by Wes Penre, Friday, May 6, 2011 

1.- Abstract

Shortly after Michael Lee Hill, a 39 years old musician and filmmaker[1] from Ohio, made contact with me, he was all over the news. Fox 8 wanted to interview him; he was in “The Daily Mail”, one of Great Britain’s biggest newspaper online; Wikileaks brought up his case; Coast to Coast took him on; Cleveland Scene Magazine made an interview with him, Whitley Strieber’s “Unknown Country” posted his story, and he was just now selected to be included in the New Ohio Kent State University Book “Cleveland Stories- True Until Proven Otherwise”, and much more…[2]

So who is this man; why this sudden interest in him, and why am I bringing him up here, writing a whole paper about him?

Michael Lee Hill

Well, it all started in the summer of 2006,with his UFO sightings over Lake Erie, one of the Great Lakes. For the UFO enthusiast, it may in the beginning seem like just another UFO case among 1000s of others and will fairly soon be put to rest. However, as it showed, there was no doubt that these UFO sightings were real. First of all, Lake Erie is a “no fly-zone” area, because there is a nuclear power plant there, and since 9/11, there is a five mile wide no fly zone around Power plants, nuclear or coal (Michael’s hometown is where the CEI Electric Power Plant is and the Perry Nuclear power plant is around 18 miles East and is also situated right on Lake Erie)[4].

Still, Hill managed to take clear videos of UFOs hovering over the lake in their usual erratic flying patterns that no known human aircraft can do. And moreover, Michael says it’s like they know he’s filming them, and that they are posing for him!

This is quite unusual, but would still be forgotten after a day or two if there wasn’t a lot more to the story. The weird things started when Bill Birnes of the “UFO Hunters” group[3] contacted him and another young man from Virginia, who was former military, now discharged for very specific reasons, which we will go into now.

2.- Two Comparable Experiences; Two Comparable Blood Disorders

In January, 2011, The History Channel published a documentary on Michael and the young ex-military man from Suffolk, Virginia, Terrell Copeland. This whole documentary is uploaded to YouTube[5] and it’s a very good idea to watch it before you continue reading the rest of this amtells part of the story: azing story. Amazingly enough, it also appears that Michael had a face-to-face meeting with Marduk himself, or someone who presented himself as him. Here is an interesting video that tells part of the story:

But before we go deeper into Michael’s case, let’s introduce Terrell Copeland to the picture.

2.1 The Terrell Copeland Case

Terrell Copeland is 25 years old, and was discharged from the Military due to a strange blood anomaly. The Military doctors could not find the cause to it, but considered it reason enough to discharge him all together. So what was this blood anomaly all about?

Figura 2: Terrell Copeland

In fact, it releases massive amount of CK (Creatine Kenase) into the blood, which in turn super oxygenates the bloodstream. Normally, this condition will create a lot of problems for the person, such as muscle damage. Or usually it’s the other way around; severe muscle damage leads to high CK levels. Terrell’s CK levels were as high as 2000ul! For a normal person, the level rarely reaches over 200ul. This is all recorded in Terrell’s Military records, which are included and exposed in the YouTube video above. However, Terrell has no muscles damage! And he is in perfectly health.

What differentiates him from a “normal” person, though, is that he has had a number of UFO encounters; both close to his home and away from it. He has also had his home broke into and strange people threatening him. Being an ex-military with access to military fly craft, he says that what he’s seen is not military. And indeed, strange, similar phenomena, also discussed in the movie, occurred here during George Washington times, and are recorded as such; I doubt those were “military”. Videos are showing how big orbs in the sky are hovering around and sometimes split into two. In general, these UFOs are showing patterns that seem way beyond current technologies; even the secret ones from TTPs (alien “Technology Transfer Programs).

Figure 3: Bill Birnes

Bill Birnes of “UFO Magazine” and “UFO Hunters” is an interesting character in his own right. He seems to know a lot more than he is letting out, as we shall see in the Michael Lee Hill case later in this paper. However, it starts already with the Copeland interview.

During the interview on History Channel he is telling Copeland that Copeland is an alien hybrid. He is told by his colleague in the video that this is highly controversial, but Birnes is saying it to Copeland with great emphasis and with no hesitation, like it is the plain truth, and he knows it. Copeland himself is not surprised, and it indicates to him as well.

2.2 Michael Hill’s Sightings Over Lake Erie and Blood Test Comparisons

Then, Bill Birnes and the UFO Hunter team go on by visiting Michael Lee Hill in his home in Ohio, close to Lake Erie. Michael is putting on his coat and takes the whole team to the exact places where he has encountered his own UFO sightings over the Great Lake. What is remarkable to the team, and to the viewer, is that Michael’s sightings look almost identical to the ones Copland had. The two persons’ sightings are compared in the above video. Michael also tells the team that he has had encounters his entire life; hence his own personal interest in UFOs and ETs.

However, Michael is not alone to have seen these objects over Lake Erie. They were seen already in 1988 by Sheila Baker, and it was noted in the newspapers from that time (also evidenced in the video; “Cleveland Plain Dealer”, July 12, 1992). Even the Coast Guard witnessed this event, and UFO Hunters are showing a copy of their report on History Channel.

Michael also tells the UFO Hunter team that he has had some very real close encounters with aliens whom have done experiments on him against his will, just like we’ve heard about many times before from other abductees. Still, Michael’s experiences go way beyond what is exposed in the History Channel video, which we shall explore in a moment. But first, let’s continue with what was revealed in the video.

Figure 4: One of Michael Hill’s sightings over Lake Erie

Dr. Ted Acworth got a copy of both Copeland’s and Hill’s videos to compare them with each other. He had never seen anything like it before, and couldn’t explain what these objects were.

Bill Birnes gets quite excited over Michael’s story and asks him if he wants to have his blood drawn, because he suspects Michael has the same blood anomaly as Copeland. Michael’s agrees to do this and they go to a laboratory at Massachusetts General Hospital. Copeland joins the team. The line of thoughts here is that if Michael has the same anomaly as Copeland , is he a hybrid? They are tested by one of the leading doctors in the cardio/pulmonary field, Dr. David Systrom[5a]. Copeland, as well as Hill, are going through the same tests to see if Copeland’s anomaly is still present and if Michael has it too.[5b]

Both tests show that they both have an elevation of CK in their blood! Dr. Systrom and his team do not want to speculate as of why the levels are high. There is no muscle damage in any of the two persons, and nothing else seems wrong with them either. It remains a mystery.

3.- Face-to-Faceless Encounter With Marduk?

I had no idea who Michael Hill was when he contacted me one day on my FaceBook. He apparently had read up on some of my material and felt inclined to make contact with me.[6]

He told me that the sightings over Lake Erie were just a small part of a much bigger story. He also claimed he’s had face-to-face communications with the aliens who fly the spacecrafts (encounters of the fifth kind). He also asks me to keep in mind that he had no knowledge about the Anunnaki at the time, and he hadn’t read Sitchin’s books. He had read somewhere about Nibiru, but didn’t know what to believe, so he just decided not to give it too much attention, and if it is real, “time will tell”.

Michael says that when there were indications that the ETs were of the Anunnaki, he found it strange, but on the other hand, he didn’t know what or who they were.

