by Paul Seymour,

There’s an old saying in the US political scene which was intended to remind candidates back in the bad old days that the American people weren’t really interested in honorable principles such as personal freedom, nor bettering the world by ensuring equal justice for all. The only thing that the majority of the American people really cared about were their own personal bank accounts, and their ability to keep up with the Joneses. Therefore, as some rare principled and idealistic candidate (rookie) might naively campaign about ways to better the world, their jaded and crusty campaign manager would shout at them – “it’s the economy, stupid!” Fortunately, with the election of Donald Trump, and even more importantly the power base of principled military leaders behind him, we’ve seen that era of greedy materialism, envy and hate take a mortal wound to the chest. Hear that sucking sound?

The slaves to the dying system are still out there, though. You can hear them parroting the fake news with reckless abandon. Yet when you ask them to support ‘their position’, which was provided to them by CNN, CBS, BBC, New York Times, the Washington Post, etc. they start to stammer. They weren’t expecting that. They get that nervous, deer-in-the-headlights look as their eyes start to twitch while they wonder why simply shouting the party line isn’t sufficient. I saw one lady even ask to not be filmed as soon as she realized that she was going to have to offer some shred of evidence in support of her claim that Trump was trampling on human rights.

That surprised the black, True reporter, who then simply asked her to list off some examples of how Trump had been abusing human rights. She couldn’t even come up with a single example as she asked the camera man to turn off the camera. NONE. Her previously smug demeanor quickly washed away in her mortal embarrassment at being exposed as such a mindless robot. This forty-ish white lady self-righteously tromping the sidewalks of New York City had assumed that the black man who had asked her about President Trump was obviously another non-sentient parrot as well, and would be very happy with her response. She was dead wrong about that, and as a real reporter he actually wanted to hear some evidence. At the very least he expected her to be able to support her own opinion. She could not. Her ‘thoughts’ ran only as deep as what she had been provided on the tee vee.

She is far from alone, very unfortunately, and I recently decided to try and help people like her to sort out their confusion, and possibly even to get them to piece together how they are politically, ethically and morally getting their asses handed to them in a methodical fashion. That starts with defining some of the key terminology being used in this modern, bloodless revolution of expanding human consciousness which had been prophesied long ago in several cultures, and even in the Book of Genesis. It is known as the Great Awakening, and it is world-wide.

Let’s Start by Defining the Swamp

Trump garnered a vast majority of the True vote (ignoring votes of dead people and illegal immigrants) mostly by promising to drain the Swamp. Those who found it in their hearts to vote for the heinous criminal known as Killary, are seemingly unaware that there even is a Swamp. At least I hope that is the case. The alternative is that they are very well aware of that stinking stagnant muck, but both relate to it, and like it that way. Or possibly they just have a whore mentality, as they trade their honor and principles for pieces of colored paper from the Swamp creatures in one form or another? Actually, I don’t want to smear honest working girls here, but I couldn’t find the proper term for such unprincipled scum. There, I just found it. Sorry ladies.

So what is the Swamp? It is the status quo, very briefly stated. That mostly unelected power base that has slowly but surely built itself up inside the Beltway, and across the land over the course of the past two centuries. Just as Jefferson predicted that it would. Actually, he correctly warned us to clear it out every 100 years, or so, but we failed to heed the warning. If you don’t know who Jefferson is, nor to what statements I am referring, you might be a Swamp Creature yourself. Or at best, one of their useful idiots.

The Swamp Creatures, then, as is about to be proven with factual evidence when the 71,000+ sealed indictments start getting unsealed and acted upon, are a very nasty group of sociopathological criminals and traitors who are actively working against the United States and its people. Actually, their goals are global, and treason isn’t even the worst of their crimes, unfortunately. Those crimes had become systemic, and have gone well beyond one’s ability to count, and some of them are way beyond the bounds of common courtesy to even mention. I’ll make reference to the fact that the term ‘pedovore has recently been coined to describe a surprising percentage of them, though, and I’ll leave it at that. You don’t even wanna know what ‘walnut sauce’ is amongst the vernacular of this very sick, yet powerful base who backed Georges I and II, Slick Willie, Barry Soetero, and were also firmly behind the pedovore Killary.

Have you learned about the ‘snuff film’ she and Huma made yet? It was on the lap top seized by the NY police from Huma’s husband, called Weiner. It was found under the file name – ‘Insurance.’ For some reason, this weird little ‘man’ mispronounces his own last name as weener rather than correctly as whiner. Why, I can only imagine, but it will be an important day for the rule of law, not to mention the concept of civilization, when all of that scum is off the streets permanently. Better yet, excluded from the human collective consciousness entirely.

