The so-called coronavirus pandemic has now been definitively traced to 5G electromagnetic attacks, multiple sources agree.  In order to stop the hardliners and prevent all-out war, an active hunt has begun for all industry executives and oligarchs involved in the 5G rollout, Western and Asian secret intelligence sources agree.  The targets include the now extinct Bush family and the Chinese Soong family, the sources say.

The hunt is necessary to stop full-scale thermonuclear war because “our analysis of the forensics does show a provocation of war…that is to say we see a full all-out war as highly probable,” MI6 sources say.  Chinese hardliners, for their part, are pushing for the destruction of New York in retaliation for the attack on Wuhan, something that could also precipitate a world-destroying war, Asian Secret Society sources say.

There is also new evidence the current pandemic attack on humanity has been planned long in advance.  Remember the U.S. dollar bills commemorating 911?

Well now take a look at the money issued in the U.S. and the UK to commemorate this pandemic attack.  The first is a fruit-bat (the alleged source of the coronavirus) quarter issued in 2020 by the U.S. mint.

The second is the new UK 20-pound note featuring a picture of a 5G cellphone tower and above it a coronavirus.

This shows how arrogant these people are and how they plan long term, while the rest of us must react to what is immediately happening.

However, that is no longer the case with both the British Secret Service and the Pentagon White Hats now actively targeting the families that own the Federal Reserve Board, the BIS, the European Central Bank and the Bank of Japan.

MI6 sources say:

“We can sum up the current hybrid World War 3 as two camps of belligerents –those who would protect the sovereignty of the traditional nation-state (l’etat c’est moi) and those who would supersede this and impose their will…by way of hybrid advanced technological totalitarianism.”

Pentagon sources for their part say “the death of [George] Bush Jr’s first Treasury Secretary Paul O’Neill may signal the purge of…

Wall Street, as the Fed was taken over and the exchange stabilization fund (ESF) diverted from CIA and the Deep State.”  Also, “banks may be nationalized and forced to pay a tax on all financial transactions to replace the unconstitutional income tax,” the sources say.

“The Bushes were terminated on collateral intelligence from MI6 following the deep dive on Adnan Sakli and BIS Basel,” European Royal Family sources say.

For those of you who do not know, Adnan Sakli was “the holder of the sovereign titles of all nations, corporations, central banks and currencies.”  Sakli did not want this title but was given it and, given the responsibility, he promised to free humanity “from religious, political, economic and corporate enslavement.”

Unfortunately, the Bushes and their Nazi friends killed him and fraudulently took over the accounts.  “The Bushes senior and junior were also involved in the theft of Tesla patents.  They kill and steal just like all Mafia,” the MI6 sources say.

The aim of the current pandemic engineered by the Bush/Rothschild faction is to centralize control and carry out a eugenic purge of the human population, CIA sources confirm.

In the U.S., 5G is being strongly pushed by Attorney General William Barr and Secretary of State Mike Pompeo.  Barr has also prevented 911 truth from being disclosed.  So those of you who think Barr with his “FISA Gate,” is a white hat, think again.  These men need to be removed from the U.S. body politic ASAP.

Before we go further though, let’s explain why this “pandemic” attack on the human race is centered on 5G by quoting a reader comment based on the work of three Nobel Prize-winning doctors:

“5G electromagnetic radiation injures human cellular DNA.  The exposed cells (of all kinds within the human target) respond by producing a cascade of immunological protective substances. These substances are packaged in an intracellular structure called an endosome.  The endosome is expelled from the cell, becoming an exosome.

The exosome circulates and binds to the ACE 2 receptors of the lung, gut, and heart.  The exposed cell response is the same if the exposure is 5G or COVID-19 (the flu).  The immunological chemicals in the exosome package attack the ACE 2 possessing cells producing the effect of 5G radiation exposure or the flu, which is being covered up as COVID-19.

The COVID-19 case rate is 96% in 5G areas and only 4% in 4G or lower areas.  5G is being deployed in well-populated areas, so we would expect more cases there.  BUT the mortality rate for known outcomes (deaths/(death + recoveries)) is over 2 times higher in the 5G areas.  This cannot be just due to COVID-19 and we have statistical evidence of this for over 1.9 million cases!”

