In today’s interview recorded on the 27th February 2020, we catch up with Benjamin again to discuss what’s going on in the world. Benjamin gives his take on Trump’s recent visit to India, we discuss the coronavirus propaganda that’s being used to create fear and topple the economy. Side effects are business’s are moving ever quicker to India, Indonesia and other Asian countries as China is closed for business. A large number of high-level CEO’s resign within 48hours from major companies, like IBM, Salesforce, Disney, Uber, etc… World Planning Agency is still being negotiated with the German Nazi faction causing friction. The goal is still to remove the central bankers and free the planet. To this end, it’s happening and WE the people are awakening in droves.

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  1. President Trump is obviously the designated figure head who is proficiently and successfully executing orders as a major, integral part of the Earth Alliance plan. The more that people bash Trump at this point, the more they reveal about their true selves and the less credibility they have. Many if not all are becoming increasingly irrelevant.

    • I never knew why I liked Trump (aside from being pretty conservative in my political leanings), but I always felt in my heart that he was there to disrupt the old systems, which I welcome and feel are long overdue. There is something going on underneath all the “mainstream news” which is hidden/unseen by most, and I do believe we are watching a good vs. evil scenario right now….perhaps the “armageddon” written of in the Bible (?) lots of people are using that language, which is also interesting.

  2. He mentions the colinisation of “Space”. Now this is unnerving as a person who believes in the Flat Earth- The greatest secret in plain site, well proven over and over. I dont expect BF to know everything but seriously this really undermines his credibility imo. He is just reiterating the globalist mind control agenda by using the world Global or Space imo.

  3. I’m not hearing any comments about the fact that 5G physical symptoms match Corona Virus symptoms. There are several people making videos on this info. What does BF think about the deadly 5G rollout that absorbs oxygen and will that be stopped? If this is true then there is a much bigger perspective than what is mentioned in this interview or any of the BF reports.

  4. satanists will not change, thats not to say they dont have goodpeople trapped in theirlil cult, but they will not back down, but the more ben give in to them, becaue they said they will abandon the 99% depopulation plan and replace t with the climate change plan!

    Ben, you should be the front of us and tell them, FUCK THEIR PLANS! SUBMIT OR WE DROWN YOU FILTH in our spit, they also are chronic SRA substances(all psychedelics + their main energy sources – childrens blood + adronchrome) abusers, are we gonna compromise on that too Ben? how many isour bottom line, and whose kids will be chosen?

    CCP IS FKING BAD & TOTALITARIAN & TYRANNICAL, YES, but not as BADDDDD as our western 5 eyes + Asian traitors like japan Rothschild lapdog, they slaughter rape, gang rape preganant chinese women, then use their rifle spears to hooked the babies outta of the dting moths wombs, and leave em around the city of nanking on pikes as trophies! 300,000 died that day

  5. What is the Farnace family Benjamin is talking about, and can you type out what he actually said as his words became a bit slurred at that point and I couldn’t understand them. Thank you. Julie

  6. ‘Central planning agency’ ‘nazi faction’ .thats the fake freedom offered by the losing cabal playing both sides.i and anyone else with a sense of fairness will never agree to a ‘central planning agency negotiated with nazis to solve the worlds problems’ what an evil crock of shit from mister fulford and his Chinese sorry to be so blunt but no one seems to call it ever.and many are being misled.his ‘the western system is crumbling and the Chinese are good people who want to save the planet! Honest !’ Is comical at belt one road, man!yeah!but worst is him pleading the case of pedos and mass murderers ‘we all just need to move forward as a planet’

  7. a coisa que eu mais sonho na vida e ser livre junto com os meus irmão aqui na terra será incrivel obrigado

    the thing that I dream most in life and be free with my brothers here on earth will be amazing thank you



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