This is the True Walk Away Movement

By Trae Jaxen,

A note by the author: 

This message is for all. Especially all those who work for the major corporations and all the government agencies worldwide from local to global. This is for the journalist and wanna-be truth tellers. I believe we would all agree that life on this planet is ready for a massive change. From the individual to the community to the world we must change the way we have been unknowingly consenting to our own downfall. How? By allowing someone else, some agency to lay claim to our very Being. Until We stand up and Claim our own Being and the right to direct it as We Will, we will continue to crawl through life. It is time to stand up and walk away from the beliefs that has led to too much destruction. That’s not what this planet or Our Lives were created for. Time to walk, or maybe run towards that which values all Life. Your Life depends on it. 


The desire to create is one of the deepest yearnings of the human soul. 


(Capitalization intentional) 

Want do the elite know that you don’t? 

The short answer, they know how to steal your Powers of Creation. Without us, led by their beliefs, we would not have wars or poverty or a dying planet. They need our power to do these things. I am not suggesting that most of us consciously wanted any suffering. I am suggesting that because we gave our powers, our attention to someone else’s version of the world we supported, by not knowing where our value, our labor, our taxes were being directed. We only believed in those telling us what to do. 

I started my spiritual journey to learn more about who I was, what made me who I Am today. After reading The Course in Miracles early in my journey I began to question some of the “realities” in my life. One of those realities was that I did not have the power to do more in my life and I should just stick to the script. How many can relate? 

Did not Jesus say; “you too will do these things and greater still.” Who did He mean by you? Was he only talking about his disciples? No, He was letting all of us know we too have the power to Be more, to Become more, to Become the Creators of our lives in Co-Creation with the Source of All Life. 

I took the above quote seriously and began to breath in the meaning of His statement. So much so that I would stand, sit, squat, lay and play on the banks of rivers and bodies of water wondering how He walked on the water. Many months went by before I could even get a glimpse of what He meant. During that time of contemplation and learning I would learn more about energy, vibrations and frequencies. I decided to learn about walking on fire and could not understand why I did not get burned. And then one day while my feet were in touch with the water it dawned on me like the rising sun. This Man, this Teacher, I believe, was able to match the frequency of the water itself which made Him one with the water. I am pretty certain that is how I was able to traverse 25 feet of 1,200° to 1,500° coals. (Science acknowledged). I matched the frequency of the fire itself and felt completely safe. This did take some preparation so caution is advised before attempting anything of this nature. I believe this is how Jesus traversed the water. He became the vibration of the water, maybe even lighter than water. None-the-less, He used His Powers of Creation to create what He needed to Be in that moment. He knew how to adjust His own frequency to match the frequency of the water and create it from within. 

We all have this same Power and the elite and pseudo-empowered authority figures know this and that is what they have been trying to control for their own agendas. They have been controlling our ability to learn about Our Creative Powers and to Be more than they can be without us. I do not believe they could have created any of the crap on this planet without our attention, Our Power. 

Regardless of our religious or spiritual or lack thereof background w 

ous or spiritual or lack thereof background we have all been endowed with the ability to create our own lives the way we see them in our minds. The mega-problem is that the conscripted programmed matrix we have been raised in was set up to keep us in such turmoil and division that we end up creating someone else’s reality, namely those who put out the in-form-ation. Look at that word. We are helping them “form” their world by the lack of knowledge or confidence in our own powers. I am just as guilty of “following” and giving up My innate Power. 

Forgive the boldness but I am just fucking tired of friendships and relationships of all kind being damaged by division of thoughts, division of consciousness or in simpler terms, the level of awareness of truth or fiction. ALL of us KNOW, inherently know, when something is The Truth. The division that 

created is to “divide you from the truth”. Hence, the fucked up advertising that has us hypnotized from seeing the truth. When we no longer see the truth of who we are, we are divided from Our Selves and from others. We cannot see the truth in others because we cannot see it in ourselves. In math, division down to the smallest expression leaves, well, almost nothing. Is that where we’re headed? Into nothingness as a whole? Hence the term, a hole lot of nothing. I don’t know about you but I like the alternative where we F#@*ING STOP dividing ourselves into nothingness. How the hell are any of us going to Create a better world if we allow simple math to determine our fate? All because someone “said so”? Please! Wake the fuck up. 1 + 1 still equals 2. 2 + 1 equals 3. 3 + 2 equals 5 and so on. Isn’t it time to start adding to our consciousness instead of allowing others beliefs to determine the math of our lives? 

