Prepare for Change receives a lot of questions on how to red pill friends and family. We always suggest care and patience, but it’s still a very emotional triggering topic.

In mid-February, a truth-teller named Janet Ossebaard from the Netherlands posted a carefully constructed and painstakingly created docuseries titled, “Fall of the Cabal.” As one might imagine, it goes into detail regarding real events and provides clear examples with a very compassionate purpose of exposing some of the horrific crimes of the cabal.

Ossebaard explains that her purpose is to wake up people, not traumatize them. In this area of information, this is not an easy task to do, but the documentarian uses examples and poses questions that should become rhetorical to the viewer.

Fall of the Cabal speaks about false-flags with an objective perspective of time and alternative revelations, goes into human trafficking, pedophilia, media manipulation, ritual sacrifices, and finishes by offering a positive perspective of what’s being done as many awakened would attest to. One of the most under circulated events she shows in the series is the footage of a naked child who fashioned an escape rope to attempt an escape from a second story Windsor palace window. The child heartbreakingly doesn’t make the escape and is shown falling. Her effort contains thousands of hours of research and Ossebaard herself asks that annons do their own research and double-check everything she presents. As those who follow Prepare for Change know, the whole presentation aligns with the years of information this site has presented.

Please take the time – about three hours total – to view this important series and consider sharing with your loved ones.

Also, please visit Ossebaard’s website and YouTube channel. Consider supporting her work as she put over two years of effort into this piece while not working. Find her PayPal donation here: Janet Ossebaard PayPal

General Overview

This is the BEST red pill documentary expose̒ of the ugly truths about our world and the people who run it that’s been shared in a while. The narrator includes a lot of information in ten relatively short episodes and offers insight into the QAnon movement. Mind-blowing information for the uninitiated and some surprises even for those familiar with the topic! Alert Reader has provided summaries of all available videos.

Part 1 – The End of the World as We Know It

The narrator opens with inconvenient truths about the recent wildfires in California, mercury in vaccines, chemtrails, organ harvesting, reptilian and satanic symbols in Vatican buildings, 911, false flag victims and subliminal messages in children’s entertainment. If that isn’t enough, she goes on to expose man-made viruses, cell phones and TVs that spy on us and the poisoning of our food supply by Monsanto/Bayer. What do all of these have in common? They are completely ignored by the mainstream media.

Part 2 – Down the Rabbit Hole

This episode traces the beginnings of the QAnon movement with examples of cryptic posts and phrases revealing secret societies and political corruption. The involvement of the Rothschild and Rockefeller families in banking, the Federal Reserve and the control of conventional medicine is discussed. George Soros’ connections to NAMBLA and ANTIFA are revealed.

Part 3 – The Alien Invasion

The truth about the “migrant invasion” and its connection to George Soros is exposed. Narrator explains how MSM twisted facts to make Trump look bad, ignoring his efforts to combat human trafficking.

Part 4 – Childlovers Everywhere

This episode delves into the Haitian orphanage child trafficking scandal involving the Clinton Foundation and the misuse of charitable donations by groups like Oxfam and the Red Cross. It reveals pedophile symbolism used by organizations dedicated to “helping children” and their connection to high profile politicians. It also exposes the Hollywood connection to pedophilia and the rampant sexual abuse of children including child actors. A real eye opener.

Part 5 – Children, Art, & Pizza

Sexualization of children and normalization of paedophilia, lowering the age of consent by judges and politicians like Ruth Bader Ginsberg and Theresa May amongst others. Paedophile logos used in advertisement, (Disney)films and cartoons, Child Protection Services, Adoption Agencies, in Politics etc. Pizagate, Comet Pingpong, sickening art and James Achilles Alefantes (a Rothschild) and his friends.

Part 6 – Major Media Manipulation

This episode discusses the extent of fake news and propaganda being disseminated by the major news organizations, who owns them and why choice is an illusion. It reveals how disinformation is used to drum up support for wars, shape our perceptions of people and events and promote a narrative. Events that do not support that narrative are simply never reported. Snopes is also exposed as a fraud.

Part 7 – Witches & Warlocks

The relationship of controversial artists like Maria Abramovic (known for “spirit cooking”) to high profile figures is discussed, along with satanic symbols in art and entertainment. Cannibalism is a recurrent theme. The suspicious suicides of musicians and celebrities who were victims of “death by hanging from a doorknob”, including Kate Spade and Anthony Bourdain are examined. The rest of the video is devoted to the Dutch and British royal families and their connections to known pedophiles and Nazis.

Part 8 – Beyond Kings & Queens

This episode delves into the dark side of pedophilia, exposing cults who engage in satanic ritual abuse and the murder of children for adrenochrome. It also investigates the association of the British royal family, the Pope and celebrities with these groups. Red shoes anyone? How about the genocide of 50,000 native Canadian children?

Part 9 – The Dawn of a New World

The rise of populist movements around the world like the Yellow Vests and QAnon are examined. While the public is becoming aware of the existence of sex cults like NXIVM, other scandals like the Rosatom affair involving the Clintons are being covered up. Get ready for some bombshells about Obama, John McCain, the Dalai Lama and the true identity of Osama bin Laden.

Part 10 – The Return of the King

The final episode is a hopeful one. It promotes the theory that JFK Jr. is still very much alive and working with Donald Trump through Q to rid the world of the cabal that killed his father. The narrator drops some tantalizing clues involving a George magazine cover and books by Ingersoll Lockwood. Who is the mysterious Vincent Fusca? Can we really go back in time? The narrator proposes that we are on the verge of a new paradigm, a beautiful new world of free energy, a new banking system and new medical system. Can it be true? I pray it is so.

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  1. Okay. I will keep my eyes open. Please do the same. Now that 9/11 is coming up makes me sick. To think McCain was with them. Makes me angry.

  2. Makes sense now. Our country seems to be a little twisted over the last 40 years from my experience.
    Always wonder why Our Country Seemed to be owned by others and NOT THE PEOPLE.
    Now our children, this is between Good vs. Evil.
    Power and Money.
    Now I see the agenda.
    You NEVER know who is going to be a sick fuck. Open your eyes. These are our babies, our children, our future around the world. Just because you have money and power that doesn’t give you the right to mess with a child. This is heartbreaking.
    United we are Strong and United we will Stand.