The electron-microscopic appearances of the endosome/exosome structure are being incorrectly referred to as the virus particle in the cell/circulation.  The Nobel prize for Medicine was won for work on this in 2013 – check this out:

Still not convinced? Well, how about this:

“Professor Yitzhak Ben Israel of Tel Aviv University, plotted the rates of new coronavirus infections of the U.S., U.K., Sweden, Italy, Israel, Switzerland, France, Germany, and Spain.  The numbers told a shocking story: irrespective of whether the country quarantined like Israel, or went about business as usual like Sweden, coronavirus peaked and subsided in the exact same way.  In the exact, same, way.”

In other words, the current pandemic could not have been caused by a virus or else the quarantines should have made a statistical difference.

The Japanese government confirmed the dangers of 5G when they tested it on the cruise ship Diamond Princess before stopping, at the last minute, a panned nation-wide rollout of the technology.  This rollout was being pushed by Bush ally and Soong family representative Son Masayoshi of Softbank, Asian secret society sources say.

Here is what the P3 Freemasons had to say about this:

“Ten percent of the Chinese Communist Party is in the hands of the sister of Madame Soong, a very cruel woman…she is in contact with the daughter of Xi Jinping…they are under the control of the Zionists and the bad side of Israel via the Red Star Foundation using Quanto 49 (Quanto is a derivative used in this case to convert FRB money into Chinese Renminbi).”

If the Soong family has anything they wish to say, on their behalf, they know how to contact this writer.

Remember the attack on Wuhan was traced to a company owned by the Soros Foundation, which is a Rothschild front.  The Rothschilds are allied with a Chinese faction that supports the idea of a man-made Armageddon.

OK now let us take a look at some of the other huge changes taking place around the world as this hybrid war rages on.

In the U.S., NSA officials have noted that U.S. President Donald Trump has been replaced by a new Trump.  The new Trump has white around the eyes and does not have the jowls of the previous Trump, they say.  However, a source in the White House close to Trump says:

“No, same Trump, but he does have an almost perfect double.  He has skin cancer and they are doing patches.  They cannot do normal treatment because he would be away from business too long and he doesn’t want the public to know.”

In other words, the double is being used for public appearances because of the patches but, the real Trump is still in charge.

However, there is clearly a civil war raging inside an increasingly chaotic U.S.  In the latest developments the Pentagon has deployed 10,000 troops each to Washington DC and New York to clean up cabalists, Pentagon sources say.  Trump has also called for the “liberation” of Michigan, Minnesota, and Virginia.  “The U.S. military is now must mopping up,” is how Pentagon sources describe the situation.

Maybe but the fighting is clearly raging on in this chaotic hybrid war, as prisoners are being released en masse, central bank money is being distributed directly to the people while trade has frozen, and the economy is in a tailspin.  There are also attempts to create food shortages in the U.S. by shutting down meat and other food processing plants using this electronically engineered pandemic as an excuse.

To deal with the situation, U.S. troops are being returned from Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Saudi Arabia and other parts of the world.  In Asia, the U.S. has withdrawn all of its B52 bombers from Guam.

Of course one must ask why the U.S. still has B52s, which were created in 1952 when they have anti-gravity technology making these planes totally obsolete.  The fact the U.S. air force academy graduates are now joining the U.S. Space Force shows the disclosure of hidden technology is imminent and that may be why the B52 dinosaurs are retiring.

Pentagon sources note “Trump signed an executive order to open space to international cooperation on resource extraction, effectively calling for a multipolar world order and an end to wars.”

In Europe meanwhile, CIA sources report German Chancellor Angela Merkel, French President Emmanuel Macron and UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson have all been replaced.  In the UK we were able to confirm via a friend of the family that Johnson’s father has been unable to get in contact with his son.

