This documentary tells the tale that the victors still do not want you to know.

*The Biggest Cover-Up In History

It was the most deadly and destructive war in human history. Millions were killed, billions in property was destroyed, ancient cultures were reduced to rubble–World War II was truly man’s greatest cataclysm. Thousands of books, movies and documentary films have been devoted to the war. There has never been such a terrible retelling of the story, however, as one will find in Hellstorm. In a chilling “you-are-there” style, the author places the reader at the scene, in the moment.

Throughout this book readers will see what Allied airman saw as they rained down death on German cities; or the reader will experience what those below experienced as they sat trembling in their bomb shelters awaiting that very same death from above. The reader will view up close the horrors of the Eastern Front during the last months of fighting and through the mud, blood and madness of combat they may come to understand how the same German soldiers, who only moments before had destroyed an enemy tank, could now risk their own lives to rescue the trapped Soviet crew inside.

Readers will witness for themselves the fate of German women as the rampaging Red Army raped and murdered its way across Europe–all females, from “eight to eighty” feared the dreaded words, “Frau Komm.” The worst nautical disasters in history which claimed thousands of lives, the greatest mass migration known to man in which millions perished, the fate of those wretched victims in post-war death camps and torture chambers, these and many other dark secrets of World War II now come to light in Hellstorm.

*Hellstorm: The Death of Nazi Germany, 1944-1947



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  1. How can you hate someone with passion?
    Uff that’s soo sad.
    Passion comes from love.
    How can you proudly share that story about your poor grandmother that never had the chance to find peace with what she has experienced.
    I wish you would have had the courage to help her understand and heal and have compassion rather than proudly sharing you were numbed.
    And now sharing the hate she could never overcome.
    Don’t victimise.
    Don’t pity yourself on others.
    This is where energy is stuck and cannot flow.
    We wanna go forward, don’t we?
    Love and understanding is the future.

  2. Besides the fact, that I actually really liked previous posts and content that you have shared, I am even more shocked about this one.
    You definitely should do more research on that topic, for the fact that there is a whole different story behind all of that. A lot of lies have been spread and disinformation to confuse humanity and spread hate against Germany.
    There is no point of spreading hate.
    I am sorry about whatever happened to your grandmother.
    But holding grief and hate against one nation is not an solution either.
    And then speaking words of revenge.
    Sorry but that’s not what spirituality is about.
    Do your homework.
    Research and view every topic from every ankle to give people proper informations.
    Holding hate against „nazi“ Germany is part of the American satanic agenda.
    You may would know, if you would have done your homework.
    Feeding off those energies is obviously not worth it.
    And you should stop wasting your time grieving about the past when in fact in mordern days innocent people are slaughtered every fucking day. Throughout the last years America has murdered more people than „nazi“ Germany ever did!!!!
    America only could be founded by killing millions of native Americans, the same shit that Australia did.
    Beautiful, spiritual native cultures have been robbed their sacred lands.
    And is no one talking about that?
    Why is that?
    Why do we still talk about nazi times? If you are so interested in that topic then do your research.
    Why did that happen?
    What actually hppened?
    What is the truth behind all of that?
    Big story in history.
    A lot of lies and a lot of truth that needs to be revealed.

    Let’s create a better world by having the courage and strength to uncover the truth in everything and to only spread the truth and nothing but the truth.
    Truth is rarely beautiful and besides that it’s hard to find.
    So please people do your homework and research things before you hand out informations.

    I am so sorry for people who grief their entire life.
    And even more sorry for you adopting those grieving hateful messages if your grandmother sending them out to other people.
    That’s not leading anywhere.

    Love and compassion is the future.
    A language that only the wise and loving ones will understand.
    Peace and love.

  3. The fact that my Dutch mother told me so often about this and what had happened to my Aunts was just mind numbing and too shocking to process as a kid. I just had only an inkling of what had happened to my aunts by the German soldiers. Al my aunts became mentally unstable and sociopaths. But my mother also said to me looking down at her book “Don’t worry, after the war they got what they deserved”. Till the day she died she hated Germans with such a passion could have been an Olympian in any sport with that passion and anger. It seems to me that Newton was right “for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction”.


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