The Swamp, then, flows straight from the very top of the former establishment right down to the sewer. Over generations it has been carefully constructed to include the top levels of every facet of society. From corporate CEO’s and Boards of Directors to local politicians, and including top ranking intelligence agency officials, cops and judges. It also includes the leadership of many of the most well-known NGOs and charitable organizations which rush in to ‘help save’ children from a long list of ‘threats’ which they themselves have created.

That is why there has been no huge tangible progress for us to point at over the past two+ years as far as draining that swamp, and say – “hey, there’s the smoking gun”. The White Hats (Alliance) need to clean out those top layers first. Hence the 71,000 sealed indictments. To anyone who cares to look, the proof is absolutely everywhere, but we know that certain levels within our society, and especially in the more greedy and materialistic corners, just don’t really care to look. Looking might prove detrimental to their selfish desires, and abilities to accumulate more useless stuff with colored paper, at the expense of their dark little souls.

To add a bit more context, a Swamp Creature will actually look the other way when one of their own kind rapes and tortures a child. Or worse, if you could imagine such a thing. They’ll also attempt to smear and demonize anyone who speaks out the Truth on these subjects, and they’ll do absolutely anything in order to undermine the regime that is bravely working to eradicate this sub-human filth, in their quest to save Mother Earth and humanity.

To Accomplish their Objectives they had to Destroy the US Constitution

In the United States, these pieces of crap were greatly hampered by the Constitution, and an armed populace. Therefore, starting with George I, they began working methodically to undermine the Constitution and reduce its protective powers. This had to be done gradually and systematically, as they worked to steer humanity towards Hitler’s envisioned New World Order (NWO), and away from their own individual basic human rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Individual Free Will is viewed as a huge negative in the eyes of the NWO/Illuminati/Deep State/Cabal. Why? Because with Free Will humans progress spiritually. Without it, they can not.

Starting back in the 80’s, we also had Ruth Bader Ginsburg insisting that we are all the same. How dehumanizing is that? We are quite obviouslynot all the same. In fact, we are infinitely unique and special. If we were all the same, I guess we wouldn’t even need names, would we? We could simply be stamped with an alpha-numeric bar code to differentiate us from each other. What we need to do is to recognize and cherish the fact that we are all very uniquely different, and all have the same divine right to pursue life, liberty and happiness without governmental parasites getting in the way. We all have that essential god-given right, and the right to pursue it in an infinite variety of ways, so long as we don’t violate the Golden Rule. Simple, when we don’t have Zionist Bankster/pedovore-funded groups like the ADL, ISIS, NOW etc. and suddenly ANTIFA working full time to divide humanity against itself.

Then we had the Republicans – Georges I and II working in concert with the CIA and the MOSSAD to start the War on Terror, after the Democrat – Slick Willie had spent eight years working to degrade the office of the Presidency, and the moral world leadership status of the USA. The Democrat Soetero came along after the Smirking Chimp (R) to complete that task. For the minority of you who aren’t yet aware of the sick joke which is the government’s version of what happened on 9/11, I’ll let you finally go do that homework. It only takes a few hours with an open mind to learn the Truth. Or alternatively you can wait until it is brought out in the open by the White Hats/Alliance who are currently working to restore your basic rights under the eroded, and many would say essentially ‘revoked’ Constitution.

What are the Definitions of Patriot & Traitor?

Traitor = One who betrays one’s country, a cause, or a trust, especially one who commits treason.

Patriot = One who loves, supports, and defends one’s country

Or as Mark Twain defined it – “One who loves their country all the time, and the government when it deserves it.” Therefore, if we’re going to attach labels to people nowadays, it makes the most sense to narrow them down to just these two. Or maybe it seems a little less judgmental to use Constitutionalist vs Anti-Constitutionalist? The only thing that really matters is Free Will, and the Constitution is the world’s best shot at taking back humanity’s opportunity to live with individual Free Will. That battle right now is being fought primarily in the US, but has world-wide ramifications. When the Constitution is reimplemented in the US by those who support its values, the rest of the world will be taking notice, and are soon to follow. Look at France for example. The British people will also see their voted will for sovereignty granted as BREXIT will finally be implemented. The Italian people are also taking back their country, and Germany will be soon to follow as Merkel goes away.

So now we’re back to the title of this piece. It’s the Constitution, stupid. Back in 1776 – 1783 the US fought a war against what was then the most powerful country on earth, along with some key help from France, so that it could live under a Constitution that brought the experiment of Free Will to contemporary humanity. As described above, the freedoms provided under that document have been greatly eroded, and especially since WW I when the illegal Federal Reserve bank and the illegal Income Tax (and IRS) were all implemented under the nose of a duped President Woodrow Wilson. Wilson later publicly admitted he had given away America’s Freedom to a handful of powerful men.

