To further control the Beast, the Houses of Obedience of Prince EN-LIL, where the Beast visited every seventh day for obedience lessons, were taken over by the SSA-TA.

Doctrines which would support the Empire became dogma. The teachings, the Ways of EA, became evil and the words of a demon. EA, a life-giving K-D (G-D) became ‘DA-EA BA-EL’ (Creator EA, Lord Father’) the ‘Evil One’, the ‘Diabolic One’.

But the SHET-I would leave nothing to chance. Should an innocent clay tablet surface with a story of ancient beings, half-man and half-beast; star beings that flew in the skies; or a rebellious God on Mount Olympus… these were the fables and myths of an imaginative primitive man. These were tales of fantasy, nothing more. The ‘rational’ Man, the ‘working’ Man, should not concern himself with the things of children.

The denial of the world before Lord RRA was complete.

SHET-I lizards who had taken an active part in the takeover and re-programming were elevated to the status of Over-Lords and Administrators of existing systems and laborers. The era of the SIRIAN Lords and Masters was gone. Prince EN-LIL, the Lord of the Word; was gone. The ‘Golden’ era of growth and development was gone.

ERIDD, a primitive solar system developed into a stronghold by a King of the Star Sirius; ERIDD, a planet virtually destroyed in a War of Rebellion led by War Lord ZO-ZU (Zeus) and re-constructed by Genesis scientists; ERIDU, the first settlement and city of the re-born planet; ERIDU, the place of conquests and wars, the place of subjugation and kingship from the stars, was now ERIDU, a world with a re-constructed history, a fabricated past, RRA was the Sun God, but the reptiles were in charge.

As the ASA-RRR had done before them, the SHET-I began to increase the production and efficiency of the Operation. In addition, however, they entered into the development and the production of a new commodity, a drug called ‘S-MA’. Once a a drug used only by Kings, the SHET-I began to make and sell the drug to all the galaxy beings. Profits soared and Lord RRA fast became one of the wealthiest Kings in all the Ninth Sector.

With his amassed riches, RRA built an Empire and an army second to none. His alliance with the SSA-TA had given Lord RRA the wherewithal to keep the AN-U and other Warriors Conquerors at bay. Lord God RRA would live forever!

Or so he hoped.!

The Great Lord God RRA ruled with an iron hand, the ways of the ASA-RRR still in his veins. The SHET-I ministered to the rule of ERIDU, efficiently and coldly. But Lord RRA did not trust the SHET-I. If they would betray their own Queen, they would not hesitate to betray Lord RRA.

The SHET-I were cold-blooded reptiles, unsympathetic to any race. And, even though he was God, RRA was an outsider. Their relationship, their alliance, was business and no more for them. RRA knew they could not be trusted.

And so Lord RRA moved to place his most trusted priests, and his children, in control of the Empire. Known to all as ‘RA-KA’, ‘RRA, the Lord Father’, he instructed his children in the management of the wealth of the Empire. As they were assigned their positions, they became known as ‘RA-KA-M’, ‘a child of RA’. (Later times would see KA-M converted to KAM, the name for a shield. This would give the children of RA a new name, ‘RA-KAM’, ‘those of RA’s Shield’)
To keep control of the crucial Re-animation Center, Lord RRA had selected an elite group of priests to protect and be responsible for the chambers. They would also serve as Lord Administrators of the affairs of the Empire. Recognized as the ‘RA-KA-PER-A-A’, or the ‘RA-KA Pharaohs’, they served as loyal minions to the Lord RRA.

But the Lord God RRA was not omnipotent. His power, his Empire, was dependent on the SHET-I. Recognizing his Throne was vulnerable, Lord God RRA reconsidered the possibility of a re-union with the Empire of ASA-RRR. His wealth and power surely gave him bargaining power, he felt. Lord God RRA was in need of another alliance to protect himself.

It was – however – too late.

Before he could do anything, in the darkness of night, a coup took place. No violence, no battle, the SHET-I simply,

and quietly, took everything over. As the sun rose over the palace, the SHET-I were in control. All elite Warrior guard forces of the Lord RRA were imprisoned or eliminated. There remained only the task of capturing God RRA himself.

But fate was with the Sun King. Loyal followers of the King entered his Royal quarters to rouse him from his sleep. To his good fortune, an escape plan had been devised to take him away from the grasp of his pursuers- With the reptilian guards at his heels, Lord RRA narrowly escaped.

As he gazed down from his starship high above, he looked down on what was once his magnificent empire, but now it was gone. The Kingdom of RRA was no more.

With the departure of Lord RRA, the era of the Empire of Sirian Rulership over ERIDU was over. ERIDU, a solar system that had suffered through devastating and destructive wars, had fallen to the SSA-TA reptiles without battle. The under ground beings had successfully undone the Empires of the Sun God RRA, the Prince EN-LIL, the Great King AN-U and even the ARI-AN SSS-T Queens.

The SSA-TA became Lords of the S-MA market, a profitable illicit trade, and Masters of the Ninth Passageway, the Star lanes necessary for travel to and from the Central Stars and the ARI-AN Empire.

In one quick, bold move, the SSA-TA made themselves one of the most powerful and richest races in the Ninth Sector. Control of the solar system would not be left to chance, manipulation of the minds of all the inhabitants, including the control of the minds of the Off-spring of RRA, his trusted Priests and all members of RRA’s court, was done immediately and completely.

What Lord RRA had started… the SSA-TA would finish. Erasure of memories and the control of minds would be expanded to include his own family and court. Henceforth, the RA’S SHIELD and the RAKA PHARAOH’S would be the faithful, if unwitting, servants of the Reptiles.

The ADAMA beasts continued to labor for their new Lords, unaware of the changes, unaware that they were slaves. Life meant working daily for the Masters. If the beast performed well, the future meant being put out to pasture.

Somewhere, in the dim recesses of its mind, the beast recalled memories of a past life.

‘There is more than what we are being told…’ the beast would say to itself.

The beast was right…

NAASHA a term which meant ‘to be strong, be great’ was depicted in early Hieroglyphs by an arm with a whip. In later eras, it was changed to a ‘lizard’ glyph. No explanation has ever been offered.

PESTCH-T, a term meaning ‘First and Greatest Nine’ Gods’ was depicted in early glyphs by an axe. The later eras, the axe symbols became crocodiles. No explanation has ever been offered.


For the last four thousand years, Man has been deceived.

The SHET-I are still here. Native Americans who know of them call them ‘CHET-U’, ‘Lizard Men’, Hidden in the darkness, they emerge from their lairs to torment and use humans for their own purposes.

The SHET-I are known today as…the ‘GREYS‘.

Created from the genetic materials of the SSS beings and the ASA-RRR beings themselves, the SHET-I are hybrid lizards who retain many of the characteristics of their progenitors.

As the ASA-RRR Beings (EA, EN-LIL, AN-U, etc.) had large cranial lobes (larger brain capacity) so do the GREYS. But, large black eyes are more reminiscent of the SSS tendency to enormous eyes, particularly if they tend to inhabit caverns, underground chambers, where light would be minimal.

The SHET-I also retained the generally shorter height of their small lizard ancestry and the smaller frailness of the body. Comparison of limbs to small lizards will show a very strong similarity.

As descendants of the SSS reptiles, the SHET-I have also retained the skin color and the skin texture of reptiles. A mottled grey to pale beige in skin color, the SHET-I skin is cold and ‘clammy’ to the touch. Though the ASA-RRR beings had nostril and ear flares, the SHET-I tend to have not much more than holes for both nostrils and ears (reminiscent of a snake.) Their ‘hands’ are reptilian, clawed and webbed.

Various reports reveal that the cranium of the GREYS has a definite crystalline bone ridge separating the hemispheres of the brain. This is a direct result of the ‘enhancements’ Prince EA made on the SHETI. Crystalline bone in the brain permits greater receptivity of control signals.

A secondary report reveals that the GREYS are possessed of a two heart system, its significance to be discussed later. There is virtually no gastro-intestinal tract, it has shrunk to near nothingness because of persistent use of glandulars. Reproductive organs are generally not present, reproduction is not a function of the GREY existence.

For thousands of years, the GREYS have been the primary, though not the only, agents behind the phenomena known to us as ‘abductions‘. Utilizing the mind altering techniques of their SSA-TA ancestors, the GREYS continue to erase memories and altar minds as a ‘mask’ for hiding the experience from a victim.

Abductees virtually always report memory losses, an altered state of mind generally unchanged unless an external memory ‘jog’ or hypnosis retrieval occurs.

Numerous psychologists report implanted memories, apparently intended to screen the actual event, buried within the psyche of the abduction victim. Often the memories change a fear of large-eyed GREYS into fear of large-eyed owls, deer, and other animals.

Though alteration of the minds of abduction victims can, and sometimes does, enhance mental abilities (i.e., psychic, clairvoyance, clairaudience, etc.) the purpose of the abduction is not benevolent, but rather, to erase ‘inappropriate’ memories or to prepare the subjects for other purposes.

The universal reports of mind manipulation, complete and unstoppable body ‘shut-down’, memory implantation and memory erasures confirm that the ancient methods of the SSA-TA have not been mythical but, in fact, are techniques used by GREYS today. Likewise, the SHET-I lizards are NOT mythical beings born of the imagination of a civilization thousands of years ago, they are real.

And they reside alongside us, watching over us, performing abductions and erasing our memories like a video tape blank…as it serves their purposes.

We are theirs…

…for now.


Having read the materials in these Papers, the Reader is certainly asking himself or herself:

If what the author has proposed in these Papers is true, then where are THEY now?

Where are the SSS-T reptiles?

Where are the ASA-RRR beings EA, EN-LIL or AN-U? Are the SSS-TA rebel reptiles still in control? Are the wars over ERIDU (Earth) over? Are they gone?

The answer is a simple…no.

Over the last two thousand years, several attempts have been made to try to undermine the strangle-hold of the rebel reptilian SSA-TA. One of the most recent attempts was by an arm of the SSS Empire itself. By penetrating the electronic blanket and contacting a vulnerable human being named Adolph Hitler, who freely admitted to visitations by the ‘Old Ones’ a world wide ‘ARYAN’ movement, spear-headed by an elite ‘SS’ corps, nearly succeeds in over-throwing the entirety of our ‘docile’ world.

