By Dean Garrison,


A woman named Jessica Collins has emerged to claim that she was a victim of Jeffrey Epstein and forced into sex with the likes of Joe Biden, Prince Andrew and John McCain.

There is no way to confirm or deny her story, which supposedly started in 2002, so I will provide all of the information I have and have been able to find.


“I am a real victim of Jeffrey Epstein the reason you don’t see me in the news is because I am a real victim real victims are not being represented by attorneys or in the media I was traffic to Jeffrey Epstein and Andrew Windsor by Deborah palfrey the DC Madame I was a student at the Catholic University of America in Washington DC in 2002 I answered an ad in the city paper the ad was ambiguous deborah was professional I thought I was going on a real job interview instead I was drugged and raped by Paul hung I tried to tell Deborah what happened but something she said made me realize she knew what happened at that point they had my driver’s license and I did not know what to do or where to go for help at that point I was driven by Jonathan Luna to the Bethesda Marriott on Pooks Hill we’re Jeffrey Epstein and Andrew Windsor drugged and raped me I have tried to get help I called the police I was abducted for two weeks I was moved from Washington DC by Ed Norris what’s the superintendent of the Maryland State Police he is now an actor on the show The Wire and has a radio show my name is Jessica Collins I live in Virginia today is September 3rd 2019 if anything happens to me it’s because this information is true and I have a lot more information about who I was traffic to and the government people who are in the White House today if you could redistribute this video please save it and redistribute it if anything happens to me at least I have this out I have been threatened my car was disabled by a government employee when the Jeffrey Epstein news broke I have been without a vehicle for 40 days I don’t know what else to say please save this video please redistributed please try and spread it there is no way that this is going to get out there in the media must we the American people do the work the government is involved and I was traffic for nearly 17 years please try to help by redistributing this tweeting it talking about it I do everything that I can thank you for listening together we can get to the bottom of this and hold the criminals accountable”



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  1. Can not believe yall are worried about gramar and not why these pedophile rapists are in places ofnpower and not Guitmo!? Wherenis your compassion? Where is your heart? Shallow people who worry about how something was spelled when a eomen JUST SAID SHE WAS SEX TRAFFICKED FOR 17 FREAKIN YEARS!!!

  2. Patrick, Jessica did the video. What you’re critiquing was not done by Jessica Collins. If you go or originator of this piece, DC Clothesline, you’ll see where the author explains the transcript.

    Here is the author Dean Garrison’s actual quote:
    “Again, the transcript was computer-generated and is mostly accurate. I did not bother with grammar and spelling corrections, due to current time constraints.”

  3. OK. But when you write this out to upload to a website, it does not help you if people have trouble reading and understanding this. Use periods, commas, and capital letters. It makes communication more clear. I attended Catholic School as a child and they taught in fact stressed proper language, grammar, and punctuation. So you see to publish this on the internet in it’s current condition makes it look like there is no way you could’ve even been accepted as a student to a Catholic University. Makes ya look fake.

    • Like when we send a text from our phones snd we use the voice texts ?? The audio texting misspells words and doesn’t follow any proper grammar !!! She was a victim of sex trafficking!

    • She is on the edge. Instead of getting a job she got drugged and repeatedly raped. She is barely holding on she may not bother w perfect grammer


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