Natural News has been de-platformed by Facebook. Authoritarian tyranny accelerates.

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  1. The tyrannical and despotic movement by corporatism-controllers such as Facebook, Google, Twitter is sickening and a movement that must be challenged and fought against at all costs. Liberals certainly have seemed to shown their hypocritical stance (they truly are no liberal, progressive or any other benign motive, just the usual human ID Monsters that guide all and any other movement or ‘Club.’). Such fascist and tyrannical movements and persons have been with us for eons, and will continue to be so: we must fight them at all costs. All groups or persons are welcome to fiend me and also contact me and the Stephen Erdmann Trust and Foundation. I refer to this monster as the Military-Industrial-Corporate-Complex Matrix (MICCM). The idea of creating alternate media is a good one. I have one myself at

  2. Yes, to talk about health and plants that can cure us, will be swept of this earth by
    Big Pharma via Google, you Tube, ETC. IT IS PURE TERROR, and the tech giants have to go and very fast, they even tried to kill the plants that can heal us. God put us on this earth with everything that we need. It is a terrible situation. They all follow the money,
    more and more, never enough, but God will step in, I hope in the next decade.I have no words any more for the people who have behaved so bad against people. All the good people are being killed , with some really baddies, who are fighting to be the ones who lead their people into hell ! What a world., but we have no freedom of speech. Radiations,
    so bad for you, YOU DON’T HAVE ANY IDEA1 how the situation on earth is at the moment, we will get natural disasters, big ones, all kind of sicknesses which are hardly curable, infections, etc.
    But we did it ourselves, our governments were to coward and spineless to protect us, we are only good for the money to pay for the baddies. You will reap what you sowed and it will not be pretty. Thank you Sir, for your best efforts to teach people how you can live the best.
    People slaughtered animals in the most horrendous ways so you can eat like wild beasts
    because of your stupid traditions and believes, you were very bad for animals and nature and one day you will think of these and many other peoples words, but then it will be to late.
    I stay with my creator, I don’t want war , but I take the right to defend myself. God bless !

    • Duality is necessary
      If God created this earth and everything on it, then god also created duality.
      Its balance, ying and yang etc.
      There will never be only peace or only war.
      There must be balance and that come with both light and dark as well as good and evil.
      I can relate to your position, because I have been in that state of mind as well in the past.
      But now I understand that good is coupled with bad.
      Light is coupled with dark and the balance of everything is necessary.
      Planet earth is a school room, its not meant to be all sunshine and rainbows.
      We learn the most during our hardest struggles in our physical form.
      We wont find complete Joy and ease until we return to source and experience the afterlife.
      When we understand this, we wont resist the things on earth that makes us sad.
      Plus, resisting something only brings more of it into your reality, that is a fact of life.
      Embrace life as best you can and try and accept even the things you dont fully agree with or understand.
      It makes this journey a heck of alot easier. 🙂


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