faint blue or blue-green light, faint pink light, and faint yellow light, but you can only see these colored electromagnetic fields by learning to use another “invisible” organ, your internal eyes.

Just as your physical body has eyes, so does your energetic template body. You have two sets of visual sensors, and again, most people remain unaware of this throughout their lives.

All this and much more has been discovered and proven by various members of the scientific community over the last couple hundred years. There are famous cases throughout the medical literature documenting blind people who continued to see without physical eyes, and Kirilian Photography opened up the world of auras to make them visible to everyone.

The same awareness has been available to yogis in India and Tibetan monks and Druids and many others down through the centuries. It’s time you caught up and learned to use the full potentials — no pun intended — of your space suit.

People who are stronger in spirit have stronger and deeper colored (more dense) auras. People who are ill or in a weakened state have faded or misshapen auras — auras that look like deflated soccer balls, instead of nice egg-shaped or spherical bubbles. Generally speaking, healthy people who eat organic food have stronger and better-shaped auras at any age, but your aura does not necessarily decline with age as your body does.

With a little care, your aura can increase in power and elasticity and strength throughout your lifetime.

Over the course of centuries most of us have sustained damage to our auras and our template energy bodies — the organs that cleanse, protect, project, and manipulate our energy field. We may even be missing entire energy bodies or parts of them. This is usually, though not always, because we unconsciously gave our energy bodies to someone else.

This can be because of any intense emotional or practical situation where our heart deems it necessary. Soldiers on a battlefield will give energy bodies to dying comrades if there is a chance of saving them by doing so. Women will often give their energy bodies to their lovers or to save their children. This all results in most people having scattered their energy bodies all over the world — but they remain ours, and we can recall them, if we are aware enough to do so.

Once an emergency is past, as in the battlefield example, and the one we are trying to help has either died or recovered, there is no reason to leave our energy body in their possession, is there? Same thing with old lovers. Why would you leave one or more of your energy bodies with someone you divorced?

So once you become aware of your aura, you will become aware of “holes” in it, left by missing energy bodies. Ask Our Father for their safe return, so long as there is not a greater need for them to be elsewhere. After all, if it was your intention to save the life of your elderly Mother by loaning her an energy body, you would not want to interfere with the working out of that intention, would you?

Those who have mastered their own aura and who use it consciously can close off incoming radiation from other sources and deflect such unwanted “communications”, however, it must be anticipated by you that as you become more aware of your aura that you will also become more sensitive overall.

You will feel other people’s auras impinging on yours at the grocery store, for example.

Until you learn to “power up” and deflect this jostling and overlapping it can make being in enclosed spaces with other people very uncomfortable. You may also experience unwanted forms of intimacy with others as your aura meshes with and communicates with theirs.

Thus you will know more about other people than you may really want to know and you may feel more compassion than you can readily explain or you may feel deep antipathy for no obvious reason. You may also experience odd sensory data collections — such as suddenly finding yourself literally looking at the world through someone else’s eyes.

This is all “data streaming” coming through your aura and its energy bodies and sensory organs.

And this is all because you are literally living in a protective space suit inside a protective electromagnetic force field “bubble” that has its own sensors and organs — your aura.

So if you are one of those being pestered and tortured by evil little demonic men pricking your sensor array and poking your aura, it’s high time that you learned how to deflect and even reflect the experience right back at them. You don’t have to practice yoga for twenty years to learn how to do this.

You simply have to be aware of your aura, the energy you are giving it or not giving it, and whether it is “open” or closed to incoming communication, and whether or not it is in “deflect” or “reflect” mode.

I can project my aura over great distances. With minimum identification data, I can place a protective bubble around any object, animal or living man or woman that I want to protect. I can communicate telepathically. I recognize energetic threats. I can repair most damages to my aura and energetic bodies and if I am hurt beyond my own abilities to correct, I know where to go to get assistance from experts. I can deflect or reflect energy away from me and my aura or any other point on the planet. I can recall my energetic bodies if I ever again loan one for any purpose. The list goes on….

And these are all rather “routine” powers that we all possess, and which we simply have to become aware of and learn to use in the same sense that you learn how to use a radio or a typewriter.

For those who are suffering as “Targeted Individuals” obtaining and using this knowledge has become a lot more urgent, because as long as you continue to just ho-hum dawdle along and leave your energetic body open to these attacks, not only will they continue, but those responsible for them will not be punished for it — which makes the likelihood that these practices will continue and expand.

Right now these idiots are just poking you the same way that a mean little boy will tear the wings off a fly and watch it twitch with delight. Why? For no better reason than his mean character and curiosity.

