By Naomi Brockwell,

Snowden said this:

I wouldn’t use WiFi at home, because global maps of every wireless access point’s unique ID—including yours—are free and constantly updated. I would use ethernet; yes, ethernet on a phone.

Using ethernet on your phone? I explain why you shouldn’t turn your WiFi router on, and why you shouldn’t turn your phone into a hotspot. It’s shocking how unsafe it makes your location. provides an amazing resource for WiFi mapping. They also respect the privacy of anyone who requests their information to be removed from the database. To have records of your access point removed from their database send an email to: WiGLE-admin[at] (please include BSSID (MAC) in removal requests).

Also, append the tag ‘_nomap’ or ‘_optout’ to your SSID to stop other website tracking your location.

HUGE thank you to everyone on Reddit and Twitter who answered my questions about this, and the article on osintcurio which was super helpful!…



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  1. I always appreciate good humor.Snowden say,he may never said anything about it.If you do not have any gadget you are still tracked by chem trails, your light globe or any other cards you may have.Be happy that whole world knows about you as you are still alive,every movement you do they follow you like vultures.

  2. An ex-NSA freelance journalist who outranked Edward Snowden said using a direct line cable makes it easy for the Powers that Should Not Be to find out where you are by simply calling up the ISP.


    Snowden’s latest advice is SUCH CRAP it could only be the work of an enemy

    I at first doubted it came from him because it is too screwed up. His advice: “Do not use Wifi, because Wifi lets people know where you are, use only a land based wired connection”.

    My response: I outranked you, and that’s BULLSHIT. Yes, I guess if someone went around with a sniffer and sniffed you out they’d figure out where you are.

    However, with a land based connection they don’t even need to do that, they just call your ISP and get told. That database of yours does not actually identify ANYONE. Try to attach a UUID to a random name like Alex Jones FROM WHERE YOU SIT. You can’t.

    HERE IS HOW TO USE WIFI AND NEVER GET FOUND, IF you think that list he talked about could ever help anyone and you are worried:

    Set up a 18 DB YAGI antenna that has a wifi killing structure around it that also blocks GPS in case somehow something you have will rat you out. Point the Yagi at an access point a half mile away. With that much gain it will work from that far PLUS keep the signal so narrow no one would ever Digitally Fingerprint you.

    Even being a block away is going to totally screw anyone trying to find you unless you are right there behind a huge glass street level window. Snowden’s advice is B.S., if he had any intentions at all of being real, he’d have said what I just did.

    Gee, he’s not blacklisted on Google, but Tulsi Gabbard is. FIGURE IT OUT.


    What’s worse is that Snowden then said “Use ethernet and a phone. That’s a trap.

    Ethernet on a phone. YEP. HOW COOL. Because your phone DOES have GPS and WILL automatically rat you out, on top of your ISP double confirming that the phone read the GPS right. A double whammy.

    SNOWDEN IS A F—ED UP HOAX and NO ONE called him on it. LYING SCAMMING HOAXER. His advice – to use a phone and ethernet is EXACTLY what the enemy needs to pinpoint your location instantly, WITH YOUR NAME ON IT.

    Using wifi the way I said would keep you safe from a MOAB, you’d be outside the kill zone with no way at all to pin you down accurately enough to hit you with anything other than a high yield nuke. Your UUID does not have your name on it, but your ethernet connection does, and so does your phone. I’m calling it – Snowden is the enemy.

    BOTTOM LINE: Snowden is cooperating with someone, he’s not that stupid.’
    – J.S.

  3. Snowden is a treasonous C_A Deep State operative. I would listen to nothing he has to say. Looking forward to his arrest along with the rest of the Deep State.


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