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According to Wikipedia, for every 100 U.S adults, age 18 or older, more than 15 smoked cigarettes in 2016. In other words, there are about 37.8 million cases of cigarette smokers in the United States. Cigarette smoking is the leading cause of preventable death in the United States, accounting for approximately 443,000 deaths, or 1 of every 5 deaths, in the United States each year.

Everyone knows the harmful effects of smoking on smokers because these things are constantly being pointed out by the media and newspapers. However, have you ever wondered how cigarettes will affect a pregnant woman, especially affecting her child?

Every year in the United States, there are millions of women who smoke during their pregnancy and this causes a great effect on the babies in the womb. This article will show those consequences and give orientations on how to quit smoking for pregnant mothers.

Overview Of Smoking While Pregnancy In The US

Ethnicity of SDP woman

  • Non-Hispanics/ Native Americans account for 19.7% of women that smoke during pregnancy, ranking as the highest ethnicity
  • 10.5% of white women smoked, 6.0% of pregnant women were black
  • 4.5% were Native Hawaiian.
  • Only 0.6% Asian-American is the lowest ethnicity of all smoke while pregnant, the lowest ethnicity of all.

Age of SDP woman

  • About 7.5% of all pregnant women smoke during pregnancy.
  • 10.7% of pregnant women of age 20-24 smoke during pregnancy, ranking as the highest age group.
  • After 25, pregnant women tend to stop smoking as they getting older.

Educational Level of SDP woman

  • 11.7% of less than high school educated women smoked during pregnancy
  • 12.2% of highschool educated women smoked during pregnancy
  • 7.9% of women with some college or an associates degree SDP.
  • 1.0% with a bachelors degree smoked during pregnancy
  • 0.4% with a master or higher SDP.

Portions of each period of pregnancy

  • About 11.6% of mothers smoke before pregnancy.
  • Only 5.7% of mothers continue smoking after pregnancy.
  • About 1 in 3 women who quit during their pregnancy relapse after they giving birth a new baby.

Portions of SDP woman by states

  • The prevalence of smoking during pregnancy was highest in West Virginia (25.1%) followed by Kentucky (18.4%).
  • Montana (16.5%), Vermont (15.5%), and Missouri (15.3%) are the next stages that have the highest portions.
  • These 5 states account for more than half of the total women in the US smoke during pregnancy.
  • Only 1.6% woman in California smoke during pregnancy. This state is the one that has the lowest portions of mothers smoke during pregnancy.
  • The South-West states have a very low portion of SDP women

The Risks And Impacts Of SDP

The risks that mothers and babies may have when mother smoke during pregnancy

  • About 25% of mothers that smoke during pregnancy gives birth to a low weight baby. Compared to the non-smoking mothers’ babies, these babies are 320g lighter on average.
  • 47% of stillbirths are caused by SDP. Mothers who smoke ≥21 cigarettes a day doubles the risk of stillbirth as compared with those that never smoke.
  • The risk of SIDS increases by 10%. Infants of mothers who smoked during pregnancy had a greater risk of death.
  • Preterm membrane rupture accounts for 14% of births due to SDP. Smoking cigarettes resulted in an increased risk of the preterm membrane at about 4%
  • 6.8% of smoking mothers experience hypertension
  • 28.1% of smoking mothers will experience bleeding
  • 29.6% of smoking mothers will experience premature labor
  • 10% of smoking mothers will experience infant deaths.

Harmful Chemicals in Cigarettes that can be transferred into the baby


Interferes with brain and lung development

Carbon Monoxide

Causes fetal death or fetal brain damage


Lowers the amount of oxygen that is reaching the baby


Causes setups brain abnormalities


It will cause a diabetogenic effect on you and the baby


Can inflame your child’s airways

Smoke During Pregnancy

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