If, as the author suggests, the ARI-AN continue in their efforts to take back the solar system, new movements derived directly from the SSS should manifest themselves. They will appear in the form of ‘ARYAN’ Supremacy groups such as Skinheads, White Brotherhoods, Neo-Nazis, etc.

Reptiles as ‘Heroic’, or ‘friendly’, beings, fighting on Nan’s behalf, will appear in all aspects of media. Figures like Barney, Teen-aged Mutant Turtles and other Super-heroes will become our children’s heroes and role models. Reptiles particularly in the form of dinosaurs will appear everywhere on our tiny world.
The SIRIANS, the original creators of the religions used to control Man, have also attempted take-overs. Recurrences of religious fervor have gripped the globe in past eras, the Inquisition, the Papal Wars, the numerous ‘Messiahs’ and the ‘Miracle Sightings’ have all been efforts to bring Man back into the folds of the ASA-RRR influence.

If they too, are trying to take over Earth as the Author suggests, then a return to fundamentalism should also occur.

Though the image of the angel as protectors of Mankind began with Prince EN-KI, ‘EN-KI-ELS’, ‘Lords of EN-KI’ (EA), later powers of the Church removed the angel figure from Prince EA and assigned to its own domain. To establish itself as the only Salvation of Man’s future, the Church (ASA-RRR system), in the form and image of angels will appear everywhere!
As a signal to SIRIAN followers that the AR Starship has departed for this solar system, images of enormous planetary Starships and crews comprised of heroic saviors of Mankind, and the Earth, will be everywhere. There are ‘good’ heavenly bodies headed our way.

To counter the image of ‘good’ heavenly bodies, the SSA-TA reptiles are filling the airwaves with images of ‘falling asteroids’, crashing comets, both intended to cause concern in the world populace, giving justification for aiming anti-asteroid missies skyward for ‘defensive’ purposes.

Because the electronic blanket placed over Man and Earth is so pervasive and intense, other transmitted signals, from the ARi-AH and ASA-RRR forces, are prevented or garbled.

In an attempt to communicate with Men, especially those who are able to remember or decipher the ‘clues’, visual signals are being sent. They are called ‘Crop Circles‘.

Crop circles intended for the Sirian underground forces bear a striking resemblance towards ancient Egyptian glyphs. Crop circles intended for the forces of Lord RA often have a football shaped design (the ‘mouth’ of RA), or a circle with a dot in the center (the ‘Sun God RA’). Circles reminiscent the Celtic Cross and other ‘Cross’ forms are intended for Sirian guerrillas, letting them know they are not forgotten.

Crop circles intended for the ARI-AN forces often have a snake-like form. Insect or bug-like creatures are also part of the communication attempt.

Mathematical formations (Mandelbrot, Triangles, etc) are signals from Prince EA to the Beast to ‘hang on’. He is not forgetting his ‘renegade experiment’.
Some crop circles are ‘graffiti’ placed by ‘passers-by’ wanting to ‘play on the sidewalk’. Others are deliberately altered crop circles, distorted by our own governments or an agency thereof, to prevent ‘too much information’ from being released to the public.

The world of Man is being bombarded by signals of the on going war. ‘Memory jogs’ in the form of movies, books, magazine ads, comic books, advertisements and commercials are a daily occurrence, visible if only Man will look… and listen.

Will it be disturbing to Mankind? Yes.

But the ‘Farm’ must not be disturbed. No one wants the ‘Farm’ destroyed. And, since its attending Beasts (Mankind) may stampede in the upcoming solar system wars, and thus may cause destruction to the Farm, the Beast must be controlled.

Implanting a mind control device would be desirable, but unfortunately is highly impractical. If a control device in the brain is not feasible, then an external device placed in the immediate proximity of the brain is a viable alternative But how can the Beast be fitted for and be expected to carry the device… voluntarily? The Beast must be deceived.

The human brain functions on electronic frequencies that are matched by only one device on the retail market today, a device called a cellular phone. Fait accompli!

New personal electronic devices, another form of control units, will also increase in number and variety. Cassettes, CD players with headphones, virtual reality headgear, brain wave analyzers, lap top computers, personal pagers, beepers, and a host of new devices will keep Man ‘blanketed’ with the numbing and controlling electronic blanket.

Drugs, in the form of medicines, mood changers, diet and weight control, pain relievers, sleep aids and sleep preventers will also be used to control Man. Recreational drugs, including cigarettes, alcohol and narcotics, are yet another part of the control programs designed to keep Man docile.

To avoid any chance that Man will be motivated to take a stand against any of the battling groups, and fight for himself, behavior modification will require that no human being be allowed status as ‘Hero’.

Therefore, only people who are examples of ‘appropriate’ behavior, will receive recognition and awards.

Victims, martyrs, tortured pow’s, people who die in service of their country… all examples of humans who do not fight back but endure great suffering… these will be the new ‘Heroes’, the new role models. Any human coming too close to Hero status, who behaves independently, will be the target of smear campaigns and worse, all intended to ‘bring them down’.

Population control must increase in intensity and in the numbers of programs. Only the ‘right’ men and women will be allowed to continue within the system of the ‘Farm’.

Disappearances and abductions, particularly of women and the youngest children will increase – ‘Thinning out’ undesirable populations will increase – New mysterious airborne diseases will be developed. Present-day medical treatments will be a thing of the past, minimally effective if at all. (The HENTA ‘break-out’, the HENT-T lizards? A coincidence?)

Obesity will increase, passivity will become desirable, and sexual dysfunction will increase in males. An increase in electronic transmissions will cause most female menstrual cycles to shorten from 28 days to near 25 day periods.

To maintain control of Mankind, NASA must be eliminated, or at least severely restricted in its scope. Man must stay stranded on Planet Earth. The search for intelligent life must not be continued. It must be abandoned. A false claim of discovery may be made, but the end results must re-affirm the futility of such a search.

The stage is set. The War is engaged. ERIDU is the prize, Man is the servant.

So long as Man seeks salvation ‘out there’, he paves the way for Beings vying to become his Overlords.


UFO’s either they exist or they do not…

If they do not exist, then the story you have just read, the tale of Gods and worlds, rebellions and “take-overs’, is but the rantings and ravings of a demented story-teller.

If they do exist, then why is our government so vehement in its denial of their existence?

There are more photos and video tapes of UFO’s than of a natural phenomena scientists call ‘ball lightning’. Yet the ‘ball lightning’ enigma is listed in encyclopedias and texts accepted in all science classes in our public schools.

There are more first-hand witnesses to UFO’s, all reliable and professional, than there are to the ‘ball lightning’ phenomena. Government records show that many investigations of UFO’s have been conducted by various agencies, even while denying publicly that they exist.

If they exist,

  • Why haven’t they responded to our signals for contact?
  • Why haven’t we ‘heard’ from them?
  • Why are no radio signals being received?
  • Could there be, as the Author suggests, an electronic blanket, preventing them from reaching us?
  • Or are we being shunned?
  • Are we kept in the dark to avoid a world wide panic?
  • If they are benevolent, there would be no panic, there would be rejoicing in-the streets, elation in every life.
  • Man and an Extra-terrestrial being working together, what grander event could there be?
  • And if they are benevolent, why deal only with the world governments?
  • Would they not be more effective revealing the purpose of their presence to every person on this Earth?
  • Are they prevented by some form of inter-galactic law to interfere in our life-form’s development?
  • If there is such a law, who are the ‘channeled’ entities the world is flooded with?

If truly they are channeled, if truly they are benevolent, then the intergalactic law has been broken and we are free to be contacted en masse and in full view of all people of our planet.

Setting aside channeling for a moment, if there is a law of non-interference, are not abductions a violation of that very same rule? If abductions are benevolent, why are world residents not advised of their wondrous benefits? Would we not rush to be ‘treated’ as abductees are?

Setting aside abductions. If there is a law preventing a benevolent Extra-terrestrial contact, would not the prayers of millions of human beings asking for ‘divine intervention’ be enough to persuade them to make contact? Or are they not willing to assist because we have not filled out the ‘right’ forms or followed appropriate channels?

If they are truly benevolent, concerned with the welfare of Mankind, the non-interference clause fails to explain why they have not made contact with us. In fact, no ‘rational’ argument for non-contact presents itself.

Is the Author arguing that UFOs and ETs are malevolent? No.

They are self-serving. Benevolence or malevolence is in the eye of the beholder. If Man serves them well, he shall be rewarded. That is benevolence. If Man chooses not to be of service, he will become expendable.

Is that malevolence?


The Hidden History of Planet Earth …continued

We are not alone.
The astronomers are wrong. The scientists are wrong.
They are here, but we cannot see them because they hide. They hide…in plain sight.
We are their servants, we are their slaves, we are their property,

we are theirs.

ERIDANUS, our galaxy, is the home of billions of Beings, Star races as varied as the stars themselves, but each race born of the same evolutionary formula.

From the first spark of Life to the birth of a single cell; from the splitting of the cell, to the formation of simple-celled amoebas and then to highly complex water creatures; from the first large fish I beings to the emergence of land creatures, each race of Star Peoples has essentially followed the same path…from simple cellular structure to complex ‘humanoid’, such is the ‘norm’ of our galaxy.

Humanoid is the rule, NOT the exception.

Star Races are descended of Reptiles, Insects, Birds and other forms of life Mankind could not begin to imagine. Two races of Star Beings monopolize the history of our galaxy… and our Earth.

In the Ninth Sector, one of the oldest Star Races is the reptilian ARI-AN. Descended from dinosaurian ancestors, the ARI-AN Queens have created the single-most powerful galactic Empire in this sector of ERIDANUS.

Possessed of Warriors of unmatched ferocity and bravery (referred as the M-K or M-G), the ARI-AN Empire was unequaled in power and size.

Millions of years of countless battles had honed the War Sciences of the ARI-AN Empire to near perfection.

New methodologies had been developed. Conquered populations were an asset rather than a liability. Resistance was eliminated by simply re-programming the minds of the ‘difficult ones’. An able-bodied enemy of the state became an obedient servant of the Throne with but a simple operation.

