From Guest Writer Derek:

There is a destructive scourge affecting us all! It is the ultimate conflict so treacherous that it is destroying marriages, families, friends, co-workers, towns, communities and even houses of worship. No person is immune to its grasp, including children and former seemingly loved ones. Take heed. It could and will get worse.

My sisters and I were raised by hard left leaning, pot smoking parents of the 60’s and 70’s who somehow managed to instill in the three of us an ongoing search for our spiritual meanings. We each have our own twist on our beliefs but we basically have a very similar premise in that we all believe in a greater Power, and that Power is accessible to all beings since we are all part of the Divine Source. We have weekly discussions about aliens, the Illuminati, the Secret Space Program, mind control, fiat currencies, vaccinations, GMO’s, false flags, and all things controversial. We know these things exist and we try to understand them in hopes of clarifying their role in our awakening process. These weekly phone discussions have been occurring for almost ten years.

Although we are close to being unanimous on so many very controversial issues, congruent with our spiritual leaning outlook on them all, you would think we would come to a consensus on something seemingly simple, like the role of President Trump. But you are smarter than that.

And you likely have very similar scenarios in your own families regarding the politics of the day.
My sisters remain dyed-in-the-wool Democrats, if only due to their outright disgust for the Right. Over the years I morphed from an uninformed liberal, to an uninformed independent, to a distrustful non-voter.

My initial reaction to the Trump Presidency was relief and optimism that the System had in fact finally been breached by an outsider. After all, only a positive military operation or even possible divine-like intervention would be able to thwart another NCR scripted election that would have allowed the NWO to ordain Hillary as the next and final executive in their plan towards total world domination. As that outsider and non-politician, Trump would stir the pot and institute new ground rules. Or so it was to be.

After all, he has the backing of the White Hats and the Galactic Confederation, I supposed. Sure he has an ego, but he also has the stomach lining and intestinal muscle to stand up to the rot and stench that is our government/corporate system. Give the poor guy a chance I reasoned. That’s what I repeatedly mumbled each week to my dear but clearly frantic sisters on the other ends of the phone line, thankful that my cowering could not be seen. And so these reasonings persisted…

….some say his son is autistic, and so it looks like he will team with Robert Kennedy to take on vaccinations!

…..Hey! There is a video of him threatening to tell the public about the real truth behind 911!

…..Look, he is releasing the JFK files!

…..Wow, the number of sealed indictments has reached 75,000. That is quite a lot of swamp draining indeed!

chirp. . . chirp. . . (continues for three years)…

I don’t have a television and so I get my news from the internet and scattered network stations at the local coffee shop. There never seems to be a shortage of red and blue choices in any of these media options, and they are certainly each declaring their own righteous positions with great conviction. Luckily for me I could rely on some of the more spiritual minded outlets to hoist me above this crazed and asleep population. And so I searched the internet for some of my favored truth spouters who surely would provide proper guidance and outlook in my spiritual quest for clarification.

La La La…here is one of my favorite video blog go-to’s…Huh!?! Did that “awakened” blogger who just spent ten minutes talking about the 5th dimension squarely segue into a rant on the “Demoncrats”?

And then I heard it again. And again.

I admit that the first few times I heard the term “Demoncrat”, it served a bit of a sting, and I sort of forgave it since I figured it was a natural manifestation borne from the 2016 election. But then this impeachment thing started to fester and the trash talking and bull slinging endured. Something was drifting way off course. And it appeared that for every “spiritual minded” person blaming the democrats for the current situation, there was a “spiritual minded” person apoplectic over the thought of another Trump term.

That is when I paused enough to look at this Trump phenomenon with the pure scrutiny of a higher perspective. Which is what I thought I was doing all along…..but the distraction trap had snared me again!

Remember that this third dimensional world is based on separation and keeping you isolated from your higher self is the game plan. Distraction is the go-to play every time.

If one thing remains consistent in the awakened community, it is the acknowledgement that in order to ascend we must raise our vibration. Where you focus your attention is where your reality exists. The third dimension resides in a lower set of frequencies and your higher self is attainable at higher frequencies. In order to stay in the third dimension, you must vibrate at the lower frequencies and stay grounded in your lower chakras. The frequencies of fear, ego, and survival to name a few. And whether or not you believe that there are groups of humans or beings that are making sure that you remain in these lower frequencies, should it matter? The trap still works. We remain in these lower frequencies whenever we engage in the game.

And this is the spot where I stopped writing this post for several weeks, because I was struggling to understand what point I was really trying to make. So after a month or so of letting things set in, I think there are two basic points that might be worth your consideration.

