By guest writer Qurat-ul-Ain Ghazali,

Emotions are the only way a person can express their loyalty and devotion to their work and also the workplace. Many people are seen getting exhausted, overworked and overwhelmed because they cannot stand anything going wrong with the work and at the workplace.

We can say that emotions indeed don’t freeze when a person heads inside the office to perform their regular shift. We all are still humans striving for a better life, a better workplace, and we also like to witness our company/office performing better than what our expectations have been.

Hence, a display of emotions and reactions has become quite common. Managers often witness their CEO; the big boss screaming and showing aggression over a project that went opposite to his expectations. This freedom of expression doesn’t mean that having a bad temper or taking negative control over your employees leads you to become a good leader. It merely depicts that the man who has invested his time and money becomes frustrated when his team doesn’t perform well, or his investments fail – just because he cares.

There are many calm-headed people out there as well who tend to express their feelings in a somewhat different way, but we cannot say that being at work is equal to being emotionless.

Reasons why being honest about emotions at work is essential!

Several factors indicate that being honest about emotions at the workplace can drive success and better relationships among colleagues. The friendlier and emotional approach towards work leads to being more devoted and oriented towards one goal.

Here are some of the primary reasons why you should consider expressing your emotions at work. These reasons may fit just right or vary according to the policies of your company.

Organizational Growth

According to several studies, having an emotional reaction towards things that you have failed at allows you to feel the drive associated with it initially. Not only this but the pain that comes along with failure.

Emotional attachment can allow you to become better at what you do and make the entire incident a learning experience. Evaluating a failure with logic and emotionlessness can indeed drive it away but having an emotional consent towards any cause can lead to the organizational growth and betterment as well as an improvement in the work due to attachment towards the object. For example, when the environmental drives were taking place, many of the old London carpet cleaners took the cause seriously and implemented the eco-friendly cleaning methods in their business and their employees strongly supported it. This devotion and emotion towards a leading cause led them to success in the form of customer loyalty and higher revenue generation.

Passion towards Work

Having a passion for the place you work at and the projects you are working on can evolve the results in a positive direction. As a leader and the right mentor, the senior-most people need to show dedication and intensity towards work which will allow the entire team to understand the purpose of teamwork. It will also enable people to think about the importance of the project.

Being emotionless and not giving much attention to the work can demotivate the entire team and provide them with a sense of merely completing the task without putting much effort in it. However, dedication and attention to detail towards the minutest of procedures results in the conclusion that hard work is necessary for success.

More Socializing at work

Being social at work means that you get to interact with more people more informally. While formality keeps many people away from expressing themselves, an informal conversation and relationship can allow people to initiate discussion on an emotional scale.

Not only co-workers get more expressive towards a particular subject, but their honest opinion and creative criticism can also lead to improvement at work. Not only this, but your work peers can also provide you with their ideas that they might be too shy to state in a more formal working environment.

Honest Opinion

One can always tell if a person is honest about his or her feelings or not. Showing genuine emotions is a great way to build trust among people. You can quickly build trust among work peers by having discussions that allow everyone to express themselves in a way that they feel comfortable. 

Constructive opinions and brilliant minds can only be discovered when everyone is entitled to show their real emotions over a specific cause. This drive is relatively crucial for a business as it allows everyone to brainstorm and evaluate a cause.

Having everyone emotionally attached to a subject will deepen their level of interest in it, leading to mutual collaboration and drive for a topic.

Creativity and Innovation

One of the essential things that can be achieved with the mutual expressiveness of employees is innovation. Obtain creative ideas and unique yet effective working methods with the help of brainstorming sessions that allow you to express what you feel.

It’s all about being professional in the end!

Whether you have a typical office environment with formal attires and regular meetings, or a more informal and friendly one; everything comes down to being professional. Some people tend to express their emotions more than others, and this might hurt other’s feelings. However, let’s all keep in mind that whatever happens at the workplace is nothing personal, and all that emotion is originating from work. Positive emotion always needs to be expressed as a gesture of encouragement and motivation, while negative emotions can be explained in a more positive and non-offensive manner.

Also, personal and professional emotions differ; hence if you are having a bad day or family issues, you always have the option to leave with a polite explanation.


The expression of emotion is significant at work. This freedom of speech gives the employees a better way to state their concerns and contentment. Team leaders and the big bosses with ample passion towards work can motivate their employees to work hard and strive for more success. At the same time, negative emotions can set people back but dealing with them positively can lead to a better and more innovative work environment.


Author Bio:

Qurat-ul-Ain Ghazali is a serial blogger with a technical and business background. She loves writing about digital marketing, IT industry and workplace productivity. She is currently the content writer for Carpet Bright UK.


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  1. What a load of carp. Open yourself up at work brings out the ultimate savages who want to win. You would have to be a total idiot to open up your emotions to total strangers in a place that they have potential power over you and your authority. What a stupid and dumb article.


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