The hold of the ARI-AN on the Ninth Sector was virtually total, and most definitely unyielding. Until the time of an unexpected evolvement of yet another Star system.

This second Star Race was one descended of dog-creatures similar to wolves. They were known as KANUS, Wolf Beings of the Star system SIRIUS (the Dog Star).

Their Empire was not as old nor as evolved as the ARI-AN Kingdom, but the fervor, the fierceness of its Warriors (known as the D-K or T-K) was vicious and barbaric, sufficiently so as to concern even the most disciplined of ARI-AN M-K Warriors.

Cutting through an enemy’s armies and then stopping to devour the flesh of the fallen, the D-K soldiers provided their Kings with conquest upon conquest. As their Empire grew, the KANUS Kings began to concern the ARI-AN Queens.

A ‘Star Lane’ known as the PESH-METEN (Ninth Passageway) was a vital super-starway linking the inner Central Stars to the outermost edges of the galaxy. By controlling this Star Lane, the ARI-AN Queens maintained power over their Empire, collected revenues, and influenced the political affairs of the Central Stars.

The expansion of the Sirian Kings began to encroach on the PESH METEN, a possibility the Queens were not willing to permit.

The Queens approached the Sirian King with an offer for an alliance. If the KANUS Kings would agree to pledge their loyalty to the ARI-AN Queens, the Queens would allow them to maintain control of the outer portion of the Starway, making profit and wielding power over Passageway traffic. Should a rejection of the Alliance offer be the result, the Queens of ARI-AN would have no choice but to obliterate the Sirius War Forces…and the Sirius star system itself.

The Sirian Kings recognized the power granted them in an alliance with the ARI-AN Queens and quickly accepted. Thus, the Alliance of Reptilian Queens and Wolfish Kings was born. M-K Warriors and D-K Warriors would fight side by side… the star systems of ARI-AN (Orion) and SIRIUS were allied.

And for a time, peace reigned in the Ninth Sector.

The new star system was born very nearly on the Starway, its position very clearly a place from which the Sirian King could further strengthen his hold on the Passageway and make his position more secure in the affairs of the galaxy. New worlds are also sources of untapped precious metals and ores as well as vital elemental compounds.

The Sirian King quickly claimed the new star system and began to exploit its resources. The star system BAD became a crucial outpost to both the Sirians and Orions. Power and wealth for both Empires continued to grow.

But a coup in the Sirian Royal court forced the King who had been responsible for the development of the new star and its worlds to flee for his life. Residents of the new solar system eagerly greeted their benefactor, granting him haven. And in his colony outpost, the King continued to develop the worlds and moons of BAD.

Striking up an agreement with the Orion Queens, the King agreed to pay tribute to both the ARI-AN and KANUS thrones, in exchange for his safety. Though the new Sirian King, AN, wanted the death of the deposed King, he was forced to obey, to accept the agreement forced upon him by the Queens.

And again, for a short time… peace reigned.

The way of Conquerors demands constant vigilance. Power is not bequeathed… it is taken… or lost. Such is the way of both Orion and Sirian Empires. The King or Queen who is caught ‘sleeping’ will most likely remain asleep… forever.

The death of the deposed King in the outpost worlds gave the Sirian King reason to rejoice, his long time hated rival was gone. But the grandson of the now-silent deposed King, an angry young Prince, ascended to power…and with him came the ‘Great Rebellion’.

Lord ZU, known as ZU-ZU (ZUZ), threw out the Sirian King and the D-K Warriors. The loyalty of the BAD peoples and an uncanny knack for battle, permitted the Lord King ZUZ to win against the faraway stars of Sirius. The ‘Golden Age’ of an ancient God ZUZ on Mount AL-AMBU-Z (Olympus) was at hand.

But time would work against the young King.

The forces of both the Orion and Sirian Empires would join against him. The solar system BAD would suffer the full force of the Warships and their weaponry. Every trace of the rebellious and upstart Lord King ZU would be eliminated. Entire worlds and their peoples were destroyed, moons and their small colonies were be demolished. The wrath of the King AN was merciless and total, there would be no remains…and no prisoners.
The Golden Era of ZUZ was over.
Millions of years later, King AN would dispatch his son, a Genesis scientist to re-build the destroyed worlds. Much needed resources and the strategic value of the outpost star system was far too important to allow it to remain dormant.

Through the efforts of the young Prince, one planet was brought back to life. The young Genesis Creator brought the atmosphere back to life, the seas once more filled with life and movement. Plants, trees and flowers appeared on surface lands, creatures were hybridized… life once again walked on the world given up for dead. ERIDU rose from the ashes!

Workers and technicians came with their families, cities flourished, the recovery operations for precious metals, ore and elements began to thrive. Settlers came from many parts of the Ninth Sector to become residents of the new world.

The young Prince continued to fabricate new creatures to inhabit the planet, one…an ape-beast hybrid. Its one and only purpose was to serve the Lords and Masters, to slave in the fields and mines for a heavenly empire needing precious metals and elements, such was the fate of the Beast.

Sirian Kings, Princes and Princesses came to govern over the new worlds.

Jealously, greed and the way of Conquerors came to be part of life on ERIDU. The young Prince Creator, the Genesis scientist who had rebuilt the world, was removed as Lord of Dominion.

The Empire, the sustaining of the very system itself, was paramount. The creation of life, experiments exploring the potentials of a new creature, would have to be set aside. And so the young Prince was replaced, by his own brother as the Lord of Dominion.

And so too, the Saga of the Beast, the Enlightenment and the Enslavement of Man, continues…

Prince EA found the Beast in the Garden at the center of the Bio-Agricultural complex.

The creature would be the key that would undo EN-LIL’s dominion on ERIDU. The Beast could mate only under the strictest of conditions, and only with a specifically selected partner. The genetic breeding programs had to be carefully controlled. The Empire depended on work forces composed of subservient and obedient laborers.

The angry Prince decided to shake the very foundation of the new colony outpost. He would reveal to the Beast the secret knowledge of the Gods…mating could be engaged in at any time and for the sheer pleasure of it. While the slaves must place labor before all else, the Lords placed pleasures above all. Servants toiled endlessly so that Masters could revel in the intoxicating pleasures of erotica.

The Beasts were given the knowledge of ‘knowing’ each other at will.

The Prince taught the creature how to have a clandestine rendezvous, how to hide from over-seers, and where to search for hidden places to enjoy their newly acquired knowledge. And the Beast enjoyed himself…and enjoyed himself.

But the Beast would be discovered. His transgression, a crime against the State, could not be hidden. His nakedness easily revealed his state of arousal. The Guardians had no difficulty in catching the transgressors. Even the females displayed outward signs, though on a much more subtle scale.

The offending Beasts were ejected from the Gardens, they became known as the ADA-MUS, the ‘monster creatures’. Loyal Beasts remained, they were known as the ADAPAS, ‘wise ones’. These Beast workers were allowed to stay in the Garden… but the Commands under which they would live increased in number and severity. Punishment became more brutal.

Prince EA became the embodiment of Evil itself. Any and all works of the Prince were labeled ‘anti-State’, thus the works of the worst criminal.- DA-EA .(The Creator-EA), BA-EL (Father-Lord) once the Lord Father Creator EA had become the DA-EA-BA-EL (Diablo-Devil), the ‘Evil One’.

For several thousand years, the turmoil-continued. Lord Prince EA would pay a price for his crime, but he was first son to the King himself. The offending Beasts had been sent into exile, certain death awaited them. Prince EA would not be allowed the power he once had, his honors stripped. Once a proud Prince, he was allowed to remain in the colonies but would never again be a force of influence.

Though powerless, the Prince continued his work with the rejected Beast. In these wretched creatures, he could see a possibility, life unfettered by a system. Life pursuing the path of its choice, life living for the sake of life.

Instructed to create special schools to teach the loyal minions of Prince EN-LIL in the secrets of the Sciences, the beaten Prince EA began to build the ‘Brotherhood’, those who would become the administrators and priests of Lord EN-LIL. The symbol of the Sciences, and Knowledge itself, was an easily recognized serpent (a tribute to the reptilian ARI-AN Queens and the Empire itself).

Thus the initiates of these schools became known as the ‘Brotherhood of the Snake‘.

But the schools, gave Prince EA an idea. The Beast would be given the opportunity to learn the secrets as well!

Secretly the Prince held meetings with the Beasts in the hillside ‘caves’. The caves became known as the ‘TCHE-L-US’ (The Word-Place-of; ‘Place of the Word or Teachings’). Over the many years of seemingly endless travail, the ‘Tche-l-us’ -(Che-r-ush/Sheirosh/Church) gave hope to the Beast. Stories of the lost paradise were often spoken of, but the memories were so distant that they had become vague at best.

Schooling of the Beast began with simple lessons in survival, cooking with fire and hunting, creating shelter, making simple traps and avoiding the dangers of the wilds. The Beast learned and began to pass his skills on to his young.

To the pleasant surprise of the Prince, some Beasts were able to learn quickly and eagerly sought more knowledge. In excited anticipation, the Prince began to instruct the Beast in the hidden arts he had begun to teach in EN-LIL’s Mystery schools. And the creature learned!

The cave meetings remained secret, the Beasts who showed promise as teachers became known as ‘EA-SU’ (‘EA-Wise Ones’) or ‘Children of EA/Children of the Serpent’. (The symbol of Prince EA, a Genesis scientist, was a pflftr of serpents, not the single serpent of the Brotherhood. Prince EA, himself, ‘was called ‘The Lord Serpent’ or ‘The Serpent’. He was thus to become the Serpent Seducer in Eden.)

The EA-SU began their missions, to teach other creatures what they had learned from the Serpent Prince. As they made their way into the wilderness. Prince EA stood proudly, they had learned and had become Teachers in their own right. The EA-SU could help lead the way to a life of free will.

But Prince EN-LIL learned of the hidden schools and immediately implemented his own plans. Dispatching loyal Beast hybrids created by his own Genesis scientists. Prince EN-LIL infiltrated the cave schools. Masquerading as EA-SU, EN-LIL loyalists created their own ‘cherish’, confusing the Beasts and creating dissension.

