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CoVid Fact Check

Why wear a mask?

This is not an airborne virus!  It is carried through bodily fluids which is why there is a six foot distancing suggestion, so that someone can not spit on you.  Initially we were told wearing a mask was to prevent us from putting our fingers into our mucus membrane openings such as our nose and mouth should we come into contact with contaminated bodily fluid.  Now many virologists have come out explaining that wearing a mask increases your likelihood of giving yourself the Coronavirus.  When you wear a mask the expelled pathogens and bacteria from your lungs are concentrated on the cloth in front of your mouth and continually inhaled through your nose which allows these pathogens and bacteria to accumulate in your nasal passages that then travel via the olfactory nerve directly to your brain.  Dr. Fauci stated in one of his first presidential addresses back in the first week of March that masks do not work.  I also have concerns over lack of oxygen from wearing a mask since this virus has been shown to kill people by clotting the blood and decreasing the oxygen supply to the body.  There are certain sectors of workers who are required to get medical clearance before being allowed to wear masks on the job due to the risk of hypoxia.  Please see the video below speaking to this.

Research-Dr. Mikovits, Dr. Shiva, Dr. Rashid Buttar.

Why shelter in place?

Shelter in place was established to limit contact with each other so as to SLOW the spread and ease the demand on the health care system not to stop or prevent the spread.  Herd immunity must happen, look into how Sweden handled this outbreak without destroying their economy.  Most of us have the capability to fight this virus and numbers have shown that many of us have it already and are asymptomatic which is a testament to our bodies ability to fight this virus.  Those that are at high risk can choose to limit contact with others by staying at home.  The wearing of masks and limiting contact with others is an individual choice, we all make individual risk reward benefit choices all day and I encourage you to do so, please do not make the choice for me.

Stress on hospitals

Many doctors and nurses are reporting that hospitals are empty, I am listing videos to watch the testimony of these hospital employees below.  This may also be why doctors are being encouraged to list CoVid 19 as the cause of death.  They get more money from insurance companies and this helps to make up the loss of revenue for empty facilities and overstaffing.  Remember they are not allowing elective surgeries and other procedures right now either. 

Portland, Oregon nurse who just got laid off because hospital is empty:

California nurses and hospital CEO’s speaking about empty hospitals and financial hardship: 

This is the effect on local hospital’s:

Death rates

LA County, Stanford and CSU conducted wide spread testing, compiled the numbers and recalculated the death rate percentage to be below 1%.  Many, many more people had contracted the virus and were asymptomatic, meaning their immune system was doing its job, than expected.  The model presented by a Dr. Birx and Dr. Fauci has also been shown to be incorrect and misleading.

The Durango Herald reporting false Coronavirus death claim:

Confirmed cases

While widespread testing in LA County allowed for us to re-evaluate the death rate there is also the concern of false positives from the test kits.  The president of Tanzania in a press conference there announced they tested fruit and got a positive result for the CoVid 19 virus.  Our president has refused to use the WHO test kits because of false positives and I am not sure what test kits Tanzania is using.  Test kits are also owned under patent law by the same people who patented the virus and its delivery system like Dr. Fauci and Dr. Birx.

This is the video of the Cherry Health staged testing center center with CBS news:

Forms of treatments

There are a multitude of treatments out there, chloroquine being the best known due to the research and usage on Malaria.  The CDC and WHO and in turn Dr. Fauci have intentionally blocked the availability of this drug along with others that would eliminate needless suffering and death.  MSM is also highly effective and is what the President not so eloquently was referring to as internal disinfectant.  Sunlight or UV light as well as heat has also been shown to greatly help, so staying indoors or sheltering in place is detrimental to healing from this virus.  Being outside also exposes you to positive ions needed to be at optimal health and fight off disease.

Your Immune System

Your immune system is this amazing intelligent warrior for our body to maintain homeostasis.  We come into contact with pathogens and bacteria all day every day that are attempting to disrupt this balance.  Unfortunately many of us are immune compromised due to our diet, the attempt to eliminate all bacteria that is taught by governing bodies such as the health department and some sectors of the healthcare system and also toxicity due to chemical exposure from chemtrails, detergents, cleaning agents, aromatics, beauty products etc.  We need to have “good” bacteria on and in our bodies to fight the “bad” bacteria.  Any attempt to eliminate all bacteria is foolishness, it will never happen.  If you are immune compromised stay home and take actions to build up your immunity.  Let the rest of us put our immune system to work and build up antibodies against this virus, the “experts” have stated that this is not going away so we need to build up antibodies to fight it and the only way to do that is through exposure. Think of the chicken pox and how mom’s have chicken pox parties.  Below are the names of some doctors and virologists speaking to this.

Dr. Dan Erickson, Dr. Rashid Buttar, Dr. Judy Mikovits

(Google and YouTube are banning most videos from these doctors if you are able to view one save it and pass it along)


A RA vaccine has never been safely developed.  CoVid 19 is a RA virus, included in these vaccines are a whole host of other components such as microchips for tracking.  Bill Gates holds the patents for most vaccines and is responsible for many, many deaths and many more injuries in India, Africa and this country from his wide spread vaccine protocols.  Vaccines are highly profitable for both the patent holder and the universities that do the research, follow the money.

Research-Dr. Mikovits, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, Dr. Fauci, Dr. Birx

Bill Gates

This is the website for ApiJect explaining how they are partnering with the US government to develop a new syringe to inject RFID chips in vaccines for tracking:

Dr. Judy Mikovits explaining why a vaccine will not work:

Dr. Fauci is a fraud

He owns the patent to the delivery system of CoVid 19.  Look into his career and the involvement of the AIDS virus and how he made his money.  Research his relationship with Bill Gates and The Melinda and Bill Gates Foundation. Watch Rand Paul’s cross examination of him.

Bill Gates is not a scientist or a medical professional, he is a software engineer and a eugenicist, look into his family and their legacy, follow the money.

Bill Gates discussing how many will initially die from his coronavirus vaccine:

Don’t shoot the messenger.  Fact check the fact checker.  Turn off the TV.  Filter through your own inner guidance.  Let go of the fear.

CoVid-fact-check.docx (1386 downloads )

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  1. The Apiject article does NOT say anything about injecting RFID chips. It says that chips ON each syringe (not inside the needle or vial) can be used to track injection sites geographically.

    I am in no way pro vaccines but this kind of misinformation undermines your credibility. I can’t forward this article to my more scientifically minded friends because of just this type of inaccuracy.

    Just my two cents.

    • Second that. This type of information is typical for prepareforchange (although there are some good articles for sure). Its not reliable and doesn’t stand a short internet fact research in most cases.

      • Don’t miss the point here. A volunteer took the effort to put something together to share with people and we continue to encourage that. Summary objections of someone’s work without providing your own supporting resources is not helpful to anyone.

    • Thank you for actually reading this post. I concede that I may have mis read or misunderstood what I read on the site concerning the syringe’s. I will need to go back through and re read it. I know a few phlebotomists and will reach out for clarification on why RFID chips are needed for site injection so that I can better understand. This is why I say fact check the fact checker. I read, read, read all day long and sometimes I get it wrong and everyone also has their own perspective. If for you it discredits everything then that is your choice.

      • I read that Italy performed autopsies to CoVid 19 dead bodies and found that this is not a virus but a bacteria that will be cured with antibiotics, aspirins and anti-inflammatory medications.
        They even stated that there was no need for ventilator or ICU hospitalization.
        They found that what is happening is blood clotting therefore not getting blood in your lungs, brain or heart.


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