We must obviously put an end to this behavior on the part of our own military and military subcontractors acting as mercenary forces.

We can write to the UN Secretary-General, carbon copy to the “Congressional” Delegations of the “State of State” organizations, and point out that we are not “domestic targets” with respect to these Vermin– which has proven effective in many cases; but, the most direct and effective means of dealing with the problem is learning to use your own aura and its capabilities to fry the Vermin where they sit.

Once they realize that we are not helpless targets for their manipulation and that in fact we can not only defend ourselves but apply effective counter-measures guaranteeing the demise of those who seek to harm us — that will end this particular problem faster than any slap on the wrist from political leaders.

They may jump up and down and whine and cry, but after all, they have kept the existence of their various EM weapons a secret, claimed that they do not exist, and only admit to them in treaties with each other—- so they will find themselves with their very own “Tin Hat” Problem.

We can all stand back, blink our eyes, bat our eyelashes and say — hopefully with a straight face, “You must be imagining things. I didn’t blow up your research facility by back-feeding unwanted EM and plasma streams. Whoever heard of such a thing?”

Begin by trying to feel your aura. How close can a family member come to you before you sense their presence? How close can a stranger get to you before you feel their presence? That’s your aura in action.

Go online and see examples of Kirilian Photography which will help you visualize auras, both those that result from the ordered structure of matter and those that result from living systems.

Consult with local Hindu priests and spiritual yogis on these subjects. They can greatly assist and help you exercise your mind and energetic template in ways that will improve your health and reveal more about the functioning of your energetic body and aura.

Most of all, set aside time each day to connect with Our Father, the One Life within us all, and ask for help and instruction. Those who ask, receive help and instruction and insight. Those who don’t ask for help are left unguarded and ignorant, because their lack of action seems to signify that they want to be in the condition they are in.

Targeted individuals — even if you don’t believe that you have an all-powerful and compassionate Father in Heaven, even if you feel that you have been abandoned, you can believe in the life that flows in your blood and breathes in your lungs, and He is literally “within” you, so your belief or not is a moot point. Simply ask and keep asking.

Those who ask, receive. And I am living proof.


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  1. The second you defend yourself in any way People will appear out of nowhere! They will all state that your actions were wrong…. They will whisper or say insightful things to get you to "Act Up" in front of authorities that will be brought in by your actions … You will be arrested! Or, You will be Hospitalized! Either way they are pilling up more evidence that you are a Public threat… "You and I and God know that you are not a public threat! But these Fucktards and their little demon helpers in the form of Sad sadistic people…. Will paint a public picture of you that you can not fight!
    Always Remember!
    Do not Engage!!!
    Always have audio and or video recording! And even if the media proves wrong doing!
    And you can see deceit going on….
    Do Not call the police!
    Copy the media to a scan disk and hide it!
    You have to build your media collection of audio and or video files Showing deceit beyond a reasonable doubt!!
    Do not let them know you are on to them!
    Do not engage!
    Purchase wired security cameras that are not connected to wifi! Make sure you have at least 2TB of recordable storage space!
    Purchase additional storage and Back Up Any and All Questionable actions recorded! and hide it!
    Do not Engage!
    Do not let people know you have media!
    They will come for your cameras!
    Trail cameras are perfect to catch them with!
    Let your Video Cameras be Your Perception Deception in order to catch them!
    That is what they are using against you! Perception Deception!
    In other words,, Put your security camera up to protect yourself! But use trail night cameras in bushes to video them when they come for your cameras! And they will come!!
    when you finally have all of your media! At the very least 10 incidents proving that you are under assault…
    go to a library..
    upload you videos to Youtube and tag as many people as you can! TI's will help! TI websites….Ask all who view it to record it and pass it on!
    Do not Just create One YouTube page to upload to!
    Create 20!!??
    All of them with passwords of at least 12 letter and numeric value!
    and Keep recording!
    When its time for you to go to the authorities…
    You will need a lot of unequivocal, 100% proof of deception!
    And No history of Arrest or Mental Hospitalization!
    Become like them!!!
    Do not react!
    Do not trust anyone!
    Only trust family that has treated you the same before this started!
    If you were not religious, faithful or spiritual before this all started and did not believe in God …..
    Get over it!
    God is real!
    HE believes in YOU!
    Do not fall into the idea that this it is because of your political views!! It Is NOT!
    You may have hurt a persons feelings? Or did not want to be with them?
    If you ask me…
    I think that it only shows more character in you!…
    That possibly in the past you did "Not" want to be around any person, "demon"…
    That could possibly put you on … "for lack of a better word"..
    A Hit List!
    My heart goes out to everybody and every story here! I replied to this one because I can sense you are about to blow…. Don't let them win!!! Please do not engage and follow a plan!
    You are not alone!
    Nobody is alone!
    Its time to put your faith into a higher power and find out what is special inside of Your Soul!
    What are they trying to stifle??
    Find out what they are trying to kill in you….
    and that is your kryptonite against them!
    God does not want you to engage with demons! Your power is in ignoring them right in front of their faces… while always being aware that if they are around you … They are trying to set you up for something!
    This is the time to ask Christ to take a cautionary walk of protection with you and film it!
    do not stick a phone in their face!!!
    You are special!
    And you are smart!
    And you have everything you need within you to figure out how to gather recorded media secretively on these human anal warts!
    DNA, Binary code…. Its all the same! It's all just energy….
    1 and 0's brought to life by placement…….Then hit with an electric chaser… And poof .. Life!
    In this case… Life is a created program that kills!