The Prince of the Word was pleased with his minions, they had confused the creatures. With the false EA-SU words, the Beasts could no longer understand nor communicate with each other…it was no more than babble.

The false EA-SU smiled, the true EA-SO wept.


The take-over had been successful.

Lord Prince MAR-DUK, first son of the reviled Creator God EA, had become the ‘One and Only… Sun God RA’. The SHETI lizards had re-programmed all remaining subjects on ERIDU. The rebel SSA-TA Queens of the ARI-AN underground worlds had given support to WAR-DUK with the understanding that SHETI lizards would become the administrators of the new Empire. They had done their job well, MAR-DUK would keep them around…for a while.

With their memories gone, the Beasts were loyal and very eager servants.

Other Sirian family members also gave faith and allegiance to RA, they too had lost their memories. And so it was that the Empire entered a glorious phase, everyone aspired to the same goal…to praise and serve the Sun God.

The Mystery Schools became the source of priests who had but one thought, to praise the Lord RA from whom all things, all beings, all wisdom had come. The secrets of the galaxy, and the Universe, came through the mouth of RA.

And so too, the ‘cheirosh’ became targets of the Lord RA and the SHETI. Where once the teachings were those of Lord Prince EA, now they were of ‘RA-LEG-US’ (‘RA-Laws/Words-of’) – ‘Place of the Words of RA’. (RA-leg-us/Religion). Here too, the purpose of the priesthood and brotherhood was to perpetuate the confusion and keep the truth away from both Beasts and Sirian Lords alike.

Where once all Beasts and Sirian subjects were forced to praise the Sirian Lords and ultimately give greater honor to the ARI-AN Queens, Lord RA, with the approval of the SSA-TA rebel Queens, began to systematically remove all traces of a Mother Goddess presence. Henceforth, the Omnipotent One was a male…the Sun God RA himself. Males would dominate every aspect of life, it was time for females to relinquish their exalted place of power.

The SHETI lizards, with their cousin HENTA lizards, were originally recognized for their uncanny abilities with stone cutting equipment. Using their sound cutters and heat beams with incredible accuracy, the lizards with robot-like precision could produce stone structures that needed no mortar or binding agent to keep them together.

These creatures, SHETI and HENTA lizard hyrids, crucial to the ministration of Lord Sun God RA’s Empire, were the original ‘stone-masons’.
[Note – The Egyptian glyph for Mason is, ‘HUN-U’. ‘HUN’ is the root word meaning ‘Lizard’. ‘HUN-U’ is literally ‘ – One who is – of the Lizards’]

The Sun God had become ‘The One and Only God-King’.

But ‘The King’ was concerned with the lizards. They had become too powerful. No aspect of the Empire was untouched by their hand, no position of administration was devoid of a SHETI/HENTA presence. With care and secrecy, the Sun God RA attempted to shift the wealth and power away from the lizard controllers… but to no avail. It was too late.

The SHETI/HENTA and SATA rebels seized the Empire… with no battles, with no weaponfire… they simply shut everything off. The Sun God could not communicate with anyone, the Sun God could not Issue orders, the Sun God could not rule. The Sun God was undone.

With little recourse, the Once and Only King fled in his starship back to the heavens.

The SHETI lizards changed nothing. The Empire continued functioning as it had before. Though the subjects of ERIDU had been programmed to forget their history, the acceptance of One Omnipotent God would not be altered. It served quite well the needs of the lizards. They assumed the role of the Lord of the Word EN-LIL, they took over the role of the Lord of Creation Prince EA and they set up all institutions which would govern Man, his life and his destiny.

The Sun God was gone, the Lizard Kings were in charge.

Mystery schools were closed by Thut-mose, remaining open only to a select few. Only the Stone-mason off-spring could participate. In every corner of the realm, the Masons would control the secrets and hidden knowledge of the Universe.

Sirian descendants of the original NIBIRU Lords became a target for the New Empire. Their wealth and power, inherent birth-rights, begin to be stripped away. They are viewed as potential threats to the State. The N-IBIRU (IBIRU/HEBREW) are treated as undesirables and are enslaved by the Empire’s New Order.

The stage for Exodus is set.

Moses, an IBRU (Hebrew) child, is set adrift in a river. An attendant to the Princess, daughter of the Pharaoh, finds the child floating in the reeds. She rescues him and takes to the Princess. The Royal maiden takes him to her chambers and raises him as her own. Grown and a young man, Moses has an opportunity to study in the ‘Mystery Schools’. He learns the-ways of the Masons but is taught to believe in One-God.

In time Moses discovers his true Identity. Feeling that he is betrayed, he strikes out at a guard who has threatened an IBRU slave. The guard dies, Moses becomes a cast-out.

In the desert mountains, he encounters a small ship, its bright lights are blinding. The crew is composed of Sirians who seek revenge on the lizards. The Commander speaks to an awe-struck Moses. He promises Moses the Lord of the Word is willing to support him if he moves against the Pharaoh. The Commander and crew seek to free the trapped IBRU descendants from their oppressors.

Moses returns to the Palace, scared but convinced that a powerful GOD is behind him. The crew of the Sirian ship and a small back-up squadron descend on the Palace and its armed guards. They create a series of distractions while Moses is gathering the IBRU people together.

Death rains down from the sky on the Pharaoh’s people as the IBRU flee with Moses in the lead. The Sirian ships move quickly and decisively. They vow to give their descendants a chance to escape. As the Pharaoh’s armies give chase, the Sirian ships attack with destructive laser lights. With one final effort, the Starships part the waters of the sea which blocks the Exodus. When the IBRU have passed, the waters of the sea are allowed to cascade back on the pursuers.
The story of the parting of the waters is true, the IBRU escape because of extra-terrestrial assistance. The Sirians leave, their task accomplished. The lizards are unconcerned with the effort, they are still in control.

Moses continues to be contacted by the Sirian commander. He is told about the Lord of the World and the evil beings in control of the Empire. Moses instructs the IBRU to cast the bronze statue of a serpent, the galactic symbol of Knowledge and Wisdom, it is called ‘NA-HUSH-TAN’. It is a sign to the Sirians King and the Orion Queens that the IBRU remain loyal to the true Lord of the Word.

The IBRU Patriarch is summoned to the mountaintop, there , to receive once again the Commands issued by Prince EN-LIL. Moses is given two flat crystals, each with a library of the i history of Earth. Moses brings the crystals down and orders his followers to create a gilded box to house the crystals. When placed in the ‘ARK’, the two crystals become active and become acommunication device. Two handlers come too close land touch the Ark when it is ‘powering up’. They short cir-I cult the box and destroy the crystals.

The Commander cannot afford additional crystals. Moses, feeling responsible, punishes himself, vowing not to proceed into the Promised Land when the IBRU arrive. His followers believe GOD has punished Moses for his killing of the guard.

The Exodus has caused the New Empire to search out ships from Sirius or Orion. The Commander and his squadron are in jeopardy and are forced to leave. Without communication and support, Moses and the IBRU wander through the desert lands, trying to avoid detection and seeking shelter.

A parched arid land is found where the tribes decide to settle. The lizards believe the IBRU are not worth pursuit, they leave them to die in the desert.

The IBRU descendants, tired and hungry, carve out a niche where they will hang on.

A group of ARI-AN M-G Warriors, who abandoned the Queens in power in the Orion Stars to Join the Sirian forces, leave the New Empire to form a colony of their own in the mountain regions of what is now India.

Though once Sirian loyalists, they are known as the ‘ARYANS’. Light-skinned and possessed of a Warrior’s blood, they move south towards the plateaus.

Well schooled in Sirian secrets, they establish ‘Mystery Schools’ of their own. Promising not to challenge or undermine the New Empire, they agree to share their knowledge and secrets with the Mason initiates of the Egyptian Empire.

In secret, their loyalty remained with the Sirians. The Sirian Star Beings are known as ASAR-U (‘Sirius-Those of’). The ARYAN religion praises the Heavenly Beings called ASURA. Faithful to the ways of the Sirians, they establish what has come to known as the ‘caste’ system, a way in which power is centered in the High Priesthood and the elite.

The Warrior class wields power second only to the elite. The Administrators follow, with the beastly undesirables at the bottom of the hierarchy. Obedience is stressed, faithful execution of one’s duties will be rewarded in the future lives. A search for spiritual enlightenment is discouraged, only service to the Gods is the way to heaven.

A replica of Sirian ways, Hinduism is born.

Though confused and misdirected, the ARYAN religion uses the symbol of the combined Empires of Sirius and Orion as an emblem of its own, when the ARI-AN Queens and the Conqueror Kings of Sirius joined in alliance, they adopted the sign of a swirling star galaxy as their mark. The four-armed galaxy mark was called ‘SSS-DAK-U’ (‘SSS-DAK-of’; Swastika).

The lizard administrators watched with wary eyes but did not interfere with the ARYANS effort to establish themselves in ERIDU. Additional religions in ERIDU did not concern the reptiles, confusion worked to their advantage. Cut off from ‘heavenly’ support, no ERIDU faction was a threat.

The lizards were in control.

Sirian DAK Warriors who had once stood proudly beside an all-powerful Sun God RA were known as the ‘RA-IM’ (RA-at the side of). Powerful and courageous, their memories removed, they leave Egypt to settle in lands on the northern shore of what is now the Mediterranean. Called DAKANS (heavenly-DAK) or DRAKANS, they become known as ETRUSCANS. They establish the land that will be called Italy.

The RA-IM begin to build their own Empire. Distant long lost memories of two brothers (Prince EA and Prince EN-LIL), both raised in the Sirius ways and the co-founders of ERIDU, linger in the minds of the RA-IM. The dim memories of these Princes is the foundation of the RA-IM (Roman) tale of Remus Romulus.

The legendary co-founders of Rome, Remus and Romulus are said to have been suckled and raised by a She-wolf.

The RA-IM leaders build a strong Empire and begin to war with the Egyptians. The lizards are unconcerned. They have control and do not prevent Roman expansion. They manipulate the leadership of the RA-IM government through mind control. Confusion works well for the purposes of the lizards.
Rome is firmly established as an Empire.