The first is clearly that the place where our political landscape currently resides is a reflection of where we are as a society in these United States. All of the programs in the 3D world are struggling to remain in place, even as they see the walls closing in on them. And that system, like all systems, relies on our ability to stay divided and feed it with the negative energy it needs to sustain itself. Our two party political system is certainly designed to rip us in two, and it seems to be working at its’ best potential right now, because we can’t keep our eyes and opinions off of this train wreck even while we feed it with our own distorted biases from the Left and Right.

So for your own sanity, and for the mercy of our societal consciousness, please stop choosing sides because both sides have the same goal in mind.

The Left is no worse than the Right and vice versa. Never was, never will be. They were both formed from the same mold. And that goes for those who think Trump is some kind of savior, because even if he is, his methods are still divisive. And staying in the game or waiting for the Swamp to be drained is being complacent, inactive and inattentive to our own self awareness. What matters is that we acknowledge the existing system does not function when we call BS on it.

Perhaps Trump’s sole purpose for being here is to allow us to actually see the absurdly obvious continuous plot of separation that he masterfully deploys, and we can wake up to that or we can continue feeding the fraud while the relationships with our friends, family and loved ones deteriorate because of our stubbornness to be right. Does our political alignment really override our spiritual ideologies?

The second point that came to me is that it may take some time for each of us to come to our own understandings on what or how to believe in something. This one little example of Trump for instance, once I planted the seed for thought, took me almost two months to be able to put something down on paper that made any kind of sense, other than another rant. Part of that time was because I was trying to make sense from my intellect and not my gut or heart. So it seems important that we take the time to allow our understandings to take root with guidance from our higher self.

Fortunately the timelines we find ourselves in now can allow this process to take place much faster due to the incoming energies that assist us as we engage in potentially higher dimensional aspects. It may therefore be important that we sincerely address our inner work because we seem to be entering into a more critical period that will require us to raise our vibrations even more. If you at all relate to this thought process, there are likely thousands of Trump-like examples that we need to each be working on for our betterment. And if they each can take a few weeks or months, well then there is work to be done!

But first I am going to apologize to my sisters and tell them I love them.

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  1. Change is coming to America. At last !! ‘Take down the deep state’. Shhhh…., they may hear you. Shhhh…. The CiA is watching. The MIBs are coming. Does your heart race when you see one of those black limousines, with black windows. Does it not ? They are there for your freedom. The MSM tells us they are there to protect your freedoms.Like they did in the USSR. Keep an eye on your front door. Any time of the day or night it may burst open, and in will come robot-like well built, heavily stomping police, who have been programed not to say ‘hello’, but pull you by the cuff and take you away. Is this too much. Do not worry.Do you prefer ET-like abductions. The MIC learnt this from their ET ‘friends’ at Dulce. George (Orwell),are you still there?You are the first person to tell us TV was coming.
    Trump is the Lie. The performer. “Everybody out there, look. Look at Trump.Don’t bother with what is really going on. Just look at Trump. And how he is making America great .again”. More is accomplished by playing golf than anybody envisions. This man is showing us the way.
    A note to Eric Antokoletz :
    “When it comes to Trump, the question is, what are his goals? Why did he make peace with North Korea? Why did he make overtures of peace to Iran, and why did he assassinate a man whom the Iranian public hates with a passion?”
    What peace with N Korea are you talking about, dear chap ?? And he assassinated a man the Iranian public HATES ??? Where did you get that from Eric ? The global Rothschild MSM, where else. Or did you really go down to Iran and mix with the general public, like the British Ambassador did, or probably the latter has briefed you in via the BBC ( bullshit broadcasting corporation ). No wonder Prince Harry has had enough, after he learnt what they really did to his mother. A Rothschild Masonic sacrifice.
    Sure change is coming to America. It is not the change you or I would like to see !

  2. There is an absurdity around and that is the party system as it is.
    There is no more dignity. Both are off the make and our vote doesn’t count. We have an old broken system. We require a system geared for recognizing humanity as becoming humane, equality, Power with responsibility not greed and control, develop the Divine Spiritual and Loving nature in humankind.
    Presently view an exceptional progressive site: .

  3. Watch the documentary The Enemies Within you my rethink what you wrote. You are right about division it seems to be both parties missions I keep people divided. But as spiritually awakened people we should all know better than that that we continue to do it anyway. Which is a shame. We need to quit falling into their trap and be bigger than all of them!

  4. It is awesome Guest Writer Derek that for over ten years you and your sisters can have conversations about the topics you mention.

    I also was an uninformed liberal (most are), voted for Obama twice, and even remember where I was when it was announced he had won, and my elation that it was going to be a new beginning!! Then naturally as time passed, I became distrustful and didn’t even bother to vote in 2016 for HRC or Trump.

