I recently found this video and found it both informative and motivating. It’s something I think everyone should see, so please watch it to the end, it’s not long.

The power of the mind is mysterious, yet, the brain and heart incoherence is the key to unlocking our subconscious. We’re not within our bodies and science is now starting to find this out.

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  1. Because you can’t see something dosent mean it doesn’t exist, how many moments in all the years I have shared my experiences & beliefs in something that is not commonly known, how many moments of ridicule and misplaced humer have come from the joy of wanting to share something profound! Ask yourself “Am I telepathic” what is the answer that comes in your thoughts, Yes maybe or no, most people I ask would normally say NO. & that would be it, but when I ask did you ever have an experience where you where thinking of someone or feeling about them it could be anyone in your family or friends and in the next moment they call or drop in to see you or any other number of sincronicitys, most people I have asked said yes and I ask them dose that make you telepathic!!! If one or 2 people did it its a coincidence if you believe in such things, if most people are experiencing it, it’s a phenomena.
    I personally have experienced my personal creations over the past 30 something years, I didn’t win the lottery or become famous if anything it has been a very intense experience and I would not change it for anything. The path i am on is alowing me to get to know myself to recall my potential that allows me and everyone else also to be Magnificent, to create something Epic together, for we all have this capacity to shine in whatever way your soul chose to do this in this particular life experience threw your persona or personality.
    As more and more people tap into there supper potential more & more will see the evedence all around them, I’m not wating for someone to prove something to me, I’m excited to see the signs of what I know is hear in this now or what is coming in time, when we move or get the personality programing out of the way things happen, if you don’t believe this go watch a great hypnotist and see how he can get people to do extream things that a person wouldn’t normally be able to do.
    When you know how it’s no longer a miracle.
    Thanks for this opportunity to share, most interesting topic.

  2. The info is good for sure. However, never have one of these “coaches”, “teachers”, “mentors”, “Guru’s” or “scientists” shown any real success with “creating deliberately”! If so, show them to me. Reversed aging? None! Gain incredible wealth? None! Experienced enlightenment? Nope! When they achieve such things through their own instructions they share then I will take notice and follow them.


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