The SSS-IM (ESSKNES) are schooled in the Aryan (ARI-AN) ‘Mysteries’.

They keep to themselves in the desert lands of the ancient Middle East. The Initiates believe one of their own can ascend to the Throne of Earth. But the Anointed One must be descended of the Lord of the Word (Sirian), and must be joined with a descendant of the Mother Goddess (Orion).

The SSS-IM inner circle begins its search for a possible candidate. The future King must be an Initiate, schooled in the ‘Mysteries’… and one of them.

A second group of Initiates, schooled in ‘Mysteries’ of the Sirians, secretly align themselves with ASAR (Sirius)

They are the N-ASAR-IM (Of Heaven-Sirius) or Nazarenes. The N-AZAR-IM and IBRU Initiates with each other for power.

A baby is born in the ancient Middle East, he is born of the Sirian line through the House of David. Orion Initiates feel he, along with several others, are potential candidates for the Kingship of Earth. The Orion MAGI (M-G) come to pay their respects and to plant the seed of his possible future.

As a youngster, Joshua lives a normal life, but upon his coming of age, he is sent to the Eastern ‘Mystery’ schools, there to receive his schooling. Joshua learns what the King must know and what he must do. He is taught that he is also the ‘Son of GOD’, the One and Only GOD. He is being groomed for the Priesthood and a position of power.

The ‘Mystery’ schools continue to perpetuate the myth of One GOD, that reward comes upon death. ‘Salvation’ is based upon service to the Church, sacrifice of self and unwavering faith. The foundation of the lizard Empire is based upon an unquestioning obedience and lack of challenge to GOD, for in fact, the lizards have assumed the place and guise of GOD.

Joshua becomes an Initiate but finds himself questioning that which he has been taught. Something is not quite right and a feeling that there is more than what he is being told haunts him. Vague memories race through his mind, feelings, thoughts of blasphemy and sacrilegious topics flood his very being. He seeks the solace of the desert, perhaps there the uneasiness will abate. He feels he must cleanse his soul.

The desert is lonely at night. Joshua is nervous. When the shadowy figure approached him, he was ready to flee. An unfamiliar recognition soothed his concerns, the stranger in night was an EA-SU, one of the few remaining teachers of the secrets of Prince EA.

As the Teacher sat down next to him, Joshua could sense his life was about to change. For the next hours, the dark stranger began to speak of the ‘Mysteries’, Joshua was somewhat relieved, he too was an Initiate.

But as the hours passed by, the stranger added pieces to the puzzle that Joshua had not heard before. Joshua felt an urgent hunger to hear more. The stranger continued. As the hours turned into days, the days turned into weeks.

When the time came, the Teacher stood up. Joshua was in a state of exhilaration and anticipation. And as quickly as he had appeared, the stranger silently walked away. Joshua, his world turned upside down, sat down and wept. The words of the stranger were true, he knew that. He cried because a world that was unaware, asleep to the truth, was before him.

Joshua had been blessed and cursed. Knowledge unused is Knowledge wasted. Joshua had been placed in a situation not of his choosing…at least not in this world. He would have to move, have to act… or be guilty of the crime of inaction and aiding the oppressors of Mankind.

The KA-SU would come to him again, Joshua knew that, but any actions taken would have to come from Joshua himself. A time would come when he would have to act, for now he would have to make plans. It would take years, he thought, but it would worth the wait.

Joshua was, after all, a ‘Chosen One’ was he not?

He had wondered why the name had been selected, now he knew. He was IESU… he was EA-SU too.

IESU had heard that there was another ‘Anointed One’ not far away in the desert (IESU could sympathize). It was not la great surprise when he discovered that the ‘other one’ was ‘also of the same bloodline as he was. It was with some dismay, however, that he found out the ‘other one’ was elder to IESU, thus requiring IESU to step aside.
But fate was with IESU, for though John the Baptist took priority because of his age, John’s reputation would bring a quick end to his existence. On hearing of the beheading of his cousin John, IESU continued to plan his future. It had been fortunate that John had baptized him, others would find it much easier to accept his role as a Man of the cloth.

To become a Rabbi, he would have to be married, that was the Tradition and Law. But to fulfill the prophecies, those requirements for the ‘Anointed One’ demanded that he be wed to a descendant of the Mother Goddess herself. To that end, IESU found and took to his side, Mary Magdalene.

They were wed and she bore children.

IESU had become full-fledged Rabbi, with all appropriate rights and responsibilities. He was both an Initiate and an honored Rabbi. The early requirements of the prophecies had been fulfilled.

It was now time to begin the final stages.

IESU knew he would need public support. Caiaphas, Head-priest of the Temple, and even Pontius Pilate, would find it difficult to attack a man who had the people’s sympathy. It would be even worse if he was a holy man.

IESU moved through the countryside, acting as counselor, healer and people’s advocate. The masses loved him and his gentle ways. But in secret, he attacked the Roman guard and stripped them of their weapons. As time passed, he gathered a small group of followers.

Though donations were coming in to support his cause, the funds were too small to support an increasing band. It was with some trepidation that he moved to attack the moneychanger’s tables in the marketplace. The plan was simple, IESU himself would create the distraction, his followers would take the money from the money-lenders.

IESU strode purposefully into the marketplace. Everyone felt that the money-changers were practicing licensed thievery, but with the sanction of the Temple, the money-changers could do as they wished. Assured that the public would give him support, IESU began to overturn the tables of money. As the people cheered him on, his followers grabbed up the coin that they could, then scattered in all directions when Roman guards appeared.

As IESU had expected, the public supported his action with great favor. The Temple Sanhedrin, however, saw him as an outlaw that needed to be disposed of.

The plan had been flawless, but the actual execution had resulted in an unexpected outcome. The eldest son of IESU, in his excitement, had not noticed the guards’ arrival. The result was that he had been captured. IESU was worried, the Head Priest could put his son to death. His plans were most assuredly dangerous, he had been ready to give up his life, if necessary, but to lose his son would be too much.

IESU’s death would not prevent his son claiming the throne, but the. death of his eldest son would mean the throne would be lost, gone forever, to everyone in his family.

And so, IESU planned to free his son. The Sanhedrin had long been searching for him, IESU would give them the chance to find him. He called for his most trusted disciple Judas, and bade him go to Caiaphas, High Priest of the Temple, and pretend to betray IESU.

Reluctantly, Judas did so, playing his role to his best. The Temple guard arrested IESU, taking him to Pontius Pilate for execution. But Pilate wished no. part of the politics of the Jews. He had been biding his time until he could return to Rome. Any trouble in his out-post would reflect badly on Pilate, and so he rejected any part of the Sanhedrin’s plot to kill IESU.

Caiaphas would not be denied. He descended on Herod and demanded the death of the upstart. But Herod did not want a problem with the Romans. If Pilate would have nothing to do with the execution, he too would not bow to the demands of a boisterous Sanhedrin.

Turned away again, Caiphas returns to Pilate.

He threatens a revolt of the entire territory should the execution of IESU is denied him again. But Pilate believes he can outwit Caiaphas. He fabricates an offer of clemency because of a vague holiday. He offers to free any prisoner, anyone the mob chooses. He assumes they will choose IESU, a rabble King.

IESU’s followers immediately call for BARABBAS surprising Pilate. BARABBAS is the first born son of IESU. (BAR-RABBI, ‘Son-of the Rabbi’)

Caiaphas mob also takes up the chant for BARABBAS. The death of IESU is their goal. The prisoner is freed, IESU’s son is safe. But the mob is not satisfied, they are paid to call for the execution of IESU. Reluctantly, Pilate agrees to whip IESU to appease the thirsty cries for blood.

Pilate whips IESU, his followers weep. The sight of his blood feeds the frenzy. The riots promised by Caiaphas are about to explode before Pilate. He begs IESU to recant his claim to Kingship of the Jews. IESU will not. The original plan had been to have IESU hanged on the cross for crimes to the Roman state. Heresy would suffice if the punishment was the same.

While studying in the far east, IESU had learned of many medicinal herbs. With the help of Joseph of Arimathea, IESU had a plan to beat death on the cross. A little known herb, when ingested, would cause the drinker to lapse into a faint similar to death. This would be the secret that would allow him to become resurrected as only a God could.

IESU is taken to the hillside and crucified. Joseph has bribed the guards. Traditionally, the criminal has his legs broken so that he could not support his weight. This is not done to IESU.

On a given cue, one of the bribed guards places a sponge into the prepared concoction. The sponge is put on the end of his lance and is extended to IESU to drink. Those nearby believe it to be water, but it smells strangely of vinegar.

IESU ‘drinks greedily’. Within moments, his head falls. He is unconscious, everyone believes him dead. A guard who has not been bribed tests to see if IESU is alive by thrusting his lance in his side. As the spear pierces the side of IESU, blood flows freely. His still beating heart causes an out-pouring of blood, IESU is still alive. To the horror of Joseph and the disciples, he has been stabbed.

Quickly, Joseph comes forward to claim the body from the guards, claiming IESU Is dead. But Hebrew tradition forbade anyone to touch a dead body, even loved ones. Joseph knows IESU is alive, no tradition or law is violated. But IESU is wounded, it is vital that they move him to a cave where they can treat him in secret.
They move the body to a cave in a Garden that belongs to Joseph. A boulder is moved to cover the entrance, a hidden doctor waits to tend to IESU. He is alive but the wound has seriously injured him. He must be moved to a safer location where he can heal.

Under the cover of darkness, IESU is moved. The cave is found empty the next morning, IESU is gone. The legend of a resurrected Son of God is about to be born.

Convinced the Rabbi is safe, Joseph moves to protect the family of IESU. Preparations had already been made to whisk Mary and the children away in a hired boat. As the boat and its cargo departs, IESU is told they are on their way. They will be safe.

Joseph makes his way to the southern shores of what will become known as France. Followers come with the family, the Jews establish a colony. IESU had wanted to claim the throne of Earth for Mankind…and its children. He had intended to discard the ‘system’, to waken Mankind to the lizards. Time had worked against him.