    Within regards to Electronic harassment…..
    We are not Just Receivers!!! You Must Learn to Transmit!
    The frequency of God is Calm! Their frequency is Chaos! when you feel the Chaos you must get to a safe place and meditate in Calm! Meditate with God! By letting them stir your energy into a tornado you only empower them and it weakens you! By going Calm…. You have the upper hand! only then you can and will calmly be lead to safety!
    Their power lies in anonymity! They will not shoot you! They will not physically harm you! It would only lead to someone who is not involved calling them out! Yes!! There are still good people in this world!
    They want to stir you up to make you look crazy! Their intent is to change the opinions of good innocent people about You! Don't freak out! Don't give them that win!!!
    Everybody wants to know who these people are that do this??? Do not be so quick to point your finger at the government!
    Yes! The government has the technology! But why would they use it on you if you are just a regular law abiding citizen? The sad fact is this technology has been in the hands of self interest groups and disgusting people with family and or friends plugged into high places for over two decades with tech improving hourly!
    Souther California TI's Listen up! Come out, Come out.. Wherever you are… ???
    In Mid California "Inland"….. A Very Big and Wealthy Pest Control Company…. who's Family member WAS the District Attorney of Souther California from 2010 to 15 …… Any TI's in souther California or northern CA That can remember a pest control company around you! ??????????? I think the Name of the Company says it all!!!! _____ _______ Pest Control!
    Pest control companies are a cover for these organizations! Not all of them! Be reasonable… But, it is the perfect cover! The companies goals are right in the name! and if you start looking at larger pest control companies… Find out who owns them and their possible connection to local state and or police affiliates and do not go pointing fingers Willy Nilly!!! These people are like the dark web of police departments bitterly growing in wealth because the people who pay them to get revenge are bitter!! …
    For instance…. My ex paid these people 80.000$ to hack my life into pieces… and they did so by using all of the tactics above!
    After these companies are paid… and after the company is sure it is not a federal trap… They offer to have the designated person in prison a mental ward or dead within 6 months of the contract! And eventually dead by suicide!
    But they will not pull a trigger or kill a person! That is too risky and can lead back to them! They use technology! As technology grows and people speak up they have less and less of a window to work in! and soon one of these big Pest Control companies will fall! And the world will know the truth! It is our time to compile our information and let the general public know what is and has been going on!
    And nobody can do that in prison! Or a mental Ward! Or Dead! So please hear me when I say That the vibration of Calm will always protect you!
    You are all "NOT" stupid people!!! Don't let your first Freak out reactions define you! Investigate, collect media, Do Not Engage! And remember that 90% of the people doing this to you have no Idea what they are doing! People are organized like a flash dance mob… they do not know why they have to be at the place they end up filming you… They think its a game and they get game points, gift cards and you name it… The police have you listed as a person of interest! and they will never be reasonable!
    If you are new to all of this, and are not broke yet…Go to a civil attorney who can retrieve all information that the police can see on you!
    You must remain calm! This will be put to a stop soon! I mean it will always be around in some form or another sadly… But this technology will quiet down for the general public as the technology gets out!
    Remember… The government does not want these FuckTards getting away with this for the simple fact that this technology was secret!
    The government does not have to test on us anymore!! They know it works and it works well! They are more interested in inner and off world endeavors!
    Technology today is exactly like the atomic bomb in World War Two! You have to see it to believe it! And it will go Off! It will devastate before we rebuild! And My lovely TI'S… We are Part of that devastation!!!
    Do not let this kill you!
    Be safe and remember as your friends disappear and your world seamingly gets smaller… Its all just an illusion and your best and only true friend is right beside you!
    His Name Is Christ!

