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Nurses and doctors across America will beg and plead with you to get your flu shot “early” so you can build up immunity to the known mass serial killer called influenza. Yet, most people who die from the flu didn’t really. They died from pneumonia, MRSA superbugs and a crippled immune system caused by the very institution that gave them the flu shot in the first place.

First off, you can’t “build immunity” by injecting mercury into your muscle tissue. Second, the flu that spreads around America can be one or more of a dozen strains, on up to twenty. The influenza vaccine is just a “shot in the dark” (pun intended). The CDC has no idea which strains to include, and they most often guess completely wrong, then admit it, while telling you to get the shot anyway, “just to be safe.”

The flu shot is a junk science scheme that gives you a bad version of genetically modified influenza

What a hoax and a Ponzi scheme. You invest in “free medicine” and you get deathly sick. Why would the CDC and the vaccine industry want to get the strains correct anyway, when they profit more off chronic sick care? The US government is actually seizing control of every American’s immune system with the dreaded flu shot. Wake up.

Even if it were true that you build up immunity to certain influenza strains when you’re injected with “deadened” versions, many of these strains are genetically modified in laboratories, so they don’t even match up with the wild strains anymore. Oops. The cat’s out of the bag now. Check the vaccine pink book and see the shocking truth for yourself.

Plus, science shows vaccines destroy good gut bacteria (flora), so while your body is supposedly creating antibodies to fight a couple flu strains that aren’t even coming around, your immune system is wrecked. Then the doctors prescribe antibiotics for the next “flu symptoms,” and voila, your checking into a hospital just like that.

Plus, science also proves that when you get a flu shot one year, you’re more susceptible to getting the flu the following year (or season), and a WORSE version of it. How about them apples?

This “flu season” get some elderberry, oil of oregano, medicinal mushrooms and vitamin D3

This flu season, which the CDC declares extends from October through May (what a joke to sell 200 million mercury-laden flu shots), you should look into elderberry, oil of oregano, medicinal mushrooms, and vitamin D3. Instead of relying on school nurses to save your kids from the flu while injecting it into their little bodies, why not use natural remedies and natural cures that have proven to work for centuries? Elderberry trumps Tamiflu time and time again. No nausea. No fever. No diarrhea. No flu.

Oil of oregano is nature’s antibiotic that doesn’t destroy the good bacteria in your gut that you need to fight off the strains of flu all those kids are shedding who just got the flu shot in the past two weeks.

Medicinal mushrooms grow on the sides of trees and gather and collect all their nutrients from the trees. These are immunity catapults, but no MD in America dares speak of them or risks losing their license to practice medicine. The AMA would shut them down faster than you can say flu cure.

During the fall and winter, it’s harder for the human body to create vitamin D3, and MDs all know this. But the mainstream medicine chronic sick care complex downplays the power of vitamin D3, and they tell you to take far too little of it, if any at all. Plus, the darker your skin, the more of a chance you’re vitamin D3 deficient. The CDC likes this, and is involved in the accelerated genocide of minorities in America as part of their depopulation agenda. Get smart folks, or get dead.

Tune your internet dial to Vaccines.news for insight into how the vaccine industry actually WANTS you sick with the flu and cancer, not the other way around.

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