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For a long time, humans have been using whole-plant medicines and CBD oil has become a part of this tradition. CBD oil has grown in popularity in recent years due to its numerous healing properties.

However, if you are a beginner, then you may be wondering if CBD oil contains cannabis ingredients that can make you high. Well, hemp plant or marijuana contains hundreds of cannabinoid compounds, but the THC compounds are the ones that can get you high.

Apart from THC, the other dominant compound is CBD and its divided into two categories. One is the full-spectrum CBD, and the other is isolate CBD. Unlike isolated CBD, full-spectrum CBD offers more benefits because it contains more than one marijuana cannabinoid.

With many benefits to enjoy from cannabis products, you may be considering creating your home garden. When starting, make sure you get premium marijuana seeds from trusted stores for a healthy harvest. However, if you don’t have green fingers, its best to get your hands on premium quality CBD edibles which are one of CBDfx’s most popular products available online.

What is full-spectrum CBD?

Full-spectrum CBD comprises of CBD, THC, terpenes and essential oils. These ingredients work jointly in your body to give you the full therapeutic effect. This type of CBD offers wide-ranging benefits through the “entourage effect”. The entourage effect is where compounds boost each other to make the product more effective in addressing conditions and elements.

One of the key advantages of full-spectrum CBD is that it causes less psychoactive effects since the THC compounds present are in small quantity and regulated to minimize the ‘high’ feeling. The law requires producers to follow regulations on the levels of THC in full-spectrum CBD. So, you can go ahead to buy weed from reputable sources without worrying about the side effects.

The Entourage Effect of full-spectrum CBD

In the context of full-spectrum CBD, the entourage effect refers to the strength or the therapeutic effect that lies in full-spectrum CBD. It takes place when different cannabis compounds work together to deliver compounding effects.

THC is famous as the most common psychoactive compound in marijuana. As such, it is easy to assume that it is the ingredient behind all the benefits of marijuana, but this isn’t true. THC helps to reduce nausea, muscle spasms, and pain, but it also has some undesirable effects. It is for this reason that scientists recommend the use of whole-plant extracts that contain CBD content.

When CBD and THC work together, the positive effects of THC are stronger. CBD, as a standalone compound, is effective in treating various ailments. However, a full-spectrum that contains other compounds is more effective in managing different health conditions. 

Similarly, terpenes contained in full-spectrum CBD work together with cannabinoids. Terpenes are responsible for the scent that you feel when using weed. They team up with cannabinoids to provide positive outcomes. For example, pinene improves alertness, limonene manages mood swings and anxiety, humulene has pain-relieving properties, and linalool helps to reduce sleeplessness and depression. Full-spectrum also contains minerals and vitamins that offer their significant roles in improving your health. Therefore, when used together, the unique properties of each cannabinoid contained in full-spectrum CBD improve through the entourage effects and provide more relief.

What are the Therapeutic Effects of full-spectrum CBD?


Alleviates Nausea

The cannabinoids in full-spectrum CBD can help alleviate vomiting and nausea. The THC content, to be specific, is very beneficial to someone with eating disorders. It improves appetite and helps to manage nausea. Throughout history, cannabis has been famous for treating nausea and vomiting by activating receptors in the endocannabinoid system. This means patients undergoing cancer treatment can use full-spectrum CBD to treat chemotherapy-related nausea. A study investigating how cannabinoids regulate nausea and vomiting reports that it manipulates the endocannabinoid system to relieve nausea. The use of CBD within limited doses can also help to suppress nausea.

Manages Inflammation

Inflammation is a common symptom of an underlying medical condition. Although doctors use medications and other approaches, these treatment methods impose severe side effects. Full-spectrum CBD has powerful anti-inflammatory properties. Some researchers experimenting on mice found out that a lower dose of full-spectrum CBD offers more anti-inflammatory properties than higher doses of CBD isolate.

The therapeutic potential of CBD is amazing since it helps manage various diseases. You can use it to treat inflammation resulting from arthritis, swellings from skin conditions, and inflammation from athletic injuries, among others. There are a variety of products to choose from, including skin patches, tinctures, creams, edibles, and lotions.