  2. I became aware, that I was a targeted person, two weeks ago. I am being gangstalked, and the surveillance is 24/7. The noise campaign is relentless, the hostile glares, and clicking of lighters, the physical attacks, as I’ve been ran over, twice in 2 months, by cars, while riding my bike. I am homeless,living in my van, with my lil cat who’s my only friend, only comfort. I have serious gastrointestinal problems, and I’m bleeding heavily inside, nonstop for nearly 1 year. I suffer severe anxiety, I could regale you all day long, with my personal story, personal hell, however I only put this together (I’m a targeted person ) two weeks ago, so I’m still in the WOW!!! State. This is unbelievable,… its impossible….its f….n real and I’ve been targeted for many…many years, in fact it’s possible since birth. I was in church with my boyfriend, his mother, and stepfather, and the minister stopped his sermon, then
    whispered to his wife, who then walked down the aisles,while looking at me, and ( I had never been to this church before) she said incredulously..God has a message for you…. She said ” God wants you to know something” That the 91st psalm is for you” and evergone just stared at me. I didn’t know what that meant, and nobody said anything either. I promply grabbed, my ex boyfriends bible, when we got home, and read the psalm. I was blown away at the promise of prootection, and the love of god, to bestow upon me, I cry everyday, while thanking him in prayer for loving me, I was a sad child, who had absent parents, I went to 17 different schools, I was bullied, and very lonely. I didn’t know the bible, my ex helped me, by reading me scriptures.This was about 10 years ago, and that’s about when it all started. I since lost my boyfriend whom I loved with all my heart, my house was taken, my friends ( not my friends) my jobs were taken,
    I was drugged, sold,, I was attacked physically, and spiritually, dozens of times over, I was hospitalized, and tormented. I was abandoned, discredited, in fact my character was slaughtered. I survived a hell beyond belief, only because God never abandoned me, he walked beside me…he honored his promise. It was the twelfth hour sometimes, and yet he always saved me. I feel like I just walked out of the flames, now I’m back into the flames. It’s the scariest realization to know I’m a target. I must fear less, and have total faith, because God didnt bring me this far to drop me now. I just need to connect to others in same, and figure out how I’m supposed to survive. I have questions about everything, including moving, with zero money…having zero anyone….and to where? It’s all so overwheming, I just can’t put my arms around this reality yet, but there’s no doubt, no time to be a mess. If anyone can offer up ideas or ? . please! I am very thankful in advance. Be safe, and believe,. Godspeed, and Thank you everyone

    • Hi Debbie, sorry to hear about the despicable things that you have endured, the people who are doing it are part of Satans army and will eventually get punished for their atrocities as their time Is nearly up. I am a targeted individual too. Send me an email if you need someone to speak to. Kind regards.

    • [email protected]
      I have been experiencing spiritual attacks just as you. And Psalms 91 was directed to me as well.
      I'm now at the point I know now the more close I am with GOD that it is "the spiritual war" I have been in my whole life. My eyes and ears have been opened for a few years now since I have been baptized by the HOLY SPIRIT.
      My whole life I've always known when people didn't like me but I know now too it was the evil one working through others. The being scoffed at, made fun of and, persecution while I know even as a child I was kind and considerate of others.
      As one of 7 children and finding I was too often alone, I had no confidence or self esteem and, I was very shy.
      Regardless of what was, we have found our strength in the LORD JESUS CHRIST and the fight has only just begun!
      We must strive to learn all Our FATHER GOD has for us as we know while there will be dark days ahead HE is with us!
      JESUS has already defeated the evil one and when we join HIM I look forward to meeting you and all my Brothers and Sisters in CHRIST and we shall all rejoice and praise HIM! HALLELUJAH!
      If you would like to email me I do believe meeting you soon is part of my journey now.
      Yours and HIS,