However, in July of 2008, Michael had a face-to-face experience with these people, and now he does believe! He says he had a meeting with members of the “Ruling Family” of the Anunnaki to discuss a “change in Anunnaki leadership”, and what the next step will be for humankind as we go from the Age of Pisces into the Age of Aquarius. In short, the meeting was about if we humans are ready for a disclosure of the alien presence on Earth or not. Are we ready to be disclosed to the Anunnaki and other alien races?

Of course, this sounds very odd. Why Michael, a musician and a filmmaker among thousands and thousands of others? Hints: blood anomaly, hybrid, pre-selection, agreements between lives.

This is how it all started, and it developed into one of the strangest encounters I have ever read or heard about. Still, Michael is also one of the most credible witnesses I know of, and I have no doubts whatsoever that what he is saying to me are his true perceptions of what he has experienced.

In July of 2008, a friend of Michael’s took him on a camping trip to New York. They were heading for an annual event, called “Sirius Rising Festival”[7] (keep in mind that the Ša.A.M.i./Anunnaki are originally from Sirius, something that will show relevant. Michael knew nothing about this connection at the moment). His friend, in his turn, had a friend called Loki; Michael is not sure of the spelling (Loke/Loki is the name of a Scandinavian ASA God by the way, ASA-RRR being another name for the Sirians, according to Robert Morning Sky in his Terra Papers. Michael says it’s pronounced something like “low-kee”), whom also joined in with them at the Festival.

Figure 5: From the Sirius Rising Festival

Suddenly, Loki said he was going to check on a friend’s campsite to see if everything was OK, and that he would soon be back again. Michael decided to follow Loki to the campsite, and that’s where it got really strange, as Michael put it.

When they arrived, this camp site hade a round gazebo named, “I Dream of Genie Bottle”, and that’s how it looked like from the inside, as it turned out. While Michael and Loki were still standing outside, Loki told him that there were some people inside the “Genie Bottle” who were waiting to see him. Michael found this very curious, but he was also eager to see who they were.

Well inside, Michael noticed it was a round structure with a beautiful bed in the middle, with beautiful fabrics, making up the whole interior. For some reason, once he got inside, Michael found it very disorienting, and sometimes he couldn’t find the door back out.

On the bed sat two people, a male and a female, but the strange thing was that Michael couldn’t see their faces; everything from shoulders and up was blurry. He says he doesn’t know if it was the lighting, but their faces were dwelled in shadows and couldn’t be distinguished at all.

The male asked Michael to sit down, so he took the bean bag directly in front of the circular bed the two strange people were sitting on, and at the same time Loki exited the gazebo. The male asked Michael if he had performed any of the rituals on site, or walked “The Labyrinth” yet, which he told the male he hadn’t, and didn’t even know what they were. The male then asked him what he was there for in the first place? “You know what is going on around here, right?” Michael told him he doesn’t buy into that ritual stuff, and the male said, “Great! Me neither! There are some strange people doing strange things around here, don’t you think?”

At that time, Loki returned and told the two on the bed that this was Michael Lee Hill, who had filmed the UFOs over Lake Erie. Then, the male’s demeanor totally changed, and he said, “Have you ever heard of “Coast to Coast” radio show? Michael told him yes, and that he’d actually been on it. The male went on saying that there had recently been a man on that show named David Sereda, who was talking about a testimony from a Senior Scientist from Lockheed Martin, who’s name was Boyd Bushman[8]. He said this Bushman information, which had now been released, had upset many insiders, and he wanted to know if Michael knew anything about that?

At this point, Michael was beginning to freak out, but felt he needed to be honest, so he said he does know something about it, because it was in his film, “From Here to Andromeda”! The male seemed really shocked and asked who brought this person to him? Apparently, he also started throwing out some threats towards Michael and Bushman.

He then seems to calm down and said that they needed to find out how much Michael knew, and that they were going to do some experiments on him, and that it wouldn’t hurt.

A few new people entered the gazebo and performed some kind of mind-reading procedure on Michael, with devices which read/manipulated his “third eye”. One device looked like a small wand with a bright purple/blue LED on top of it. Michael could feel it, and he says it actually felt pretty good.

Then they had what appeared to be shiny, flashing instruments and laser pointers, and they told him they were going to remove some memory blocks.[9] The procedures they used on Michael were not painful at all, and when they were done, the male said. “I heard that you wanted to meet us? And that you have filmed our craft.”

This is when Michael was told he was sitting before the “King of the Anunnaki”. The actual name of the person was never given to Michael, but after all that went down, he had all the reasons to believe this male was Marduk himself, who is the one and only King of the Anunnaki on Earth.[10]

“Marduk” continued, saying that Michael is part of this Ruling Family as well (the Serpent Clan faction, supporting Marduk), and that it was a great synchronicity that he was “led” there, because now a meeting could take place between them all over a “change in Anunnaki leadership”, with a new time arriving for mankind with a new “game plan” to discuss. They told Michael that he and someone else were incarnated here now, at this time as humans (as opposed to Anunnaki) to be here for the end time changes (could this “someone else” actually be Terrell Copeland?).

Loki then intervened and said he had spoken to Michael already, and they both thought mankind is ready for open contact with races from other worlds and dimensions, and become members of the Galactic Community. Michael spoke up as well, agreeing with Loki, and adding that mankind needs to be released from the bondage that had kept them in survival mode; that it’s time that we humans get the chance to reach our true potentials.

The male on the bed, Marduk, listened while Michael and Loki were talking and then said, “If that’s how you feel, let’s do it.” Michael asked, “When?” and Marduk replied, “Obviously before 2012!” He said this in a tone of voice like if it was a silly question and that it was quite self-explanatory.

So it seems, Michael is telling me, that there will be an open First Contact with the Anunnaki some time before 2012.

The meeting was coming towards an end, and Michael asked if he could see their faces, and they said, “No, you will see our faces … tomorrow.”

Figura 6: gárgolas tradicionales. Los vemos por todas partes en los edificios, en especial en lo alto, cerca del techo. Algunos son alas, otros no lo son.

Then they added that they needed to talk about a change in Anunnaki leadership. Apparently (and this was in summer of 2008), they were about to change Kings. Michael admits this sounds crazy, but that’s what happened, and in one way or another, he is involved in this process, and he still doesn’t know how and why, and has no idea how to process this within himself.

As they were about to leave the Genie Bottle, the Anunnaki hybrid, Loki, walked over to Marduk, whom Michael got the feeling had tears in his eyes. Loki put his arm around Marduk and said with the most loving voice, “Don’t worry, now you can finally rest, my King.”

The male Anunnaki leader King followed Michael out, and Michael thought, “screw it”, let his curiosity take overhand and took a chance to sneak a peak at Marduk’s face. First off, he noticed Marduk was wearing a glowing, white-hooded robe and his face was not human. Michael describes it as looking “wavy” with very sculpted features, quite like a gargoyle, but actually very beautiful. He was not scary-looking at all. The strangest thing was that the Anunnaki leader seemed not to be physical, but appeared to be transparent.

