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  1. Since I knew that Louis Pasteur changed his mind about choosing the germs as the evil party and finding the immune system of a patient the key to healing, I found this link in another page here:

    I’ve copied a part of the page where the case “Pasteur versus Bechamp” is shown.

    “Le microbe n’est rien, le terrain est tout.” (The microbe is nothing, the terrain is everything) –The last words of Louis Pasteur (Father of the “Germ Theory” of disease)

    Pasteurization, named after scientist Louis Pasteur who developed it, involves heating raw milk to very high temperatures in order to kill the germs and bacteria inside the milk and prevent infections. The idea is that “germs are bad” and that they are the cause of disease and ill-health. Following that assumption, it makes sense that “killing germs” would be the solution to both treating and preventing states of disease. This is the basic concept—that germs (virus, bacteria, etc.) are the cause of illness—upon which Western medicine is based.

    But there is a fascinating history behind both the “germ theory” of disease as well as its controversial proponent…Louis Pasteur. I invite you to do your own research by Googling “Pasteur vs. Bechamp” to see the many sources of information on this controversy. Meanwhile, I will try to summarize our thoughts on this issue and how it relates to patients who come to us with illnesses related to chronic infections.

    In 19th century France, while Pasteur was advocating the notion of germs as the cause of disease, another French scientist named Antoine Bechamp advocated a conflicting theory known as the “cellular theory” of disease.

    Bechamp’s cellular theory is almost completely opposite to that of Pasteur’s. Bechamp noted that these germs that Pasteur was so terrified of were opportunistic in nature. They were everywhere and even existed inside of us in a symbiotic relationship. Bechamp noticed in his research that it was only when the tissue of the host became damaged or compromised that these germs began to manifest as a prevailing symptom (not cause) of disease.

    To prevent illness, Bechamp advocated not the killing of germs but the cultivation of health through diet, hygiene, and healthy lifestyle practices such as fresh air and exercise. The idea is that if the person has a strong immune system and good tissue quality (or “terrain” as Bechamp called it), the germs will not manifest in the person, and they will have good health. It is only when their health starts to decline (due to personal neglect and poor lifestyle choices) that they become victim to infections.

    You can see this when a group of people goes hiking in the woods. It often seems that the mosquitoes attack only one or two people out of the group. And as it turns out, it’s always the same person that always gets attacked by the mosquitoes. This person is usually the one who always catches the latest flu and has the weakest immune system. This is because these germs (including insects) are opportunistic in nature and only attack the weak.

    To treat illness, Bechamp’s cellular theory also applied. Bechamp was less concerned with killing the infection and focused more on restoring the health of the patient’s body through healthy lifestyle choices. Bechamp saw the infection as a footnote to the state of illness and not the primary cause. As the person restored health through diet, hygiene, and detoxification the infection went away on its own–without needing measures to kill it.

    Pasteur and Bechamp had a long and often bitter rivalry regarding who was right about the true cause of illness. Ultimately Pasteur’s ideas were accepted by society and Bechamp was pretty much forgotten. The practice of Western medicine is based on Pasteur’s germ phobia which gives rise to the use of vaccinations, antibiotics, and other anti-microbials.

    The irony is that towards the end of his life, Pasteur renounced the germ theory and admitted that Bechamp was right all along. In the 1920’s medical historians also discovered that most of Pasteur’s theories were plagiarized from Bechamp’s early research work”.

  2. Brilliant truth like the shining light that it is! Dr. Shiva should be cloned considering cloning has been used a long time amongst the so-called elites. This wonderful soul needs to be heard far and wide and we truly are in a time of a great awakening and he is correct in saying either we go into a Golden Age or we become enslaved in a minimum security prison. In reality we have all been slaves to this corrupt system and it is high time we ALL wake up. Thank you Doctor for your honest words. Keep fighting the good fight. The light is winning.