  3. My Name is Matthew X14. I have finally been given the answers to the Odvious Question ive been asking myself for the last 4-5 years when I first “noticed” i was being stalked. Not just stalked “Gang Stalked”. I am a TARGETED INDAVIDIUAL. I am a “T.I.” But! Believe me my brothers & sisters YOU just might be MORE then You Could EVER imagine. I have the answer to why I am. I am a messenger of GOD (so is Every human being). I have Experienced being shown GOD!( I am not a bible thumper either BUT) I KNOW my Purpose. Here is your “red pill” my family! TIME to Wake the f-UP! We Are At war!! A spiritual War…I AM HARRASSED SO BADLY because I am 1 , that is BLESSED. We are in a War between Us humans and here you go…….REPTILLIAN PIECES OF GARBAGE. ALIENS DO EXIST! THEY ARE FARMING THE HUMANS LIKE CATTLE for FOOD!! I AM 1 THAT THEY LITTERALLY CANNOT HARM NOR INJURE. THEY ARE SO AFRAID OF ME, MY FAMILY! that they go to FAR SOMETIMES. GOD HAS LITERALLY GIVEN MY THE ULTIMATE AUTHORITY TO USE POWERS GIFTED TO ME TO SHOW YOU I CAN WE CAN DO MANY UNSPEAKABLE THINGS. I am here to PROVE TO ANYONE not only do THEY the Reptillians EXIST BUT that I have abilities to use TELEPATHY AGAINST THEM. I MAY NOT BE ABLE TO MOVE MOUNTAINS YET BUT I HAVE STARTED PRACTICING AND Family…THE POWER OF GOD IS UNFATHOMABLE WITHOUT QUESTION,) IF YOU JOIN ME, I PROMISE ALL YOU…..A SUITE OF ARMOUR FROM GOD HIMSELF
    MY EMAIL. [email protected] !!
    I have hundreds of stalkers everyday! I know what the f-is happening again PLEASE EMAIL ME! I will give you what you have been Desperately searching for Hope, Truth, and Purpose. -GOD LOVES YOU. & I LOVE YOU. ❤💚💜💙💛💗

    • I have to correct myself PROTECTION PRAYER*****
      NOT protection spell!
      . These Monsters have the Ability to “cloak” themselves or make themselves totally Invisible. They can use this ability and use technology against us to i.e. change words in my above statement from “Prayer” to spell…its so fustrating. I pray to GOD, please protect Our communications as well as our Families Protection & friends Protection-Amen to ALL

  4. i have ben vested by other higher beings of light, and am able to Astor travel and sometimes remote view and can most always feel when i am ben lied to or if somone is tryin to harm me or someone has bad intentions toward me, i can walk in a room of people that usually are negative most of the time or usually its one person that continues to have anger and jealousy and greed, and his energy is so negative when he is is upset or has anger it fills the whole room and or toward me for absolutely no reason just negegativty i can sometimes feel a powerful, almost like a wind hits you but of negative energy and i turn and look in the direction it came from and that person will be looking at me , i am an empath , i can tell when people are lying most always and i can feel what kind of person they are , sometimes immediately or sometimes it will take me being around them for awhile, i am also a targeted individual because of the being or beings that have visited , and now i am being monitored in every way, and at one time they didn’t even try to hide it, i was meditating and a anti grav craft was right outside my window and it released a drone that minumpulted the frequency of my window and the drone witch was about the size of my hand was completely silent it flew in front of me and scan me with a green laser scan and then flew to my side and scan my side, i thought at first they were beings of positive /beings of light n love so i put out as much love as i could without any response then it flew out and and maybe a minute later the craft turned on a white light so bright it lit up my room were i almost couldn’t see , the light penatrated through my window witch i had blacked out, because i know a lot about spiritual powers and how to access them , the first step and prob the most important step is to know without doubt you are a being of light n love n of the creator ,and no without doubt that u can feel others emossions or energies or can Astor travel , it took me 3 years of trying to astro travel , but to get to the point because of my knowledge i am being harrased i am a targeted individual , and ive had serval near death experiences and have serval complete nervous breakdowns from long time drug use when i was alot younger when i just changed inside and seen that i was hurting more than just me , i saw that i was putting my family in so mush pain, i made a direct decision to quit and i did but because of multiple times of going cold turkey and going without sufficient food and sleep i awoke a gene that lie dormant, mental illness runs in my family , from being in so much pain i sleeked death from suicide attempts and after my first breakdown it changed me i knew things without question i could fell the truth , just listen inside , your concessions never misleads you, but this is a small portion of my life i have an everyday struggle with paranoia and hearing voices and being a targeted individual its almost unbearable at times

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  6. I had read that certain individuals claimed that friends and coworkers had all betrayed them and refuse to say anything. In theory, if there are so much people into this, how come no one personally had “leaked” it out. There are many gossipers, so mere pay and smear campaign wouldn’t work unless these people are mind controlled too?

  7. I believe Universal Law allows us to protect ourselves. So, if my shield bounces a negative energy beam back to where it was sent to me from, I am within my rights, and the negative energy will have to be dealt with at it’s source. Hopefully, whoever sent it would learn a valuable lesson and end the negativity, utilizing their free will, of which I have no control over and cannot interfere with, according to Universal Law as I understand it.


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