Why Communism is the Deep State’s Mind Control Satanist Cult

We all have heard of #communism but not many of us really know the true history of why and how Karl Marx wrote his manifesto. Was he acting alone, or was the #DeepState involved with it’s origin?

Many people have been led to believe that communism could work and are pushing for a change in the political system. However, we are never told the sheer number of lives these dictators have taken, such as Mao, Lenin, and Stalin.

Also is there a secret agenda that socialist leaders of the past and present are pushing?

Join us on this part 1 episode of our very special series on Edge of Wonder, on the origins of communism and how it is the Deep State’s Satanic cult.


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  1. Greg-

    If you ignore and deny history, the answer of Love will never become the new history that remains forever.

    “There’s nothing new under the sun….except the history you DON’T know.”

  2. I do not understand concepts of left and right and the difference of isms To me a total change would be a great idea To boldly go where society has not gone yet I know it is possible when we put what is best for all as a criteria So exciting to be here to see the changes

  3. It’s Not the “Ism” it’s the Assholes. All the other isms are the same. Do you mean to say that capitalism is NOT inherently dark based on greed and little regard for aspects that make life worth living such as “Peace, Mercy, Beauty, Kindness,Forgiveness, Well Being, Joy, Gratitude etc.? These aspects are not traded on the market and are ill considered in capitalism. It is becoming clear that web sites like this I believed were enlightened themed and compassion focused is revealing itself to be a simple rebranding of the Republican Party with it’s duality separation agenda. Your message should be… “The answer to Every question is LOVE. If LOVE is not in it, it is not the answer.” This is the energetic frequency that leads us out of the loop/purgatory, NOT more talk of red and blue, us and them.

    • As I read recently from an Ascended Master teaching everything is a creation of God. Some beings are of a high vibration and others in a very low vibration but everything originates from the same Source vibration (incl. assholes and the Repub. party). That is why the lesson we must learn is non-judgement and discernment in order to choose wisely. And in agreement with Marilyn many are in need of learning history before they can enter a state of Love.


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