    • Hey Kat, I just finished watching Fall of Cabal. Pretty shocking stuff, but sadly, not surprised. I searched online to see what others were saying and stumbled upon this group. Most postings are pretty old, but then I saw yours was a few days ago. I am in San Diego, CA. if you know if there is a new socal or San Diego group, or if youre aware of any upcoming events. I’d like to be involved, if possible.

  3. no bc the whole world follows the antichrist. The whole world would not follow Trump. Your point would be JFK Jr. could be antichrist.

    “The beast was given a mouth to utter proud words and blasphemies and to exercise his authority for forty-two months. He opened his mouth to blaspheme God, and to slander his name and his dwelling place and those who live in heaven. He was given power to make war against the saints and to conquer them. And he was given authority over every tribe, people, language and nation. All inhabitants of the earth will worship the beast — all whose names have not been written in the book of life belonging to the Lamb that was slain from the creation of the world.” — Revelation 13:5-8

    With John, we realize that the Antichrist will unveil his true self to the masses during the first half of the Tribulation, but the people won’t care, they will still worship him, even though he stands against everything that is holy to God and true. It will only be those who have put their faith in trust in Jesus Christ that will be able to see through this pretender to the throne.

    There may still be a few stragglers out there not quite sure about the Antichrist, but that’s OK, because Satan has a plan to bring them into the fold — enter the false prophet, the last unholy leg of the Devil’s trinity.

  4. Hi Janet,

    Very thought provoking indeed. Can I point out that in episode 7 you say a satanic statue was placed outside a US congress building. However, there is a documentary on Netflix that follows the satanic church who erected this. The leader and his congregation designed it and had it made to make a point that no one religion (i.e christianity) should be represented in US government as they had a monument to the 10 commandments outside that particular building. They were also pointing out that religion has no place in the democratic process

  5. Yes, the sign the popes are making is the sign for love in sign language. It is very close to the satanic sign. The difference is the placement of the thumb. Everything else resonated with me but could turn off others to the truth of everything else you are saying that I believe is true.

    • She said its possible not everything is absolute accurate but 99% of it is. These are very wealthy people trying to hide their tracks so I cannot fault her it a couple minor assertions are not accurate.

      • How do you know what is accurate or inaccurate!? I tend to lean more on believing her research that has back up to what she is saying then someone just commenting on here. Smh!

  6. Apparently I’ve missed a few things happening in Holland, during my years in Britain. Now that I’ve returned to Holland for a while, I’m proud of the initiatives in all sorts of productive ways, that Dutch people are taking. The campaign against 5G is going well here. Fortunately, we don’t suffer from inhibition, as many of the British do. Holland is far less brainwashed than Britain, I believe. But it’s not all straight and fair here, to be honest.
    Money laundering is one of the Dutch favorite pass times. It’s no surprise that many headquarters of large corporations are located in Holland.

    • Hi Devon,

      I live in the UK…can you point out some of the ways in which we are brainwashed here? It is vert difficult to see without them being pointed out. Be truthful, I won’t take offence at all.


      • Yes Beware: Jesus said’ beware of those promising peace and security, then destruction and death shall come!’ who is the snake in Trumps first campaign poem? Why are the kennedy children wearing light blue coats and red shoes???

        • So, I’m not sure if you are insinuating this or not, but this is my only hang up. Especially concerning the last video calling Trump “the master of masters”. Could it be possible that Trump is the antichrist? Like she said the last part of the plan was to bring peace in Israel at one point. Isn’t peace in the Middle East an antichrist doing? Something that will make everyone love and follow him. Wouldn’t saving the whole world from evil be the best way to convice people he is some sort of savior and in term even the most elect will be deceived?

          • I’ve had this thought, but isn’t the Antichrist supposed to be loved and admired by all? Too many people hate Trump.

            I DID have the thought of it being JFK Jr just this morning – I was watching a video on end times prophecy, and they said something about the Antichrist coming from the water, which made me instantly think of the plane crash in the water. Very likely I’m just overreaching here, but the thought certainly crossed my mind! These types of things definitely get the wheels in your head turning, don’t they!?

        • I also noticed the red shoes of the Kennedy children…but then thought maybe they were just reddish brown? But yes, the first part of that, about people promising peace and security…the hope that’s given in part 10 is so easy to grasp on to simply because of how hopeless everything feels right now. I got so excited and suddenly wanted to call everyone I knew and tell them what was going to happen…it’s the first real excitement I’ve felt in months. BUT, I’m aware that we really have no idea if this is actually going to happen. I hope a lot of it does, but will it stop us from going down the path we’re going down? Because it definitely feels like we’re headed for the end…so do I “prepare” for that, or do I trust that everything will be OK pretty soon when all the truth comes out?

  7. Title 28 USC 3002 § 15 A

    Seeings all corporations are currently closed, I say we leave these dead enities exactly as they are DEAD IN THE WATER.
    Including the Federal Corporation.

    Maybe its time to tear down these steel cities and clean up these outdated postIndustrialized concrete jungles and replant forrests and errect gardens and orchards as was intended by Creator.

    As for the fake ass viruses the media is pushing that emulates the fake ass history that has been peddled by bs education systems taught that the Native peoples died of diseases brought by the Europeans.
    I can assure you the Natives were ALL MURDERED and their demise had nothing to do with disease except for that of greed. Murdered for their lands they were utilizing and it continues till this day.
    All reservations are POW encampments.

    Ignorant people are being murdered from these vaccines given to cure the so called diseases.

    Dont be fooled.

    The only thing we are fighting is daed corporations and the men and women with evil intent hiding behind them.


    • Bill Gates makes these viruses, so he can make the vaccines and force us to take the vaccine. Which has mercy in the vaccines and we acquire illness like HIV, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, cancer, diabetes and many other illness. Say NO to the vaccines.
      SAVE THE CHILDREN! God protect all the good in the world, thank you, Father God, in Jesus Mighty and powerful name. Thank you, Lord God, we Love you Jesus.

      • by the way there is just, no virus
        fear is enough, who do you know that can tell you :
        the diameter of the virus, if they can answer that, can answer form other people the same ?
        if there is a virus is it an exosome instead?
        is we see some virus, and we see some sickness, is really one the case of the other ?

      • Susan, I think you meant “it has mercury” in the vaccines. Am I correct? But you are 100% correct. Thanks.

  8. Bastard jews are the dregs of humanity, God broke the mould after he made them, realising what a hideous creature he had made. They are evil personified, always have been alway will be!