IESU died in the far east, his wife and children were well, the blood of IESU survived. The lizards were still unconcerned, the ‘Omnipotent GOD’ concept is unchallenged. The manipulation of minds and the re-programming continued.

Nothing had changed.
250 A.D.
Followers of IESU are declared enemies of the Temple and the Hebrew faith. The Hebrew (IBR) persecute the Christians (NZR). Rome is persuaded the Christians are enemies of the state as well. Followers of IESU are hunted down.

The disciple Paul, not well accepted by other disciples, ‘uses his connections’ in Rome to spare himself. He survives a purge that others do not. He manipulates the teachings and words of IESU for his own political purposes.

His writings and interpretations form the foundation of the early church.

325 A.D.
Three hundred years later, Constantine believes that the Hebrew prophecies of a heavenly Messiah are not fulfilled by IESU.

Even the Jews do not accept him as the Deliverer. In his eyes, he, Constantine, is much closer to being the true Messiah than IESU ever was. With his armies, he had seized all the lands of influence and power. Only one power eluded him, the throne of Earth. He turns to Christianity, hoping that the church will declare him the true Savior Messiah.

He convenes the Council of Nicea. Its task is to gather together all the stories of the prophesied Hebrew ‘Messiah’. Constantine believes the collection will support his contention that he should be the King of Earth. Though the Church becomes extremely powerful with his endorsement, the declaration that he is the Messiah is not forthcoming. Elevating

Constantine to the status of the Son of God would force relinquishment of newly acquired power, something the Church is not ready to do. IESU is dead, the Church is his agent. The Church is unaware descendants of IESU are alive.

525 A.D.
‘ MOHAMMED (M-K-M) is visited as he sleeps. A heavenly being enters his dreams and reveals a plan for a new faith.

An Orion M-K faction has managed to sneak into ERIDU. Their target is a man who could potentially seize the Throne. The religion of ‘Islam’ is born, it means ‘surrender’. Islam is demanding, it total surrender to GOD is mandatory. Mohammed organizes the Moslems into a military power. They move into and conquer the Holy Lands.

1000 A.D.
The message of the maverick IESU is twisted. Christianity under Constantine becomes a political power, supporting the very ‘systems’ that IESU had tried to undo.

Off-spring of IESU return to the Holy Land. It is their intent to declare their descendancy and claim the place that is truly theirs. The Christian Church is horrified. Should the off-spring prove their lineage, all the power and riches of the Church would have to be relinquished.

They launch a hunt for the SANGRE’ REAL (‘Blood-Royal’), the Royal Blood of IESU. Crusaders misinterpret the words, they believe they search for the SAN’GRAAL, a Holy container of the blood of Christ. The first Crusade is an attempt to hunt down the Church’s greatest threat, IESU’s children. It is claimed that the Crusades are launched to seize back Holy Lands taken away by the Moslems.

The Knights Templar are gathered together to protect the family of IESU. They distinguish themselves and gain wealth and power, all the while keeping their secret. When forced to kiss the Crucifix in later times, they refuse. They spit on the Cross and trample it underfoot. They knew the Church was based on falsehood. The children of IESU are alive, the Church is NOT the true Voice of God.

The ‘ASSASSINS‘ (‘SSS-EN’; Orion-Lords of) are a secret society that used drugs to induce hypnotic states.

Manipulation of the mind is the cornerstone of their cult. Led by a man who had been contacted by an Orion reptilian soldier, the ASSASSIN cult proves to be a powerful force in the Wars against the Crusaders. An Orion faction hidden on ERIDU, is trying to protect the children of IESU. The blood of Queens runs in their veins.

The lizard Empire is still unconcerned. Wars and political confusion works to their advantage. The Omnipotent One GOD concept remains unchallenged, their hold on the world is strong. No one knows they play the role of GOD.

Germanic Power is centralized in Hesse (SSS), one of the most powerful states in Germany. Charlemagne establishes a secret society called ‘Rosicrucians’. They are an order of the ‘Brotherhood of The Snake‘ and later become known as the ‘Order of the Illuminati‘, the ‘Enlightened Ones’.
The Church is convinced the threat of the descendants of IESU has been eliminated.

Pope Innocent IV centralizes the power of the Papacy in the capital city of Rome.

Numerous penetrations of ERIDU by Sirian and Orion crews worries the lizards. Several ‘Secret Societies‘ have formed under the influence of these crews. The lizards begin hunts for the ‘underground’ crews. Though the One God institution is still strong, too many new ‘Enlightened Ones’ begin to be apparent. The lizards cannot take a chance that the ‘Truth’ a leaks out.

The Hunt and Inquisition are simultaneous. Sky and earth are scourged.

Battles in the skies are seen over Europe. Destroyed in the skies, ships break apart. Chemicals and alien bacteria ‘rain down from the sky. The Black Plague breaks out. Large numbers of UFO sightings accompany later outbreaks of Plague [in all areas of Europe and Asia.

The lizard hunt continues for hundreds of years, battles ‘ result in the destruction of the Orion and Sirian crews that have tried to work behind the scenes to break the lizard New Empire. Fall-out from the war infects the human populations with Black Plague. Over 100 million die in the 400 years of lizard retaliation.

History cannot explain the sporadic and strange sudden appearances and disappearances of the Plague.

1350 A.D.
The Christian Church blames the Jews (IBRU) for the outbreaks of the Black Plague. They are expelled from Europe. When once the Hebrew (IBR) persecuted the Christians (NZR), now the Christians (NZR) persecuted the Hebrew (IBR).

1500 A.D.
The Medici family is given the power to collect dues and fees for the Church of Rome under Pope John XXIII. They are fast becoming the most prominent Bankers in Europe.

1600 A.D.
The Bank of Amsterdam is formed. It is the first ‘bank’ that institutes the Science of Money, issuing notes against assets held, oftentimes more notes than asset value.

The ‘Glorious Revolution’ puts William III of Orange, of the German House of Orange-Nassau, on the Throne of England. William III is a Freemason. The German House manufactures a war against England, then rents hired soldiers to England to fight in them. This is repeated several times, the English treasury is looted.

The Bank of England is formed under a plan created by a Scotsman, William Paterson, a Mason. The Bank of France is formed under the plan created by another Scotsman, John Law. He too is a Mason.

The lizards intend to solidify their hold on the wealth of the planet. Sirian and Orion crews that sneak in cannot be allowed to possibly undermine their power base. Banking must be centralized.

1700 A.D.
Rag-tag, frustrated Europeans flee to the New World in a deliberately to leave behind the ‘system’ that persecutes them and empties their coffers.
The lizards see an opportunity to exploit new lands.

In 1694, Rosicrucian leaders create a colony in Pennsylvania in the New World.
In 1730, Daniel Coxe is appointed Grand Master of Lodges in New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania.
In 1733, Henry Price becomes Grand Master of the Boston Lodge in Massachusetts.
In 1752, George Washington is initiated into Freemasonry at the age of 20.

Freemasons in the Revolutionary War include: George Washington, Benjamin Franklin (since 1731), Alexander Hamilton, Patrick Henry, Henry Knox, James Madison and Grand Masters: Paul Revere, James Clinton and John Hancock. (Both George Washington and Benjamin Franklin were also Masters.) Of 14,000 officers in the Continental array, nearly 2100 were Freemasons.

Baron von Steuben, a German soldier who disciplined and trained Washington’s troops is a Freemason. L^Marquis de La Fayette, a skilled military man who sailed to America to aid the revolutionaries is a Freemason. Fredrick of Prussia, an ardent supporter of the colonists, was a Freemason.
The Boston Tea Party is led by members of the St. Andrew Masonic Lodge on 6 December 1773.

The Masons have a firm hold on the New World.

The dollar bill is designed by William Barton. The ‘All Seeing Eye’ is a Freemason symbol. It perpetuates the myth of the Omnipotent God. ‘NOVUS ORDO SECOLORUM’ is written in the banner at the bottom, it means ‘Beginning of a New Order of Ages’ (The New World Order).

It is a direct reference to the New Empire of the lizards. An innocent looking pyramid represents the birth place of the Masonic guilds. It is the symbol of the original stone-cutters. The eagle on the back of the bill was originally a ‘phoenix’, a creature which has risen from the ashes. It too refers to the rise of a New Empire from the. burning away of the old. The ‘phoenix’ is not replaced until 1841.

The Bank of the United States is chartered by Alexander Hamilton in 1791, he is a Freemason. In 1863, the Bank will become the Federal Reserve Bank.

Presidents who have been or are Freemasons include:

George Washington, James A Madison, James Monroe, Andrew Jackson, James Polk, James Buchanan, Andrew Johnson, Wm. McKinley, James Garfield, ‘Teddy’ Roosevelt, Howard Taft Warren Harding, Franklin Roosevelt, Harry S. Truman, and Gerald Ford. J. Edgar Hoover was also a Freemason.

King George I of England was a Hannover (a German house) who did not speak English.

He believed his Throne was but a temporary position until he could return to a seat of power in Germany. While he sat on the Throne of England, his mind and focus continued to be on German business affairs. From 1700 until 1901, a royal of the House of Hannover sat on the throne of England every year. The House of Windsor of Queen Elizabeth is descended from the House of Hannover.

It is the practice of the Secret Societies, guided by an unseen lizard hand, to create wars and provide both sides an army for hire and/or an arsenal. War is profit.

1800 A.D.
In 1836, the ‘League of the Just’ is another one of the Secret Societies begun by a Mason.

It is the first Society that Karl Marx joins. He is directed and guided towards the concept of a One World Order, a euphemism for a totalitarian rule by the lizards. While he is a member of the League, he writes the Communist Manifesto.

The ‘League of the Just’ becomes the ‘Communist League’. Communism declares that everyone is equal, that no one owns anything, that everyone shares equally from a community pool of goods but that the first step to this ideal state must be a political dictatorship. (This is justification for a total control by the lizard Empire.)

The Round Table, a secret society patterned after Freemasonry, was established by Cecil Rhodes, a diamond and gold mining magnate. (Rhodes scholarships are named for him) His altruistic ideas for assisting the masses are changed by his cronies on the Round Table to become methods by which masses can be manipulated.

