By Cristina Lopes
I give you a behind-the-scenes look at what the 5th Dimension is and how to work with this beautiful but challenging new energy. It’s been rough out there. Many people (including myself) are feeling aches and pains, old wounds and beliefs coming up, insecurities, fears, worries, feeling stuck in life… All these feelings seem to be coming up to the surface in a really powerful way. And you may be wondering: where is this all coming from? Why do I feel like this? The answer to these questions is that the energy on the planet has shifted dramatically and we’re now having to learn new strategies for living in a completely different level of consciousness called the 5th dimension. Here’s what you’ll learn in this video: 1. I give an overview of what this new energy is (what we call the 5th dimension). 2. Why 5d energies are so challenging for our minds and bodies. 3. I share 2 essential skills you need to master in this energy so you don’t struggle or feel lost.

You can see more here: Cristina Lopes

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  1. every morning I bless my chakras according to Dr. Joe Dispenza, my own version, after short guided meditation (Dawson Church). Go to elated feelings like gratefulness appreciation joy compassion caring et c. Whole day watching what my feelings want to tell me, that’s a great help to stay in a positive energy field. Also I do some hypno session a la Cassandra, which are supposed to be clearing the unconsciousness of old negative patterns.
    Wish you success, Love

  2. Tis woman is another example of the latest absolute idiocy. She is encrusted in material, follows fasion trends, is into social media.

    Anybody relevant is already banned. This is exteemely sad. Hair salon philosophy and health advice.

  3. Am a newbie.. You blew my mind. But in a good way. I’ve been trying to learn the new way of living. I got involve with a project that got me to where it open my am trying to learn how to mediation..don’t know how to start are what to do. But I like what you had to say. Going to listen and learn more from you. Thank you for sharing your passion with us.

  4. I agree with connecting with nature. What do we do when nature is not there anymore? What do we do when the birds don’t sing anymore because they aren’t there because they don’t have insects to eat? What do we do when the trees we sit under are struggling to stay alive?

  5. Sashwat pranam, salaam, namastey, salute dear Derek, thank you so much for this beautiful messege in all the love. Blessings of ” MAA” in the Victory of the light. Lots of love always.

    • If you look up Dr Lipton, on you tube, he explains about the mind.
      It’s in the programming, that we’ve had since children, and the victim mentality. He’s a biologist he is very on board with the changes taking place. He is amazing! He explains everything!

  6. Everything is coming up to be healed! Get out of your head and drop down to the heart. Meditation,mindfullness and staying in the “Now” moment….the present. I have been on this journey for many years….” what you resist Persist “. You need to go through all the pain and discomfort without running away……it will pass.

  7. I’m truly curious how many more false profits will continue to try and take credit for what’s happening all over all galaxys & universes?the questions that people should truly be why where we are kept from the truth?and why where we all dumbed down by the radicals for there own personal Gaines all over the world?they all had a exstremly bad agenda for us it’s going way beyond there control to fix itself..freedom is finally here my brother’s and sister’s from another mother ♥ stand up and take back your true identity and real true natural freedom’s..nomore war’s and fighting one another for all of there man made law’s of control..


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