    • The Invisible Enemy
      Israel isn’t my country. No one needs to like or care about Israel one way or another. But in the case of the U.S., we can go down the list of Israel’s attacks against the U.S. and theft of everything American has made. Oh and murdering Americans is also an issue.
      Please explain why Israel hates America in lieu of its actions:
      Some, but not all, facts of Israel’s acts of war and attacks on the United States since its creation in 1948:
      1) 1950’s and 60’s – Israel sent agents into the U.S. and infiltrated a US nuclear fuel-processing plant and stole weapons-grade uranium and took it back to Israel to make their nuclear bombs.
      (“The US Department of Energy finally confirmed in 2001 that 269 kilograms of uranium were stolen from the NUMEC nuclear facility in Apollo, Pennsylvania.” “Over a period of 11 years, 269 kilograms of enriched uranium were stolen from the plant under the course of an operation conducted by four Mossad intelligence agents.”)
      2) 1954 – The Lavon Affair – Israeli Mossad plants bombs at U.S. CIVILIAN targets in Egypt in a false flag operation hoping to k–l Americans and then blame it on the Muslim Brotherhood and communists to drag the U.S. into war with Israel’s enemies. The explosion cost no civilian casualties but took the lives of 4 of the Israeli operatives. Another two were tried by Egypt and executed.
      Israel denied it for over 50 years until 2005 when Israel HONORED the surviving Israeli agents for their role in the attempted murder of Americans in the failed attack in Egypt. They were actually awarded certificates of appreciation by the Israeli President.
      3) USS Liberty 1967 – Israel illegally attacks a U.S. ship in international waters, murdering 34 Naval crew members and wounding 171.
      4) Jonathan Pollard – should have been executed.
      Israel recruits spies to steal top secret U.S. military technology, and then sells it to the Soviet Union during the Cold War, threatening all Americans.
      Then Israel has the audacity to DEMAND Pollard be released early so he can move to the enemy state of Israel he was working for. That includes Netanyahu.
      “Defense Secretary Caspar Weinberger called on the court to give Pollard the harshest punishment possible.”
      “That information was intentionally reserved by the United States for its own use, because to disclose it, to anyone or any nation, would cause the greatest harm to our national security.”
      5) Israel illegally sells top secret U.S. technology to China, America’s enemy. Ongoing. 2013
      “Israel Passes U.S. Military Technology to China”
      “Secret U.S. missile and electro-optics technology was transferred to China recently by Israel, prompting anger from the U.S. and causing a senior Israeli defense official to resign.”
      “The head of defense exports for the Israeli Defense Ministry resigned after a U.S. investigation concluded that technology, including a miniature refrigeration system manufactured by Ricor and used for missiles and in electro-optic equipment, was sent to China, according to the Israeli newspaper Maariv.”
      New York Times 1993
      “Israel has sold advanced military technology to China for more than a decade and is moving to expand its cooperation with Beijing, says R. James Woolsey, the Director of Central Intelligence.”
      6) Israel steals U.S. industrial and technical secrets. And a lot more. Everything basically.
      “Israel was singled out in 2007 as a top espionage threat against the U.S. government, including its intelligence services, in a newly published National Security Agency (NSA) document obtained by fugitive leaker Edward Snowden, according to a news report Monday.
      The document also identified Israel, along with North Korea, Cuba and India, as a “leading threat” to the infrastructure of U.S. financial and banking institutions.
      In a section of the document headed “Foreign Intelligence, Counterintelligence; Denial & Deception Activities: Countering Foreign Intelligence Threats,” Israel was listed as a leading perpetrator of “espionage/intelligence collection operations and manipulation/influence operations…against U.S. government, military, science & technology and Intelligence Community” organs.
      Israel has similar company in threats against U.S. infrastructure, according to the NSA document. Under a section headed “Mastering Cyberspace and Preventing an Attack on U.S. Critical Information Systems,” Israel, India, North Korea and Cuba are identified as “FIS [financial/banking system] threats.” Israel also appears on the list of countries believed by the NSA to be “enabling” electronic warfare “producers/proliferators.”
      A previously released Snowden document said that “one of NSA’s biggest threats is actually from Israel.”
      Another revealed that a U.S. National Intelligence Estimate ranked Israel as “the third most aggressive intelligence service against the U.S.,” behind only China and Russia.”
      7) Israel caught AGAIN committing espionage against the United States in 2018, of planting Stingray devices near the White House and in strategic locations around our nation’s capital that allow Israel to listen in on the cell phone conversations of those in the areas and access their cell phone data, including emails and texts.

    • You know absolutely nothing about God or His purposes. Not to mention nothing about the Jews. You need to sit down and close your mouth and stop spewing utter ignorance.

    • Hello Gail, you sound very bitter and to my view, it’s not fair to call all Jews evil.
      Just as there are evil and good people in all other races, there are good and evil Jews.
      Be careful not to let yourself drawn into what certain entities try to implant as ideas in human brains. And remember, in your past, in former incarnations, you may well have been a member of the Jewish race, creating much suffering or happiness in the world.
      I’m sure you know that it’s time to put an end to the blame game.

    • Do not conflate Judaism and real, innocent Jewish people with the Zionist new world order of FAKE Jews who hold their religion up in front of them to deflect attacks and criticism.
      There are fake Muslims who run the middle east oil empire.
      There are fake Christians who run the US Military Industrial Complex.
      These are all EXTREMISTS who use religion to dupe people out of tax money and sympathy for their fake cause.

      Understanding this nuance is IMPERATIVE to uniting us as a people against them.

    • Majority of Jewish people are like us, are just victims/ survivors of dark under-lords… the “Zionist” are perhaps who you may more particularly referring to, thou even they would be a tiny minority in comparison…

  9. Slowly passing the times that viruses are suspected of causing diseases.
    Today, viruses are a new information weapon for global change, a tool for socio-economic engineering.
    Three generations were enough to introduce globally the idea that viruses were the cause of disease.
    Three generations were enough to introduce a new religion, faith in the threat of viruses
    What are the consequences of this faith?
    The epidemic of 2020 thanks to which it is possible to implement huge socio-economic changes.
    “Create a problem
    Evoke the right response
    Give a solution (which no one would normally recognize) ”
    / David Icke /
    Who has not yet managed to understand New German Medicine and prepare spiritually for this time may have health problems caused by unconscious fear for life (lung cancer, pneumonia) and territory (I am afraid for my possession = bronchial cancer – bronchitis), the experience of separation (e.g. Skin problems, cancer of the breast ducts), isolation (e.g. kidneys), decrease in value (bone cancer, leukemia, lymph node cancer), anger about the revolt (bile ducts), etc.