The Round Table becomes a central gathering for powerful organizations such as the Carnegie United Kingdom Trust, numerous J.P. Morgan associations, virtually all Rockefeller organizations, etc. In the United States, a newly formed ‘Council on Foreign Relations‘ becomes the working front for the Round Table.

1900 A.D.
Houston Stewart Chamberlain writes the Foundation of the Nineteenth Century, a work suggesting that Germany is easily the best nation suited to bring about manifestation of a New Order in Europe. Emperor Wilhelm Kaiser of Germany endorses the work, his efforts to establish ‘Aryan Supremacy’ begin.

The manipulation of the Secret Societies continues by an unseen lizard hand. An assassin from the Black Hand Society of central Europe, murders Austrian Archduke Ferdinand. The incident sparks the beginning of World War I.

Jacob Schiff, an American citizen linked to the powerful German Houses and the Rothschild family, finances the effort known as the Bolshevik Revolution. Lenin is given his start on the world stage. It is 1917.

After the Revolution, the Secret Police in Russia are in virtual total political control. It later becomes the KGB.

The Five Year plan is instituted in Russia. Labor camps provide cheap labor for the ‘Masters’. Land and property is ‘collectivized’. Thirty-five to forty million people die in the labor camps from 1917-1950.


The reptilian Queens of Orion had become impatient. The SSS-T Council is ordered to dispatch an elite team of Psych-Warriors to ERIDU to attempt a take-over.

Their task is not easy.

They must locate a human being with powerful connections that can be mind-manipulated into a take-over attempt against the rebel lizard Empire. The Orion team arrives, it utilizes hidden caverns once used by their ancestors as its base of operations. The search for the right candidate must begin immediately.

In his early twenties, Adolph Hitler was a devastatingly poor young man. He uses drugs to achieve ‘higher levels of consciousness’. Ernest Pretzsche, a mystic bookstore owner, is described as ‘toad-looking’. (He is a lizard hybrid). He introduces Hitler to German mysticism and Herr Von List, one of occultism’s most vocal of advocates. He also believes an Aryan race of super-beings resides hidden deep in the bowels of Earth. It is they who guide Man.

Adolph Hitler enlists in World War I and earns the ‘Iron Cross-First Class’ as a corporal. He is injured by mustard gas and is hospitalized. While there, he is treated for the symptoms of psychopathic hysteria. His doctor, Wm. Forster, uses induced visions to relieve Hitler’s blindness. Hitler is released cured of ‘hysterical blindness’ but is convinced that he is the Messiah.

He also believes that the Aryans of Germany are destined to become the Master Race of Mankind.
The Orion Psych-Warriors have found their candidate.

Hitler begins espionage duties in Munich. He earns his position in the ‘Political’ department of the Army District Command. He assassinates German officials who surrendered during World War I, an act he considers to be a betrayal of the German people. The elite members of the Army District Command are members of the ‘Thule Society‘, a group that is supported by the German High Command. (The Thule Society is recognized as a Society of Assassins.)

In 1920, Hitler declares the formation of the infamous Nazi Party at a rally in Munich. Rudolph Hess is appointed Minister of Propaganda. Heinrich Himmler is appointed Head of the Gestapo. Hitler and his henchmen feel that somehow the secret police, the most powerful arm of the Third Reich would best be called the ‘SS’.

The Aryan ‘SS’… the Psych-Team smiles.

The ‘SS’ is a secret society comprised of members that must be initiated. It is called the ‘Schutzstaffel’. Only pure Aryan soldiers are permitted to join.
Hitler is proclaimed the German Messiah of prophecy by Stewart Chamberlain, the same man who influenced the Kaiser to begin his Aryan supremacy goals years earlier.

I.G. Farben, a giant German Chemical company, enters in to a business relationship with the ‘SS’, providing the gas and chemicals for the extermination camps begun by Himmler.

Also working with I.G. Farben as business partners with the Third Reich (after war was declared!) were ITT and General Electric. Both ITT and GE continue to provide electricity, communication systems and necessary materials to the German state.

Ford Motor companies in Germany continue to produce vehicles for Adolph Hitler.

On the I.G. Farben Board of Directors are:

  • Max and Paul Warburg, both heads of banks in Germany and instrumental in the beginning of the Federal Reserve Bank in the U.S.
  • A. Metz, Director of the Manhattan Bank (a Warburg Bank later to become the Chase Manhattan Bank-a Rockefeller link)
  • the Director of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York and of the National City Bank, C.E. Mitchell
  • Montague Norman, the Director of the Bank of England itself

Prince Bernhard, another member of the House of Orange, is a member of the ‘SS’ and an employee of the I.G. Farben company. After the war he becomes Chairman of the Board of Shell Oil. The Prince will later form the ‘Bilderbergers‘, and chairs the meetings until 1970.

The Orion Psych-Team has put together a movement formed of some of the most powerful people and entities on Earth. The Third Reich appears headed for successful take-over of the entire world. The Psych-Team have successfully worried the lizards.

Hitler relies heavily on the ‘Secret Ones’ to guide him in his movements. They have protected him more than once, rescuing him from certain death.

But, during the course of the war. Hitler constantly uses cocaine, morphine, strychnine, painkillers and sedatives. As the war progresses, he increases his drug use to relieve the stress. Though he is still guided by the ‘Secret Ones‘, the drugs make him think he can accept or reject their advice as he pleases.
The Psych-Team is worried Hitler will destroy their war plans for a take-over.

[Note: Hitler, Goering, Hess, and Himmler are all members of a Secret society. FDR and his successor, Harry S. Truman are both Freemasons. Japanese military leaders are members of theBlack Dragon Society. World War II pits members of the world’s most powerful secret societies against each other.]

The confidence of the lizards is shaken. The take-over attempt is dangerously close to success. It becomes clear they must use their most powerful weapon to end the threat.

The War is going badly for Europe. Though the American leadership has given support, it is not enough. It is very clear the people of the United States do not want to enter the war. It is necessary to find a reason that will create a strong desire in the decision to join the war.

The President and his military advisors are aware of an attack planned on Pearl Harbor by the Japanese. Instead of warning the Hawaiian naval forces, they decide to with-hold the information. An attack on Pearl harbor could justify a declaration of war that would be strongly supported by the American public.
Early morning December 7, 1941, the Japanese attack the naval base at Pearl Harbor. The President and his advisors underestimate the strength of the Japanese forces, the base is virtually destroyed. The devastation leaves the western coast of the United States nearly defenseless. Nothing can stop the Japanese if they choose to move on to California.

The lizards are able to break through the Orion Psych-Team’s defenses. They are able to penetrate into the mind of Admiral Yamamoto and instruct him to turn around.

Admiral Yamamoto inexplicably turns his fleet around.

His advisors try to persuade him to continue his attack and move seize the Hawaiian lands. He refuses to do so, no one understands. He is said to be acting confused and very dazed.

He is also said to have uttered the following…

“…I am afraid we have awakened a sleeping giant.”

Unknowingly, he has correctly assessed the situation as it existed.

The lizard Empire had never believed it would be threatened. Its hold had been total and complete, a war of take-over was considered inconceivable. The Empire had, in fact, had been awakened from its slumbers.

The tragedy of the ‘Day of Infamy’ persuaded the people of the United States to join the war. They feel betrayed, they eagerly seek revenge. The largest and richest country in the world is mobilized for war.

The President sanctions the start of two secret weapon projects. The first one with solid results will be chosen for full development and completion.
The ‘Manhattan Project’, led by Robert Oppenheimer, was begun in earnest in Las Alamos, New Mexico. Its purpose is to develop a ‘super-bomb’ for use against the Japanese, the Italians and the Nazis.

The ‘Philadelphia Experiment‘, led initially by Nicola Tesla, begins to research a ‘hyper-dimensional’ generator, a device which will permit warships to travel through space and time. The cover story claims that the project seeks to develop ‘radar invisibility’ for naval ships.

The Orion Psych-Team is being undermined by Hitler himself. Drugs cloud his Judgment, he has begun to make wrong decisions, believing he is infallible. The Orion Team must make a choice, eliminate Hitler and replace him, or attempt to close down one of the secret weapon projects in the U.S. One of the projects is dangerous, it could cause chaos and destruction that would extend far beyond the limits of the solar system.

Hitler is too far gone, the attempted take-over is lost because of his drug-use. The Psych-Team must leave, but it is decided to terminate the project which is dangerous.

The Mafia approaches the United States government, they offer assistance in Sicily and Italy in exchange for Lucky Luciano’s release. The bargain is struck, Luciano is given his freedom. The Mafia slows down movement of supplies on the docks in Italy, Mussolini is delayed. Patton’s move on Sicily is aided by the Mafia. They provide fuel and tires, attack behind the lines and pass on vital information.

The United States and the Mafia are allies.

Reinhard Gehlen, head of SS Intelligence approaches the head of the OSS (Office Secret Services), Allen Dulles. He has established an entire spy network in Russia. If Dulles will offer his Gestapo amnesty, Gehlen and his entire group will work for the Americans against the Russians. Everyone distrusts the Soviet Union, Gehlen’s offer is accepted.

The United States and the Gestapo are allies.

The OSS launches “Operation Paperclip‘. Gestapo agents and scientists are taken out of Germany… via the Vatican!

The United States and the Vatican are allies. In 1948, the OSS (later to become the CIA), the Mafia, the ‘SS’ Gestapo and the Vatican are all allies. The Psych-Team can do no more. They depart.

On April 30, 1945, Hitler commits suicide.

The take-over attempt is over.

The lizards have retained control of the Empire. Their utilization of the United States military forces and wealth has succeeded. But the take-over attempt by the Orion team had come perilously close to undoing the Empire.

The seizure of ERIDU by the New Empire lizards had been totally illegal. Full rights of development had been awarded to the Sirian Kings when the solar system was born.

But ERIDU had been seized from the Sirians by MAR-DUK.

And the lizards had seized it from MAR-DUK.

Galactic law stated that the development of any race of peoples could not be interfered with in any way, unless the beings themselves specifically invite other beings to fully participate in their business or evolvement.