I asked Michael if he could draw a picture of the gargoyle face, but he told me he can’t draw at all. I sent him six or seven pictures that are in public domain and asked him if any of them corresponds with what he saw, and this is what he told me about fig. 7 below: “That first picture is kinda close but imagine the facial features from the eyebrow up more pronounced and the entire face/head was translucent.”


Figure 7: Reptilian “gargoyle type”?

The next morning, still at the Sirius Festival, Michael woke up and poured some water over his head. When he looked up, he saw a male and a female walking up to his tent on the dirt road, and he instantly “knew” it was the Anunnaki leader and his female follower (consort?) Now they looked very human. The male stopped in front of Michael and said, “Good morning, Commander Michael!”

Marduk, here walking around on the Festival campus amongst all the celebrating people who had no idea who he was, still had the sculpted facial features, but they were subdued, and he had the most radiant blue eyes. He and Michael spent most of that day together, and he offered to make Michael dinner. Michael took him up on it.

“The meal was awesome”, as Michael put it; lamb with ocra and curry sauce. They talked, and Michael says Marduk was really a beautiful soul. He asked the Anunnaki leader what he was going to do about the Boyd Bushman issue; the information being revealed in Michael’s film? Marduk said that now when they knew Michael is one of them, they will not be able to touch him, so he was told not to worry about it.

This was Michael’s first meeting with the Anunnaki.

4.-Bill Birnes of UFO Magazine and UFO Hunters: How Much Does This Man Really Know? (Michael in Contact With Secret Military Industrial Complex)

Michael was pretty stunned when he noticed that something Bill Birnes said to him actually became true. Was it intuition on Bill’s part, did he know something Michael didn’t, or were they just conclusions from his years of experience in the UFO field? I don’t know, but if I had to choose one, I’d choose the latter. This is what happened:

Bill Birnes predicted during the interview for History Channel UFO Hunter episode “Alien Contact” that we are being prepared by a “behind the scenes” secret Military Industrial Complex Group and given a coarse of study to help us prepare to meet the actual ETs. To Michael, that has actually happened, he says.

Michael will now share some personal correspondence between this group that was spoken of during UFO Hunters, and himself. I will present it in Michaels own words (due to that his story was given to me via email, where we all sometimes don’t bother with spell and grammar check, I have adjusted this on some occasions in Michael’s correspondence for the reader’s convenience. Everything else is exactly as I received it from Michael. Any words added by me are within brackets [] ):

A – I was featured on “UFO Hunters” show episode because I am a level 5 contactee.

They flew me to Boston to have my medical & blood tests done by a Harvard Professor. The results of my blood test was that I have an unknown blood condition/bloodline that is not normal human blood. I had no clue what any of this bloodline stuff was about at this point.

I was featured on the History Channel’s UFO Hunters, hosted by Bill Birnes, publisher of UFO Magazine. On the episode, the UFO Hunters decide to test my blood and the blood of another apparent contactee. We both had a unknown very rare blood anomaly/bloodline, A harvard doctor uncovered “non-normal human level” elevated levels of Creatine Kinase, which is a very rare occurrence in just one person, let alone two.

This anomaly releases massive amount of CK into blood which in turn super Oxygenates the bloodstream; you will see below what the end result is on the human body.

B – A group of Military Industrial Complex Insiders began giving me a coarse of study on the subject of Higher Physics, and a true picture of the bigger reality in which humanity finds itself in at the moment.

Here is an example of an insider’s information given to me regarding this blood anomaly/bloodline [which] the History Channel revealed.”

“And the whole part about not having a choice just verifies the importance of your bloodline. I’m sure you’ve seen the movie “Dune”? Probably as many times as me? You know how important bloodlines were to them?

You do realize that this blood “anomaly” is something like mitichlorines from Star Wars?

Oxygen carrying capacity in blood equals percentage potential of nervous system usage and your bodies over all potential electrical capacitance ability.

Whether you use the “force” or not the potential is there.

The Scientologists can test for this with that machine of theirs they use for auditing. A question that triggers a deep emotional response would show a much stronger reading with you than most anyone else.”[11][12]

C– I then had my life infiltrated with black-ops agents; 3 that I know of. One of those 3 came into my life as a new girlfriend who a few months into the relationship took a blood sample from me during a very private moment, When I confronted her, she fessed [confessed] up & told me everything. Her first words were “Your hard earned tax dollars [are] being put to good use” and that the group she worked for confirmed what they were looking for in my blood, The Human/Anunnaki hybrid Bloodline [emphasis not in original]..

Below is an e-mail from this secret group of insiders I mentioned. They began to ask me point blank questions such as the following; (these are actual cut & pastes from talks I have had with them)…..”

“It is not a complete surprise to any of us that you were a target of trickery, deceit, malfeasance, misuse, abuse, misinformation and disinformation. To top it all off, you’ve chosen a most public life that looks like it’s reflected back to you all of the fears embedded in the human soul from long ago. But, in between all of the horsepucky, you have been fed some manha.

But you’ll have to figure out which is which, having chosen the road you are taking. As to your blood anomaly, don’t feel lonesome. There are others like you, people that don’t get sick very easily, who have factors and strange enzymes that look like nanoscience out of some pulp sci-fi novel. And who live very, very long lives, and can appear and disappear at will. No big deal. What is a big deal is what you do with the hand that has been dealt to you.

It is obvious you have gone on a testing spree of latent faculties and were mucked with to see what you’d do and how you’d react. If someone wanted you dead, you’d be long gone. But that is not what this is about.

What this is about – for you and for all of the observers interested in your trek – is what’s between your ears and in that nervous system of yours fed by the blood others want. And what you are lacking is systematically useful information – about it, about yourself, about your descent, about your own biology, about the faculties you have experienced which have led you to fear and then to new realizations.

Living a public life without boundaries and self-imposed limits is like being a candy store yourself and everyone wanting to have a lick at you for the taste (as this woman appeared to be the case, until she essentially cut a piece of your dick for the blood of it), for the experience and for the perceived value of the brand of candy you are.

The world knows now you have something in your blood that makes you different, even without you seriously knowing what it is. Or do you?

Do you know what it is that is so sought after as confirmation of descent?

If not, why not?

If yes, what are you going to do about it (the information)?

And when are you going to stop the world and get off it, like you would a bus, for a while, to take stock of the experiences and of the questions before you?”[13]

Michael continues by telling me he wants to share another letter he received from this same Military Industrial Complex Group Insider (Michael’s terms). He can’t reveal the name of this group, he says, but the letter is filled with knowledge that not too many people on this planet are privy to:

Thursday 10 July 2008

Dear Michael:

Thank you for your email today. I just received a copy of what you sent, and decided to reply with a letter directly to you. From where I’m sitting, I hear two Michaels speak out – the musical Michael, which is a musically inclined personna that’s gone through a musical evolution, and the private Michael, which is the one that’s gone through an awakening. Inside, both seem so closely tied that it may or may not be noticeable to you. In here, I’m going to answer to both, and hope that the real Michael (who is the blend of both worlds) understands the words I use in replying to your long note to us, and to me.

You know, these two Michaels have a distinct role to play in this whole crazy thing we are all participating in. I’ve wondered, and had asked XXXXX more than once, just why is it that you came to us. He pointed out your reply to him when one of us asked whether or not you were sure about doing a concentration with us.

