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  1. Some initially thought that Trump represented the Nordic ETs and that his job was to attract and identify those who harbor “Nazi” and “Chosen People” ideologies so that they could be “retrieved” when the Nordics arrived to remove them.

    ALL SUPERIORITY COMPLEXES will be removed from the planet. The meek and humble inherit the Earth. Superiority Complexes demand that others must suffer so that those who harbor the complex can feel good about themselves. For this reason, they must be removed prior to the beginning of the Golden Age of Peace.

    The prophet Enoch said that the wicked would be removed from the planet and that some would even be dragged off the earth while those who refused to leave would be destroyed.

    If Mr. Trump has GONE ROGUE and thinks he can retain control of the planet even we are moving into a new Golden Age of Peace then he is in for a rude awakening. ETs have ALWAYS CHANGED CONTROL of the earth at the end of an age. The Nordic ETs understand that their experiment here is over. Now it’s time for the minions on the ground to get their minds right and decide if they want to ‘really change within’ or get their boarding pass ready for Mars. Russia, China and now France have told the US in no uncertain terms that their dominance is OVER. Americans need to develop the emotional intelligence to understand and accept this reality. Besides, the world cannot move forward on the backs of such poor science that has to be re-written because so many of its formulas are incorrect or history that has to be re-written because so much of what is there are all lies designed to make those dominant now feel good about themselves. None of these things will work in the new energies as you must be specific to the frequency of peace.


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