Although we did not reach the critical mass in our Silver Trigger activation, the Light Forces achieved big victories in the last few weeks and most negative scenarios for planet Earth have been eliminated and positive timeline secured.

Many sources are expecting a certain kind of endgame scenario to be played out in 2020, for which I did not receive clearance to comment upon.

Dark forces are considering many scenarios, from fake alien invasion (project Blue Beam), to global financial crash, to global war with depopulation originating from civil war in the USA, and many others. Different factions of the dark forces have trouble agreeing with each other which course of action to take. Needles to say, these scenarios will NOT be successful.

The Jesuits want civil war in USA to consolidate their power, and wish to polarize the population as much as possible, that is why they have allowed the election of Donald Trump.

On one side, they are promoting extreme left with its ridiculous “woke” ideology:

On the other hand, they are promoting Trump as the savior to right wing alternative population. It was easy for the Jesuits to convince the Rothschilds to promote hate of Trump through the Rothschild controlled mass media.Then it was even easier for the Jesuits to convince most of the alternative population that Trump must be the good guy if the media hate him so much.

Trump has deep ties to his Black Nobility and Zionist handlers:

Intel in the above link is explosive and was removed from internet many times already, therefore it is the highest purpose to make as many copies as possible, store them safely and post online on mirror sites.

Although Trump is listening to the Positive Military at times, in most cases he is only following his emotional impulses or directives of his handlers and is thus an excellent tool for the Cabal:

At the same time, Jesuits are massively infiltrating Brazil, Argentina and especially China. They plan to control the world through future global Chinese domination:

The Chinese also want to dominate sublunar space:

Any nation now trying to dominate anything above Near Earth Orbit will be met by Galactic Confederation fleet.

Meanwhile, Putin is trying to remove Reptilians from their still existing pockets in Near East:

Little does he know that there are almost 1 million Reptilians still existing, mostly in Subsaharan Africa and in jungles of Brazil.

On the global scale, biochips were first put into vaccines secretly soon after World War 2, but now they are promoting them openly:

Official Cobra facebook group (Cobra Etheric Liberation) has been infiltrated to the point where it needs to be completely dissolved and removed from internet. Therefore I publicly ask admins to manually remove all members from the group, delete all group files and then remove the group from facebook, asap.

On the positive side, there are steps taken towards Disclosure:

And first indirect evidence that some bad guys are really removed:

Next few months will be really intense with many changes, and to prepare, here I am giving you some tools to make your life easier and more balanced.

First, a way to remove all your past contracts with the dark forces:

A collection of many useful techniques for protection, healing, manifestation and personal liberation:

A very powerful tool to remove your implants (for instructions, click “see more” below the video):

The master key for manifestation process is revealed here:

In the above text you will also find instructions what to do with the silver coin(s) you have bought at the Silver Trigger activation.

Some guidance how to be more friendly to the environment (warning: it is not what you expect):

And to conclude, a vision for the Event:

And for Ascension:

Victory of the Light!



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  1. I have been seeking information “about” Cobra for many years. Who is Cobra? Where did s/he come from? Is Cobra an extraterrestrial being, hybrid or just human? Please somebody tell me where I can find some kind of historical account about Cobra. I love the writings and the wisdom but I want to know more about the person and it has just eluded me. Where can I find this information? Please! Thank you.

  2. Jesus of Nazareth said, “know the tree by its fruits.” The internet’s fruit is ultimately confusion and disinformation. You will never get anything coherent from it because it was not meant for your elucidation. It was meant to do exactly what it’s doing.

    Another way to look at things is that there will not be one outcome here. There will be a very large, finite number of outcomes, each of which you see forming right in front of your eyes in each of the disparate goings on. These will build and eventually separate into different quantum realities. There will be a dystopia, there will be a peaceful earth, there will be the terrible four horsemen, there will be healing and a great spiritual unfolding. There will be cataclysms, there will be calm transition. The central question is…which outcome are you headed for with your thoughts? Do you love or do you fear? In either case the fruit of your thoughts will be obvious. It is a fool’s errand to chase all over the internet for truth, because there’s not just one truth. It’s all unfolding.

    See what it feels like to come back to the center of the wheel….your connection to Source and Spirit. Is the space command coming? Who knows? Is Trump the Christ or the Antichrist? Who knows? The one thing you can be sure about is that your safety and your worth is located in one place… right in the center of your Being where you connect to the Soul of all Souls. Be at Peace and know that in this holiday season and don’t forget that Christmas is the season of rebirth.

  3. I would like to point out something that is very concerning. In this article, Cobra is clearly stating that our current president, Donald J Trump is a member & tool of the cabal. SO that immediately highlights MAJOR cracks in the narrative that is being fed to this community. Many, many people who follow Cobra also follow David Wilcock and Q. The Q phenomena has been interesting to watch unfold, but says that Trump is our savior and is going to take down the Deepstate, restore the nation to Patriots, etc…It has sparked an entire generation of Q anons and we are to believe that there is a very sophisticated coding system used by the president (and Q) to work with the Alliance to rid the planet of the cabal. As a matter of fact, the other day I met a group of the pretty loyal Cobra followers who were also Q anons and are convinced beyond the shadow of a doubt that everything Q is saying is true. So when I read what Cobra states above regarding Mr. Trump…it IS VERY concerning. Meaning this whole thing is starting sound more like a narrative than the actual truth. All I can do is sigh and shake my head that there is a very strong chance that most everything we have been reading is BS. I do hope that the truth comes to light some day and this community can start to make sense of what our supposed leaders are telling us.

  4. Ashtar is not real, it was created by the Jesuits and is being successful in controlling ‘new age’ followers, “light workers” etc.

  5. Thank you for remaining clear and keeping us informed. Infiltration of any opposing organization is a practice of the dark forces and often their presence is not known for many years. Your caution is smart and wise.

    As for implants from vaccines and quite possibly prescription drugs (GMOs?), I keep and use magnets in the room and on my body to destroy their programming. They disrupt the programming in the implants without harming the individual. Just run the magnet up and down your body or any place you suspect there is one. There is a natural solution for everything and the dark forces fear our clear thinking and caring about ourselves and each other that allows us to find solutions.

  6. Sashwat pranam ,salaam ,namastey , salute dear , the love of all is giving us and we are receiving the forever love. Thank you so much . Always. Victory of the light.


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