XXXXX and I will be your guides, once you get under way. What I am still trying to grasp is who the group is that is in touch with you, and why did they give you approval to work with us. There are several possibilities as possible answers to those questions. But we’ll save them for much later, at a time when the three of us are together somewhere, somewhen. I say these, as a kind of preface to you, because I am a wide eyed, curious, born-in-Missouri show-me kind of guy. But I also have enough gnosive experiences to know how it all works, why, and what the rules are. Gnosive is a word you’re going to hear and read often from now on, so you might as well get introduced to what it means.

Gnosive is a mode of getting information that uses all, every pore and cell of your body as one huge antenna that sets up interference with fields and fields and more fields not just in our space/time but also in other space/time ratios.

In saying all of this, please also be prepared to ditch and completely discard anything you might have learned about how the human body-mind really works, and expect to have your notions of reality, materiality, spirit, God, and What Is be severely challenged. Many rebel, but I don’t think you will…. Something tells me you won’t.

Gnosive IS our lifeline to anything and everything and everyone else – not just Earth human, but also to other forms of life in the universe. Know-how, knowings, and knowledge we have plenty to offer you. What you do with it is what I stand ready to be surprised and glad and awed.

I now know that all of us Earth humans are intricately woven into a connective tissue-like weave, much more than a network, and much more like a kind of overfunction – spokes to a grand wheel at the center of which is nothing and everything, because all of us together are It. This may sound like just another construction to support the Christian view of a Christ, but it is not. Come to find out, EVERY living form in our known universe (and from other space/time ratios) are organized like that. We’ve known this for over twenty years now, and keep learning how it all works, and why.

Then there are those who are not from here, some of whom are already on planet surface, some already living around where you live and elsewhere in the upper Midwest. They look like you and me, but you can tell they are not from here. The life forms with whom you are connected to and communicate with may well have “representative” or “crew members” already on the surface, in Ohio and other nearby states.

This would not surprise me in the least; in fact, by what you described in your email, I would expect it. Let me then give you a capsule view of what we are about, what kind of science we practice, what I believe is the set of reasons ‘they’ sent you here to us, and what my vision is of why you are here.

About us
We are a germ that was planted in the soil of some minds back in the early ‘80s and germinated in some of us in the later years of that decade. The idea did not come from any of us, but rather from one of ‘them.’ From those small beginnings, we are now still a small group (50+) but we are independent of any organized worldview and control, and we are organized as a cooperative that operates by consensus of all its members. It is a handful to operate, but it keeps us out of the penetration and control of outside forces – if you know what I mean.

The principle is simple: some can be fooled all of the time, all can be fooled part of the time, but not all can be fooled all of the time. In the latter years of the decade of the 90s, we had prima-donnas and egomaniacs who wanted to be the stars, and it almost tore the whole group apart. But, fortunately, everyone saw things for what they were and decided as a group that we did not want that; we wanted all involved and participating according to individual plans and wishes. Our mission statement is simple: we are here to study what can be said about what Nature is and how she works.

The story is continuing to evolve; the whole thing is a work in progress. But we are of one mind about the mission. And we accept help from wherever and whenever it comes, provided the interests and purposes of those sources of help are similar (consonant) to what we see to be the interests of the human race (and not just the controlling forces that now direct and control all significant aspects of our evolution, science, technology, etc.).

We have decided to be wide-eyed about things, especially about those who are not from here. We chose not be label them as aliens, ufonauts, and some of the other words often used to name them. We simple deal with what it, and what is (with the exception of one group) is that they are not from here.

Our Science
One of the things we discovered without intending to is that the universe and all other aspects of it is actually idiomaterial. Idiomaterial means that it is matter and thought and we can’t tell it apart. Life physics (which is what came out of this effort) literally leads us to seek explanations on causation, not just the unification of all forces of nature (as material or standard physics does). We use a means and method of going out of the body that is technologically supported and allows a person to do that on demand; we called it extension neurosensing (or ENS for short). The theory and technology was developed by some of us.

This technology showed us that the world (universe), life (not only biological life but all other forms of life, even non biological ones), God (or what we discovered lays behind the ‘source’ of all energetics in what we came to call the Unum – everything that emanates and finds source at a T [or Thought]-boundary.

This is not just a mathematical construction, but a ‘place’ one can see, some can even visit and survive it as form. And yes, it is a source of infinite love. We have learned much from it and about how Nature is and works in the last twenty or so years. We have also learned a lot about ourselves as individuals and as a species or biological kind (or simply biokind).

As you get started, your are going to be literally bombarded with a whole lot to read and absorb. This will go on for the better part of a year or so. You’ll be expected to write essays to explain what and how you are piecing together the new picture you develop of how things really work. The focus during this first year will be on how Nature works and how we human beings can master the use of what Nature offers us, and all those who are like us who already know much better and much more than us at present. We will encourage you to write well and often, and hope that some of the things you come up with are publishable.

Most of the other Research Fellows are doing just that now, some of whom have already published for all members of the “XXXX” Group to read and comment on. You will then have the chance and opportunity to interact with them by phone and by messenger on what they said about what you wrote, and defend, modify and update your point of view.

Most everything you read will go a long way toward helping you unlearn what you learned before and what you think you know about the subject(s). I’m here to tell you that not all is the way it’s cracked out to be. Fox Mulder, the famous FBI agent in The X-Files had a saying on his office wall that said, “The Truth is out there!” under the photo of a UFO. Well, we politely disagree and state categorically that “The Truth is everywhere!” and here you are going to learn to tap into the Truth that is due you by the effort and time you put in seeking it.

One thing that you’ll discover as you move into this new realm of knowledge is that as you learn and evolve, you’ll reach new levels of knowing and know how, and that this comes with new responsibilities and patterns of thinking and behavior. The whole thing is really a kind of personal bootstrapping by the sweat of your brow and the mind that is married to your body.

We say superposed to your body, because they both coexist in the same space/time. And you’ll get to learn and use new languaging systems that involve much more than just words. An example of this you are already experiencing with your extraterrestrial contacts; you have a languaging system that allows you both to communicate with each other, both ways. Eventually, you’ll also experience things in the Unum itself, a realm of space/time ratios in which some of the spatial dimensions are enfolded and create initial problems to a neurosensor just beginning because it creates perceptual effects that are weird to the uninitiated and inexperienced.

But that’s all right; with time, wisdom comes and from wisdom new and far more expanded understanding. In the same vein, you’ll also inevitably going to move to, and ultimately grasp and understand the need of something called topological thinking, which to most of us represents the next stage in mental development for the human race on Earth. And you’ll learn how to develop this in yourself, because you’ll need to in order to progress along a path you’ll also realize is there and open to you.

Ultimately, you’ll come to see that everything, literally, is physics – but not a physics that is exclusively material or exclusively noetic (thought), but both – in other words, idiomaterial. This is far beyond even subquantum physics.

You’ll come to see and realize that every cell, indeed, every elementary particle that makes your body particulate, is a black hole and a white hole at the same time, and that this merges everything you are made of with a vacuum (actually a plenum) that is full of energy that constitutes a literal ocean of it.