    Viruses according to Germanic Medicine:
    Carolin Markolin summarizes in the lecture “Wirusmania”:
    “… The theory that microbes cause disease is one of the most protected doctrines of modern medicine.
    The theory that infectious diseases are caused by pathogenic microbes was formulated in the 19th century by Ludwik Pasteur (1822-1895).
    He claimed to have discovered that airborne bacteria, as he called them, attack the host’s body causing an infectious disease. Pasteur’s theory is known as the germ theory.
    But Antoine Bechamp, (1816-1908) who was contemporary to Pasteur, made a completely different discovery and did not agree with Pasteur’s theory.
    According to Bechamp, microbes do not attack the body but are part of the “internal environment” of our body, so microbes live in harmony with our body and support the body’s metabolic processes. He suggested that microbes only become pathogenic when the body is out of balance. He said “microbes are nothing – the “ground” is everything”
    After him, Claude Bernard suggested the same.
    “… The main criterion for proving WIRUS is: isolate it from the host cell.
    In virology it is reasonable to talk about a virus only if its DNA has been identified.
    In the case of HIV, for example, this did not happen.
    The photographs do not show virus but normal cell particles.
    Dr. Lanka “Not one single Hiv particle was isolated that was free of contaminants, nor has it ever been proven that there is a complete RNA fragment (or transcribed DNA) of HIV”
    Dr. Lanka was not the first to reveal that Hiv was not isolated and there is no evidence of his existence.
    This site contains 1,500 pages of over 1,000 articles written by scientists who have discovered the same truth
    Here are 2 quotes from this site:
    1) “To date, there is not a single scientific convincing proof for the existence of HiV.
    Not one such retrovirus has been isolated and purified using classical virology methods “- Dr. Heinz Ludwig Sanger – dr. Retired professor of molecular biology and virology at the biochemistry department at the Max Planek institute in Munich
    2) “If there is evidence that Hiv causes AIDS, there should also be scientific documents that individually or collectively confirm this fact.
    However, there is no such document. ” Mullis penalty, biochemist, Nobel Prize winner in chemistry in 1993
    After Dr. Lanka exposed the HiV fraud, he was rejected by the academic community, but he had full lecture halls during his HiV fraud presentations and then encouraged the public to ask the authorities
    So thousands of letters were written to local and federal politicians, to health centers and university clinics and to renowned institutes like the Robert Koch Institute in Germany.
    However, no one could provide and show evidence or photos of the isolated HIV virus
    Dr. Lanka went to court and
    January 15, 2001 A judge at the District Court in Dortmund, Germany, publicly quoted: Ulrich Marcus, spokesman of the Kramert Koch Institute informed me that the HiV virus cannot be isolated ”
    This quote is from the book of dr. Lanka, whose title in translation reads:
    “Vaccinations of genocide in the third millennium”
    Unfortunately, the book is not available in English and Polish. Published in 2001 in German
    Ironically, it was Robert Koch in the nineteenth century who presented the scientific criteria for when a microbe can be considered the cause of the disease
    According to Koch’s demands, the microorganism that causes the disease:
    -must be present to all people with the condition
    – he must be isolated in pure culture from a sick person

    • – must be able to cause the same disease
      Judge’s statement (January 2001 District Court of dourtmound, Germany) that Hiv cannot be isolated has exposed the falsehood of the Koch Institute’s earlier claims that the HIV virus was isolated and depicted in the photo in Robert Gallo’s publications – the man who allegedly discovered the virus
      In March 6, 2009, official news appeared published in Natural News pdt: Scientists Allage Fraud in 1984 HIV / Aids Papers ”
      According to the authors of the letter, there is now a lot of evidence that the research was not only badly carried out but the results were falsified
      “Gallo made last minute corrections to his work and results”
      The letter from 37 experts contains a letter from Gallo himself, who in a letter to another scientist admits:
      that Hiv could not be isolated from human samples
      and a letter from an electron microscope expert saying that Gallo 1984 samples did not contain HIV
      Officially says:
      over 20 million people died of AIDS
      – millions of people have been treated with highly toxic drugs including AZT, which is an extremely toxic chemotherapy drug
      Millions of people are convinced that AIDS is a deadly disease caused by a deadly virus and, as it turns out, a virus that does not exist
      Aids through the eyes of New German Medicine Hamer:
      1.Aids is a combination of symptoms (which existed long before the discovery of Aids)
      2. Most symptoms are caused by the shock of diagnosis and conflicts caused by fear of illness
      3. Typical symptoms that appear as a result of the shock caused by the diagnosis of HIV / Aids:
      surviving the fear of death that causes lung cancer and subsequent pulmonary tuberculosis in the repair phase
      experiencing fear with horror and fear of the revolt, which in recovery causes bronchitis and pneumonia; surviving the refugee conflict can cause kidney cancer; survival conflict separation (skin rashes); survival loss of self-worth (bone cancer, leukemia); survival of attack conflict (Kaposi’s meat)
      Stefan Lanka is still an active activist. In 2000, he founded a forum called “klein-kliein aktion” (small steps campaign)
      After discovering the virus scam, he asked himself whether the claim that measles, rubella, mumps, hepatitis, influenza etc. are also caused by viruses is also a lie.
      He began to review the scientific literature again and the same thing happened again
      There was not a single document that could prove or show the existence of these viruses
      He used the same strategy. This time, thousands of letters were written in 2000, in particular by mothers who were afraid of vaccinating their children to show them evidence of viruses that “cause disease, so we are immunized with vaccines.” And the story repeated itself. There was no evidence of measles virus, hepatitis, no evidence of viruses at all
      This means that children are vaccinated against imaginary viruses. Children up to the age of 5 receive over 20 vaccinations.
      In 2006, Torsen Engelbrecht and Claus Kohnlein published the book “Virus Mania”. The book has been available since 2007
      In this book, the authors point out that scientifically sounding evidence of the existence of viruses that allegedly cause avian influenza, cervical cancer, SARS, BSE <hepatitis <AIDS or polio has never been delivered
      Quote: "As in the case of HIV, the isolation of one of these viruses in purified form with all of its genetic material, capsid and subsequent imaging using an electron microscope has never taken place"
      So let's look at some of these images of viruses that circulate on the Internet and in medical magazines
      Most of these photos look like artistic work than photos of a suggested virus
      In addition, from the electron microscope they usually appear as grayish or black and white, brown
      We have to ask ourselves whether these are actually virus photos
      Dr. Lanki: "Pictures of the alleged viruses do not show isolated virus, but cells or parts of cells"
      The authors of "Mani virus" write: "Alleged viruses, in fact, are microparticles, produced by the cells of our body themselves"
      Dr. Lanka: "The picture with hepatitis B does not show isolated structures but agglutinates. This is a scientific term for blood proteins that are clustered together, which is typical for coagulation. Usually these round, crystalline structures depend on the condition of the blood sample
      Engelbrecht / Kohnlein: "Of course, no one has yet been able to detect the appropriate structure of the virus in the blood of a patient with so-called hepatitis C. As with HIV, there was no purification of the virus necessary for its clear identification. "
      Dr. Hamer with viral hepatitis:
      If less tissue is needed to facilitate conflict resolution, the body will react with sensible tissue atrophy.
      Bile duct function – to supply the bile produced in the liver to the intestine, where it helps digestion
      Conflict that is associated with the bile duct epithelium: "Anger for territory" (anger for my possession)
      During the active phase tissue loss (active phase i.e. we are wound up because of some problem, we think about the matter)
      The biological sense of the change is to widen the bile ducts to increase bile flow, which increases digestion, and gives the individual more energy to resolve the conflict. It's a sensible tissue defect to increase energy to gain a better position to deal with conflict
      In the recovery phase, this tissue loss will be supplemented, filled with cells by their multiplication, with edema causing enlargement of the liver, inflammation
      If the bile ducts are blocked because of their swelling, it's called jaundice
      If we have a long and intensive recovery phase, inflammation in the bile ducts can occur, and inflammation in the bile ducts is called viral hepatitis.