  3. In Britain, where I lived for almost 5 years, returning in March, this year, to my country of birth, Holland, I’ve witnessed the decline of infrastructure, the loss of good working conditions, absence of fair attitudes of employers toward employees, a failing education system leaving teenagers on the streets at night, crazed with drink and drugs, and teenage-overdose-deaths almost every week, while the adult part of the population smiles about it and says “You’re only young once in your life and so you’re allowed to be wild and mad”. Only young once, yes. But never old! There’s a suicide of men around the age of 30.

    Since the financial crisis of 2008, the austerity measures cut deep in British society. The homelessness has risen sky-high, beggars are sitting in the streets, sleeping in nooks of shop entrances, or bus stops. The use of spice is enormous, among homeless people, and drugs arrive with fishing boats every day on the shores of Britain, which is an island.

    Fishermen have seen their profit grow smaller due to EU-regulations with territorial water- issues, forcing the price to rise more when bringing their fish to the auction. Manufacturing has gone in decline much, the costs of living have grown enormously, while wages are low and rents are rising sky-high.

    The welfare system is a mess and on top of it all, the impact of Brexit has divided the country with an increase in racism, and a class system firmly planting its roots: a government with a Tory rule on the winning side for decades, where depressed people live in their homes with the curtains closed, and the telly on all day.

    The content of visual news is stunningly infantile, and the papers offer similar content with many naked body parts, gossip, and drama that is thin air most of the time. I’ve often felt as if I watched a population of people where everybody is waiting for someone else to do the job as if life isn’t about what they contribute to it. Responsibility seems to be a curse.

    The intake of white sugar and flour, plus processed food is enormous, resulting in a population that is 40% obese. While 40% of black landfill bags contain thrown away food.
    One in three children lives in poverty in Britain. The choice of diet is very bad and there’s no proper education in eating habits or nutrition. Doctors are treated as Gods.

    On the other end there’s always “weight watchers” as a solution to obesity. Yoga is the main exercise for fitness in Britain. And those who go to leisure centers are merely older. English folks love their food and don’t deny them their comfort of eating!

    Children beg always for sweets and the parents give them everything. Child-tantrums in the streets or in the bus, they are part of the daily drama in cities, and large supermarkets are filled with noise. My years in Britain were great, I lived in villages always, but the culture shock was intense. I’ve found friends and loved my walks in nature, Dartmoor!

    Holland is a very different society, in many aspects, the use of common sense prevails and the standards of living are higher. Infrastructure is well cared for, and there is quite an investment in green urban areas where I live. Surprise!

    There’s no class system such as the one in Britain, and therefore, freedom of expression is present more with a free choice of education and study, for young and old. Taking initiative is quite a forte in Dutch people, with innovative entrepreneurship in tow.
    Obesity is hardly visible in the streets.

    But not all is sunshine and blue sky here. Criminality is rising in the last 10 years. Most cash machines have disappeared, due to bomb-theft and in Amsterdam, the city-center is delivered to the tourist industry and drug-dealers. Foreign investors are arriving more.

    Britain is the LAND that my heart warms up to, pun intended. The population may leave, swap with the Dutch, and we will make that island a wonderful haven. We’ll live and work, farming cattle and growing crops, and reduce the flooding issues while enjoying the variety of landscape and the coastline all around that beautiful island, 6 times the size of Holland.
    Britain, or Ireland, go well, until we meet again!

  4. Thank you, such a great interview and what an eager listener, asking questions. I had to smile at these eyes opening wider and wider, haha. Dr. Shiva’s views, with much knowledge and experience behind it, make a lot of sense.

    I’m a nutritionist for 47 years and I’ve assisted people with chronic diseases and minor problems like digestive nuisances and skin problems. Most of what I know is practiced as well, also in my own life. That’s why I’m as healthy as a fish in a mountain lake. I’ve been in bed with bronchitis when I was about 8 years old, for 6 weeks. That’s the only time in my life that I can remember as being sick enough to lie in bed and remain in it for a long time.
    I had to learn to walk again, after I left my bed, recovered with good lungs ever after.


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