There is chaos in much of the rest of the world as well.  IMF Managing Director Kristalina Georgieva says that 100 countries have asked for emergency financial assistance.  However, it seems the IMF itself does not have money because it is “urgently seeking $18 billion in new loan resources.”  Sorry isn’t this the same IMF that says it has distributed $8 trillion recently via the G20?  If they are handing out trillions why are they begging for billions?

The overall insanity being observed in the West is the result of a broken paradigm collapsing.  The IMF, World Bank, the UN and other pillars of this broken system are going to be either radically restructured or replaced with new organizations, according to European Royal Family sources involved in rebooting the system.

It is likely there will be more hardship and chaos because the old system needs to be demolished before it can be replaced with a new paradigm.  However, the people involved in this ongoing pandemic should all be rounded up by early May, CIA, MI6 and Pentagon sources say.  So hopefully, April showers will bring May flowers.



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  1. It looks like Fulford has withdrawn his permissions to reprint his reports on Thursdays. I don’t suppose there’s another digest that’s as good around.

    • Where did you get the info. about Benjamin withdrawing permission Max? Will you please share that link?

  2. Full Disclosure :From Security Clearance No 2 in the world Confirmed : The Truth re Roswell UFO incident.we are not alone : Event (s) that changed the world | part 1 – April 27, 2020

    Security Clearance of Disclosure 40 plus higher than any president or prime minister in the world Fact

    Please share far and wide

  3. Ben is an interesting character, what to make of his analysis of current events, as well as his completely ludicrous stories that he intermingles with actual news… Well it is the same thing that Alex Jones does, actually it is no different than the main stream media, mix 50% news with 50% opinion and away we go into never never land…. The Bush Brothers are not dead, Marvin, Jeb, George Jr. and Neil are still alive and so are their children. Trump does not have a clone, he has a make up artist, and sometimes they go on vacation and they get a new makeup artist…I mean really, a clone…people this is total nonsense. The quarantine was for a virus, a virus that was probably modified by some country’s bioweapons lab, and yes the 5G probably intensifies it just like it would intensify any disease, and yes Gates and Fauci are apart of the cabal, but the cabal is run by the Zionists and their none greater than the Rothchild family…and guess what they are telling Trump what to do to, and if Trump goes against him they have ways of reeling Trump in. the same way they did on his initial plans to withdraw from Syria, the Zionists said no and it made Trump look like he was changing his mind, but in actuality it was the RC’s who changed his mind… There is no need for Ben Fulford to make up ridiculous stories, there are plenty of very real bizarre stories, but there are no plans for a full scale nuclear war, just like there was no plans for it in the 1950’s 60’s 70’s etc.. could low yield nukes be used..yes they already have, recently in the Ukraine, Yemen and possibly in China five years ago… Trump is just one horse in the two horse race that the cabal runs and wins every election cycle, that is why we only have two political parties…the cabal always has their man in office no matter what your brainwashed mind tries to tell you… Just look at the facts and take your ego out of it…their are no White Hats in the US just people who are easily bribed and maligned if they do not do what they are told….just look what they did to Snowden and Assange….you think you can go rogue if you work for the Govt…ask Bill Binny what happens when you try to do the right thing… end up in jail or dead.

    • Actually there is cloning. There was a video on Youtube by an insider. Instead of starting with an embryo, this method starts with a blood sample. So when they take a leader into custody for any reason, I expect they do this routine, not kill them.
      Which incident in Ukraine? The munitions factory?

    • What a dark ray of hope you ‘shine’, Ezra. There is NO way Trump is a puppet of the Rothschild’s. ???? You must not know Q? There are white hats all over the world working towards the same goal – to end the corruption of every government working against it’s citizens. Trump loves America & for you to imply that he willingly left his life of luxury to be under the thumb of the Cabal is crazy. BTW, Snowden IS a traitor, Assange is a White Hat who will be extradited to the US to provide testimony that Seth Rich was leaked the DNC emails & will be set free, and Bill Benny is a whistleblower that is very much alive, gives interviews often & never went to jail.

  4. This all sounds suspiciously like the New World Order. Breaking down the old paradigms and bringing in the new. Trump calling for world peace by offering Space to everyone. Current Manufactured Chaos brings Order.