      • So viral hepatitis practically means hepatitis, that’s all.
        The intensity of recovery symptoms depends on the intensity and duration of the active phase.
        Medicine claims, although there is a serious lack of hepatitis virus, that hepatitis is caused by the hepatitis A, B, C, D virus …
        and pushes for hepatitis vaccine.
        Immune system:
        Conventional medicine sees the immune system as a defense system against microbes that attack our body or against cancer cells that are already in our body.
        In fact, medicine believes that a weak immune system is the cause of most diseases.
        Conventional medicine sees our body as a battlefield, a war zone where antibodies and white blood cells form an army of killer cells ready to attack the enemy. The fantasies of modern medicine have no limits. The autoimmune theory implies or suggests that our body really attacks its own cells, turns against itself, and kills its own tissues.
        What about and what a sad medical explanation, based on the belief that nature is hostile and unfriendly.
        Dr. Hamer exposes this attitude as outdated views of outdated medicine
        Because if we know and understand that cancer is not a disease but a sensible biological process and bacteria do not cause disease but play a supporting role in the recovery phase of the disease then the whole concept of the immune system is falling apart.
        The New German Medicine – 5 laws of nature clearly shows that the theory of the immune system is built on a false assumption.
        The immune system does not exist.
        And what exists is an excellent biological system created to help us at the time of recovery.
        The support system contains antibodies, contains white blood cells and many other chemical processes.
        Therefore, healthy eating, a lot of exercise, enough sleep, not stressing is obviously important especially when we are in the recovery phase.
        The benefit of leading a healthy lifestyle is above all that we are less sensitive or prone to conflict shock.
        But the truth is that the healthiest diet and the best supplements can’t boost the immune system because there’s no such thing. Vaccination is also based on the concept of the immune system or weak immune system. If there is no immune system then the whole idea of vaccination also loses its meaning. Vaccine manufacturers say the vaccine contains weakened or attenuated or dead viruses that stimulate the immune system and thus prevent the disease against which the person was vaccinated.
        It is worth asking the question whether there are attenuated or dead viruses in vaccines?
        Excerpt from an interview with dr. Lanka in 2005 on avian influenza:
        the journalist asked, “It was shown that the H5N1 virus can be grown in eggs. Or so?”
        Dr. Lanka replied: “Extracts that are allegedly infected with a virus are injected through the egg shell into the embryo. Depending on the amount injected and where the embryo will reach the supposedly infected extract, the embryo will die sooner or later. He would have died the same if these extracts had been sterilized before. The death of the embryo is then presented as evidence of the existence of the virus. Various vaccines are produced from chicken embryos killed in this way. ”
        Are viruses subject to genetic engineering?
        I get daily emails about biological weapons, about viruses produced in laboratories and similar stuff. We must be careful and have scientific insight into what is happening. We can’t be afraid of all these things that are the result of H1N1 panic, which is a hoax
        Can they be modified? Influenza virus?
        He was never selected. Genetic material of the influenza virus has also never been isolated. All that has been done is the reproduction of genetic material using a biochemical method of amplification (polymerase chain reaction – PCR)
        Thanks to this method, it is also possible to duplicate new, never before existing, short pieces of genetic material.
        It is artificially produced genetic material that is presented as a virus. That’s all that happens but the whole world believes that you can reconstruct viruses in laboratories
        How can a layman check this?
        Ask in which publication you can find a photo taken with an electron microscope of this kind of reconstructed virus. There is no such publication ”
        Because viruses, all viruses that allegedly cause viral infections cannot be isolated and therefore cannot be scientifically proven.
        Medical sciences use rather unscientific methods to try to “prove” their existence.
        Methods of concluding a virus infection:
        Such a method is to infer the presence of the virus from the growth of antibodies, and thus – an infectious disease. This method is called indirect evidence.
        But as in the book “Virus Mania” put it well:
        Antibody testing only proves the existence of antibodies, not the virus itself or the molecules to which these tests respond.
        There is another disturbing contradiction here. Usually, we all learned it in elementary school – the rise of antibodies is a sign of a strong immune system
        But not when it comes to AIDS ?
        When it comes to AIDS, the increase in antibodies is a sign of immunodeficiency caused by the human immunodeficiency virus ?
        What are antibodies?
        Antibodies are proteins – according to conventional medicine – antibodies are produced by the immune system.

