A woman in Tennessee has been helping veterans suffering from PTSD with the use of sound.  The program is having excellent results and can be used to address other issues as well.    Please learn of this amazing system by visiting her website.  Your help in sharing this information will assist with the development and use of this and similar natural, positive ways to heal!

“In 2006, while living in Belgium,” explains RDR Founder Kathleen Ongena, “my daughter and I went through a very traumatic experience. It was so bad that there was intense sadness and damage to my mind and soul. I felt like my life was over, and I had no idea how I could ever again find pleasure in waking up in the morning. So I went to my doctor, thinking that medication could help me “see the light” again. Instead, she told me about Alpha Theta Training. I would have done anything at that point to feel better, so I contacted the training center for more information. They explained that it would be good for my daughter to also participate. Since I was no longer feeling any joy – or anything, for that matter – I agreed. The results were almost immediate. Both my daughter and I were amazed at how we began feeling lighter, happier, and more equipped to cope with daily life. I began researching Alpha Theta Sounds and what effect they have on the human body, and how the brain functions in response to the sounds. I also began researching the emotional, mental and physical connections within the body. With such a positive personal experience, I was soon determined to find a way to make this solution available for everybody and easier for people to use. In 2015, I became certified as a Master in Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) from the American Union of NLP in New York (AUNLP), focusing on the connection between neurological responses, language, and behavioral patterns learned through experience (programming) while also pursuing Sound Healing Classes at the Sound Healing Center at the Globe Institute in San Francisco, CA. After 10 years of research I have finally created a formula utilizing sound waves in a most effective wellness therapy for any condition in your body. My formula is unique and very easy to use. The results are more than rewarding, as described in the testimonials.”

As described in the October 1973 Scientific American journal article (pp 94-102) titled “Auditory Beats in the Brain,” published by Dr. Gerald Foster of the Mt. Sinai Medical Center, Kathleen’s research is based on the use of Therapeutic Sounds, also known as binaural sounds, a phenomenon where stereo headphones are used to direct sounds/signals separately to both ears. Binaural sounds are a consequence of the interaction of perceptions within the brain, and it is believed that they can be used to investigate some of the brain’s processes. After Kathleen and her daughter personally experienced the great benefits of Alpha Theta Training, she went on to create a wellness program to help alleviate Post Traumatic Stress (PTS) using Alpha Theta (binaural) Sounds.  Alpha Theta Sounds are associated with conditions in the human body, whether they be emotional, mental, or physical, and are specifically tailored for each individual’s needs. The results are promising and a true testament to what decades of research by known scientists has already acknowledged.* Kathleen is committed to furthering her research by piloting studies with universities and medical centers to study the effectiveness of her formula and to infinitely expand the physical conditions and states-of-mind with which it is can be used.

Kathleen’s initiative has given birth to the Therapeutic Sound Room located in Nashville, Tennessee.

RDR™ Therapeutic Sounds are for anyone who would like to experience an optimal state of mind and balance between their emotional, mental, and physical being. Adults of all ages and gender can receive common benefits such as stress reduction and relaxation. Therapeutic Sounds assist the body and brain by realigning and reestablishing new neural pathways (brainwaves) that may be blocked or weakened by acute or chronic conditions. They can also assist in coping with traumatic events and injuries. Minors (under the age of 18) may also use RDR™ Therapeutic Sounds with written approval and participation of their parents or guardians.

RDR™ Therapeutic Sounds are designed to be listened to daily for 90 days. Our research has found that it takes this period of time to complete new neural pathways and to “retrain” the brain’s processes. There are no contraindications to using it longer than 90 days; however, its therapeutic value may “plateau” after the new neural pathways are established.

Source: The RDR Center


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