  5. I’m not sure where to share this, but let’s say it’s for those who recognize what I’m describing. I’ve noticed today, although it’s occurring for a few weeks now, that my internet connection isn’t always as stable as it was before. Also, YouTube videos go in fits and starts at times, but I was informed about that effect, by YouTube itself, streaming in a lower density, due to an increase of users sitting at home and browsing the virtual cloud.

    For example, today, this website showed up in a light color with all the text in white. For a moment I thought “Oh, the design has changed” It showed up that way about half a minute. And then it jumped to the familiar display as I’ve come to know it. It’s as if the slowing down of the internet of things is increasing. Logging into my bank account is successful in an on and off way. Email too. The signal is okay, no problem with that.
    I wonder if others here experience the same effects, I’m in the Netherlands.

    On another note, David Wilcock, in his YouTube video April 22nd “Wikileaks dumps ALL files” has announced that Wikileaks has released all its data. The files are dated Jan. 1st 1984. Are these files released yesterday?

    Could someone confirm the validity of this report? I’ve found it here:

    • Devon Seamoor, In the past week or so I’ve had issues with my internet & YouTube and I’m in Southeastern Virginia. Time to revert back to Ethernet cables! ? Also, after researching the 5G affects on health, you can purchase Shungite stones and place them beside your router, computers & smart tv’s. The black rock, made of 98% it’s weight in carbon is found only in Russia and protects from harmful EMF’s. I purchased several a couple of months ago and my son’s headaches stopped after putting one of the rocks by his PC. I was having eye issues after staring at the computer screen all day but the tiredness is gone. You can also use the stones to purify water by letting the stones sit in a container of water for 24 hours.
      As for Wikileaks, this was NOT a new dump but a release of the full index.

  6. I love your work Benjamin .. your candor your content and your supportig references. I have been following youfor awhile and am exploring ways to work with Prepere for Change. This piece though left me with a major question. I too feel 5G is behid this virus and is very dangerous. I have done a brief film about it and have been quite outspoken locally about it. However this pievce confuses my how can you say 5G is the cause (which I grew with) and then have Ben Isreal say it follows and identical 6-8 week course with or without isolation and with NO mention of 5G .

    I know 5G is a huge factor yet it is not mentioned by Ben.sfinding. I would like to write subpieces off you findings but remain confused by this one. Please advise…

    • Hello Chris Pratt, it may help to clarify a few things, when you read the comments below Ben Israel’s article:

      At least 3 or 4 commenters seem to have more than an average point of view on the subject and they’re discussing the inaccuracies in Ben Israel’s article.

      What struck me is the theory that symptoms of 5G radiation are similar to those caused by COVID-19: damage of lung tissue due to a lack of oxygen in the blood, an effect of both 5G and this virus.

      I wonder if it’s possible that a manipulated virus, tinkered with in a Chinese laboratorium, has spread all over the world, due to the neglect of timely measures to contain the outbreak, followed by protocols with social distancing, quarantine, and lock-down in a variety of forms, more or less restrictive, has been used as a distraction and scapegoat (in that order) to vastly increase the rollout of 5G, so that any negative effect showing up in the population can now be explained as caused by COVID-19.

      In other words, could it be possible that this whole pandemic drama is a tool, used to excuse the damage that will continue to show up in sync with the rollout of 5G and used as a cover-up of 5G damage, meanwhile allowing the profiteers of 5G to continue their work, so that people all over the world will continue to lose their lives, believing that this virus is extremely deadly and likely never will stop affecting the world population, causing deaths?

      • I tend to take Ben’s information with a grain of salt and wait for confirmation from other sources.
        An interesting account concerning the link between 5G and COVID-19, AND Bill Gates and Dr Antony Fauci, can be found here, plus much more, by Dr Rashid Buttar, who is bravely putting his neck and his reputation on the line …

  7. Thank you so much Benjamin & cobra pfc for such great intel / events ( like mass meditation) always .. keeping the understanding of world events crystal clear & on track to a better world ? one for the greater good .. regards & respects .. Stuart Clark ( Australia)


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