Those people out there in the world that are hurting others are like basic computers that have been corrupted with major viruses and trojan horses in their belief system. Their minds have been invaded with pretty packages with the enemy hidden within. What comes out of their mouth is directly from 

their brain with no discernment of the Heart. How do I know this? I am just as guilty of processing in the same way. That’s before recognizing the voices, beliefs, and thoughts in my head that belonged to someone else’s belief system. When these corrupted files were recognized it was time to do a full scan and quarantine and delete the files that were making me obedient to the whims of rich and pseudo-self empowered idiots. It was time to clean my core memory and reboot my Heart drive. This was done by getting to know who I really was, who I really Am and what my original programming was really meant for. Getting rid of the outdated, obsolete and corrupt programming took longer than I could have imagined 

This is where our core belief system is different than an actual computer. With a computer you can just put in a virus cleaning program and walk away. When it comes to the human beliefs operating system you can not just walk away. Each file, each byte, each belief must be scanned and cleaned or deleted or you change the operating system and then you lock it down with new firewalls. And your new firewalls are Your Claim to who you are, a Being of Great Creative Power. With the absolute claim of your powers to rewrite your own programming your operating system will function ceaselessly powered by The Light at your very core. 


It does not matter to me if you see yourself as a man or woman or lgbtq 45hzo, a racist, black, white or colorless or a genderless being. You are a Being who is inhabiting Your current body that just happens to be any of the above or more. None of how any of us label ourselves matters until we make Claim of who we truly are. That is a Being of Immense Power and even though one of us may not agree with another it does not change the fact that each one of us are Sovereign at the core of who we are. What possible reason could any of us have to act out against another Being inside a form labeled by nothing more than someone’s belief system. Question is, are they yours or someone else’s belief that control your life? Are you acting from beliefs that may not, are not, yours? Once these questions are asked the next question is, how do I separate my beliefs from those that may be doing harm to others? The answer. Identify with the Being You Are, at your core. Then Claim it. Walk away from someone else’s beliefs defining who you are. Walk away from someone else’s agenda about how the world should be based on nothing more than distorted beliefs. 

For far to long someone else has laid claim to you and your Being without you knowing it. From the moment you landed on this Earth and claimed a human form someone else laid claim to that form that just happens to be you. But what they did not lay claim to is that Sovereign Being inside the body you choose. They only laid claim to the physical manifestation of you. This is great, but hard news to hear. Now it is time for all of us to re-claim both. When we learn we have been giving our powers of creation away to nefarious means, simply by putting our attention on “it”, there tends to be this aha moment. 

That is moment it is time to Claim Your Life as your own. 


Don’t believe you have any powers of creation? Take a quick journey through your past riding on the synapses slide of your memory and you will find many of the things in your life are in your life because you brought them about. Some came quickly and others you may still be waiting on. How many times have you received something that was better than what you expected? How many times have you held your head in your hands wondering what the hell this is? This is not the life I envisioned for myself. I know what my Heart wants but why can’t I get to it? What is the reason my life is not moving in the direction I see in my mind? Why is it so hard to make a difference in this world? 

Another short answer, is that we are giving away Our Powers of Creation away to who knows what. We freely give away Our Power to those who use it to create the world they want. And what kind of world is that? Step back and just look around at the world that is manifesting in all directions. There is deceit, flippant disregard for life, dissension, bought and paid for robotic humans making up story lines and spreading blatant lies all to make them look good in the eyes of the apatheti souls that remain asleep. We have useless used goods salespeople – oh I mean politicians, judges, policy enforcers, who have no balls at all to stand up for the most basic of human rights, and that is the right to create life the way we want. 

Instead, they have been very clever in disguising the products and services they come up with to sell us one thing only. That is there agenda that dictates that we must create this “law” to make you safe. Then they go on their sales tour disguised as political rallies to get everyone there to use their minds, their power of creation to help create their world. Has anyone ever stopped to asked what their world looks likes inside their talking heads? If so, I believe, that if we could see their true intention most of us would just walk away and say no thanks, I’ll shop somewhere else. 

Whenever we attend any event, in person or on the boob tube where we are passionate about the issues, good, bad, right or wrong, we are giving Our Power away to “that”. If any of us really despise anything or rally to stop some major corporation or politician or even a neighbor we are actually empowering their agenda. They really do not care if you show force or fear or hatred or complacency, you are giving them your power. Think about this for moment. Is not your conscious attention to anything giving your power away to that very thing? Is not watching and bitching about the news giving your power to that which has you bound? 

Please know I am not talking about “not” doing anything about those who have abused humanity. There are times when we must stand our ground. I believe we would all do better without them and I congratulate those of who have shown massive courage to take matters into their own hands and free us from the shackles of tyranny. 

What I am talking about is the more we truly walk away from believing someone else’s agenda is the day we begin to walk toward a world that works for everyone. By exposing those who have hidden their need for our power, simply because then cannot create without us, is where we truly take our power back. Isn’t it time to just pick a direction where we walk towards a sustainable life for all and away from anything that drains us of our Life Force and the Powers of Creation? If so then ask yourself these questions. Where have I been giving my powers of creation away? To create beauty or bombs of destruction? Has what I helped to create through the use of anger, fear, or distrust empowered Humanity or just enriched idiots with money and false power? 