The entire universe, which is but one of seven superdomains, is nothing but particles that emerge from and go back to this plenum in a kind of continuous, neverending Texas two-step dance. And you’ll also discover that there are millions of possible infinities which are intimately and forever connected to what to us is infinitesimal – smaller than the smallest piece of matter. So you’ll get to touch both infinity and the Planck limit – the boundary of the infinitesimal – during your journey with us. And you’ll realize that the human mind is far more powerful than humankind today even fathoms.

Why you Were Led To Us
This is an interesting exercise for us, because we distinctly get it that it has to do with what your friends who are not from here want you to learn and evolve into. You see, right now, they see and sense your good heart and open, connected intention and life giving ways. You also have music in you, but not in the sense of just playing the guitar or composing songs. You see, to create matter, you need music – or more specifically, sounds. Not just any one sound, but specific sound frequencies in combination[13a].

You’ll also learn about this in the course of your concentration. And you’ll learn how to use them to light encode objects out of thin air.

Yes, what we spoke about before, As you said in your biography – synchronicity. And the synchronicities do not end there.

With you comes to all of us new roads, avenues and doors that you already opened for yourself. You’ve already crossed these doors. When these new doors you’ve already crossed become aware of your bootstrapping new self, new interest will arise in what you as part of all of us bring to the world. In that sense, the mission you set for yourself comes to pass, and with you as part of a far larger thing.

This also translates into the entertainment as education aspect of this whole thing we are doing means. An act you learn to do and produce will speak a billion words. This will definitely get attention, and it is incontrovertible – you cannot argue with it. And the kind of music you may come to know and write and produce will be nothing like what exists today, because you’ll most likely learn to use the true Pythagorean scale, from which creation itself comes. Think also of the value of getting to know your flying friends by pressing the flesh, as it were. Don’t discount it.

Maybe being here is what they hope you will use in getting to that point with them. There is a far larger issue, many new problems and immense opportunity all blended into one phenomenon in that. But this is one phenomenon we will have to participate in very carefully and very intelligently. We are not without contacts in this respect. And much, much more needs to yet be done in this area.

So welcome to the stage, brother. Life will never again be the same for you. Only you can determine and decide if what you’ve chosen was the right thing for you. I suspect strongly it is, but that is not for me to declare with strong emphasis. Funny, though, the stage onto which you’ve jumped in your vision or dream is not the only one where there is a small audience. This one too has an audience of a handful now. But, as the message to me was, Build it and they will come,” said, they will and they are coming. As all the other Research Fellows are finding out now, you too will realize that you’ll learn by teaching others what you develop, evolve into, and become.

Finally, and extremely telling by how you sign off, peace is the basis, the platform, from and through which most of what you’ll learn to become comes through. Without peace, you are quite right to say that fear reigns in the human heart and mind. And that we cannot allow to happen. Our own survival and thrive as a biokind rides on it.
At peace,
Managing Scientist

Michael says: “I have been given a coarse of study from this secret group just as Bill Birnes predicted on the History Channel show.”

“As I stated, I have met many ‘ET’s’ now, The main group I have been personally contacted by in all of this is the Anunnaki; both the ones who have been here all along but hidden behind the scenes and the ‘Incoming’ Anunnaki as well.”

“The Anunnaki are returning, and I believe that is why the masses are being prepared with shows such as the History Channels Ancient Aliens show, in particular the ‘The Mission’ episode which dealt almost exclusively with the Anunnaki.”

“Last but not least, I would like to share a communication I received from a ‘Military Industrial Complex Insider’ as an example of what these ‘Insiders’ are telling me about what they know regarding me & my contact with these ORBS OF Light…”
(Michael’s comments are within parenthesis, Wes’s note)

“I’m termed a sub contractor (W.S.F.M)

(These folks make pilotless drones for fire fighting with NASA;

More of Boyd Bushman’s revelations are being run through several labs/tests as we speak Michael, you will be kept up to speed.

(This individual is speaking about Senior Scientist for Lockheed Martin Boyd Bushman’s testimony from David Sereda’s & my film From Here To Andromeda –

You will have no doubts by now Michael that the intelligences associated with the orbs selected you, just as you have since become aware that the intelligence agencies know this also but, are at a loss what to do about it.

All are awaiting the orbs associated intelligences moves unfold via interaction with you.

Part of the reason of your selection was your frame of mind , you exihibited/transmitted neither fear nor anger, painful to these orb intelligences and much magnified, to what may be imagined.

Your enthusiasm to transmit your encounters is also factor

It is no coincedence that you are witnessing and recording the complete range of UK Ministry Of Defence phenomena, there is motive and close/direct & mental encounters which I believe will be revealed soon.
– (W.S.F.M) sub contractor”

Michael goes on: “Then through another communication it was stated how the Powers That Be had tried to silence the Lake Erie UFO Story and discredit me in the process, This was my exact reply…”

“They sure did try to shut down this Lake Erie UFO story but the fact is the actual ufo activity over lake Erie is growing and growing and hundreds of people are seeing and filming it. All the major media has covered the story and they have here filming these objects as well. Early May you will see this story all over the news. So Yes, They did try and discredit me a few years ago but we are well beyond that now and you can’t keep a good man down. I have never given up trying to help humanity no matter what they said because i knew the TRUTH. I will be vindicated now because this story is going worldwide, It is disclosure.”

And here is his actual response to Michael’s reply:
“And out of those “hundreds” we have you the one chosen by Enki to be his messenger. er wait….you’re the Maitreya.

And you need vindication because you don’t care what anyone thinks about you.


Furthermore, Michael tells me that it has been confirmed that Marduk is a flesh and blood Anunnaki, who sits on top of the Planetary Masonic Zion Apparatus. Here are his own words again:
“So the plan that’s made mention in the Illuminati Zion protocols and carried out by Baal worshiping illuminates is traced back to the Annunaki. Supposedly there has been a split in the ranks of the Annunaki and Marduk is the usurper to the throne.

Mars seemingly plays a role in this. There is information leaking out now about a base in Mars, connected to Earth by a stargate accessible from Pine Gap[14] and other bases. But this may suggest that the connection to Mars and Earth share different timelines. (i.e. if you stargate to Mars you may be there now but in the Earth’s past )

From my current per view – this earth is a dimension in 3D density where archetypes of good/evil are allowed for choice to be made for sovereign individuals. Marduk – represents a negative polarity and the Marduk-Ra-Mars energy has suppressed the Feminine Gaia Venus principle on the planet to hasten technological evolution on this planet.

ACTION_ACIO <——————————-*

I know this Insider well from my experiences, but not as a friend. I have had a few quite unpleasant encounters with him, and he will be further exposed in my following Paper. Michael crossed out this person’s name, but I will expose him, and thus take responsibility for its accuracy. This Insider goes under a pseudonym, Dr. Roy Gordon, and is working for the NSA/ACIO. This name may sound familiar to the reader, and if not, see paper, “The Marduk Issue and the Earth-Bound Anunnaki”, section 8. He was the one who infiltrated LPG-C.
5. Some Additional Information From Michael on the Anunnaki Topic

For those who are familiar with the WingMakers[15] and have read “Project Camelot’s interview” with James in 2008[16] may find some similarities with the following letter, which Michael received, but he wants to keep the sender anonymous. If the reader is not yet familiar with the WingMakers material, I strongly recommend that you read up on it, especially the “Neruda Interviews”[17] and the Project Camelot Interview, because the WingMakers have a lot of significance to what is happening in the world today, and what will happen in the near future.