    I stopped watching mainstream media, found internet sources for my information, discovered yes indeed both parties are controlled by the same cabal, illuminati, deep state or whatever you want to call them. I was happy when I woke up in 2010, at least things finally began making sense.

    Hear this, it is the Q movement that has given me confidence in President Trump. I know, we all have PTSD from being lied to about everything before. So I will say 99.9 percent confidence. He is not the savior though, no how, no way! Because of President Trump, I love my country again. Even put my American flag up again on national holidays. Mainstream media has made the Q movement look ridiculous. That should tell you something. Recently some commentator said he had been “Q-anoned” as if it is a verb. Obviously he doesn’t know what he is talking about.

    There are highly intelligent Q researchers such as the Praying Medic, Amazing Polly and the woman on YouAreFreeTV (all on YouTube– for now anyway). At least have your sisters check them out because they seem to be very open minded, and maybe they will change their mind about POTUS.

    “If I give you one message to hold in your hearts today, it’s this:

    Treat the word impossible as nothing more than motivation.

    Relish the opportunity to be an outsider. Because it’s the outsiders who change the world and who make a real and lasting difference.

    The more that a broken system tells you that you’re wrong, the more certain you should be that you must keep pushing ahead, you must keep pushing forward.” Donald J. Trump

    Trump/Pence 2Q2Q
    Where We Go One, We Go All.

    This is a great, thoughtful article by Guest Writer Derek.

  5. I believe that politics only appears to be about Left and Right, and it in reality Left and Right are constructs that are used by the elite to play on the hearts and minds of the public. The Bush family used the Right wing to come to power; the Clintons used the Left wing. Both were selfish and corrupt, yes they were fighting against each other, but they were both trying to create a world hegemony with themselves at the top of it and most of the rest of us annihilated.

    It would not be correct to say that the Left is corrupt, rather that the elites who have used it as a vehicle to power are corrupt. And it would not be correct to say that the Right is corrupt, rather that again, those elites that have used it for their own selfish aims are corrupt.

    When it comes to Trump, the question is, what are his goals? Why did he make peace with North Korea? Why did he make overtures of peace to Iran, and why did he assassinate a man whom the Iranian public hates with a passion? Why is he reversing the trade policies that destroyed the American economy? Why is he creating conflict with the Fed, forcing them to follow his pronouncements instead of repeating their dogma? Why does the corporate-controlled media hate him so much? Why does Q-Anon announce his strategies to the public long in advance, repeatedly correctly, yet in code that has to be deciphered by the public? Why does he make extreme statements about his political opposition that are totally unprecedented in the partisan fighting we have seen before (like “Hillary should go to jail”)? Etc.

    It doesn’t matter whether Trump has been associated with corruption in the past. What matters are his goals now. Does anyone have any theories about what they are, that are consistent with the effects he is having on the world?

  6. I had been a life long Democrat until the DNC and Hillary stole the primary from Bernie. I was so alarmed that this could happen in our country that I have spent the past 3+ years researching intently. I am not a Republican. I am Awake. This article indicates that the left and right are the basically the same. That has been correct as both Democrats and Republicans have been controlled by the satanic cabal. Until now. President Trump is not. An easy way to tell is how the fake msm has been attacking him endlessly since he won the election in 2016. There is a war going on between good and evil on this planet. The Democrats have chosen the side of evil. That Derek does not see this shows me that he has not done the necessary research. Following Q is part of that. That Prepare for Change would publish this makes me suspicious that the cabal has gotten to you.

    I have discovered Througn my research that the rumors my friends told me in high school about wealthy bankers running the world is indeed true. They have been running our world for hundreds of years, orchestrating all the wars, writing our false history books, they own the fake main stream media who lies to us about everything, behind the assassination of JFK and 911. They have picked our presidents – both Democrats and Republicans since they assassinated JFK for wanting to bring down the Federal Reserve. They actually also assassinated Lincoln 100 years earlier for the very same reason. They are psychotic, satanic pedophiles. 8 million children go missing in the world each year as a result of their sex trafficking. The CIA is used for this purpose with our tax money. Haven’t you seen all the pedophilia in Hollywood and government that is coming out? Epstein is connected to so many in government and Hollywood who are raping and sacrificing children.

    President Trump was chosen by elements in our military to run for president. Even though they tried to rig the election for Hillary, like they did with Bernie, somehow Trump won. (Divine intervention.). These patriots in our military have been planning the take down of the Deep State- and the world wide cabal for nearly 40 years to end their wars and sex trafficking of children. It is happening now. I have a close friend who is part of this military team. I met him a year ago and he has confirmed all my research that I had done the 2 previous years. There are nearly 140,000 sealed indictments. Many arrests have already taken place. It is a war between good and evil that is happening. President Trump is central to The Great Awakening that is taking place. Full disclosure of the crimes, and also the Secret Space Program- with technologies that far surpass what we have today will be revealed, plus the contact with many alien groups.

