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A teenage girl was using the girls’ restroom when suddenly a group of 7 boys tried to enter and block her escape.

Terrified, the girl did everything she could to protect herself and escape – so she kneed one of the boys in the groin before the rest of the males could enter.

But instead of siding with the girl and applauding her bravery – the school sided with the boy and expelled the young girl – and once you hear why, the reason will shock you.

To start, one can’t imagine the fear that went through this young girl’s mind as 7 boys attempted to enter the girls’ restroom.

The girl must have felt vulnerable, after all she was in the girls’ restroom which is supposed to be a safe place.

The first boy made it through, surprising the girl and then she realized there were other boys trying to get in too.

The young girl realized she could have been sexually assaulted so she fought back to defend herself and kneed the guy in the groin.

The school should have given her an award, but decided her actions were unjustified because they went against the “transgender” policies of the school and were too “violent.”

Some stories originally reported the girl was suspended, but it turns out the school actually expelled her.

The Activist Mommy reported:

“School district superintendent Karen Gaborik spoke on behalf of the district, saying, “We don’t advocate violence as a means for students to attain safety. If a student does use force, we have to evaluate that incident.”

As it turns out, the biological males were upset that a biological female (who claims to be transitioning to a male) had entered into the boys’ bathroom – so to retaliate they went into the girls’ bathroom in an attempt to send a message.

But instead, they ended up involving this innocent young girl in the mix – who was just simply trying to use the bathroom in peace!

Thankfully, state Rep Tammie Wilson heard about the expulsion and was outraged and spoke up to defend the young girl and her actions.

The Washington Post reported:

“I don’t care why the boys were in the bathroom,” Wilson said. “I just wanted to make sure I had this opportunity to tell those young ladies at North Pole High School… if you ever feel threatened for your safety, whatever force you think you have to give, I will stand behind you. And so, will your community. Not for those boys who were where they didn’t belong.”

It is unconscionable the school is so obsessed with being “transgender” friendly that they would actually discipline a frightened young girl who was ganged up on by seven boys!

This latest incident proves schools are no longer safe for our girls to attend.

Our girls should feel protected by the adults in the school and shouldn’t have to fear sexual assault simply for using the restroom.

The “transgender” bathroom epidemic is truly out of control.

Even little girls are having to defend themselves against sexual predators.

But yet again as the culture war rages on, it is women and children who get the brunt of the LGBT war.

Some girls are fighting back and staging protests at their school.

But with schools continuing to punish anyone who speaks out against the “transgender” agenda, it’s clear we have a long way to go.

And for all the women who claim to support the “me too” movement which was designed to empower women who have been sexually assaulted – their silence proves it’s more important for leftist activists to defend their pet causes than actually speak up for the women they claim to care about.

Do you agree with the school’s decision to expel the young girl for fighting back against the boy entering the girls’ restroom?

Why do you think schools continue to defend the “transgender” agenda over protecting young girls?

Tell us your thoughts in the comments below.



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  1. Its a simple rule of live and let others live in peace. Whatever that girl or transgender did was in her defense. Obviously boys never had a good intent when they ganged up on her in female washroom. This is a society of hippocrits who advocate to be liberals and yet are worse than stone age.

  2. I think when the Transgender girl entered the boys toilets that the boys should have kneed her in the groin as IT was where she shouldn’t be……

  3. This homo/gay/transgender mess has to stop. This all is happening by the liberals to undermine and disrupt whole societies. I don’t care, if you have one, you go to the men’s room, if you don’t to the women’s. Kids from young age on get so messed up, the world is so messed up already, do you have to mess up the new generation, and then you expel
    somebody who defends herself. The principal should be expelled right away. Everything is the other way around, there is no law any more.
    Can’t you act normally any more, what you want to be, that is your business, but don’t influence other children to become a transgender or try to rape them. We sure can use “MORE VIOLENCE”Are you still ok inside your brains? I don’t think so.
    Outrageous, and schools why don’t you have the normal his and her bathrooms like they were before, If you haven’t finished your operation, you keep to the restroom you were born with. Do we have to live with any excess people put up, or do the globalists think we will have lesser children, better for the New World Order?
    What a sick, sick world!

  4. The young girl was in her right and the boys where in the wrong. If any of does boys where mine they would be disciplined for there actions.There are codes of ethics in this world and everyone’s deserve respect regardless of there gender.

  5. I do not agree with the school’s decision to expel the young girl for fighting back against the boy entering the girls’ restroom?
    Our education system has been infiltrated, bought and paid for by very sick, sick people who care nothing about children, and teens.
    I pray everyday for Humanity to awake from their slumber to stand together and stop the insanity by no consent to all that harms humanity.

  6. I am a man and i say fuck this transgender shit, and kick ass of the people who try to force that. Everybody shall live as he wishes , but girls room is for girls and men s room is for men. A so called transgender has the opportunity to get a surgery and to transform into a gender of his /her choice. And to force the issue of transgenderism is just a game to destroy society and structures. Chemical poisoning and hormonal pollution influence the cells in the stomach of pregnant woman and create a dysfunctional body. Chemical poisoning and hormonal pollution also create less reproductive people
    The money makers are the ones who for profit reasons destroy humans and nature

  7. I don’t believe people that say they are now a woman have the right to go into the women’s bathroom
    It is very simple, if you were born with one, then you go into the boys room only

  8. Karen Gaborik the Principal needs to be fired, and immediately.
    Her message, a woman fights back in a place she should feel safe against a gang of boys and she is punished, expelled, what a crock of shit.

  9. WTF!
    To be honest , I will after the reaction of the school district superintendent Karen Gaborik, she is the one who deserve to be expelled from this school, that not safe is for the girls.

  10. I am not a transgender. I am what could be called a “trans species.” I am the soul of a delightful little pussycat miscast and hopelessly trapped into the body of an old white man. I never seriously injured anyone on purpose. Truth be known, I have never been caught doing anything of any importance. I am strictly a thought criminal.

    No one understands me. This morning, when I took a leak into the cat box, the other cat who lives here rendered unto me a very cross look.

  11. “It is unconscionable the school is so obsessed with being “transgender” friendly ”
    This is happening in my sons middle school also.
    The school district has become so transgender tolerant and a their need to be politically correct over shadows everything else.
    School isnt a safe place for young minds, it just isnt.
    Regardless of what disruptions or distractions these transgender children cause in school, they are being protected.
    This has become a serious problem. For some reason the elites of this world are pushing transgenderism. The Hollywood elites, the past administration and now the public school system. Trans kids are being flaunted in gay bars and on National Morning TV shows like they are The New and latest fad to happen.
    Gay parents encourage their children to explore gender fluidity. Children in my sons class, 6th grade mind you, talk about favoring gay relationships. They are being raised by gay parents. Parents that obviously weren’t gay at one point. This is a very sick trend occurring and if we dont stand up and say NO to this its going to spread like a deadly virus to our young people even more than it already has.
    My son wont be returning to this school or any other in this district. I’m done with this liberal socialist BS.

  12. Good for her. The action taken by the school was callow and pathetic, not to mention those of the boys involved.

  13. the girl had every right to be defensive of herself in the female toilets. this problem would not exist if the schools put in a “his or hers” single toilet/wash room somewhere that had the busy/vacant indicator on the door lock, the number of <1% trangenders at normal school would not cause any backlog waiting.


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