Here is the letter that was sent to Michael, quoted in full (I have not bothered with correcting spelling and grammar errors). The letter in itself has no real significance, because I don’t know who wrote it, but I include it here for future discussions, as this matter is quite controversial. I have from one of my sources, that WingMakers Material that is more recent than the Neruda Interviews is a mix of truth and half-truths, and that the website(s) have been taken over by someone else, and that the original, genuine “James” is no longer in charge of the information being published. However, that is for later.

5.1 The WingMakers/Anunnaki Letter.

“They (Anunnaki) don’t deactivate nukes, that would be the friends of the Wingmakers … The Atlantians who avoided being enslaved by the Annunaki by moving into another dimension of Earth where the Annunaki can’t go – so they sealed the grids between the dimensions[18].

Just recently these Atlantians breached the grid between the dimensions… and even though they have been sending messages to their fellow citizens, for 11,000 years now, they were mostly distorted by the HMS programing[19]… humans were too pre occupied with survival, until now. THis era is the first time humans have had a moment to think “outside the box”, because the annunaki incarnated, left running the programs of the Annunaki … the “bloodline” is of the self-created gods, but now the Atlantians are incarnating too… The indiscretion of these human-annunaki is infamous, so some of us may in fact have some of their DNA in us.

The Annunaki are the rulers of this Universe, they are not fallen angels, they are another species completely different than Angels (obviously) , we have the same creator, and the same free will. They choose to take advantage of thier technology to enslave entire planets, and ours was just one of them, but we shall prevail…because we have discovered how to turn the HMS[19] off.

to turn off the HMS, one must simply say NO MORE … will participate in the deception of dualities … and follow through with that.

NO MORE! No more will I be part of this deception. No more will I contribute my energy to the works of deception. No more will I stand idle while others suffer. No more will I shake in my self doubt and allow those in power to decide my fate. No longer will I be sucked into the distractions of the Elite. No longer will I reserve my activism for a future time… the time is NOW.

If you do this – not only in words but deeds – you will see a space open up in your life; a sort of emptiness and stillness that lacks human embroidery or definition. This is the place in which you can stand-up and radiate the oneness, equality and truthfulness of the Sovereign Integral[20]. This is the activism that will change the world. It will not be the organizations, the sects, or the militias that bring change. They cannot stand up to the Elite. Only the Self, the Sovereign Integral, operating in harmony with Earth/Nature can stand-up to the Elite and usher in the era of transparency and expansion.

Do you know of the forming of The Council of these incarnating Ancients/Atlantians? And it’s function?
I know their origins…and their purpose, it is the same as ours …to enhance and expand our own consciousness via experience in Matter, Energy, Space and Time, and to self-create and express our unique identity as Sovereign Integrals from the Central Race …

Our DNA is the same as the Annunaki, they have deceived themselves, in their visions of self-created grandeur. And are suffering the consequences of their attempts to keep the other species of this Universe in a prison… which I am sure was an exhaustive task.

Our template has the advantage of being created last, using the best of the features of all previous six species [the 7 root races. See Helena Blavatsky’s and Alice Bailey’s work, Wes’ comment]. The Annunaki’s part in the plan was no mistake… we needed this experience so that we might appreciate being who we are … which is a species with all the abilities of the creators, and each with the potential to be individual representatives of First Source’s divine love.

SECUs, (sovereign entities of the central race) is who we are… as “First Beings” of Light we were identical, in all but one aspect, and that was that our consciousness was individuated … so that we would reach out to each other, and discover what makes us Unique, which is the highest attribute of creation… and demonstrates ITs presence and trust in us.

We are explorers, first and foremost, and creators second. We were multi-dimensional being and created a world, this world, so that we could experience “separation”. We fragmented our soul consciousness – our true identity, from our body’s consciousness, by creating a mind that was totally unaware of our connection to the Central race, so that we could experience the genuine and authentic emotions of an independent individual uniquely

Using free will, we each chose what we needed to develop our own unique personality… our own identity. Over ten thousand life times, we experienced All that IS … and now, as you say, school is over. And now is our opportunity to demonstrate our skills as Masters…we have a little time yet to practice, before the Galactic Alignment activates the last of our DNA that has been preserved for this “time” [Wes’ emphasis]. Those who are prepared for when the “full activation” of the Source Codes are “shifted” on, will find themselves fully conscious of All the realities they have ever experienced – enhanced and expanded via self-creation and awareness of all our individual and collective abilities.

Creation is the manifestation of matter energized, It requires Light and Sound, The Light is what activates us, our Life force, and the sound is the tone of our words … the expression of our thoughts. Collectively we are a force that manifests even the wildest dreams.

once the media gets our focused attention collectively…and manipulates the energy we give to any one expressed thought, it will manifest…even our darkest fears. Being aware of our creative abilities is what the PTB (Powers That Be, Wes’ comment] have over us .

these laws of creation hold true no matter if you are conscious of them or not … we, as a collective created this world, and we have the ability to choose where we direct our energy and the ability to choose what we are co-creating. No one can prevent us from doing that … true sovereigns, can not be told, what they can and can’t do, they are self-aware of their unique abilities and value as a member of this species…Sovereigns share one common goal – global equality which is perceived universally as WHOLEness..

I like your Wingmakers Painting. I have a unique version of it framed and in my line of sight, given to me by its creator. I assume that you are aware that it is a self portrait of a very real person. We share a common interest in the work of the LTO [Lyricus Teaching Order, Wes’ comment].”>

6. The Eric Clapton Connection

I mentioned earlier that Michael Lee Hill is a gifted musician. However, there is more to it than that; he claims that he is Eric Clapton’s son! Before you hit the exit button on your browser, listen to this!

Michael himself had no idea about the above until just recently. Let’s start on this end; Michael got a letter from Bill Birnes, UFO Hunters:
William J Birnes <>
To: Michael Hill <>

Hi, Michael,

Hope you are well. I am writing the manuscript for the UFO Hunters season 1 book now and am up to your chapter on alien contact. I was hoping I could either get on the phone with you or through email, update your information, especially as it regards your biological parents. I think it would be a real blockbuster to have an interview with you about what you learned after the episode when you spoke to your biological mom.

What do you think?

Bill Birnes

What Bill was about to announce to the world in his new book is what came out of the blood tests; when the History Channel found out about Michael’s blood anomaly from the Harvard Professor. They found out he was adopted, and asked Michael if he could track down his biological parents to see if the blood issue was a family genetic trait.