    • Dear Carolee, Prepare For Change is not Pro-Democrat nor Pro-Republican. Prepare For Change is Pro-truth. Our current USA government in power is not “for the people nor of the people”, it is still the old corporate institution fighting for its own survival and until that changes we need to keep disclosing the true whatever that truth may lead…The “right & left” game is a trap of the lie of which unfortunately most people are falling for for…

  7. This is a beautiful article written by Derek. Thank you. When reading this piece I felt like you were reading my mind….until you brought up a truth that was more powerful than what was previously stated and that being both parties come from the same place and create disunity and disharmony. Taking a “side” does not raise our vibration nor help humanity in any way. Thank you for reminding me why I chose to come here at this time.

  8. I agree…but Bernie Sanders and Tulsi Gabbard are the best of the worst right now…will they be able to overcome the DNC crime syndicate…probably not but it is worth voting for these two…Trump is an a-hole and he is out to prove how f-ing bad ass he is to the world….An ugly reptilian if you ever saw one… He is not a white hat he is a rich spoiled man child….as bad as Boy George Bush, and Obama in every way…. Very few choices…divided in every way

  9. Each of us is responsible for what we have made of ourselves, and ‘Trump-et’ is forcing the public to view our present government leadership for what it has become – a powerful mirrored reflection. And like so many, Trump-et – a child in a man’s body – will do whatever it takes to feed his ego, at his own expense ultimately. The Law of Attraction at work, he attracts those who seek attention and who are easily manipulated and controlled with promises of money and power. Trumpet is the perfect example of the single-energy male who has set their own traps to where they are too embarrassed to disconnect from their path of revenge and arrogance. It will be for them very, very, very difficult too look at when they ‘go home to Spirit’ to review their lives and plan a new life.

    It is time women learn to close their ‘Birth Portals’ (over their wombs) to spiritual laggard abusive males so they cannot return. Time we set the standards for entry into the physical world. Males may try to control our reproduction, but it is we who have the power to open and close that powerful portal from Spirit, by voice command: “Close my Birth Portal Now and keep it closed.”

    When someone spends many, many lifetimes (as we have) exposed to, being betrayed by, and witness to what happens to those who choose power over others with war and rape, it is easier to see what is happening. And it is also easy to not want to get involved, to not want to play the game for the price paid is too great.

    Power and money used responsibility are not traps but opportunities, but unfortunately, today the examples are few and not visible because men and wom(b)en who act responsibly do not seek to feed their egos with public awareness of themselves because they value and respect themselves above all else – smart people. And lets face it, more than one responsibility-intending individual has been corrupted by those who choose to follow instead of thinking for themselves, bringing down the individual in the end. This is true of many so-called religious leaders because people are looking for someone to ‘save them’ from the responsibilities of self-mastery (an easy protection-racket sell). Wisdom (a dome of wise thinking) asking ourselves “Am I contributing to the problem or am I willing to help find a solution?”

    I personally believe that to complain without offering solutions only contributes to a sense of hopelessness, feeding the desire for revenge in those deeply wounded and there are far too many individuals who have been wounded not to consider that possibility. Paths of revenges taken by those who serve the dark forces’ agendas including revenge towards women who refuse to serve their male egos. Intent on revenge is the greatest and most dangerous trap of all because it attracts those who know how to manipulate and control to serve their own agendas (at the individual’s expense) and the agendas of the dark forces. Life’s lessons can be hard. Our job is to learn to not give in to a sense of powerless that can only disconnect us from our Higher More Noble I AM Selves where solutions are found. Stay awake – yes – but look for solutions too, so problems don’t overwhelm. History has proven that when problems overwhelm, the dark forces who wait in the background, take over and citizens lose control by manipulation, fear and a sense of powerlessness.

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  11. This is an excellent analysis of the situation. Whether in terms of politics, religion, sports, or anything else which can polarize various segments of the world’s population, what keeps us stuck in this 3D version of reality is duality thinking. It takes a great leap in understanding to rise above the continuous stream of divisiveness and remember that we truly all are connected, whether we choose to admit or not.

    As a rather unenlightened soul, I have to continually remind myself that all this duality simply gets in the way. As such, I have decided in recent years that the best way for me to rise above all the static is simply to treat all my fellow beings with the same respect, compassion, and empathy that I would hope to receive if things were reversed. Thus, I try and respect all points of view, even those with which I may disagree. After all, if we truly are all One, every opinion is valid, and no one should denigrate another simply because he or she may see things differently.


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