I am a great opponent of labeling of any kind. I think it is not only counter-productive, but also a bit childish. I get quite sick of hearing people literally scream all day long about Liberals and Conservatives. Republicans and Democrats. These labels don’t even accurately depict what their shouters believe they do. The term ‘liberal’ has been so twisted as to be unrecognizable. I mean, Jefferson was a True liberal. How do you reconcile Nancy Pelosi to Thomas Jefferson for Christ sake? Why not just debate the subtle contrasts between diarrhea and chocolate? Similarly, shouting about Republican vs. Democrat seems to imply that the US actually has a two party system, which in reality it does not. They had a one party system, with only the illusion of choice as both parties answered to the same Bankster/pedovores. Until now.

Now we have the White Hats, or the Alliance as you prefer. And that, thankfully, is also a world-wide movement. This brave and principled force is not comprised of one man, you must certainly realize. Don’t you? If Trump were to throw up his arms and quit tomorrow, do you think this movement would cease? That’s hilarious. Just look at how well-organized it is, and come to realize that this Plan to save Mother Earth and Humanity is waaayyy beyond a single person. All potential contingencies have been considered and planned for. Having the sheeple scream all day at each other about nonsensical issues helps keep them out of the way of actual progress, I suppose. Do you think it’s all about Twitter? hahahahahahaha

Back to childish labeling, if you feel you must use a label to describe your imagined adversary and/or yourself in this current world of such blatant polarization, we have only two labels which make any sense at all. Patriot (Constitutionalist) or Traitor (Anti-Constitutionalist). Patriots could beeither Liberals or Conservatives, Democrats or Republicans, black or white, man or woman. So too could traitors.

The Bottom Line

So now let’s get down to the end game. I would say that the current bottom line on Earth today is the ability of humans to express the primal Universal Law of Free Will. To date, at least in recent Earth history, the best opportunity we have had to actually live as individuals with Free Will has been under the US Constitution, along with a few other less populated nations like Iceland, Switzerland, and a couple of others. That wasuntil the Constitution had been successfully undermined by the New World Order fascists working under the umbrella of the Central Bankster-pedos/Illuminati/Deep State/Cabal/Zionists/Khazarian Mafia etc. etc..

Therefore, to simplify the current world-wide Revolution, what we have is a fight to the death between basic good and evil for humans to have their divine right to Free Will, as we take it back from the Satanists. That’s right. The reason that the old power structure had been so aligned against you and your divine right to Free Will is spiritual in nature. We simply can not progress spiritually without absolute Free Will on an individual level. That is why the Bankster/Zionist/Satanists will fight to the death to deprive you of True freedom, as is supported by a fully functioning Constitution with like-minded supporters working within a very limited government. With it, you are just too dangerous to them, as you would then be on the verge of discovering your True powers as a Co-Creator. As John Wheeler, a colleague and friend of Einstein said – “We live in a participatory Universe.”

I’m moving in to new ground there, and I’ve raged on long enough for a single essay. I hope we can now all agree on the importance of supporting the Constitution, as well as those people who are bravely fighting against the Bankster/Satanist machine in order to reimplement it. If you would like to explore the Great Awakening in more depth, and especially of the ultimate spiritual war between good and evil, you can get my ebook –Cycles of 7, for $11.11 at

In Service to All, In Service of the One

Paul Seymour is a former corporate slave who was freed many years ago in order to eventually find his authentic self as a scribe, wanderer and sacred activist.

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  1. So many Americans label their politicianss and judges either conservative or progressive/liberal but they are wrong to do so. Either a judge adheres to the constitution or he believes that it is a living or moving document. It often amazes me that so called liberal judges try to make things up as they go….They are bound by that document yet play fast and loose with its meaning and therefore are failing in their duty!

  2. The Constitution of the United States of North America is NOT STUPID. the stupid ones have been the presidents who have been in power and who have not respected it as it should have always been. They have taken the oath TO RESPECT THE CONSTITUTION AND TO DEFEND IT AGAINST ALL ENEMIES.
    And what were they doing? trying to change it to favor the dark ones THE ENEMIES, Who have handled them and totally against the people.
    If the Constitution had been respected and followed as it was signed on September 17, 1787, TODAY THERE WOULD NOT BE ANY PROBLEMS WHICH THE COUNTRY HAS FACED AND thus all Latin America.
    If everyone really took a little time to read the Constitution of the United States of North America, they would realize that it has not been followed up or respected.
    The Constitution of the United States, the intellectual creation of some of the greatest leaders of this country in the aftermath of the War of Independence of the colonies, has guaranteed the rights and freedoms of Americans since it came into force on June 21. of 1788. The document has also been a source of inspiration for patriots of all latitudes who wish to establish “a wise and fair government”, according to the objective that the delegate George Mason established for the authors of this Great and Mighty Document that met in the Constitutional Convention in 1787.

    • Excellent article! This is very easy to understand if you’ve been an
      ‘Early Riser’. Luckily I grew up with a family that taught me this. Very good recap!


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