        • And if the immune system does not exist, what are antibodies?
          If we replace the return of the immune system with the return of the support system, then nothing should surprise us
          Lanka: “Antibodies are actually soluble blood proteins that play a key role in wound healing. In a test tube containing the appropriate concentration of acids and bases, minerals and solvents, these blood proteins, called globulins, bind in any way to other proteins. In this way, you can test any sample taken from an animal or human, as positive or negative.
          Antibodies play a key role in wound healing. Because it explains why the level of antibodies increases in each phase of recovery. Whether it’s nasal healing or a cold or bronchitis or a rash or cancer in the healing process. During each recovery phase, antibody levels increase.
          Based on the Germanic New Medicine and understanding that there are no diseases but only sensible biological processes then the very determination of antibodies becomes pointless, because there are no more bodies to fight against something.
          Another point: Antibodies play a key role in wound healing. This also means that the level of antibodies increases in response to cellular damage caused, for example, by harmful vaccine components.
          (See the list of toxins and chemicals present in vaccines, e.g. aluminum, mercury, formaldehyde – highly toxic)
          Medicine interprets the rise of antibodies as an immune response to the virus against which the person is vaccinated. And these are obviously incorrect and false conclusions. Because the level of antibodies does not rise as a result of an immune response – because there is no immune system to respond. However, the level of antibodies increases as an indication that the body is trying to repair cell damage caused by the chemicals in the vaccine.
          So the real threat to our health is the poison in the vaccine, not the viruses that don’t exist.
          If these chemicals, these toxins get into the brain, it can cause serious nerve damage and neurological symptoms like paralysis, seizures, and symptoms of autism.
          However, to better understand why the toxin got into the brain, we need to know
          blood-brain barrier function and vaccination:
          The blood-brain barrier is a selective filter that prevents harmful substances from entering the brain. Only water, sugar and fat-soluble substances can cross this barrier. But vaccine manufacturers use solvents (solvents) as carriers. It is these solvents that literally carry toxins and toxic chemicals to the brain.
          Neurological symptoms can also be caused by conflict shock, by traumatic experience and emotional suffering caused by the vaccination itself, the experienced conflict may be as follows: I can’t escape, I feel bound, held down. What causes paralysis, Guillain Barre syndrome, multiple sclerosis, seizures. Vaccination can be experienced as an attack conflict, anger for revolt, conflict: fear and disgust “resulting in diabetes or hypoglycemia.
          Do we need vaccinations?
          No, because:
          contain toxic toxins
          the presence of the virus in the human body has never been scientifically proven
          according to the fourth law of nature, microbes do not cause diseases but play a supporting role during recovery and our psyche is a place where diseases arise
          So our psyche should be the place where the treatment of diseases begins … ”
          Knowledge and truth will set us free and love will heal us.
          Do not be afraid although it is the beginning of great changes. Soon, everything you based your identity may fall on. All this is right and for our good, everything that happens serves us.
          Prepare yourself spiritually to avoid falling into too long and strong emotional conflict, which would not happen keep God’s love in your heart.
          Rise to the level of mercy.
          Let everything you hold out of your hands and let your CROWN chakra clean.
          Be a new man now, live the life of a New Earth man and help those who cannot keep up with the pace of spiritual evolution.

          • Hello Ewa, I’m familiar with Dr. Hamer’s style of curing dis-ease and I believe he has found a valuable method to treat dis-ease, not only from a physical level but with a psychological and spiritual aspect included. People who attend Ayuawaska ceremonies and drink the brew, often journey through such a realization and find an answer to a problem that showed up in the physical body at first.

            Unfortunately, Dr. Hamer was attacked and targeted much, responding to it in a way that made things more complicated, triggering anger to and fro. It seems that he chose the role of the victim and was stuck in blaming others for it. A loop he couldn’t step out of, at the time, end of the ’90s. Or was it 10 years later?

            At that time, when I learned about his work, I was excited to see what he tried to establish in the medical industry and despite his personal way of responding to the attacks, he was genuine and truthful, an enormous trailblazer who received a lot of flack.

            When I tried to get in touch with some of his apprentices, to see if anyone of them worked in Holland, I never received a response. It was as if everything fell silent and moved away from the public arena. Maybe the attacks had done their work successfully? Sad.

          • Amen to you! Someone who finally found the blah, blah, blah, in hopes the masses will wake up and see there is no pandemic. I’m guessing COVID 19 is a code for something else that humans are dying from. If it’s not bio then there must be an entity in our air that’s making us sick enough to die. The questions is then…what is strong enough to do that?

  10. I too have followed the development of the modern day cabal and do truly think another name to be mentioned is Merkel of Germany who has totally destroyed the work of the German people and the rest of the world after Hitler devastated their country, their knowledge of physics and medicine and turned it into a cult of Nazi cruelty. The German people are once again being ruled and not lead by the fenatical Merkel. The rest of the evidence given here is a lot for people to digest but is out there for investigation if you want the truth, the truth about the clintons and Obama is very obtainable and easily put together as the cabal is becoming very cocky about showing themselves because the USA is basically the last holdout in the Western Hemisphere against them and they are sure that their power and reckless attempts to impeach him would topple the USA as well. They obviously didn’t know the fortitude of the president and may god guide his thoughts in the days to come because when he forwards these indictments against these powerful people many will try to end his life that is when he will need the power of the people in the world with him! May god watch over him and the women people of the world who will help him


  12. People are mostly asleep being swept from side to side ,politically,religiously always divided and that is exactly what is keeping the long sleep going.
    The Democrats or Republicans are not going to work for your best interests once elected. Whether Conservative ,Liberal ,Socialist face it and Trump is not your savior either .YOU are your savior .
    The proverbial swamp and the ignorance about what it is , is much too big for any one person to manage eliminating .That can only happen with a concerted effort from us all and only if we wake up .Before any one of us points the finger at the other we must remember that the other fingers are pointing at ourselves .Look into the proverbial mirror, ourselves , and elevate yourself to that neutrality where we find ourselves in others .We are all the same regardless of color ,religion etc .The tower of Babel must be destroyed .

  13. Seriously?! The Nazis were not a bad thing? Get real. Trump is the best thing that ever happened to this country. Four more years for him.

  14. Where this really leads . . . . . . . . . .

    To another Truth . . . . . .An Awakening . . . . . .

    “There is nowhere you can be that isn’t where you’re meant to be . . . IT’S EASY!
    ALL YOU NEED IS . . . . . “

  15. Be careful about Mike Hambling’s comment too. Someone who would call Venezuela “Nazi”? Sounds like a leftist who refuses to say the word “communist”. How can you ever get the factions straight.
    There’s a country of socialists who hate economics and refuses to learn that printing money just multiplies your inflation.
    And as for sides, yes these videos turn people against the European establishment and help the international Jews. They prepare the way for THEIR revolution by creating dissatisfaction with the present (gentile) leaders.