Furthermore, CBD full-spectrum is effective in treating Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD). IBD is a collection of various inflammatory, which causes prolonged inflammation of the gut. Inflammations along the gut interfere with the normal digestion process. As a result, the condition can be painful and life-threatening if left untreated.

CBD full-spectrum also contains caryophyllene, which is a terpene found in cannabis that imitates the mode of action used by CBD and THC to reduce inflammation. By displaying the characteristics of cannabinoids, it interacts with CB2 receptors to reduce swelling. A combination of CBD, THC, and caryophyllene from full-spectrum CBD products may be all you need to treat your inflammation.

Relieves Anxiety

The prevalence of anxiety disorders is high across the world. About 284 million people suffer from anxiety disorder according to 2017 data, and this makes it the most prevalent mental health issue. It’s because of this that people are looking for alternative treatment methods such as the use of CBD. When looking for a CBD product to relieve your anxiety symptoms, go for full-spectrum to enjoy the heightened relief. It treats anxiety based on the way that it interacts with receptors involved in the regulation of serotonin. CBD regulates serotonin levels in your body, which in turn reduces symptoms of depression.

When the body releases more serotonin at a faster rate after you consume CBD, the level of anxiety also reduces. When CBD and THC work together, CBD blocks the activation of THC, eliminating any chances of THC induced anxiety. CBD makes CB1 receptors appear small, and in this way, THC cannot bind to them. Anxiety patients should not wait long to tap this benefit of full-spectrum CBD. However, it is crucial to know that the amount required for anxiety depends on your body’s reactions, weight and the type of anxiety disorder. Experiment with various doses beginning with small amounts until you find one that works well for you.

In addition to the CBD, limonene in full-spectrum CBD also provides relief from stress, depression, and anxiety. Inhaled or orally consumed limonene reduces anxiety, and it contains antidepressant properties. Consumption among anxiety and depression patients reduces the need for medications, improves the immune system and reduces the levels of stress hormones to normal. It works by increasing the levels of dopamine and serotonin hormones (linked to anxiety) in the brain.

Eases Symptoms of Cancer

Full-spectrum CBD may help to alleviate most symptoms of cancer as well as side effects of the chemotherapy treatment.  The oil can help the body to resist the production of cancer cells as well as reduce nausea, vomiting, and pain after chemotherapy. There is a close connection between cancer and the endocannabinoid system, whereby an over-activation of this system triggers the development of cancer. Since cannabis reacts with receptors in this system, it can help to balance hormones and prevent over-activation that, in turn, reduces the risk of cancer. Moreover, full-spectrum CBD can help to stimulate appetite since most cancer patients experience loss of appetite and nausea

Helps in Weight Loss

You can benefit from the therapeutic effect of weight loss by consuming the whole cannabis plant. Obesity is becoming a significant issue across the world, affecting people of all ages. Full-spectrum CBD can improve the fabrication of brown fat cells and decrease the formation of white fat cells. Mitochondria help to burn down calories in the body, and this product enhances its function to help you lose weight. Further, it breaks down fat cells in your body to give you that lean figure.

A reduction in appetite after using the full-spectrum also helps to lose weight. THC causes an increase in appetite. However, when working together with CBD, CBD deactivates the receptors leading to a decrease in appetite. Besides, cannabinoids enhance the uptake of glucose by the cells, and this leads to a reduction in your blood sugar levels. Since high blood sugar is a vital part of obesity and diabetes, taking full-spectrum CBD can be the solution to your weight gain problem.

Helps fight Insomnia

Consumers find the full-spectrum CBD oil to provide more insomnia and pain-relieving properties than CBD isolate. The endocannabinoid system regulates various functions, including sleep. CBD reacts with this system to help manage insomnia. It calms you down and relieves any anxiety and stress that may prevent you from sleeping.


So now, through this article, I am sure one’s doubt pertaining to “How does CBD help me” would be clear. Full-spectrum CBD contains numerous health benefits. For this reason, it’s better to go for the whole plant instead of CBD isolate or the broad-spectrum option. As observed, it doesn’t contain a high content of THC, and as such, it will not affect your mental capabilities. So The terpenes contained in full-spectrum CBD also work in combination with the other ingredients to produce an “entourage effect.” Therefore, if you want to reap all the benefits of marijuana, you should consider purchasing different products with full-spectrum CBD from the best Canada weed dispensary.



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