Figure 8: Eric Clapton and Alice Ormsby Gore [photo probably late 1960s]
For the first time in his life, Michael got in touch with his biological mother, and also got to meet his two half-sisters. He says it was great to meet them all, and that he should have done it sooner, but time was apparently not right until recently. The shocker came when Michael asked his mother who his biological father is, and she told him, Eric Clapton! And she had plenty of fact and information to back up that claim.Michael tells me:

I don’t know if I will ever get to meet Eric, I have just about as much of a clue how to contact him as any of you do.I love my Father and Mother who raised me so much, It’s not much of an issue but I sure would love to get to meet him and jam with him ?I was born March 11, 1968 so I would have been conceived around June of 1967 which would make Eric around 22 then. She told me she was very upset because Eric had brought his new girlfriend to the Hospital when I was born, she told me that this girl’s father held a lot of power in the music industry due to my own research. I believe that girl was Alice Ormsby Gore who was the youngest daughter of William David Formby Gore, 5th Baron Harlech, A Lord in England. You see, William David Ormsby Gore has serious ties into the Entertainment (Illuminati) business and these people had already planned on Eric going Solo out of Cream and hooking up with Alice and me, and my mother were not part of that plan.

It is known that Eric started dating Alice Ormsby Gore in 1968.My Mother did tell me Eric has a blood Anomaly as well, Eric had told her he was a blueblood boy or something to that effect.My Biological Mother and two half sisters have had no ET contact or UFO sightings that they recall.
In early 2008, I interviewed a woman named Debra Hunter-Pitts, who claims to have been the lover of Eric Clapton and Carlos Santana. She also claims to have two sets of twins with both. You can find the interview here: Normally, when I write something, it starts a debate; so also in this case. Some people emailed me and said that it sounded plausible, while others discarded Ms. Hunter-Pitts as a fraud. I got to feel her out, and I know she is not a fraud. She herself truly believes in her story; from the beginning to the end.Michael himself mentions this article to me, because he stumbled upon it, most likely when he was looking for information on his dad. He says it’s a very interesting connection, and that he knows Eric was involved in some anti-government work behind the scenes.
7. Michael’s Meeting With a Known Musician, Claiming To Be of High Order and in Connection With the Arcturians. 
It’s obvious to me that Michael is here on Earth in this incarnation for a specific purpose, out of the “ordinary”. He has a blood anomaly, which attracts certain ET races; both those whose imperatives are clashing with our best interests, and those who may be here to support us. Michael has another “ET” experience, which happened after his encounter with Marduk at the Sirius Rising Festival.Michael is telling me he has met a “cosmic being”, who is of the “Ancients”.
This person also told him he had had an encounter with the Arcturians,[21] face-to-face. According to Edgar Cayce, the well-known “sleeping prophet”, the Arcturians are the most evolved beings in the Universe at this moment. If this is true or not is up for debate, but they are certainly a very positive, evolved race.
This person that Michael met also knew about the blood anomaly, without having seen the UFO Hunter show! (Again, to protect his sources, Michael does not want to reveal who this person is in public, but he revealed it to me. Michael’s source is indeed a known musician; I have proof that Michael knows him well by now, and when you see this man on stage and in interviews, you see a very evolved being with one of the most positive energies I’ve ever felt. This is one of the reasons I am publishing this part of Michael’s story. When you watch and listen to him, he immediately raises your vibrations).When Michael has asked him who he is, this man says, “I’m of the Highest of the Most High”. He says further that the Ancients were a very evolved race who were tricked into the human lives/condition, and around 5,000 years ago their physical human incarnations were slaughtered somehow. Michael continues:
“>These Ancients decided to ascend into higher realms and at the right time – at the end of this current cycle (Now) 2012, They would reincarnate under the Radar so to speak into this timeline as humans to awaken and bring great change and “Heaven On Earth”
This Spiritual master told me that there is a Bloodline connected to these Ancients in Human form, A “Royal” Blood Line.<
Michael has spent quite some time with this other musician, and out of the blue, as the two were walking the streets of Pittsburgh, he suddenly said to Michael, “Michael, you have the bloodline.” Michael was caught off guard, but told his friend that indeed he had a blood anomaly, but he doesn’t know what it really means.His friend replied, “It’s Royal Blood”. Michael said he doesn’t know what this means either in relation to himself, but his friend just said, “I know…but you will!” And again, apparently, this man had not seen the UFO Hunter Show. So Michael asked him how he would know, then? His friend told him, “Michael, I can tell the minute I meet someone if they have the bloodline. That’s why I am incarnated right now; to meet and greet the Ancients as they awaken.”

He went on to say, “Michael, The last time we met was 5,000 years ago, and before that was 9,000 years ago, You have the Bloodline; you are one of the Ancients.”

Furthermore, he went on to tell Michael that long ago, before the last Pole Shift, many Ancients were tricked into human incarnations, not being told how dark this realm had become, and they were slaughtered, These beings ascended into the higher realms and waited for the right time to begin incarnating back into this timeline again, at the end of this current cycle to help humanity through these difficult changes.

Michael then sent me a quote of something he found, which does not originate from his friend, but is related and he was wondering if I could post it as a side note. Here goes:

“>There was a meeting of galactic leaders as to why the Earth should be helped or not… There were a lot of quick judgments as to leaving the Earth and its inhabitants to their fates of doom and destruction. But there were also those who wanted to help and they couldn’t just come here to do it themselves the way they were because it would violate free will… so there was a test given even to the ETs. To be born here on Earth as humans, to be in THEIR shoes so to speak and if they gave in and were corrupted, the earth shall be left to it’s destruction. If they could keep the light and awaken within this nightmare as humans, they can change things and bring about the golden age so no free will would be breached because it would all be done from within enemy territory, from behind enemy lines!

This planet is not to fail for it would affect all else because everything is connected.<
To round off, I want to quote Michael directly once again, regarding more information coming from his friend, so the reader gets it directly from the source:
He [Michael’s friend] said he is responsible for the assembly of a Council of people/beings who have this “Royal” bloodline and there is 150 seats to this council. He told me I was number 63 out of the 150 and I was introduced to number 65 and was told who number 64 is.

I can’t reveal their identities at this time for obvious reasons.

He told me more of why these beings were slaughtered in the past.

These beings came from higher realms and were somewhat tricked into human incarnation not realizing how Dark this realm had become.

These beings were “prophets and seers” to the pharaohs of Egypt and these beings held the keys & knowledge to multi-dimensional travel and the pharaohs wanted this knowledge above all else, when the “Ancients” refused the pharaohs this knowledge because they knew the knowledge would be misused, an order was given to slaughter the “Ancients”.

This being told me he’s waiting for the scientists of this council of 150 to awaken.

I asked him so what happens when you find all 150?

He responded……”Were going to have a meeting”

He went on to tell me he didn’t know how many people of the bloodline were incarnated, could be thousands but this council he is forming is first come or Awaken first serve.

8. Afterthoughts and Conclusions

Although this story may sound incredible to the reader, Michael’s UFO case got quite some publicity, and no one can really explain what Michael saw over Lake Erie. As I said earlier, Michael is a musician, who needs to think of his career, but still comes out in the open with this information. I have talked to him quite extensively, and the way he comes across, there is virtually no way I think he is a hoax, or is at all lying. He appears to be a very honest and pleasant man, and his energies are very comfortable and nice. If anything needs to be added to that, I would say he is very curious by nature, and perhaps gets more involved with certain beings than is good for him, but who am I to judge? His story is very coherent, though, and ties in to much of my research.