Are these my beliefs or someone else’s beliefs I believe in? Whose beliefs are running my life? To truly use my creative powers whose beliefs must I let go of? 

















Collective pain keeps our minds and creative powers creating more pain. There is a method to the “slam them with all we got” agenda. The more our minds are on the pain in the world the less they are on our own Powers of Creation. For the big tragedies on our planet I believe we should have one more big honoring event and then never show globally “reminders” of the horrors of our past. 

When we clean up our closets of beliefs we more often than not find we have been hanging onto other peoples beliefs that no longer support or serve our lives. The day we shine Light into the dark recesses of the belief closets is the day we can walk away from them and towards the ability to use Our Powers of Creation to create beauty everywhere we go. Is this naive thinking? Maybe, but I would rather spend 

ay time co-creating a beautiful world than cleaning up destruction. How about you? 

Can you imagine how much power Our Collective Consciousness and Our Collective Powers of creation directed away from “them” and towards a world where all life is valuable would do? I can. Join me and walk away from giving them your conscious Power of Creation. Without Us they have no power. 

Be Well, Be Empowered & Be In Joy

TFJaxen© L.S. (Living Soul) When we drift too far

from simplicity, simple still awaits our return.© 

Ah, the question of did I learn how to walk on water? Short answer, not yet. I know we’re all capable of it. 

To all readers. You have my permission to translate this message into as many languages as can be. No one has permission to change or alter the language or structure in any way. 

Here is an article that falls right in line with claiming who we are and by doing so we are claiming our independence not just from tyranny but from those beliefs that kept us in that state of complacency. 

It‘s Time to Declare Your Independence from Tyranny, America



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  1. What a well written article! I have found it as a verification of the recent thought processes that have been bouncing along within my consciousness. For the past six years, (at age 86), I have been searching for answers that might explain the experiences of my own life.

    By sharing the process I have been guided to discover with you, and with the background you have just provided to me, I might be able to assist others with a supportive perspective.

    At a university I was exposed to statistical analysis (almost accidentally, or so I believed at the time, but recently realize was with intentional Divine Synchronicity). It was to be the mechanism that I have concluded that life is not accidental. Everything has a purpose; we only have to realize this with the curiosity to ask the reason “Why?”

    The answer (for me) has been supplied, slowly, purposefully, carefully, with repetition,
    — that I may fully know, and fully understand the uniqueness each of us truly are. The experiences I share with you are complex, and to many, implausible. Or so I too have thought for oh, too long!

    The answer lays within the process. To share the infinite events that contributed to the process is not important by themselves. Just that my foundation was laid from a very humble beginning during the Great Depression of the 1930’s. Everything has a Reason! But the reason might not be revealed immediately; maybe in minutes; maybe in decades or longer. Hence the need for repetition (sometimes). Sometimes it serves as a gestation period, a period of growth and preparation. Or maybe as a period of refinement.

    We are “taught” by many means: our peers; our parents, our formal teachers, be they in schools, universities, application of creativity due to necessity or formal assignments. For me a recent method has been most unusual: My own computer! On its own it chooses to “edit” what I write by either ‘deletion’, or failure of the letters to register, or difficulty (refusal) to print. In the process I have been “taught” abilities of programs I have used for years without knowing the capabilities available to me.

    Recently modifications in my habits were forced upon me when the hard drive fully crashed beyond recovery. With limited assistance, my computer itself has “assisted” recovery of addresses, etc. which I considered totally lost. (??) I currently have no explanation as to how or why. Such have been events in my life. It has taught me to “observe”; to consider “options”; to be optimistic.

    Even now, as I type, my computer seems to ‘chose’ words that I should subsituted; even to extent that it corrects my spelling (normal), but also to provide evidence that my spelling was correct but the app that is in operation as I type has ‘errored’ itself.

    This procedure suggests that there is an “energy” from somewhere that is a consciousness of its own and if my benefactor. And can be, and is, a benefactor to anyone who responds openly to it.

    It is my intent to be supportive of your article, and not digress too far off course. In the process, my ‘computer’ has been teaching me new features I did not know about. It is such experiences that I refer to as Divine Synchronicities. (Including words the ‘app’ in operation as I type, which it indicates are typed ‘wrong’.)

    On another level, it exposes our traditional Educational System society employs knowingly or unknowingly; with our foreknowledge or not. On one end it is supportive; or at the other it is intentionally disruptive as a “means to divide and conquer”. Such has been the intent of Global Society itself. (Such is my evaluation many centuries.)


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