After talk of trillions of dollars in new stimulus from Congress this week, what about gold prices? Gerald Celente, a top trends researcher, says, “You saw how much the markets went up. How about gold prices? It bounced back $200 per ounce since Friday. . . . The smart money is seeing the fake money being printed, and they are going into gold. Now hear this. Just like the crummy, slimy politicians going after your Constitutional rights and Bill of Rights, they are going to go after your gold. They did it in the last Great Depression, and they are going to do it in the Greatest Depression. You mark my words.”

In closing, Celente says, “I agree with Trump 100% because I have been saying this since the beginning that the cure is going to worse than the disease. They are destroying the global economy. They are destroying people’s lives. We are going to see crime levels that are unimaginable. Why do you think people are going out and getting guns? Then you are going to see these liberals talking about gun confiscation. Crime is going to escalate, and deaths are going to go through the roof. When people lose everything and have nothing left to lose, they lose it. You are going to see gangs like never before. On the other end, the open borders issue, that is a closed story. They are closing borders all over the world. So, you are not going to hear people say let them in, let them in–that’s over. I agree with Trump. We should go back to business as usual.”

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  1. Nobody is starving is one POSITIVE about floating along on paper. God is driving and he is allowing, therefore the changes will follow his outline. God’s Gold is still his and I know he is not allowing the cabal to put their filthy hands on anything. We just need to keep our eyes on the hand of God and watch history NOT REPEAT ITSELF!

    • Brenda, my point of view is that it’s more likely that we need to keep our eyes on our own hands, making sure that the left knows what the right one is doing. To think that God will rule and save us from ourselves is a “kindergarten” attitude and stems from ancient times when we were kids in adult bodies without a clue of a spiritual connection or existence.

      Now it’s a different cup of tea, we’re informed, more or less connected to our higher self, and invited to stand up and wield our inner mastery, which is in cahoots with the purpose of God almighty. If you will. But really, we need to outgrow our toddler phase, it’s our turn now. As the Muslim said to his brother “Trust in Allah but bind your camel to the pole”.

  2. Gee Gerald I’m enjoying the No Fly zone in the Chicago area & the Prostitution drug infested Casinos shut down & the kids Not gong to their Prison Schools to get Indoctrinated with false History & Fake Science & the Abortionist not being able to do their killing & the No Sodomite Parades. Other then that Love you guys!


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