  16. Everything was going good until you had to go and mention……wait for it…….the big bad Nazis. Yet you mention Zionism and Communism as bad with mostly Jews behind those and guess who are among the few humans in history to fight against that?? The Nazis ! Until people understand that the Nazis were NOT bad and fought against evil for Germany and humanity, nothing will improve no matter how woke you think that you are. More anti-National Socialist bullshit.

    • “Until people understand that the Nazis were NOT bad and fought against evil for Germany and humanity, nothing will improve no matter how woke you think that you are. More anti-National Socialist bullshit.”

      — This is perhaps the most ignorant statement I have ever heard.

    • To a degree I get what you’re saying but lots of mistakes made. Lots. I had family members in the SS and Gestapo. I knew SS men. The fact is there was an arrogance by Germans that blinded them. It eventually cost them. It worked at first and later bit them in the ass. Their treatment of Czechs, Poles, Ukrainians, Belarussians was blinded by their arrogance and contempt for Slavs. It blew up in their face. Stalin was hated. If they dropped the “lebensraum” and other policies concentrating on victory and disposing of Stalin victory may have been achievable. Germans are hardcore control freaks even today. They want to mandate *when you walk your dog* now. Contrary to that the Czechs and Poles support their citizenry and they are armed like Americans. Why? You ask yourself that. The Nazis got drunk on Teutonic supremacy and it cost them in the end. Teutons are great, don’t get me wrong. They’re also no better than anyone else. I watched a video some time ago about Belarussian peasants murdered in a small village. They weren’t communists or partisans but both Germans and Russians used them as whipped dogs. Most of the village had many dead in the cemetery. The narrator said how wonderful the people were to him. The families left shot glasses of liquor on the grave stones for their relatives. They were people. They had lives. And didn’t deserve to be caught in an ambitious campaign between to sets of assholes killing each other. My whole point to all this Germany lost. There was a reason. I suggest you find it and quit pining for what could have been. Looking back is for losers, not winners.

  17. There is no CABAL. This is another housewife intel officer producing an ill informed and retarded video series. Failed to expose (((the Jewish Folk))) and was quick to demonize Nazis while conveniently failing to mention Nazi Venezuela is right now attacked by USA.

    I AM SORRY but Q is a (((MOSSAD))) based and pro ZIONIST controlled intel ops. These people, boomers trying to educate you is one more time futile and wrong.

    Matter fact dangerous because they fail to explain the True objective of these folks, the True forces behind it, and where they are going.

    Q ANONS are a plague to truth.
    Reject this. Do your own research.
    This is propaganda for the (((Jews))).

  18. There is evidence for and against Trump being a White Hat, or a part of the swamp.
    If Trump is a White Hat and determined to do away with the Deep State, and all that goes with it. The first thing he has to do is “stay alive.”
    Kennedy didn’t, and Reagan had to abort his efforts after surviving an assassination attempt.
    I see the various negative things attached to Trump as a part of his attempts at staying alive, and protecting his family. The best of intentions are no good if he is dead.
    The positive things Trump has done, and continues to do are there for any impartial observer to see.
    From the dismantling of the Globalist economic system, to combating paedophilia and the Deep State. It is a work in progress which needs our support.
    Trump is halfway through an 8 year project. As Q says, “Trust The Plan.”

    • Amen to ALL that you just stayed my friend!!! AAAAAAAAMEN!
      I was told by my mothers religious friend Luzwho has not left her home in over 17 years and does the work of the Lord By mailing out photocopies of sightings of the blessed virgin the Archangel Michael in Christ the Redeemer at three specific churches in the United States who are bringing us a message that the millions of evil are to be found in our banking system our government and our healthcare system and that we must stand up and be prayerful warriors against this terrible satanic force that is all around us and pervades our society and has for decades. She told me in a recent conversation By mailing out photocopies of sightings of the blessed virgin the Archangel Michael in Christ the Redeemer at three specific churches in the United States who are bringing us a message that the millions of evil are to be found in our banking system our government and our healthcare system and that we must stand up and be prayerful warriors against this terrible satanic force that is all around us and pervades our society and has for decades. She told me in a recent conversation that The Lord works in strange ways and choose is very specific people to accomplish his will on planet earth in though Donald Trump made it seem like an unlikely candidates who is past life and record behavior is far from untarnished… That he …Donald Trump was chosen to save not only our country and our democratic and free way of life but to save the entire planet from the evil that has been perpetrated for decades. She continued that He will stay alive as he is “protected and he will serve a second term and help continuing to drain the swamp as he says and undo a lot of the damage that has been done to humanity… especially children around the world.

      I pray for his safety and of the patriots in our military who protect him and And defend our constitution every minute of every day. In the end God will WIN the final battle with Jesus by his side. The Luciferian satanic reptilian pedophiles and human traffickers will not… I repeat will not escape justice! As the band Survivor’s song lyrics say “it’s the final countdown!”

      I too believe that JFK Jr. ( whose father I watched get shot that day in Dallas as a small child who was kept home from school during a blizzard in Massachusetts where the Kennedys come from) Is alive… Did in fact fake his death and the death of his wife and her sister in order to escape the wrath of the Clintons especially Hillary who wanted the Senate seat in New York to set up her journey to the White House. There is a lot of evidence pointing to the fact that Vincent Fusco is in fact JFK Junior and that he may reveal himself soon and come on board as JFK is vice presidential running mate… Once they expose Mike Pence as the head of a lot of the pedophile activity in the state of Indiana.

      God is listening as his Jesus we must continue to be prayerful warriors against this worldwide crisis. Some of us will survive and some will not but the best we can do is try to awaken the people we care about before their heads explode when they learn the real truth. I have not watched this documentary series yet but I’m going to do so today and tomorrow as I know it will tie all of the loose ends and all of the facts figures and data that I have learned on my journey to the truth since my arrival in Florida on Easter Sunday in 2015 to care for my been 93-year-old mother

      just the titles and descriptions of each of the modules cover a lot of the things that I have learned through various YouTube channels over the last four years since coming to Florida where I was blessed by the Lord to meet and become friends with the business partners I now work with when I joined a European energy medicine company As a distributor five years ago after a totaled car wreck destroyed my Mustang, my career and my financial life in a split second.

      I now realize I have been called to help humanity come out the other end of all of this with the work I do an energy medicine with a product that can help keep the human body younger longer and help it’s self heal and fend off things like coronavirus and the damage that the 5G 60 GHz signal will do to us all! I know that I have been “called” to step into my life’s purpose as a light worker a bit later in life… yes… but never too late to help waking people and changing their physical health as well as their mental well-being etc.

