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  1. Breaking Russian Parliament resigns, RV AINT HAPPENING WAKEUP !!!, Move on lodge a project, Economically impossible for RV,GCR TO EVER EVER OCCUR MOVE ON!!!

  2. #didyouknow

    Front Lines with Dan & Tank – #298

    Kimberly Goguen aka Kim “Possible” has Paid Off US $22 trillion debt and much much more…. Drain The SWAMP !!!

    Lawful America Town Hall 1-4-2020 –

    Canada :Making the Revolution in 2020 A New Year’s Message from Kevin Annett

    Speak Project Calls Out Fraud On Field McConnell and Children’s Crusade 10/19/2019

  3. Intel:Pay Up $16.8 Quadrillion Rothchilds & Order Of The Black Sun Stolen over 500 years ,Sun Jan 5,2020 – Front Lines Analysis with Dan ,Tank & Thomas Williams Member of the Universal Council.

  4. Lawful America Town Hall 1-4-2020, with Tank And Michaele

  5. Jan 2, 2019

    Breaking : $16.8 quadrillion Stolen by the Rothchilds and Order of the Black Sun Over the Last 500 years has been called IN !!! to be paid back to “We The People ” Immediately !!! and Kim , the trust and the All Teams are the Enforcers …

    THI 2019 End of year review Part 4

  6. The Home of Plasma Science and Technology website confirmed what I already knew, that magnetic fields are everywhere, including the dark energies of space. Creation is female (Mother-God). Quite possibly the reason the dark forces’ hate women because the male energies of which they are so proud cannot create without activating the female energies within themselves. The male energies of absolute control can only destroy – his-(s)tory proven. Without female energies males are lost and they know it but their egos will not allow them to recognize this.

    The electro male energies and magnetic female energies exist within both men and women, without which neither of us could function. Our powerful pineal glands designed for channeling power balanced Father-Mother God Sacred Energies to our Sacred Heart Flames is a threat to the dark forces and the reason they have created toxic vaccines to shut down this powerful gland in children in particular.

    It is the electro or male energies that activate the magnetic energies. And it is the balancing of both energies within us that expands Light. Because the male electro energies activate the female magnetic energies, how sad that today’s males have lost so much of their ‘Y’ chromosomes (color and Light) – a medical fact – and continue to do so because of violence, war and rape. The male ‘Wand of Light” (his penis) was never intended to be used for violence and there is a great price to pay for doing so. Male superiority to females has never been valid. Mastery and balance of both energies within each of us (left side female and right male) is the very purpose of our existence, including physical.

    How interesting that it has taken our presence in out-of-space for Humanity to recognize what has been ignored for centuries and possibly millions of years: Without Mother-God female energies, nothing, including Humanity would exist.

    Magnetic Fields of energy possess both attractive and repulsive energies. It is up the male which side he attracts. (When males do not care about women, women do not care about males because it is our responsibility to protect ourselves first.)

    • Dhara

      We are in a new timeline all others have collapsed into the one we are in now , do yourself a BIG favor and Teach yourself about the new timeline, Jump On the train its about to take off Lmao

      Kim and Thomas are all Both on the Universal Council and have 1 zillion percent backing Of the Universal Council , upu and another council .

      Do your Due diligence below eloquently explained by Thomas Williams



      Ps . #bepartofthesoulution and stop living in non existent timelines

    • Dhara

      Here is a Hint for You , Anu DEPARTED NEVER TO RETURN June 13 2019 and

      That’s when the new timeline commenced…

      Happy New Year and Happy New Decade 2020 , the commencement of

      2020 Vision For Humans.


  7. KIMS & Pelosi Impeachment Intel Update 30 December 2019

  8. I am pleased that this information is finally out on this newsletter. We need to open our eyes to the truth now. The former trustees did nothing with the trust funds to help the people who these funds were stolen from. They have been defeated, their day is done and that includes trolls like Dharma. YOUR DAY IS DONE.

  9. Be very careful with this one. It contains a lot of dark energies of intended manipulation – a practice mastered by the dark forces to change honorable organizations intending to inform others of what is happening, to create anger and violence that end up serving the dark forces’ agendas. I am certain you are aware of the dangers of infiltration and manipulation but it doesn’t hurt to remind you of that possibility.

    A powerful confirmation and empowerment, in truth whenever I am attacked by those who serve the dark forces, I am flattered. It tells me I am succeeding. They fear truth and me.


  10. Full Disclosure With Thomas Williams Member of Universal Council

    Truth Honor & Integrity

  11. Who is Kimberly A. Goguen aka Kim “Possible “, Member Of Universal Council

    This is a multi-series where Tank explains in detail who Kimberly A. Goguen is , The Sole Sovereign of The Unknown Country and the other various issues that have taken place behind the scenes.

    For more info on the trust you can read all our archived Kim and Tank posts on the home page:

  12. Disclosure :Kim “Possible” Goguen Speaks : 26 December 2019:Federal Reserve Has NO licence since 2012, She Is funding Every Countries Governments for Many Years, Has 6 seats at the United Nations and much much more…

  13. Important Message From Kim “Possible” Goguen.. 25 December 2019 , Member of the Universal Council

    Today marks the first day of the ascension of your sun in the age of the light. Fear not …




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