In Tank’s conversation with Matthew Anderson, he answered a question on the GCR

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  1. Sure. You have the Big Banks telling us that Gold and Silver is worthless metals, why’ll they accumulate tones of it. Then you have the Bitcoin rush. A currency that only exists in cyberspace that has No Intrinsic value but plenty of back doors. President Trump has already stated that Gold will back the US currency as it ounce used to be. This leads to the RV. With so much Fiat currency out there, you need to GCR it… The Big Lie is the bankers keeping the people ignorant about the monetary system. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to understand that “this” monetary system can’t keep going. Maybe the Big Lie is the Big Truth…

    • Absolute spot on truth here, JA! You have nailed it perfectly. I wonder where Anderson"s interests really are in all of his nonsense? You don't need to be a financial expert or rocket scientist to see the writing on the wall. To deny the obvious coming of the RV of currencies, is to have a vested interest in the swift system.

  2. So glad I never bothered to fall into any thing to do with Gaia. DW or CG. St Germain, please! A circus for sure.


  3. What’s with all the infighting? Humanitarian projects await. Why is personality politics standing in the way of RV? Isn’t helping humanity what’s important here?

  4. OK Tank, it is time to wake up!

    First of all, nothing was done to Kim! I paid her rent several times!

    I introduced her to some high level people such as Bedford Trust.

    The list is long on what she has attempted to do to us since she got upset that Magen wouldn’t channel for her when she demanded.

    The Galactics removed Kim from any real responsibility some time ago.

    When she released the doctored UP secret Bedford trust document trying to move her name up, as it was way down on the bottom rungs, she stepped out of line. The real people in control at the real top know who is who. We deal directly with them.

    When the Galactics took out Marduc and the 154 minions, which Magen was a coordinator in the operation, Kim wanted more info from her. And we don’t jump to anyone’s orders.

    So I am sorry that you don’t have all the information Tank. I am happy to have a private conversation and explain things.

    Such as who the real M1 is and the real control on the system. 5 keys are required unless you have a master key, then you only need two more keys.

    At any rate, I ignored your slander and her trying to turn people against us. Ask yourself why do you think she has such a vendetta against us? Because we are the real people on top.

    I came out because the people need the truth and it is time to stop the false prophets!

    Our partners have the treaty with the IMF and World Bank and the True Chairman who has the machine that the keys go into.

    We are doing all this for humanity and welcome whoever wants to help for the right reasons.

    I have sat back and didn’t do anything since you tried to give a bad name to Marc&I, knowing there is nothing anyone can do to stop the real truth.

    Yet again, it is time to come out with what is really happening because we are far enough along with the QFS and most advanced AI solutions.

    So with that I wish all you the best and the door is always open for those who seek the truth with the right heart alignment.

    Blessings M

    • So many groups out there claiming to know the truth but I have yet to find a place where someone tells us what is really going on and who we can trust? There will never be a change until someone takes down the lying MEDIA. With so much evil and brainwashing going on it is impossible to get people to see the lies. Praying for all and searching for answers. I trust GOD. Religion not my thing but I do believe God/source is at work right now in a big way. Humanity needs to unite and that will happen when someone gets the facts to people this would heal the divisions that are blocking everyone. Please let me know is there is a good source to find answers.

  5. Mathew Schlueter Strongly suggest you apologize what Magan , yourself and others did to kim, wake up to yourself Man and Man Up!!!

    Fact : Kimberley Anne Gougen

    1. Is The Only M1 and sole sovereign that can bring down funds and NO ONE has taken up her challenge , Why because all the other supposed M1’s are frauds !!!!

    2. Global currency reset /gcr /rv ILLUSSION/DELUSION ain’t happening

    3. Only place that Kim is funding Projects is via

    Move on everybody cut your loses and lodge your projects above funding IMINATE , do your due diligence 🙂


  6. Continued More evidence 2/2

    Kimberley Anne Gougen is the ONLY M1 that can pull down funds for Humanity.and has thrown out the challenge to everyone and no one has taken her up end of story !!!

  7. Kimberley Anne Gougen is the only M1 that can pull down funds for Humanity.and has thrown out the challenge to everyone and no one has taken her up end of story !!!

    Evidence Below

  8. Please Make Tanks Youtube go viral share share share !!!!


  9. Some of this is true. The GCR is the plan of the Cabal. We are planning a white hat version.

    Mana Trust and Kim Gougen is not the only way and doesn’t have the whole story. In fact she is taking parts of our story.

    We are the original white hats and have the ability do what is claimed here. Our top partners have all the authority and all the technology along with all the gold to do a new global system. We tried to work with Kim but she thought she was the only one who could do it.

    She can contact me when she is ready.

    Mathew Schlueter
    Mr M
    Mathues Imhotep

    [email protected]

  10. Tank is as is the wind…blowing from all directions. I would also like a transcription. being deaf means listening doesn’t work.

  11. My partner MJ was being sarcastic when said Great Info! Yes, a whole bottle of red pills, but not the ones that wake you up! I find this BS and the speaker is negatively mind controlled.

  12. Dear ones, it would HELP me a lot, to have some written words for understanding…..
    or is it too much work for you?
    greetings from me,



    The most brilliant concise description of the overall situation I have ever heard especially the sephira map. One quick red pill. Deep state mapping project listen and take a look?!


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