The number of childhood vaccines has grown exponentially in the last few decades creating a lot of controversy and debate.

This still growing list with an increasing number of side-effects, toxic adjuvants and chronic health concerns is being taken increasingly seriously by parents and adults who refuse to blindly trust the currently money-driven pharmaceutical industry.

While many would prefer to go back to the only six or so shots their grandparents received, the researchers are now attempting to come out with a product that may be even more threatening to our health than the current vaccine situation.

A global team is working on lifelong, one-shot vaccines.

They are starting with one flu shot given at birth to last a lifetime, and predicting that all immunizations can come next in one shot.

Project, which is affiliated with medical centers, and also pharmaceutical and vaccine makers like GlaxoSmithKline and Pfizer.

Ironically, the expert to lead this super vaccine research Tobi Kollman admits that “[the researchers] know vaccines work but [they] don’t know how they work.”

Flu vaccines work 50% or less percent of the time because the virus is constantly changing and is hard to predict. Yet even though the experts do not understand how vaccines work (and likely how they create under-reported side effects), and cannot make an annual flu shot that works well, they are determined to create one that is supposed to last a lifetime.

Kollman says the vaccine will be created because the team has a ‘can-do attitude’ and “[puts] their money where their mouth is.”

The consumers are finding all of this extremely problematic as evidenced from comments on the article.

And considering the many possible adverse health outcomes recorded in the controversial “triple shot” MMR vaccine, it’s fair to wonder whether combining multiple vaccines (most likely with multiple toxic adjuvants) is a smart idea after all.


Most commenters are speaking out against this new shot:

“I want long term health not short term potential ‘gain.’” – Samantha N.

“This is insanity! Why is this all about convenience instead of health?” – Tricia K.

“Absolutely repulsed…There is no evidence on the long term consequences. No one knows the effects it will have on our children’s health in the long run. I will not allow my children to be test subjects.” – Eugenia H.

“One super vaccine to rule them all… And plenty of super adverse events to go with it!” – Ashley E.

“How in humanity can this be ethical? Or scientifically sound? That’s absolute violence on our immune system.” – Selina W.

“This is scary. All vaccines into one shot? They can’t even get the ones they do have right.” – Trina L.


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  1. I notice all the commenters as well as the author are women. It is time for all women and mothers to call forth their mother bear instincts and refuse to let ‘them’ inflict their poisons and malpractice on our children and grandchildren. No, no, no! “You cannot impose your ruinous theories and practices on our innocent children, nor ourselves!” Time to stop the nonsense. And it’s up to the women to do it.

  2. Vaccine is poison they are made to kill people making them believe the opposite – what they give you in the vaccine is pure cancer so you will develop it once in your life! Stop the killing bastards!

  3. Everyone should go to the website Nomorefakenews and read all the well-researched articles of Jon Rappoport regarding vaccines and all the corruption revolving around them. “They know vaccines work, but they do not know how”. So much time and so much money and so much lives lost and that is the best they can come up with? It sounds almost like Comey and his Russian collusion. I just retired from our Healthcare Cartel. One of the things that motivated my early retirement was being mandated to get the flu vaccine.Our food and water supply are all being poisoned so maintaining a healthy immune system is very challenging, but if anyone thinks the vaccines are going to help us maintain a strong immune response against all the diseases that come with nature and all the diseases they are creating by tinkering with nature, think again. We are living in an Orwellian world and most of us are too sleepy to even find that out.


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