Many people, at least in the UFO field, can probably accept Michael’s videos as being genuine, but what about the encounters with the Anunnaki Leadership?

We have previously discussed in other papers that the Anunnaki are not genuinely humanoid; some of them are reptilian  and reptilian hybrids, and I believe we can establish as a fact that they are also working in unison with factions of Reptilians and Dracos; perhaps even the Grays (I am personally inclined to believe the Gray connection is true, but need more proof. Dr. Bordon, according to himself, asked an Anunnaki in one of the LINK meetings if they were working with the Grays, and the answer was a definite “no!”; evidence point in the opposite direction). This person, whom Michael met on the bed at the Festival, shape-shifted from a gargoyle type of being to a humanoid, who could not be distinguished from any other human in a crowd.

The Anunnaki are not 3rd Density beings; the are interdimensional and capable of bending and manipulating light, something Life Physics terms LERM (light encoding of a reality matrix), so that things we see can have a different shape and form if we look at them from a different light perspective. Some alien life forms are extremely savvy at this.

Lastly, I want to make a comment about something which concerns me, though. Michael seems to, out of curiosity maybe, connect with beings who have different–even clashing–imperatives. My concern is his connection with S.A.A.L.M., Dr. Roy W. Gordon, and the people at Pine Gap. If  what the Ša.A.M.i. from the home planet Nibiru are saying about being connected with Marduk in any shape and form is true, Michael is in great danger, and so is his family and descendants, unless he is highly protected by positive forces. Michael says that he thinks Marduk is a very nice person, who is here to play the role of the “bad guy” as a catalyst for us, to help us wake up spiritually; that it is a sacrifice on his part. Even though this, on some level, is true, it doesn’t mean that we who are aware of this should hook up with the “catalyst”. Our task, as I see it, is to acknowledge that a certain person is a catalyst and move on towards a higher level of consciousness.

Still, I have noticed that Michael is very determined and has made his choices. It is not for me to decide what is right and wrong, because there simply are no such things in a Free Will Universe. All is experience and we are here to learn what we are setting ourselves out to learn, dealing with the karma we are creating (and have created in the distant past) and then move on. And whatever choices we make, it’s quite a ride!

[Much more on Michael Lee Hill in these 2012 updates!!!, followed by]


[1] Michael is most famous for his video series, “From Here to Andromeda”



[4] Perry Nuclear Power Plant is located 35 miles north-east of Cleveland, Ohio. Since 9/11, TFRs  (Temporary Flight Restrictions) has been put in place around this area. According to section 99.7 in the “Code of Federal Regulations”,
“>“Pilots must be aware of standing notice, issued under Section 99.7, advising them to avoid the airspace above, or in proximity to, sites such as nuclear power plants, power plants, dams, refineries, industrial complexes, military installations, and other similar facilities.”



[5b] I am guessing the spelling of certain people’s names, for which I apologize. No one is spelling them out in the video, so I have had to make qualified guesses. If someone knows about these people, feel free to email me so I can make corrections.

[6] Penre/Hill correspondence, April-May 2011.


[8] The interview between Sereda and Dr. Bushman can be watched here: “Secret UFO Propulsion Systems – Boyd (Lockheed Martin)”,

[9] This sounds very much like memory blocks which are put in place after alien and military abductions to have the abductee forget the experience. And Michael knows he has had some abductee experiences on top of everything else.

[10] Some Intel is indicating that Marduk is dead. I can’t reveal my sources, or the details, for obvious reasons (this is sensitive). He was still alive in the beginning of the 21st Century, but died any time between there and a few years ago. This means that the person, whom Michael talked with, still could have been Marduk, but also an attempt to show himself off as Gbril, Marduk’s son, who supposedly now has taken over the Throne of Earth. In other words, Marduk could potentially still have been alive at the time of Michael’s encounter and died soon after. There are indication in Michael’s story which support this theory. Whatever the truth is on this matter, in this paper I will refer to the male as Marduk, because this is how Michael perceived him.

[11] Penre/Hill correspondence, April-May 2011.

[12] The machine this Insiders talk about is called an e-meter, or electro-meter, which responds to emotional charge in the body/mind/spirit complex. A carefully planned question is asked to the client (preclear, or pre-OT in Scientology terms), and if the question has any relevance to the client, s “read” is detected by a needle on the machine. This is a working principle, which I have been subjected to thousands of times during my Scientology period. I have also sat on the other side of the machine and asked questions to others. I can testify that it works.

Figure i: Scientology e-meter, also showing the “cans” the preclear holds to emit the electric current to the e-meter. This young lady is thinking of something which bothers her; an electric current from her thoughts transfers through the wires to the e-meter, and the needle reacts to the current. This way, the emotional trauma can be located in the preclear’s subconscious mind, brought to surface, confronted via “two-way communication”, and discharged. The result is that the preclear gets rid of emotional trauma connected with the incident. A simple principle, and it should be obvious to the reader, after have read my “Science Papers”, that this principle works. [picture source:]

[13] Penre/Hill correspondence, April-May 2011.

[13a] Now compare this “sound information” with what Jarl Vidar wanted me to do–compose something that could open a stargate. I have known since I was a little kid that sound is the key to creating matter; from the smallest to galaxies, to entire universes. I told my friends this at a very young age, and of course they thought I was a nuthead. However, no matter what they said, I knew I wasn’t.

[14] Pine Gap, Australia, is a base for the U.S. National Security Agency (NSA), or rather a semi-secret branch of it called ACIO. We will go more into details about this organization in the next Paper. They are quite significant in this whole scheme.




[18] This is basically what we are going to do with our energy work and our activation of dormant DNA. If we choose this path, we will, just like during the old Atlantis Era, create a New Earth on a higher frequency where the Anunnaki can’t go. History repeats itself!

[19] Human Mind System (HMS) – The Human Mind System is separated into three primary functional mechanisms: The unconscious or genetic mind, the subconscious, and the conscious. These three components intermingle to form what most people term consciousness. The HMS is the most opaque and distorted veil that has stood between humanity and its true self, perverting its self-expression within the domains we call reality. ref:


[21] For more information on the very pleasant Arcturian race, see Dr. Norma J. Milanovich’s excellent book: “We, The Arcturians (A True Experience)” from 1990.

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  1. Annunakis are not the rulers of Universe, they are negative 4-5D race from Nibiru. Nibiru from another dimension is the fault experiment of Lucifer of uniting ours positive universe Nebadon with chaotic universe Ragnaren.

  2. Cannot open the update reading? Any suggestions? It says page not found to the following links:
    [Much more on Michael Lee Hill in these 2012 updates!!!, followed by]
    Thank you!

  3. The History channel is making a major mistake by canning the excellent show. The show has gained a cult following and the show has brought ufology to the public domain.

    Its a sad day when pity current affairs and reality shows (which are geared towards the short term concentration of most of the public) and more sought after than proper investigative and truth finding work. Just shows you the level of consciousness most people are at at the moment.

    I highly suggest you support the great show that was the ufo hunters by looking and sharing their dvds with friends and family – its a great education & investigation into important ufo events that should not be forgotten.


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