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UK elderly suffer the most appalling poverty rate in western Europe.  Britain’s low basic pension, combined with means-tested supplements, puts thousands of older people at risk. The proportion of elderly people living in severe poverty in the UK is five times what it was in 1986. This is the largest increase among western European countries, according to a new study.


The catastrophe is attributable to Britain’s state pension system and its “low basic payments and means-tested supplements”, says the author of the report, Pension Reforms and Old Age Inequalities in Europe.

Professor Bernhard Ebbinghaus, of the University of Oxford, will tell a European Sociological Association conference this week that the UK is one of five countries out of 16 that he has studied where there has been an increase in people aged 65 and over who are living in severe poverty, which is defined as having an income of 40% or less of the median average.

British Army

“The United Kingdom is a good example of systems that have historically failed to combat old-age poverty. These have rather miserly basic pensions with means-tested supplements, and this reproduces relatively high severe poverty rates among the elderly. British basic pensions are particularly low, 16% of average earnings, and require a long contribution period. Income-tested or means-tested targeted benefits are needed to supplement basic pensions and to lift them out of severe poverty.”

Using data from the Luxembourg Income Study, which spans several decades, Ebbinghaus found that: living in severe poverty, putting it equal-lowest in poverty rates of 16 western European countries.


Ebbinghaus said the UK compared unfavourably with many other countries: “The lowest poverty rates among older people are found in the relatively generous Dutch basic pensions and Nordic welfare states.”

Even when private pensions were taken into account, the UK continued to fare poorly; “The public-private mix puts many elderly at risk as they lack sufficient supplementary earnings-related pensions.”

Amber Rudd.... food Bank Queen

He contrasted the UK system, with its flat-rate basic pension, with the system used in Germany and several other European countries, where mandatory pension contributions are based on earnings.

Ebbinghaus also studied those aged 65 and over who can be classed as better off, meaning that they have an income of 60% or more of the median average. Only around 20% of the UK’s elderly met this criterion, closer to the average for Western Europe.


Michael Walsh was awarded Euro Weekly News ‘Writer of the Year 2011’. With 60 books bearing his name, thousands of new stories and columns, Michael is arguably Britain and Europe’s most prolific author of multi-topic books.



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  1. On welfare, 12 children, 4 wives and 1 “dude”. but long live all immigrants, criminals, gangs, etc. But not all of them are bad, but families like this is to much. It makes 17 people together and they must have food, a place to live in, furniture, clothes, schooling and dentist and medical care. Make your calculations per year.
    It pains me till no end that a military guy that served his country has to die, because he had nothing, pension or anything. I find this appalling. I wish for everybody the best life without committing atrocities, but there are borders, and the whole system is going wrong.
    And dutch may be the best in Europe, pensioners , living only of their pensions, live in poverty, the money is just not to die from, but it is not enough, to the most simple life to live. Everything is the “best” in the Netherlands, for immigrants, yes, but don’t believe the stories of the government, and all governments do not speak the truth.
    One can watch TV news on different channels, and every time you get different news
    about 1 subject, or if you want to read an article and you play it back, it has been taken of already, the editors are working very hard(sarc)
    It’s about time that people know who the cabal is and by whom we get “ruled”.
    I read an article somewhere long ago, where somebody mentioned ” Royal families are the thieves of today” They spent our taxpayers money like water and always have to outdo each other in dinners, outfits, salaries, compensations, and it amazes me every time again, when there is one or other celebration, thousands of people are standing on the road with flowers and small flags, like the romans, and waving, and yelling “hooray”., like those people are so above us. So you people made those royal ones. It is beyond meYou should inform yourselves about this world and what is going on in this world.
    You don’t want to, because you are scared what you might find : THE TRUTH”
    And once you know the “Truth”, if you have decency, you can not lie, and say you did not know the truth. that is why most people want to stay in sleep-motion, because if they awaken, most are scared what they might find out. And believe me, it is scary, the truth,
    but sooner or later it has to be faced. The truth is the truth. I will stop now and probably will be thrown of again by the editors, because they are told what and what not to permit
    in articles, but one day they will have to face it too. Take care and wishing you the best
    in your lives.

  2. Another borish and conflicted “article”. Boris is claimed to be alliance. I havent seen one scrap of evidence to support this theory.
    Adding emotive pictures of muslims with the poorly spelt imflamatory BS on it, with zero context to the article shows a complete bias of facts, whilst purporting to be only fact based, the article writer makes a mockery of his own intellignece.
    The UK is Cabal run and controlled. Boris is about as much alliance as the queen. She is 100% cabal btw.
    One fact over looked here, UK servicemen once they have served and damaged, are thrown to the rubbsh heap. This has nothing to do with Muslims, but the pictures placed claim this, althought the only picture that is relevant to this “pamphlet” is of an elderly lady and no money in her purse. All the other pictures have zero relevance to this article. Except for those who cannot or refuse to read. Another BS division/Hegellian Dialectic/divide and rule. Come on PFC, we expect better journalistic articles, not tripe and hogwash agenda forwarding nonsense

  3. Took me a while to realize that dude has 5 wives and not 4 like I originally thought. Judging by the kids complexions im pretty sure those are white british girls who got groomed for sex then child bearing aka slavery.


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