      If you had asked me if I believe in past lives for years ago and if I would have personally chosen to come in to this time space reality right now in the midst of all this crap that is about to hit us… I would have said emphatic NO!!!!!

      But now that I see where this is going and that I have a very big role to play in the well-being of people as we transcend into the new better more loving earth reality then I put my hand up as high as I can to the heavens and proudly shout …YES my Lord & Savior!!! Give me what is mine to do here on your behalf. For I am blessed I am just not sure I will be able to keep my now 97-year-old mother alive now that she has been sent from the hospital where I had her brought by ambulance last week, to a skilled nursing facility where they have instituted a quarantine and so am unable to visit until they decide otherwise.

      Prayers for all of us and for especially the elderly in this world who are often times helpless and at the mercy of complete strangers who don’t care about them or have very much compassion for them as if they were family members the way that we all do. ????? QAnon Trust the Plan

      • My prayers for everyone on Planet Earth for White Light Protection includes your dear Mother.
        As for coronavirus, it is another name for common cold see AMA Encyclopedia.

      • The Christlings are here. In 2020 the sheer amount of information available as to the origin, promulgation and end game of Christianity from Amazon alone and one sees this. Horrid! It equals to the idea succubi and incubi with hobgoblins and demons plotting to forestall the 2nd coming.

        I’ll make a prediction for you. No demons, antichrists or satans needed in this one: your religion is DYING. It will die. It only exists in a festering stew of self-inflicted illusions and deception. It will keep on marching towards a cliff to the abyss of ideas. It can only thrive when people are stupid, dumbed down and during an end of a historical cycle. It prevailed in ancient Rome due to this. You will go the way of Zoroastrians eventually. Your desperate pleas of attention whoredom are actually cries or howlings from a wasteland of desolation. Your religion and its many emanations has had multiple orgasms over multiple times and its now spent, flaccid and ready for oblivion/incubation. You’re too arrogant, stupid and imbued with a messiah complex to understand your time is up, your cycle is nearly finished, and whatever replaces you will do what you did, take hammers, chisels, break things, ban your symbols and “God(s)”, making you heretics and an anathema. Then rewrite history to show all your warts and fatal flaws. The dude that you hoped would come back to fix the asshole world you helped create……he ain’t comin’. Oh, when your biological clock runs out maybe you’ll come back as a grasshopper to experience what life is like living on hopes and dreams from the perspective of an insect and then you can truly appreciate Aesops fable.


    • Thanks for the link .I will download and read .I have been subscribed to for many years and it is indeed a wealth of information for anyone wanting to learn and research .
      Cheers .

  20. Again really interesting info, but let’s be real here, do you really think Trump is a White Hat, well then you really are either a disinformation agent or a complete moron. Donald Trump tried to get his daughter to marry into the Rothchild family, look it up, he admit’s it…unfortunately she was not well bred enough, and she had to settle for the Prime Minister of Israel Netenyahoo’s great friend, Jared Kushner. Trump’s Commerce Secretary is Wilbur Ross, guess who he worked for..? Yes he made his billions working for the Rothchild’s… Please do yourself a favor and check out David Icke, or Dean Henderson, or anybody who has half a brain, Trump is the Swamp…!

    • I hear you Ezra. I have been supportive of some of the things that Trump has done but I am not 100% convinced that he is not part of the swamp. I try to think outside the box and it just may be that Trump has to appear to go along with the Rothschild/Rockefeller cabal until he gets the support of more countries. Maybe that is why he has been personally going to different countries to get help before he can take the big step. I don’t believe one person, even Trump can go after all that has been in place probably since 1929 if not sooner and if he would go after all of the evil at once he would be dead like JFK. I am praying and using God’s name more every day as it is obvious to me that the cabal members are purposely not mentioning the name of God. I use recent examples I saw on TV with “Beto” O’Rourke and Joe Biden catching themselves stopping mid-sentence where God would be the next word and changing direction. They have become so obvious that it is hard to deny who they really are. God bless us all

    • Wow
      Attacking peoples intellect , that’s real cool of you.
      You have it all figured out do ya?
      Sure ya do….
      Your hate for Trump is obvious and that clouds your judgement.
      Let it go

    • We present that information as well. There are still many people asleep to the other information presented in this series parts 1-8, that they have to wake up to and then, hopefully, continue to research. It is also upon you to spread this info also.

    • TOTALLY AGREED. This video and its content is simply MOSSAD and Zionist propaganda. Thisis lead and organized by a US ARMY Jewish person with access to US CYBER COMMAND base in Georgia. If not them, due to WH pics it is related to JIDF straight up working on this from the Kibbutz.

      Americans are being destroyed as people, as nation, as entity.

      Just like this platform. Who moderates emails, who is PFC and how do we know who choses what is a good comment or not.

    • Your comment is sour apples. Unless you can prove what you have written, your info cannot be taken seriously. You might be a troll too! President Trump would not put his entire family at risk, or himself either. He had a comfortable private life and chose to save the USA by gathering a strong military group as his forcefield. He has turned our economy around, is a Commander-In-Chief that has revived the military, and is respected. His every day is consumed by keeping his promises as he continuously sweeps the rats from our White House. His children are well educated, loved and an asset to him. His daughter, although beautiful and intelligent did not need her Father to find her mate. Your assumptions here are “fake accusations” to plant more false rubbish about our duly elected President and his family. Let your anger and jealousy go……try to appreciate that your USA (if you live here???) is finally being lead by a patriotic warrior. ✨??✨

      • Makes sense now. Our country seems to be a little twisted over the last 40 years from my experience.
        Always wonder why Our Country Seemed to be owned by others than American’s.
        Now our children, this is between Good vs. Evil.
        Power and Money.
        You NEVER know who is going to be a sick fuck. Open your eyes. These are our babies, our children, OUR FUTURE around the world. We need to make it stop. United we are Strong and United we will Stand.

    • Superficial assessment at best – Trump worked as an informant for the FBI starting in 1981, as well as worked with Guiliani, Barr, Mueller, and others, all to take down the mafia in the city. There are tons of pictures of Trump with the mafia – only a fool would think something that successful could have been done entirely from the outside. All you offer are opinions – and nothing much else… Trumps works can be researched, you failed to do so… Trump is as much of the swamp as you are…


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