On 29th November, 2018, members of Sisterhood of the Rose held a web conference on Energy Healing. This was both to discover what techniques worked best, share experiences and also to find Healers wishing to teach and guide others doing volunteer Healing within our communities.

One area which was common to many, is the importance emotional health has on our well-being, with trauma or stress taking an enormous toll on our bodies and mental health. Many healers became interested in doing work in this area after having experienced energy healing first themselves.

There are now several groups in formation. If you are able to volunteer regularly and would like guidance in learning to heal each other and our Earth, or are already an Energy Healer wishing to help, please write to [email protected] to be placed into or lead a group. Please Note that healing work done and guidance given or received is strictly of a volunteer nature.

A further update will be made once these groups are established.

Some techniques shared included:

– a 3-step protection, starting with pillars of light to clear and purify all bodies, sending spinning vortex of protective light from the soul star chakra, which can include family members. Call in all beings of light, the Ascended Masters and Goddess Energy, spread Goddess Energy all around.

– quantum biofeedback

– intuitive hands on distance healing, pulling out huge blocks, intuitively feeling where the blocks are

– using affirmations from the angelic realms, and buidling a protective circle around yourself to build your vibration up ahead of time. Going into your heart centre and ensuring your frequency is high enough so nothing negative attaches itself

– EFT, tapping reduces cortisol in the body and clears trapped emotions in the body

– “The Emotion Code”, the body is like an onion, and will only release certain emotions when it is ready

– pendulum healing

– etheric surgery and reiki healing


“All healing is first a healing of the heart.” – CARL TOWNSEND

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  1. Energy healing is surely not a “one-size-fits-all” undertaking. There will never stop being “things” to learn. Fortunately, there are so many willing to share their experiences and bring that experience to the table. Blessings!

  2. I so wish I had the time to volunteer.
    I’ve had a more effective way of EFT before Gary Craig introduced EFT that I do a bit differently since 1995 and this last January,
    I celebrated 33 years as a Reiki healer ( I was one of the first few dozen trained as Reiki healer in the USA). But my ancient wonderful Mom of 94 😉 – keeps me hopping with my spare time.

    I’ll make contact whenever my time frees up. ?


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