The residents of ERIDU were originally of Sirian blood. The seizure of the solar system by the Orion lizards was an illegal act. Thus, to remain in ERIDU, to have a legal and proper presence in the system required an invitation by the major portion of the populace of Earth.

Without the appropriate invitation, the Galactic Court could find the lizard Empire illegally present in the solar system and dispatch a Guardian Force to forcibly terminate their presence. If an invitation from the major populace, or its representative, was extended, the lizards could stay. Even the Sirian King would have to relinquish any previous development rights.

A Treaty inviting the lizards to stay was necessary.

A new re-programming effort begins. It will be crucial that the numbers of humans ‘in-the-know’ be reduced to near zero. There must be no traceable evidence of manipulation, tampering or influencing of the human race for the scenario that is planned to succeed.

The stage is set…it begins.

On February 20, 1954, President Dwight David Eisenhower was in Palm Springs. He is scheduled to hold a press conference but cancels it at the last minute. His press secretary advises the media that he has a tooth ache and can not appear. In reality, he was whisked away to Muroc Air Force Base (later known as Andrews).

On the runways of the air base, along with his military advisors and a select few civilians, the President watched as a detail of several extra-terrestrial ships approached. For the next few moments, the saucer-like disks performed a series of maneuvers that both stunned and surprised each of the on-lookers. With a final demonstration of invisibility and ‘space-skipping’, the ships suddenly came to a halt.

As the President’s contingency continued to watch, from seemingly nowhere, a door opened in the closest disk and an intimidating figure moved forward.
The grey Being is nearly six feet tall. His head is an oddity, it is very large and possesses two large black eyes that dominate his face. His nose is large, his mouth, ears and chin disproportionately small.

As he moves forward, he reaches into a small box on his chest. He removes something from the box and with a simple gesture, begins to communicate with the President’s party.

The Being identifies himself as KRLL, an emissary from another planet. KRLL advises the President that his people have been watching Earth for quite some time. Though their race cannot comprehend our animalistic behavior, they are, nonetheless, impressed with human beings.

KRLL explains to the President that they are impressed, astounded, with the genetic make-up of humans. Humans are hardy and surprisingly adaptable. In addition, they are an extraordinary species capable of living and breathing in an atmosphere composed primarily of nitrogen, a poisonous gas.

KRLL has been instructed by his people to come to Earth and examine human beings, returning with samples of genetic cellular material. In exchange, he is authorized to offer flying disk technology and disintegration light weaponry to the leadership of Earth. It is their hope to identify and isolate the genetic cellular materials which may help their own race become stronger.

KRLL continues, explaining that they come from a dying world and hope to integrate both our genetic materials and theirs to create a hybrid race which will allow them to endure.

The President is horrified. It is inconceivable to him that he could permit human beings to be dissected…for any reason! He immediately refuses the offer.
The tall alien responds. He assures the President that no harm will come to any human being examined. All individuals selected will undergo electronic ‘nerve-disconnect’. They will feel no pain.

In addition, they will have their memories disconnected, thus preventing any trauma to their psyche. As further precaution, they will be implanted with ‘screen memories’, a technique which will mask any memories of the incident, creating the illusion that any memory that might resurface is just a dream.

Individuals selected for examination will be taken only under the most discreet situations, the major populace will not be aware of the abductions. Those who are removed will be returned to the same location they were taken from, they will have no memory of the event, only missing time.

The President is still unconvinced. Examination of any human being without their approval or knowledge seems to be a violation of their privacy and rights. He again refuses. His military advisers argue in favor of the Treaty. Debate and forced quiet arguments continue. Finally, one General makes a point that decides the issue. If the alien’s offer is refused… how would Mankind prevent the abductions from occurring anyway?

The President can see no alternative.

He asks for one additional consideration to be part of the agreement: a group of human medical advisors will take part in every examination. They will observe all clinical procedures and will be given unrestricted access to any and all aspects of the abduction process. They will report any violations to both humans and aliens. Any such violations will terminate the Treaty. The alien agrees.

The pact is known as the Tri-lateral Treaty. It has an unparalleled impact on the affairs of the globe. On behalf of planet Earth, the President of the United States, undeniably the most powerful man in world affairs, has extended an invitation for the lizards, now known as the ‘GREYS’, to participate in our world’s development.

The lizard Empire is legally present on Earth! None of the principals in world government have memories of earlier arrangements. A handful become part of the hidden SHETI or ISHETU government (the ‘shadow government’).

The President requests the formation of an alien supervisory board. Some reports list its name as MJ-12, others assign it a different name. Its task is to monitor all the abductions and report back to the President.

Two underground bases are planned. The first will be a large facility for United States military to use to develop and become familiar with UFO technology and weaponry. This base is built below a gunnery range north of Las Vegas.

It is variously called Area 51 and Dreamland. The second base is built utilizing the caverns under the Four Corners area, near a small town called Dulce. it is to be used by aliens for the examination of their human abduction subjects.

Humans and Greys work hand in hand.


Money is needed to finance the development of the newly acquired weaponry and UFO technology, the so-called ‘Black’ projects.

The ‘shadow government’ influences the President and those whose minds have been sanitized. They argue that the public must not be told of the alien contact, the panic that would ensue would be disastrous, particularly if they were to find out the aliens were uncontrollable. Funds for the ‘Black Ops’ must not come from taxation, they must come from undetectable sources…and the amounts needed would be vast in quantity.

The ‘shadow government‘ has no desire to see the ‘Black Ops’ succeed, but it has no qualms in making a profit. The ‘shadow government’ principals suggest turning to an ‘ally’ of the United States in World War II… the Mafia. Though a minor protest is made by some high officials, the Mafia is once again the partner of Uncle Sam. The mobster lords are quick to suggest an arrangement… in illegal drugs.

The first phase of the operation concentrates on existing fields of poppy in Turkey. The Mafia will be responsible for bringing the drugs to the waters outside the coastlines of the United States.The CIA will bring the illegal drugs into the country.

The Mafia finds a young Greek shipping magnate who will bring their contraband in his ships to American seas. This young man becomes a tycoon. He is Aristotle Onassis.

The CIA utilizes the talents of an Irish bootlegger, a man who has Mafia connections and is experienced in moving ‘booty’ from small boats at sea to ‘friendly’ longshoremen on the docks. From there they are transported on trucks to all major cities. This man is Joseph P. Kennedy.

The drugs begin to flow, huge amounts of money is split up between the Mafia and the CIA. Black Ops is funded, the ‘shadow government’ holds the reins. Government officials, now connected to the Mafia, can be black-mailed and easily controlled… or eliminated.

The drug operations are extremely lucrative, but Black Ops needs more money, and the ‘shadow government’ simply is greedy and wants more money. The ‘Golden Triangle ‘ of the far-east is targeted. The French have recently lost a high cost war. Without their presence, planes can be flown into the fields of Cambodia and Viet Nam, drug smuggling begins.

The success of the drug trade increases, greater numbers of air flights is too difficult to hide, a cover is needed.

The Gulf of Tonkin is contrived to provide a reason for war. War demands air flights into the distressed area.

Drugs from the Far East (Cambodia-Viet Nam) are brought in by Air America, a CIA front. The Viet Nam war is a drug smuggling front. Body bags are packed with drugs, soldiers are hooked so that a market will be exist for the payloads. Viet Nam provides the product and the users.

Black Ops funding increases, the ‘shadow government’ is not satisfied, they want more profit. The official government continues to get in deeper and deeper.
South America is a bounty of drugs. The previous phase which used smugglers is put into use again. The drug lords of Central and South America bring their cargoes to a small oil company in the Gulf of Mexico.

Oil platforms which had been sending nominal amounts of crude oil in barrels nearly double the number of barrels they send into the U.S. Crude oil occupies only half of the barrels, drugs are stored in the others. The most successful operation centers around a young oil company called Zapata Oil. Its young CEO makes a name for himself. The operation is so successful the young man becomes intimate with the CIA. He is present in Dallas on November 22, 1963. He advises the FBI, previous to the fateful day, of a ‘possible problem’ in the persona of Lee Harvey Oswald, who may be potential threat to JFK.

The CIA link becomes so strong that in time he is appointed to the Directorship. The young CEO is named George Bush. (George Bush is actually a second cousin to the Queen of England.)

‘Black Ops’ and ‘Drug Ops‘ have become one and the same… the Mafia and the CIA are indistinguishable… the United States Government and the ‘Shadow Government’ are enmeshed.

They are the perpetrators of crimes against humanity… we are the victims.


Patriarch Joseph P. Kennedy proposes a deal to the CIA-Mafia powers.

If they assist in the election of his eldest son to the Office of the Presidency, his son in return will obey the dictates of his father. In effect, the Presidency of the United States will be under the control of the Mafia and CIA… completely.

The ‘shadow government’ smiles.

Joseph Kennedy’s eldest son is killed in a ‘mysterious’ accident. Joseph assures the CIA-Mafia that his other son, John Fitzgerald, will abide by the scenario that Joseph has proposed. John is unaware of his father’s ‘deal’, he is an intelligent young man but has an incessant eye for women. The election is rigged, JFK is the new President John follows his father’s will, but the Patriarch falls ill.

Suddenly John and his younger brother Bobby, find the path before them is open to their own direction. Possessed of consciences, they begin to pursue their own course.

Aware to some degree of their father’s connections, the full scope of the arrangement with the CIA-Mafia was beyond their comprehension. They discover the ‘Black Ops’ and the drug trafficking… and the CIA-Mafia link. The two feel an overwhelming sense of betrayal, they are part of the system of injustice they have taken a vow to fight against.

John promises to disband the CIA and the drug trade. A committed Bobby goes after the Mafia. Both groups feel the agreement is broken. The Texas oil consortium has its very foundation threatened. The military itself feels their war effort in the Bay of Pigs has been betrayed.

The two young men have effectively threatened the most powerful organizations in the world.

  • On November 22nd, 1963, at noon in Dallas, Texas, John Fitzgerald Kennedy is assassinated.
  • On June 5th, 1968, in Los Angeles, California, while on a Presidential campaign, Robert Kennedy is assassinated.

The world cried, not because most agreed with them, but because everyone somehow knew… we lost one of our own.


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