Source:  Keshe Foundation.

Viruses know no national borders, skin colour, culture, social status and make no distinction between humans and animals. The application of the One Cup One Life GANS Plasma Water stands for all creatures that have blood running through their veins. Only as One Nation, One Planet, One Race, can this global challenge be solved. To do so, we must put aside our differences and lay down our weapons. Everybody is invited to print out the World Peace Treaty and to sign it in order to commit themselves to a peaceful coexistence: World Peace Treaty.

You can watch the video on how to make your own One Cup One Life system.  Unfortunately the video will not load directly so you will have to go to this link to watch it: One Cup One Life

We believe this information is important enough to provide to you so we apologize for this extra step.

This is what the system will look like:

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  1. Sashwat pranam, salaam, namastey, salute dear Derek, thank you so much for your love and kindness. All the informations about, what is a virus, how it works, what is “One cup One life” is and how anybody from anywhere can make it. Please for full information go to,
    Keshefoundation spaceship institute official you tube channel, where you can learn in the knowledge seeker workshop re ent updates as how to make this Cup. The demonstrations were done so beautifully, that language is no barrier, you have to understand from within your soul how matter menifests from within in a creation you and all beings love to be.
    You can also go to kfssi wiki, for every information about the work and kindness of plasma.

    So be it. So it is. I AM.
    Blessings of ” MAA” in the Victory of the light.
    Lots of love


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